Ménage à Trois

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Ménage à Trois

Poetic Justice

The sweetest act between two women and a man if you allow us

Two pussies gently licking each other’s sweetened vine

Tongue to clit, relishing in the juices seeping from her pussy with time

Desire coveting two minds, womanly natural, calling of its designs

Handsome and virility as he sits back and enjoy sips of imported wine

Allowing his whore to eat her sweet cake

Delving into the vanilla icing I’ve had to wait to taste

Spooning with the tip of my tongue the sweeten elixir of her

Her emotions, my desires to dine on her lust, makes my tongue inside her pussy stir

In the corner stroking his dick waiting for his manly due

Getting hard watching me dine on my sticky icky food

Mm…. I like a stripper babe she never comes alone

Perky nipples, an apple bottom derriere, a wet pussy to spend my money on

Slowly undressing her as she gyrates to my finger song

Bending my head downward, slowly licking over a soft tit, getting high off her soft begging moans

Across the room, imagining my Dom’s thrusting dick

Fucking my ass while I’m lapping at her juicy clit

Pushing her down on the bed, she’s now on my time

My knees I go, spreading her bronze-skinned thighs

Pulling her to the edge of the bed

Dipping my head

Tenderly tasting my meal to come

He’s sliding behind me, aiming for my tight bun

Sliding, locking inside

Tenderly licking up and down her swollen clit where my two fingers now resides

Her legs twining my neck, pulling my mouth into her covetous desire

Tasting her, siphoning her essence,  the femme fatale of my raging fire

My tongue deep inside her

Her creamy essence coaxing my tongue to stir

His dick basking inside my ass

My mouth covering her pussy as his dick is thrashing

Mm…both giving me soaring pleasure

A finger and tongue ramming within her wet treasure

Mm…my whore I taste, her cunt I lick

His fat cock slamming inside me, weakening my pussy walls from the hard penetrating  stick

Palming my buttocks

His dick throbbing for the cum shot

Seesawing her pretty pussy up into my face

Her pussy seeping welcoming my taste

His dick pulsating without the wait

Her soft palm planted on my head

His foot, for extra plummeting gracing the silk covered bed

Her pussy juices seeping inside my mouth

My fingers dipping into my wet south

His groin surrendering to my ass his ejaculation bullying out

The taste of my whore’s sweet essence staining my tongue

His release dripping from my asshole after the dick chasing run

Mm…poetic justice, bodies serenading to the rise of the sun

Freedom of its the sensually behind the threesome

Submitted: April 08, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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