Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018




“This poem does not reflect or express the opinion or actions of the author”

Man’s Best Friend

For some women, loyalty from the canine to the end

Fetishes to make your juices squish 

For some, a wicked and silent pleasurable served up dish

Their sole means of gratifying an erotic wish

Sexuality from the preference behind the mask of Bestiality, such a twisted sense of reality

Is this right Is this wrong

I cannot even give you an answer, it’s not my type of song

Witnessed with eyes in my journeyed past

An abnormal hunger by others to be mounted from behind and then plugged, but not in the ass

Man’s Best Friend

I just cannot come to understand, let alone comprehend

Chronically Accountability

I’ve always thought this behavior was strictly an art of Hillbillies

Excuse the intended pun

Pink tongue licks to the clit of a dog gone mad world, as women bask on their backs in the sun

Afternoon delight, to some their type of wicked fun 

Be advised, this is a paid service of the elite

The people in this lifetime you will never come to meet

The ones, your presence would never roam

Their behavior, within the eyes of civilization is never condoned

I had the Key5 of entrance, if you all must know

Blind eyes until it came upon me, and my tenacious pussy flow

Tongue licking, only human dicking

However, there are some who find this desirable fascination better than a man’s human sticking

No abstractions

A four-legged beast, the connecting centered animal attraction

Moans of matting heard of pure satisfaction

Silk covered paws to delicate femininity skin

Not to forget, how one must arouse its mate to even begin

Minds dwelling in hell for this mesmeric sin

Copious amounts of money exchanged without an end

Private indulging under a man’s watchful eyes 

His hidden fantasies, his hard sought out surprise

Non-judged women of affluent vanities

Man stroking, and then faster yanking his manhood, moaning out French profanities

The gathered sipping wine

A loss of all essential time

To witness a man’s best friend pleasing a woman while kneeled on her knees

No heard voices, no unforgivable pleads

Fate in the form of currency always supersedes

For the ones who prefer this immanent need

Within the act, pearls of streams, satisfied from a silent watchful pack

In this arena, no one is ever permitted on their backs

To see this sort of entertainment was the last straw that broke the camel’s back

Days to recover from the images, which to this day, I’m still taken aback

These are your white-collar Boardroom Men

Who pay quite well to witness this performance time and time again

Two would join in this naked foray to please, every now and then, restarting over from beginning to end

This dalliance is a man’s wealthy pocketed choice

Higher price for a woman engaged by a horse

No Palomino, Sorry Mr. Ed

Only private stocked Thoroughbreds

Drops of imported bottles of wine drenched on human and specie, such a fascinating obsession

Blindfolded on a bale of hay, Key5 signature, to accept this indiscretion

Not one is worried about the transgressions, just to mention

Only the squirt from the pussy is the rendered compensation

Mansions and Ivory Hill Estates 

So many uncut video tapes 

Five thousand dollars for a fifteen-minute session

Ten thousand for mouth to beast, for an erection sucking aggression

Investments paid by watchers, high bid calls from Mother Russia, German, Ukraine

Reimbursement, also from bondage silent pain

Female Webmaster enjoying the screams from making male release on command, his pearly rain

The entire sight weakens the soul, if you are no strong willed, can make you go insane

Gag balls, electro sex, and X-Bars

Three of my favorite entities thus far 

Secret society, and its secret initiations

Selected by expensive wallets, and screened invitations

Hey, that Key5 has perks of liberations, for some

For a doggy doggy price, and some unsettling methods to make participants release or cum

To the selected individuals this poem may ultimately affect

I do not know what your story is, therefore, no content to ever disrespect

I can only sympathize, if this is how you get your pussy wet

© Copyright 2019 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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