Lifting My Mini-Skirt... Slowly Pulling My Panties Down

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I want to feel sexy and pretty and young as long as I can.

Allison Janney

Lifting My Mini-Skirt... Slowly Pulling My Panties Down

Mm... drowning in the sweetest pussy of a seductress muse
Getting drew in by the enticing pheromones of a handsome one’s enticing food  
Not taking his eyes off me, palm wrapped around his erection, tantalizing, teasing for the spillage of his manly due  

Mm… you want to bury your nostrils in my slit, tongue flicking my clit  
Nine shades of gray to succumb to lust over and over again, gentleness within my touch, no rush  
Coveting you under silk covered petal sheets, as you play by my kinky rules  
Virginal yearnings, unbridled passion, while gloving your family jewels  
On the prowl to mate from laying in heat, sexy and sassy upon the greet  
Seduction found within the offerings.. once inside my sugar walls,  letting my desires lose  
Grunting in my ear, intoxicating you, one hundred percent proof  
Tenderness as we lay  
Parlaying as we play  
Silently beckoning me to you  
Surrendering sensations while sinking in the opening to my saucy groove  
A passionate lock as we become one, my moans... once captivated, approved  
Sinking deeper and deeper inside my wetness, legs entwines around yours, I seductively move  
Invite me in  
Where the realm of fated pleasure, rapture, lust, and your darkest desires shall begin  
The eleventh commandant of such a beautiful wicked sin as we blend  
Tender cat scratches  
Love lashes  
Heavenly cat calls as bodies are thrashing  
Taming, smothering cravings as we’re rehashing  
Impatient slips, dips... oh yes, sashaying your girth all up in my dewy slit  
Fingers softly caressing the fine downy hairs of my mound  
Dipping inside where ecstasy rains from the sweet injecting friction of my purring sounds  
You loving my soft moans while bathing your girth in my wetness.. mm.. around and around  
Mm… so sweet… loving the felinity feeling as your tongue slowly slithers down  
Take your time as you sup me real slow  
Licking up and down, then plunging into the moistened flow  
I love the way your thoughts tend to go  
Opening my legs wider. pulling your head into my trickling show  
Palming your head, arched back to the hilt, buttocks cupped as your tongue inside me rolls  
Hungrily taking your fill of my sugary essence  
‘Shh... take me how you want, no questions.”  
Oh yes big daddy… letting my cunt soak your oral fetish like a wet dream  
Isn’t reality to taste me, finger me… plug my ass... all that it would ever seem  
Drools of pleasure down your chin as my juices slowly streams  
Anchoring your tongue even deeper inside me, much sweeter than the imagery ..if you know what I mean  
The soles of my feet cupping your neck  
Don’t move…oh God don’t move… sluggishly seeping in the heightened moment felt  
Prolonging the evitable, yet  
Honeyed drizzles of carnal longings, weakening my body, as quickly as butter rum melts  
Sheets clenched…..purring as the climax of my soul your tongue has met  
Trembling in the aftermath of physical sedation, blissfulness felt

Submitted: August 07, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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