Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018





Is it wording Infatuation

Or a stretch of my imagination

I try not to fall prey to its trepidation

For me it’s all about mental stimulation

Readers enjoying the abyss of my nakedness with words of revelations

Without the emotional thrusting penetrations

No heart to mind stipulations

Under the ruse of carnal salvation

Interlocking passion in honey dripped narrations


Words, for which I’ve always lived by

When my mind is flowing free and high

Once I crash back down to earth

I’m always on the hunt for someone to stand me back up; give me cerebral and emotional rebirth

As a woman and as an author

Ivy League educated Scholar

Read me in the dark, pleasing and teasing you to make you holler


This life has always been my passion

Flowing words in books, poems, novels, in shipshape and Bristol fashion

However, when I’m stuck, and my muse is on vacation

I need mental stroking without the polarization

Done behind a private invitation

When credit is due

I will ultimately pursue

If I tell you that

Trust that fact


Therefore, once I hook you in regards as I do

Where you can have your cake, ice cream, and eat me too

Kissing you with my points of views

Sensations seeping as I’m spinning you

Sucking you up and down, hand pumping through-and-through

Emotions soon to pursue

You walk away standing as you came

No blame games

Under my name


I’m in the corner now, satisfied, yet, all alone

Closing my eyes hoping to hear another caressing song

Waiting to sit back on another hard throne

Crown with no loyal expressive sentiments, somewhat feeling dethroned

As much as I try, I still silently ask myself why

Am I still the apple of your eyes

Once considered a blessing in disguise

Pulitzer Prize

Words to the wise

For a relentless mind, egotism and eroticism does reside

Hungry to tell

Sweet destiny to be under one’s spell

Come out and play, as I allow you to ring my bell

© Copyright 2019 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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