I Surrender

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


Ooo… just play with my cunt with the tip of your dick
Rubbing it up and down my silken passage, clasping between my fingers the peaks of my tits
Your hard dick spanking the lips of my slit
Waiting for your need
Opening my legs wider, giving you a greater ease
Linking my arms behind your waist legs wrapping around the back of your knees  

Baby watch my navel ring when you lay down on top of me
Holding my arms over my head
Your weight penning me to the bed
Smelling your aftershave, your beard grazing my cheek
Holding my tongue out, restraining my pussy to your dick, you feel that tight pussy squeeze
Slow thrusts…sweet mercy… you always wreck my passion out of control, pussy now wide and wet
Cupping my buttocks humping my pussy while suckling the side of my neck
God you make me feen for you so early in the morning
Weakening me... yes… sinking the head deeper, my sweetest glory
Biting down on your shoulder blade
Harder…yes… fuck me harder and make this pussy rain, then all over your dick, my juices cascade
Mm… kiss me baby…cupping the back of your neck
Suctioning sounds with each stroke, met, each pulsate felt, ohm…I’ve gone, mind melt
Sexy… the phone is ringing
Don’t you dare stop making this pussy sing
Yes…….yes… you plaming the wall.. your arousal sinking, retreating to the tip
Clumsily finding my lips
Then drilling to my core, circling all in my wet abyss  
Unlooping my legs, plaming your gluteus, pressing your groin to my pelvis
Awaiting the moment for you to release your seed deep inside got me my pussy hungry and overzealous  
Baby... here…oh God… don’t stopppppp
My body seizure... mmm.. my pussy got your dick on a tight lock
Oh baby…feeling the sweet nectar of my cherry caving in and then pop
Yeah... there it goes for my big daddy... baby cum deep inside this
Over my head, bind my wrists, your mouth coveting my tit
Lifting your neck, bobbing it back, past a neck strain
Oh…baby…clinching you tighter, your pearly flow clashing into my soaking rain
Sweat droplets falling to my chest
A quick kiss to my lips... ecstasy under you always felt, oh yes
Knowing we must get up and leave rumpled sheets of our love fest
Slowing withdrawing from the cove of my silken nest
“Baby... I cannot be late even for…, this”
“Then turn that ass over and continue to please this hard dick”
And whom am I to deny such a beautiful request of sheer undercover bliss
Darn it.. I am going to be late, again

Submitted: April 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Late? Who cares about late! I’m poundin’ my baby with passion can’t sate!
My Boss understand? That big rubberband? When I’m finished ballin’ I’ll follow command!
But here in the meantime I’m pleasurin’ you! All other interests can piss in their shoe!

Tue, April 28th, 2020 4:06am


Oh my love.. a man and his mighty roar, will alway turn on this Lioness... come closer handsome.. and thank you fopr reading and commentiing

Brown Eyes

Mon, June 29th, 2020 5:57pm

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