His Chocolate Delight

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

His Chocolate Delight

Are you naked my love, you call out.
“I am in here laying on the dining room table, massaging my nipples with pleasure.”

“I thought you may benefit from soft skin layered in chocolate.”
Oh baby… that’s right, sit and pull your chair up,
Cupping under my legs and pulling my body to the edge of the table
Mm… you make me so wet for you when you lick over my toes, pampering them with wet kisses, oh yes...allow the honey to flow from between my toes,

Oh yes… the slow dragging tip of your tongue up my inner thigh, the intake of my breath I draw…the anticipation of your mouth tasting me…tickling my libido… go ahead, taste me handsome… oh yes, lick through the current of melting Belgium Chocolate, dripping all over me for your carnal pleasure...a sweeten stream cascading, shrouding the orifice of my pussy … the tip of your tongue curling as it dips in and out my silken abyss … bathing my clit with each tease.. mmm tasting my soft folds, gently snagging it between your lips, my back arching, squeezing a breast, then placing the soles of my feet on each of your shoulder blades.

Oh baby… you sure know how to work that tongue… oh yes... right there… the feeling of the tip wetting the passage of my slicken pussy.  You standing, pulling down your sweatpants, your hunger evident.

Sitting, crawling, kissing your upper torso...mmm, licking the sweat of your manly skin.
I have been wanting to touch you all day long, taste the essence of your girth inside my mouth.
Mm...and you did not even wait for me...leaning my head down, blowing over the tip, the adoring it with kisses and then a slow lick over the head o our dick.
You are so hard, this tight kittycat have missed all of this, rolling my tongue up and down  your arousal.

“Oh, fuck.”
“You like that baby, punish my mouth.”
You palming my head pushing my head downward... my lips kissing the base of your family jewels.
Mm, baby I can’t breathe, my mouth bobbling up and down your lengthen erection, oh you feel so good inside my mouth, my fingers teasing your balls, my tongue gliding down the length, taking your saggy sacs inside my mouth while slowly pumping your dick, within my palm.

Mm, I place your dick between my breasts and massage the width in the pit of my cleavage, licking over the slit, mm, tell your dirty little whore you like it.  

Lifting your dick and sticking my tongue inside your tight ass, oh God you soar my passion, my tongue snaking deeper.

I hear your deep grunts, as you smash my head down further, my tongue funneling inside, and then licking back under your balls, my mouth coveting your cock, my hand pumping up and down,  saliva drooling. You bend your head back and thrust inside my mouth harder, faster, deeper.

Call me your dirty whore…mm, I feel your dick throbbing, my mouth bobbling quicker, my hand pumping in union with my mouth, cum inside your whore’s mouth, oh baby, I taste your pre-cum on my tongue. I want you to cum all over my face.

Mm, come on baby, my tongue is waiting for your hot cum and then letting it drip onto my chest, then I can lick it off my nipples then suckling the last drops of your streams ... baby, here it comes, you holding my head down, one final thrust, you nutt squirting inside my mouth…oh yes, mm... sweet mercy ... yes.

Mm, I lick the taste of you from off my fingers while I softly compress your dick inside my mouth, feeling the soft pulsating, some of your release rolls down my throat. I need you handsome, kissing over your dick head, meet me in bedroom.

Submitted: April 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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