Easy Lover

Easy Lover

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018




Easy Lover

Silk sheet gracing our backs as we lay undercover

Sundown surprise

A hunger to such bashful eyes

Forbidden acts to discover since we’ve deemed bed ridden

Exploring hollowness of treasures once clothed and hidden

Captive souls as we begin to roll

Blending our essence intermittently as one soul

Bodies serenading as love is marinating

Lips, hands, blindly patrolling

Moans, loudly echoing and consoling

Ace of Spade portrayed

King of Heart once inside, tailored made

Time catches up, as sunrise bathes through

Paradise left behind for me and you

Adam and Eve

Taking a garden leave

Facing a world with all its false wishes and parodies of make believe

Difficult for the mind to sometimes conceive

Man gives liberty

God gives death

Put them together what an unscrupulous concept

Love the minute you’re in

Who knows when life begins or ends

Feelings we all try to hide or put aside

Gratification free rides

Pocketing pride

If you can live your life over, would you pursue

At your age, including the baggage that once defined you

Your time to shine has been long overdue

If you answered yes

Sad to say you’re a mental mess

Live in the moment, as if it’s your last

The older you get it’s harder to rehash

Therefore, if you can

Smile behind gratefulness, longevity should had always been your initial plan

If not

Then as they say, X marks your spot

You’re life appears to be a melting pot

Mental wandering seeking perfection

From my end no objections

However, private selections

American and Abroad connections

Easy Lover cooling down 

Stars greeting my presence, aligning my crown

Reaching for the Heavens while standing earthbound 

Meditation attuned spiritual sounds



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