Dreams Of You

Dreams Of You

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry




Submitted: July 26, 2018

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Submitted: July 26, 2018





Are you dreaming about me

Eyes closed in a faraway land my body and mind can’t conceive

Warmth denied, detained in your time capsule, as you escape to make believe

Pearly juices instilled inside me upon your awake

Please my body, submerge your dick inside my tight pussy, taste me in your subconscious as you feel my soft body quake


A kiss and whisper in your ear

My hands caressing over your chest wall as you lay so near

I hear the secrets you keep

As you moan out my name deep in your sleep

Where reality and your subconscious meet

Your skin lays against mine

The stroke of midnight, Cinderella rewrites her own time line

Carnal pleasure traded for my glass slipper fairy tale design


Seeping into the realm of your mind, a soft and passionate dream weaver

Your body now under my command, my passionate pussy reliever

Bodies bathed under the streaming moonlight throughout the night

Desired touches, infused elixir of your love, sinking into my mist of rain, time escaping into dawn’s early light

Baby you woke me up again

Umm…what a perfect way for fucking me to begin


Soft chest to hard chest

Lips refusing to rest

A pulsating dick slipping up into, pre-cum made aware of

Pussy gloving an erection of explosion love

A slow moving thrust and then an upward hard rush

Bodies harmonizing for an escalating pleasurable flush

Clenched skin, actions paused, tongues mating, simultaneously a royal gush

Umm, I love your dick pounds and lustful gyrates

It leaves me breathless, panting, and hungering for, mmm, what a sinful equate 


Sexy your pussy is much better than any wet dream

Spreading your legs for me, draining this dick, as I’m whipping the silken essence of your pussy cream

Can a man get some sleep, now that I’ve tasted your enticing kryptonite food

It all depends on if you continue to satisfy my naughty mood

Appears to me handsome, it’s time for a wicked round two

Yeah you may want to get out the handcuffs

I do love your escaped moans of pleasure as my hard dick is spearing into your tight lover’s cup

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