Code Blue A Nurse’s Heartbeat

Code Blue A Nurse’s Heartbeat

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018





The Nurse and the handsome Doctor

A close relationship morning, noon, into the night

Quelling life’s ills to make you anew is the passion of our plight

He says, and I willingly do

Healing properties of passionate expectancy we provide through and through

Words of compassion, from a deep baritone voice

A nurse at his side a twosome fitting of choice

However, when the doctor is away

The nurse puts on her silk stockings, stilettos, silk lingerie and yearns to play

You have a fever, I have the cure

Out of your clothes that’s for sure



Nurse Brown Eyes, this is not your typical flu

I walked into the triage preparing myself

A handsome man laying supine, forehead populated with tiny beads of sweat

I looked down

A sheet resting over his muscular upper torso, without a hospital gown

Nurse, I accidently swallowed two small pills by mistake

I assumed it was medicine to keep me awake

In this incident sir, I must apply my special potion

Your head will feel the gentle tidal wave of the deep ocean

However, while the bed is in motion

Sheet pulled back

My medical chart dropped causing a loud click clack

Oh, yes you did consume way too much

The effects of such, I assumed hit you like an adrenaline rush

Nurse, I…it won’t move

Lucky for you, pleasure could be found in its towering groove

In your position, I will have to assess this mishap with my soft examining tools

I palmed the width of life in my hand

Pulsating in attention of its hard stance

Hum…let me see here, as I gently squeezed

Maybe some natural saline is needed to flush the ease

Just please tell the nurse when you can’t stand anymore

I have to measure the content before any drop hits the floor

Down I go to triage my nursing fate

Come high or Come late

Assessment of my hand first

This job will be a relent of my best nursing skills to demand of its girth

I pivoted my head to look into my patient’s eyes

Didn’t feel any remorse for pulling out my nurse’s surprise

Wondering what man accidently does a thing such as this

He should have the stamina of a holistic approach to grow his own dickings for his tender ripe pickings

Patient, please tell me if this hurt, with limited descriptive words

No nurse, it’s steady as you can see, and ready to take flight as a soaring bird

I thoroughly began my nursing administration

For this case, no bedside manners for my curing destination

No time limit hesitations

My patient’s body showing no signs of any complications

I think the effect of my oral dosage given, is a detoxing rejuvenation

On the scale of one to ten, twenty in its stubborn revelations

Now nurse

I stand back thoroughly pleased as you may know

Unblocked vessel potency appearing with an angry flow

Volcanic in its aftermath and there it goes

Is…is that seeds I say

Yes, the potential to cause life when it’s interlocked to sow on any other day

I do hope you feel much better

I guess I can get dressed now and enjoy this sunshine weather

In the future, please read the box before you take any pills

I definitely will

Not to worry, you will get my final bill


© Copyright 2019 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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