After Glow

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group



Come here my sweetness…. take off your clothes

Tonight, in the nakedness of your pleasure my tongue sows 

The taste of you I shall seek in the abyss of your afterglow 

Delights in the comfort of thrills as she lays upon my bed

Wicked thoughts of her and I have danced across my head


Slowly pulling down her teddy, captivating my eyes, mesmerizing me as she opens her thighs

Wetting her fingers, my pussy pulsating, fixated as she arches her back, quickly darting them inside 

Tasking them out, rubbing the clear taste of herself over her neck, a perky tip

Fingering me downward to take a quick lick

Yes... mmm… sweeter than jam,, delectable than cherry jelly

Pushing my head down the flatness of her belly

My teeth, pulling down her lacy garter, and in my favorite color of red

Shh... it’s our time to feel where this passion can lead as our desires frivolously has been led

Mm…you like my soft hands slowly roaming all over you

Small kisses to the petals of her rose tattoo, as I remove her shoes


Kissing an inner thigh, her body shirking away from the emotions as my tongue slips inside

Moan for me my sweetness.... it’s just you and I

My tongue upward climbing...lifting a bottle of red wine

Drenching her hairy mound, my lips serenading her clit, moving my mouth farther down

Tender kisses to her asshole, my finger joining in the foray, dual pleasure the deeper they patrol

In the mirror of her lust, passion, spreading her legs wider… my tongue thrashing

Addicting me to her alluring smell.. tongue in and out, side to side, ringing her asshole like the Liberty Bell

Mm.. her curvaceous body trembling as I dip deeper, placing her loving under my spell

Losing the tip of my tongue inside the tight opening of your sex pool

Tantalizing the peaks of her tits, her hair pussy strands catching my drools

The oscillating of her cunt saturating my lips... mmm.. taking her body and soul on a wet dream trip

Caging my face…my finger darting back inside... no don’t cum, yet

I want to please you, until you’re beyond wet

Dominating this moment


Palming my head, making her pussy seizure on my tongue, weakening her sugar walls, feeling it on the tip, melt

Would you lie to me when you tell me it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt, but yet,

My pleasure is in the fetish once I've knelt... inhaling the essence of her moisten nest

Oh, looka here…you’re panting…begging me to taste your drips

Your essence already coating the soft folds of your clit

Moistening my lips… getting hot knowing in your heart, you’ve been begging me for this

My palms cupping her buttocks

The eagerness of my tongue curling, dipping inside, pleasing my sweetness like a just unwrapped lollipop

Burying my nose in her cunt…palming my head, knowing she’s loving the titillating without a doubt

Up and down her cherry, taping at her river.. tongue plunging in and out

Lifting her pussy with a uncontrollable urgency of  lust up to my mouth

Savoring the flavor of her, listening to her moans is like music to me while please her south

Panting, back flapping, pulling on my hair, thighs locking under falling grace, her labored breathing echoing her climatic chase


Her trickles evident, her deliverance within reach

Softening the pulp of her peach

Holding my head down in place…suffocating my face

Her pussy walls cresting, body trembling, caving… drowning my tongue wave after wave

Echoes to the Heavens her soft escaped whimpers

Gentle kisses to her cunt allowing her juices in my mouth to simmer

Swallowing the essence of her afterglow

Submitted: April 04, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Now I'm dying of thirst.....

Sat, April 4th, 2020 1:25pm


Shall I open my closer my love and enjoy my sweeten fountain of youth

Brown Eyes with a touch of brown sugar

Sat, April 4th, 2020 12:54pm

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