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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Addiction isn't about substance - you aren't addicted to the substance, you are addicted to the alteration of mood that the substance brings.

Susan Cheever



 to the climatic rush
Three climaxes in the morning weakening me of such
Waves coming on for a fourth, getting to work, superseded in as much
Intellectual, and Charkas centered, yet unstable
Oh God, can I keep the flow of this, am I able  
Nirvana sinking I cry out
Words a sweet soul like in the beginning I knew nothing about
I try to walk away feet like quick sand
The Whore, the Sub, mental dominance under this man
So many voices to heed too
Your heart, my mind, my compulsion keeps reeling me back to you
The dildo is my culprit
Words to push me over while it’s slithering in and out tasting my clit

 to the accent, the compulsion to complete me, stripping at my soul bit by bit
The force of emotions without the hard dick
His verbs, nouns, moans of pleasure comforting my wet slit
The need to carnal feed, weakening me
My thong down pass my knees
Layers by layers of my center core stripped nothing but the warmth of cold
Loving the addiction as passion consumes me morning, day, and night, surrendering has already been foretold
What do I do when I’m swimming against a sinking tide that takes me there

 beyond the word I swear
If there ever was a hope and a sweet prayer
I need Holy Oil, for this addiction, unbound me from my emotional slayer
Mirrored reflection of a nympho, Mary Magdalene, and a Jezebel merged into one
Moans of Oh God unto Heaven as my pussy pulsates and then cum
The touch of the sacred garment of lust I cannot escape or run from
Addicted to the pussy being lick
My emotions frayed, driving 95 miles on a 65 highway to get my pussy kissed
Emotional uplifted
Pussy tossed and dick shifted
The voice
My reckless choice
The moans mingling unto the throating grunts
Echoing my moans as my dildo is deep inside my wet cunt
The images, the pics
Captivates, arresting my ear, listening as he’s stroking his hard dick
Legs gapped open fingers inside, oh baby…can you come and take a lick of this sweet tasting slit

Addict to the climatic rush

Submitted: July 30, 2020

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