A Silken Tease

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


Mmm…are you the man I allow to share, and romance my heart 

The handsome one who gets to lick me up and down in the dark 

Making me cum over and over again from his tongue work of art 

I feel so damn naughty and dirty today 

Thinking about you and when I let you have your way 

Oh yes… my legs wrapped around his back why he's hitting it just right 

Step closer, lift the straps of my black bra 

It’s time I give you my all 

Handcuffs, gag ball, hot oil, and the dripping wax 

He knows how I like to be pleased once I’m on my back 

Oh yes, suck that nipple, mouth that breast 

His tongue slowly cruising up my neck 

Mm.. stop that you know that’s my soft spot 

Kissing my lips, fingering my slit. deeper ...yes tapping at my g-spot with all he’s got

Opening my legs, my two fingers rubbing over my fine downy hairs 

Your eyes watching…hissing, stroking your dick, I know you wanna go there 

I would love to gyrate on that knot, then tongue all around the enlarged size 

Dripping spit, the width choking me, why you cry for a release to the skies 

My soft hand pumping his arousal up and down, slobbing all over the fatten tip, my tongue rolling around and around 

Getting wetter off those suckling sounds 

Sniffing under his balls 

Got me all wet, mm... I love you… just for the sexual cause 

Smearing my essence over the tip, slurping his twin sacs between my lips 

A man’s scent in between the crevice of his thighs drives me wild, I don't know why 

It’s an animalistic, aphrodisiac mating call 

His key to this pussy, where he can have it all 

Oh baby… my pussy is beating….don’t move… hold on 

Rolling the tip of his dick over my lips 

Then taking the length to the back of my throat, I can’t hold my climax back to long 

Rubbing over my clit … between my soft folds, baby stick your tongue out 

Let the taste of my creamy south, roll around your mouth 

Kiss me, I’m the cherry you love to pop 

Feening for him  to sink deeper inside this wet pussy from morning to night 

Then selfishly he takes me on my side, before dawn’s early light 

Got the mouthpiece of that Saxophone, embedded all up inside me, kissing over my breasts 

The muse of his ballad pieces when his lips taste my sweeten melt 

Making me moist, then kissing me, oh God he makes me feel things I've never felt 

Then playing on stage for all to hear, see 

My scent ingrained on that instrument… as he plays to please 

He is just so nasty, a wet dream who graces my sheets 

Pulling me on top of his face, sweet mercy, lapping at my trickles, my pussy his face feast 

Brick hard, cupping his erection from behind... omm.. sliding down …my tight fit he stretches real wide 

Palms planted on his chest, for that slicken up and down ride 

Cupping my back, pulling me downward, sucking on a hanging tit 

Oh God… grabbing me under my legs, hammering me, then pushing me backwards, legs in the air.. his mouth siphoning that butter rum saucy gift 

Back arched, his head palmed, my climax cumming on strong, coursing down his throat, licking me until the gush of my being is all gone 

Making me moan like his whore, as I beg him to go deeper even more 

Then flipping me over, burying my head in the pillow, dividing my ass 

Ramming the tip then the length in last 

Oh pappi…slow down, passion and pain 

Making this pussy shower before the rain 

Clenching the covers, the sheets my moans they smother 

Begging, pleading for him to cum inside 

Holding my butt cheeks to his groin…his grunts, telling me his hunger has been satisfied... 

Withdrawing, opening my legs, scooping my pussy juices, lavishing his sax mouthpiece, winking at me knowing I’m the melody behind his sultry balled tease




Submitted: July 20, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Very sensual flow in your passion tending episode where the music made enraputred the senses.

Tue, July 21st, 2020 6:52am


Ahh.. thank you my sweetness for taking the time to read and then adding such a beautiful comment. Have a great day as well

Brown Eyes

Tue, July 28th, 2020 3:07am

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