The Model

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A correspondent suggested that I should write a story based on:

Obviously I can't copy someone else's story but the idea intrigued me so I hope that what follows is different enough to count as 'inspired by' rather than 'copy of.' Of course, if either Amary or Blondie disagree I will have to think again.

I generally try to write things that didn't happen but could have. This is a bit of an exception. If it happened for real some-one would probably go to jail!

Table of Contents

The Volunteer

It was the talk of the sixth form, maybe the whole school. No-one could believe it. What a crazy idea! The school had its share of show-o... Read Chapter

The Rehersal

  The first day back began, as always, with an Assembly. Harry resolved to find Mrs Pinson immediately after it and set things s... Read Chapter

The Show Begins

At three o'clock on Friday the sixth formers filed back into the Hall after a ten minute break, chattering excitedly. The female demonstr... Read Chapter

The Video

Harry knew what was coming, he remembered it all too well. Monday Harry had, with great reluctance but seeing no option, gone alo... Read Chapter

The Sample

After Harry had finally finished and been allowed to dress on Monday he had indeed been asked to return on Wednesday and produce a sperm ... Read Chapter

The Demonstration

“Now then” said Mrs French after finishing her remarks on sexual intercourse. “Thanks to the efforts of our lady model you all have... Read Chapter