The Contest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Sometimes it's fun to pick on the weakling. Sometimes.

There was something about Stevie that just screamed out 'pick on me' but he never got picked on. He was small, weak, borderline retarded, and very nervous and submissive. The perfect target, you would think. But he had ingratiated himself with Big Alan. Alan enjoyed bossing Stevie around and in return he made it known that anyone who messed with Stevie was also messing with him. Nobody wanted to mess with Alan.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I called round at my mates' house and there he was, no Alan in sight. I didn't know what he was there for, some school thing maybe, he wasn't the type the Carter twins would normally be friends with. Time for some fun. I knew Dan and Aaron would enjoy it but I'd have to be a bit careful in case anything got back to Alan. Still, if I got him to 'volunteer' there could be no come-back and it couldn't be that hard to con a retard could it?

After a while we were beginning to get bored when inspiration struck. “Let's have an arm wrestling contest” I suggested. “No prize but a forfeit for the loser. Whoever loses has to take his pants off and toss himself off while we all watch.” It was, of course, obvious to everyone who the loser would be but I didn't think Stevie would have the nerve to refuse if everyone else wanted it.

To my surprise, the twins didn't at first seem keen. Dan almost looked angry. But then his brother looked at him and they seemed to have one of those almost psychic conversations where twins seem to be able to read each others' thoughts just by eye contact. “Yeah, why not?” said Aaron at last. “But it looks a bit gay don't you think?” Perhaps that was what Dan didn't like. “I say the loser strips naked and we get Sarah from next door and her friends in to watch. I saw them going into her house a few minutes ago, I'm sure they'll still be there.” Wow, he must really want to give Stevie a memorable experience. Sarah and friends were a real bitchy girl gang in our year at school, they'd never let him forget it.

Dan went next door and soon returned with Sarah and five of her friends. Meanwhile Stevie predictably tried to back out, saying he didn't want to do this, and equally predictably caved when Aaron whispered some blandishment or threat in his ear.

“Okay then” said Aaron. “First round. Dan will wrestle Carl, then I'll wrestle Stevie. Then the two losers from that can wrestle each other to determine who's going to entertain the girls. We're all sixteen or near enough and that's the legal age.”

“What do you mean 'entertain the girls'?” asked Sarah suspiciously.

“We're having an arm wrestling contest” explained Dan. “Just to spice it up a bit the loser has to strip naked and toss himself off while you all watch. That's why you're here.”

She looked around the four of us, her gaze settling on Stevie. “That's a bit cruel isn't it?” she asked.

“That's what makes it fun” said Aaron. He was right there. “Anyway we've all consented. Why not see what happens? If you don't like it no-one can stop you leaving.”

The girls agreed to stay and I arm wrestled Dan. I lost, which didn't greatly surprise me but didn't worry me either, I knew I'd easily beat Stevie.

Next up, Aaron versus Stevie. Strong, tough Aaron versus weak, wimpy Stevie. A foregone conclusion. Only it wasn't. To my amazement, and dismay, it was all over in a couple of seconds. And Stevie had won! WHAT?

“Okay then” said Aaron. “It's between me and Carl now. Let's get it settled, I'm a little nervous.”

He didn't need to be. He was stronger than me and we both knew it. “Wait!” I blurted, panicking. “How can he beat you? It's not possible. Either he jumped the gun or you weren't trying. Do it again!”

“No. He won and that's it. He didn't cheat and there's no rule that says I have to try. Anyway, maybe I did try. But maybe I'm weak today, weak with disgust that a wanker like you would try to set up my learning-disabled cousin like that. You couldn't have made it any more obvious. I really hope I get my strength back though. You losing this and getting what you wanted for Stevie will be perfect justice.”

Stevie was his cousin? And therefore Dan's as well? I never knew. Now I was in real trouble and I had to get out of it. I couldn't go through with this; those bitches would spread this story round the whole school if I lost and did the forfeit.

“Come on, mate” I tried. “It was only a joke. I wouldn't have made him do it. I just wanted to scare him a bit and then I'd have let him off. Why would I want to watch him do that?”

Dan hadn't really stopped looking pissed off. Now he exploded. “Not just a wanker but a pathetic gutless, lying, chicken-shit fucking wanker, trying to wriggle out of his own idea. Why did I ever think you were okay? You wrestle Aaron or we say you lost. If you lose you strip or we'll strip you and if you get hurt in the process I won't cry. And then you wank or we tie your hands behind you and chuck you out in the street. Got that?”

“Calm down, Dan” said Aaron, to my relief. “Maybe we can compromise here. And you know what Dad would say if he heard you swear like that around women or girls. 'It might be 1984 but we can leave the filth and the rats in the sewers, no need to put them in people's faces' as he always says.”

Aaron held Dan's gaze for another of those psychic eye-contact twin conversations, then turned to me. “We can play the game to the end if you want. It's a 50/50 chance. But if you don't want to risk it you can concede and we won't make you get naked and masturbate. But you do have to take your shirt and trousers off. That's about half the forfeit. Your choice.”

It wasn't really a choice. I didn't have any doubt that Aaron would 'recover' from his 'weakness' and beat me. I conceded. The girls, openly disappointed, made chicken noises as I took my shirt and trousers off and then stood facing them in my socks and y-fronts. Embarrassing enough, but miles better than the alternative. After a few seconds I asked “Is that it then?”

“Not quite” said Aaron. Suddenly he and Dan were either side of me, one holding each wrist. “Come and kneel in front of him, Stevie” continued Aaron. When Stevie did so Aaron added “and take those panties off him. Very slowly. Just pull them down so we can see his pubes to start.”

Stevie tugged my y-fronts down a few inches and stopped. He giggled like a little girl. There was an air of anticipation as everyone waited for what was to come.

“Now another inch.” Pause. “And another.” Pause. “And another.” Pause. “And another.” By now nothing was hidden and Stevie was staring at my exposed cock and balls from inches away grinning inanely like the idiot that he is. Longer pause. “Now take them right off him and put them over there with his other clothes.”

When Stevie got up and moved away there was nothing between me and the girls, who stared, giggled and whispered to each other.

“Okay then” said Aaron, as he and Dan let me go. At last it was over. “You know what to do now, if you don't want to go out with your hands tied.” WHAT!!? Dan was grinning ferociously, the girls were openly delighted, their disappointment was replaced by anticipation. Stevie just grinned his imbecile grin.

“But.... But...... You said we could compromise! You said if I conceded I wouldn't have to do it! Just take my shirt and trousers off, you said! And that's bad enough!”

“Listen to the gutless bastard snivelling” sneered Dan. “Soft as shit and twice as runny! It's what you wanted to do to Stevie, remember? It's just as well you're naked. If we couldn't see your balls we'd never believe you've got any!”

“But he's not naked is he?” corrected his brother. “He's still got his socks on, and that's the point.”

Aaron turned to me. “What I said is that we won't make you get naked AND masturbate. I didn't say we won't make you get naked OR masturbate. And you still have your socks on. You can get naked if you want but we won't make you. So now it's show time, one way or the other.”

Shit! I've really dropped myself in it this time. Why didn't I have the sense to check why Stevie was there before I opened my big mouth? I'll have to do it; there's no way I'm walking through this estate naked and defenceless! Let's just get it over as fast as possible. I reached down and grabbed my dick.

“Wait” said Aaron. Now what? “Remember you're giving these girls a show, so give them a good one, don't rush it. Take your time. You don't want it to get around at school that you come really quickly and it's only a little dribble, do you?

“And anyway, they're going to give you marks out of ten at the end. If the average is less than six there's another forfeit. It might involve a razor, it might involve shoe polish, it might involve your tongue and Stevie's sweaty, cheesy feet. Or maybe not. It's probably better if you don't find out. Now lie down on the floor and get started.”

I lay down on my back on the floor, defeated. The girls knelt as close as they could get without getting in my way or each other's. “Can we feel him up?” asked Sue, excited.

“Only if he lets you” said Aaron. “We're not making him do anything he hasn't agreed to.” He looked at me. “But it might improve your score if you make them happy, of course.”

“Oh, do what you want” I said, almost past caring. And then there were hands all over me. They started feeling up soft and floppy bits, soon enough they were feeling up hard and rigid bits and a little later I had to say “I think you should stop now, otherwise you may spoil the show.” And they sat back watching me and looking pleased with themselves.

Well, I took it slow as Aaron suggested. I do that at home sometimes when I've got plenty of time and I want to savour it. I sped up and slowed down. I stopped to play with my balls occasionally. I let the excitement build slowly until I knew I'd shoot a good load. Having Aaron, Dan and Stevie standing behind the girls and also watching helped to slow things down I must say.

After a while I reached the point where my need was more important than their pleasure. “Now” I grunted and they all stared as I came off, a much better climax than normal. I should take it slow more often.

“Nice show, Carl” said Sarah, grinning spitefully. “I can't wait to tell everyone at school about today. I wonder what Alan will think.”

“Okay then, marks out of ten” said Aaron.

“Four.” “Five.” “Three.” “Five.” It seemed they had it in for me and I was going to get this other forfeit, whatever it was.

“Ten.” “Ten.” said the last two girls, Sarah and Kate, which was unusually nice for those two. Nice, but probably not enough. I found out later that each girl had been told in advance by Aaron what mark to give me while I was concentrating on other things.

Aaron was entering the numbers into a calculator. “Six point one six recurring” he announced. “Looks like you just got lucky. All right, you can go now.”

I went to get my clothes but Dan and Aaron grabbed me, dragged me to the front door and threw me out, slamming it behind me.

There were about a dozen young lads, maybe about eleven or twelve to about fourteen years old playing soccer in the road outside and the slam of the door attracted their attention. They abandoned their game and stood leaning over the low fence jeering at me as I stood in the front garden with my hands clasped over my groin and my back to the door. “Go on, give us a flash then” called one of them cheekily.

The window opened and Dan told me to come and get my clothes. I turned sideways and walked across the lawn to the window. “Nice arse!” called one of the lads.

“Stand with your back to the window and put both hands inside and I'll give you your clothes back” said Dan.

I glanced at the jeering boys in the street, who had heard this and were looking forward to it. “I can't do that!”

“Then piss off home. I don't want a nudist hanging around in my garden.”

I could walk through this rough estate wearing only socks, accompanied by a group of jeering football lads who weren't likely to let me cover anything, or I could show the lads what they were going to see anyway and recover my clothes. I stood facing the street and put my hands behind me through the window, enduring the jeers, whistles, laughter and unflattering comments.

A shoe was placed in my hand. I put it down on the ground beside me and straightened up and put my hands back inside for the next thing. “Ow!” Someone had thrown a discarded cigarette packet and hit me right in the balls.

“Good shot!” A coke can soon followed but luckily for me there were no more handy missiles lying around. I got my other shoe, followed by my shirt which I was ordered to put on but leave open at the front.

Excuse me” called an impatient female voice. “Come on boys, get out of the way, I need to go in there.” They made way and two middle aged women came through the gate. They stared at me openly, with less surprise than you might expect, this was a rough estate after all. I couldn't stop them staring; Dan had grabbed my hands when I put them back inside.

“Hello Dan” said the impatient woman. “I've come for Stevie. Thanks for looking after him while I went to the dentist, you know I don't like to leave him alone. I probably shouldn't ask this but why is there a boy in your garden with no pants on showing himself off to all and sundry?”

“Hello Auntie Brenda” replied Dan. “Stevie's just in here. Do you want to come in for a cuppa? This is Carl. He thought it'd be a laugh to make Stevie strip and er..... let's say play with himself, know what I mean? We all thought this was a better laugh.”

Brenda was enraged, a mother defending her young from a predator. “Laugh? Laugh? I'll give you bleedin' laugh you little bastard!” She stormed over to me, grabbed my balls and squeezed and pulled on them, hard. I actually screamed with shock and pain. “I'll give you something to bloody scream about! Come near my boy again and I'll cut these off you, then you'll have a disability of your own, see how you like it!”

“No he won't” said her friend. “I grew up on a farm, remember. Do that without the proper gear and he'll bleed to death. He's not worth a life sentence, Bren.”

“No, I suppose not” she said, calming down and letting go of me. “Give the little shit his clothes back, Dan, so he can piss off out of my sight, and then put the kettle on, I'm parched.” As Dan threw the rest of my clothes out of the window she turned to me. “Don't let me see you round here again or my husband will be looking for you. Now sod off!”

Brenda went into the house. I hastily dressed, pushed my way through the group of boys and walked off down the street, their mocking cries of “Now sod off” ringing behind me.

It's so unfair. All I wanted was a laugh and now I've been tricked, stripped, threatened and made to look like something really bad. It's really not my day. And now I have to worry about what may happen at school when the story gets about, as I'm sure it will.

The End

Submitted: March 27, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Britguy. All rights reserved.

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Callum white

Great story, I hope it can post on the main site soon

Thu, April 1st, 2021 10:05pm


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I think we'll probably have to wait for the upgrade, I can't see them fixing any problems before then, but I'll keep an eye on it.

Fri, April 2nd, 2021 5:55am


Hi Britguy,
Good to see you back. Enjoyed the story.

Mon, April 5th, 2021 10:09pm


Well, ditto!

I haven't seen you around for a while. Are you still writing? I used to like your stuff.

Tue, April 6th, 2021 1:37pm


Great to see you posting again! Loved it!

Wed, April 7th, 2021 9:48pm


Thanks Maribor. More soon I hope.

Thu, April 8th, 2021 3:34am

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