Fatal Contract

Fatal Contract

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



His name is know, his face looked for. Cilian works for the mafia, and is one of the boss's top men, but when he finds himself at a tight spot, he doesn't hesitate to turn to his childhood friend. Joe is a good shelter, both emotionally, and physically, however, will he still accept Cilian when he finds out about his sexuality?... how many he's killed?


His name is know, his face looked for. Cilian works for the mafia, and is one of the boss's top men, but when he finds himself at a tight spot, he doesn't hesitate to turn to his childhood friend. Joe is a good shelter, both emotionally, and physically, however, will he still accept Cilian when he finds out about his sexuality?... how many he's killed?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Anything for Fifty thousand

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 26, 2016



“Shoot him! What the fuck, dude?! He’s like right there, goddamn it! You suck at this game!” Screamed Joe as he punched the buttons on his remote.

“Well, if I’m so useless how about you shoot ‘im, huh?!” Replied Cilian as he struggled to hit the right button.

“Shut up and just ---Argh great, now we’re both dead with your own land mine! Great job, Cil. You’re like…the best war game teammate ever. Do you even know what a gun is?”

“A….’gun’?” Mocked Cilian

Joe set the remote on the table and stood up, stretching in the process. Cilian watched him attentively, then stood up after him.

“What do you want to play next?” He asked right after Cilian wrapped his arms around his neck rested his forehead on Joe’s shoulder as he stood behind him.

“Mngh….Tired. No more videogames…”

“Urgh, you’re so annoying. Fine, no videogames, what else do you want to--- Urgh stop being so gay and get off me! You’re heavy!”

“Let’s go out, have a drink….”

“…I’m underage.”

“Damn…Why do I have to be childhood friends with a kid?”

“Hey, just three more months, we can get drunk in public then. Wait, what do you mean kid, shit ass fag?!”

“Urgh, you suck so bad. Fine. I’ll go buy us some beer, what else should----

Cilian’s words where interrupted when his phone began to ring. He walked up to the desk and looked down at his phone, then licked his lips.

“What is it?” Asked Joe as he watched him

“Nothing. Why?”

“You’re making that face again.” Replied Joe as he pointed at him with a grimace.

“I just have to go.”


“Urgh yeah. Wish the boss could just give me break….”

“He’s calling you more often everyday…Is everything alright?”

Cilian smiled then pat Joe’s shoulder as he put his phone back in his pocket.

“You worry too much. Really, everything’s just fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. If there was something wrong, I’d tell you about it.”

“I guess.”

“Say ‘hi’ to your mom for me, I didn’t get to see her this time.” He concluded as he made his way to the door.

“I will. Call me when you reach home, I need your help with my lab report.”

“Stop being a kid, and do your own homework.”

“Bitch!” Shouted Joe before Cilian could close the door behind him.


***{Four hours later}***


“Definitely not getting paid enough for this!” He concluded as he reloaded his gun. Cilian sat on the floor with his back against a metal container not bigger than a table as he tried to catch his breath. He had to collect payment, but Cilian was on his own, his partner dead. He ran from danger until he ended up on the hallway he was hiding in at the moment. It was narrow, but it offered a lot of space to fight if needed. Cilian tried to catch his breath, even it seemed rather impossible to do so at the moment.


“Ciiliiiaan! ” Called a man from the distance.


Cilian recognized the familiar voice and realized who it was. Dariel was tall , thin, with hair so blond it pointed to white. His eyes a bright  purple, his clothes too big for his body. As he tried to find him, the image of the blood stain from his partner stood out as it carefully slid down his white shirt and skin ran through Cilian’s mind along with Dariel's smile as he took the man’s life. It was a different person than Cilian remembered. He was… dead. More violent.  The steps Cilian could hear as Dariels boots landed on the ground grew quiet, allowing a sigh of relief to escape Cilian’s lips. As the room went silent, Cilian’s phone vibrated. The man kept his eyes on the hallway, and answered, expecting the caller to be his boss.



'Hello?' Spoke Cilian on the other side of the line.
"Hey, Cil, It's me." Replied Joe as he walked in the room, closing the door behind him.

'Oh, Joe, sorry. Didn't recognize the number.' He lied as he fixated his eyes on the gun. If he had known it was Joe who had called, he would have neved picked it up.

"Did you save it, you little shit?" Joe answered as he sat down on the bed and took out his backpack from under it.

'What do you need?'

"Just.. Uh.. Wanted to see how you were doing." Stated Joe as he set the bag on his desk, then walked around the room.

'I'm fine. Look, Joe, I'm at work an--NGH!'


'I-I'm fine. Just…'

"That was definitely a grunt of pain! What's going on?!"

'It's fine. Just a scratch I got a couple minutes ago. Didn’t realize it hurt until now. Besides, I wouldn’t have answered it if I knew I couldn’t afford to take a phone call. I'm heading back.'

“You....You’re going to help me with the report right? I just really don’t know how to do it. Will you? Even if it’s late?”

'Haha, cause you’re dumb? Yeah, I'll help.”

"Shut up. I'm hanging up."


"what is it?"

'I promise I'll see you tomorrow alright?'


' Stop worrying. I gotta go.'

“Okay, I’ll see you then.Bye” Joe stated, then hung up, threw the phone on his bed, and opened his book.



“Ciiliiiaan! Fooound youuuu!” Exclaimed Dariel, his voice suddenly too close "Gonaa kill you, Ciliaaan!! You should really not take phone calls!! I wouldn't have found you if ya hadn't!!!"


"Damn it…."


"You know…You really couldn't afford the call!! You shouldn't lie to your boyfriend!"


"Not my boyfriend, Dariel!" Shouted Cilian. His head against the container, not once looking to the hall. If he peeked to take a look at Dariel, he’d probably get shot in the head.


"Aww, are you still in love with me?"


Cilian let out an angry sigh, then reached for his gun. The man took a deep breath, then, after a couple of seconds,  jumped out of his hiding spot to point his gun at Dariel. Gone.


"You've got to be kiddin----

"Hi Cilian!!"  Exclaimed Dariel from on top of the metal container.  Cilian tried to point his gun at him, but Dariel didn't give him a chance to. He  jumped off the metal box, grabbed Cilian's wrist, then slammed it against the floor as he kneeled over his stomach. "You should really be more careful. Let go of the gun."


Cilian narrowed his eyes and tried to shake him off, but remained still the moment  Dariel's knife touched his throat. He looked to the side, realizing Dariel had taken his shoes off.  


"You think I don't know who fucking noisy my shoes are? Let go of the gun, Cilian." He ordered, looking straight into Cilian's eyes the moment he looked back.


Cilian let out an angry huff, then softened the grip around the cold metal. Dariel's eyes softened,  then slowly let go of Cilian's wrist. Cilian looked at him confused, angry perhaps. Dariel remained in the same position for a couple of seconds, and let out a sad sigh. He put his hand in Cilian's pocket, then pulled out his phone. Cilian tired to reach for it, but Dariel jerked it away as he opened the lid with his thumb.

"A flip phone, how cute…I always wanted one of these…"


"You should really remove this wallpaper. You could make him get hurt, you're not a good man. Who is he?"


"Won't you answer me Cil?"

"…My friend."

"…He looks kind…"

"….he…he is."

"Take a good care of him."Dariel stated as he threw the phone on Cilian's chest the moment he pulled his knife away from Cilian's skin.

"Just fucking kill me already Dary."


"Don't mock me, just do it."

"No. And I am not mocking you."


"I don't want to kill you Cilian. Even if you won't hesitate to pull the trigger on me, I won't do that."


"Because we were friends…"He concluded as he stood up then turned his back on Cilian, then kicked a metal suitcase his way. "Go home. " He ordered one last time.


Cilian picked up his gun and quickly aimed it his way. He gathered the courage to pull the trigger, to just end the job, but ended up dropping the gun. He owed Dariel his life after all, and killing him would only be pointless with his back turned to him. Cilian watched him without moving, until Dariel disappeared in the hallway.  Cilian stood up slowly, he still had a job to do. The money had been handed over, he was just going to have to take it and leave just like Dariel had told him to. No way out this time.


‘Cilian, where are you? It’s late, you not home yet? Please, I really need help with this, call me’

‘Cil, come on. It’s one a.m., are you alright? Please I’m really getting worried. Why aren't you answering your phone?....call me.’

‘Cil? Please answer your phone. Please.’

‘Are you just sleeping? I’m scared, just send me a text saying at least a letter. Just let me know you’re okay? …’

‘Man, it’s three a.m. just answer your damn phone.’

‘Cilian come on. You’re usually awake at this hour…please I couldn’t sleep, just tell me you’re okay…’

‘Bitch, come on….it’s six…at least have the decency to call back and help me with this shit….Cilian?”

“Damn it!” exclaimed Cilian as he walked down the street.


He looked at his phone, then turned to his watch. He had already been able to get the money, but he couldn’t call Joe and was not going to be able to deiver the money until his boss called. He should be in the middle of class. Twenty three missed calls, more than seven voice messages, and thirteen angry text messages were sure to get him a scolding from Joe’s part the next time he saw him.

Cilian put down the briefcase against the wall, and stood before it as he played with his phone. He was going to have to wait for Joe to come home from school, maybe a couple of hours longer. He put his hand over his wound and looked around. As far as he was concerned, the blood wasn’t showing through his suit. Black had been a good choice, tying it with a piece of cloth until he could get it checked or treated… not really.

“Well, hey, one out of two. That’s a new personal best.” he joked to himself. “It would have been higher if the shirt had been a dark color instead of white.”


Cilian was losing blood slowly, but after the clock hit three o’clock in the afternoon he was starting to feel weak, to look pale even. A lady walked up to him, asked him if he was feeling alright as Cilian sat down in a coffee shop’s balcony. He nodded, but decided that meant he had to leave. If he dropped dead, his boss would bring him back from the dead just to murder him from misplacing the money and for calling public attention to the group.


Cilian took out his phone, and dialed Joe’s number as he walked. The phone connected almost instantly as if Joe had sat down in front of it, waiting for it to ring.


CILIAN!” Called Joe from the other side of the line

“Joe? What the hell?”

“That should be my line! Why didn’t you answer the phone?! Do you have any idea how worried I was?! Suddenly you decide not to get home, not to let me know that you’ll be late?! Do you have any idea how scared I got when you weren't even in your class this morning?!”

“S-sorry…I know…I- I should have called you back, but I couldn’t. Why were you at my university? You should’ve been at school”

“…Because I came looking for you, damn idiot…”

Cilian took a deep breath.

“Hey… Joe, come on… Don’t get mad at me…I’m really sorry.” He said putting his hand on his face after setting down the briefcase in the elevator “I’m sorry, you’re right. I should’ve.”

“Fuck you, man.”

Cilian took a deep breath, then looked over at his watch.

“Look, Joe, you can’t go around skipping school, alright? Even if you’re worried.”

“Shut up.”

“No. Come on, you know how your mother feels about me. I don’t need her to have another reason to hate me.” Cilian stated as he walked out of the elvator.

“Why does she hate you?”

“I don’t know. Are your parents home?”

'uh…no? Why is something wrong?'


Joe didn't receive a reply, instead, a knock on his door was heard. Joe dropped his phone on the table and walked to the door.


"Cil?" he called, one hand on the door knob, the other one on the wooden surface



Joe took a deep breath, then turned the knob slowly. Cilian hated showing up when Joe's parents weren't home or didn't know he was coming. When he needed them both to be gone an ignorant, he was injured. Joe opened the door slowly, to find Cilian with his hand on his side and blood all over his suit.


"Cilian, what happened?!" Joe gasped as the man fell over him.

"Fifty thousand…" He muttered, Joe struggling to keep on his feet with Cilian's weight over his.

"Fuck…Come on, I'll patch you up in the kitchen."




"What would you have done if my parents were home?" Scolded Joe as he stitched Cilian's wound. "It's the second time this month you show up in my house covered in blood, Cilian!"


"what the hell is wrong with you? Fifty thousand?! Is that how much your life is worth to you? Those Aren't even five hundred dollars for fuck's sake!" He continued as he placed the gauze over the wound. Joe grabbed the medical tape and cut a piece wit his teeth. Cilian just sat quietly, knowing every word Joe spoke was true, as he held his shirt up.


"Good, don't say anything. Just like always."

"…I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't put you through this…but I can't show up at my house like this..and the hospital bills…"

"I know you need the money, but…can't you do something that won't end in you getting hurt Cilian?"

"You're not going to call me retarded fag?" He joked in reply

"No. fags aren't as retarded as you, why would I insult them like that?"


Cilian looked to the side then turned to Joe again, and watched him as he finished patching the knife wound.


"There's nothing else that I can do that will help me pay for university. I already can't buy much food."

"What about that expensive suit you're wearing?"

"It's not expensive. it was half off, and I didn’t buy it."

"Can't you wear like…good clothes? Just pants and a shirt? Isn't that more comfortable in case you get violated by a knife?"

"I wasn't supposed to fight, just collect payment."

"Then why are you half dead?" Asked Joe as he covered the stitches with a  gauze

"He didn't want to pay.”


Joe stood up,  closed the first aid kit, then settled his hands on the kitchen table before turning around.




"No Cilian. You need to go, I mean it. I can't believe I had to learn how to be a nurse just because you can't keep yourself in one piece. You won’t even tell me what in hell it is you do for a living and I’m sick off---

"Don't do this to me, please. I don't know who else I can trust with something like this."


Joe didn’t answer, he rested his weight on the kitchen table, crossed his arms and looked away.


"Help me clean the blood you transferred at least."


Cilian let out a sigh, then nodded.  Before he could take a step, Joe stopped him, then extended his hand toward Cilian. The man stared at his hands confused without saying or doing anything. When Joe realized he wasn't getting it, he rolled his eyes and signaled him to give him the shirt by pointing at it and extending his hand again. Cilian did as told, then received a hit with a rag.


"Start cleaning." He ordered, making his way to the laundry room.


Cilian picked the rag from the floor and kneeled on the floor carefully, placing his hand over the wound. After Cilian was done cleaning the blood from the kitchen, Joe walked to him and handed him a shirt.


"What's this?" Asked Cilian.

"A shirt, dumb fuck."

Cilian rolled his eyes as he snatched it from him. Joe extended his hand to him, the man turned to it and placed the bloody rag on his palm.


"Ew, Cilian!" He exclaimed throwing the rag aside.

"Then what?!"

"I'm helping you up, you retard!"

"Well, how about you tell me?! I can't fucking read your damn mind!"

"You know what?! Stay on the fucking floor!" Screamed Joe as he stomped out of the kitchen to make his way to the entrance.


Cilian rolled his eyes and used the table as support to stand up. After he wore the shirt, which was too small for his body, he made his way to the door to find Joe scrubbing the entrance floor.


"I'm really sorry…" Muttered Cilian the moment he noticed Joe's frustrated expression.

"Just shut up."

Cilian kneeled next to him, and started scrubbing next to him.

"Joe…I... Know it's not a good time, but I need to talk to you about something."

"Not now, Cilian. I'm really not in the mood."

"It's important!"


Joe slammed the rag against the floor and looked straight at Cilian.

"Fine, what?!"



"Don't look at me like that, it's really hard for me to say it."


Joe opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the sound of his mother's voice in the building's lobby as she talked to one of the neighbors 


"Shit!" He exclaimed, then ran inside to clean the rest of the blood as fast as he could. "Srub!" He ordered as he ran in the kitchen  to stuff all the things inside the first aid kit and shoved it bak in its place.


Cilian stood from the floor, dumped the bloody rag under the couch and sat on it the moment he heard Cilian's  mother insert the key in the lock. When the lady opened the door, she stared at Cilian with an expression of surprise. Joe walked out of the kitchen in a moment, greeted his mother then stood next to Cilian.


"Cilian, you didn't tell me you were coming. I would have passed by to buy something."

"I tried reaching you, but you know how my phone gets sometimes. Don't worry about it though, you know I don't like to eat much." 

"I haven't seen you in a while, how have you been? How's work? What was it you do again?"

"Mom!" Exclaimed Joe with an expression of anger

Cilian turned to him with a smile

"It's alright Joe." He said in a chuckle, then looked back at the woman."I've been fine, thank you. Work's been stable, and I collect payment for a company."

"Oh, that's nice. Which company?"

"Uh.. It's.. A gun company. They sell legal pistols usually."



Cilian entered Joe’s room and sat before his desk as he waited for him to come back. He turned to the metal suitcase that was carrying the money for his boss and let out a sigh.


“Should I tell him?” He muttered as he rubbed his eyes. “What is he going to have a worse reaction to?” He thought as he fixated his eyes on his hands after recoiling them in fist. “Is he going to be angrier that I kill for a living…or the fact that his best friend is gay….and that he's taken showers with me before…”


Cilian thought about it for a second, then turned to the suitcase again. “If you’re looking at it logically… he should be angrier about the killing…but… it’s Joe we’re talking about---


“Cil.” Called Joe interrupting Cilian’s thoughts.


“You going to help me or what?”


Cilian let out a chuckle, then got up and told Joe to put the computer on the desk. Joe did so, then turned to the suitcase.

“Are you going to tell me what’s in there? Or is it another of your many secrets?”


Cilian thought about it, then gathered the courage to tell him. ‘I’d be pretty angry if I was straight….’



“…That…is bullshit.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“No.Shut the fuck up and help me.

Cilian stared at him perplexed, then let out a heavy sigh. 

“Can you please look through my closet and find another shirt that will fit you better? You look like a butch lesbian.”


Cilian let out another sigh and rolled his eyes. 

"Maybe I am a butch lesbian. Who knows?" Cilian joked as he bent ove to take a look at the computer. “The fuck is this shit?” He exclaimmed after he read through the rough draft.

“I told you I don’t know how to do this!”

“One thing is not knowing how to report and another one is not knowing the hell it is that you're writing!”

“I don’t science!”

“Apparently you don’t math either. All your calculations are wrong.”

“Shut up!”




Joe’s alarm went off the next morning. He opened his eyes, read five forty five, and sat up expecting to be alone. Cilian worked from two am to three thirty in the afternoon, then again from five to eleven, but the afternoon schedule depended on the job and how long it took him to finish it. He still didn’t understand what kind of job Cilian had, but decided to let it go.

The room was dark, but he walked out without bothering to turn on the lights. After he brushed his teeth and took a shower, Joe headed to his room where a phone vibrate. Joe turned to the desk and found the phone as it's screen lit up part of the room. The wallpaper was a picture of him and Cilian, but the number was not saved. Joe turned to the bed and found Cilian sleeping, then found the suitcase. He hadn’t left. Joe picked up his clothes and walked out as he answered the phone.





“Cilian, wake up.” Joe spoke as he gently shook him. When he saw that he hadn't even budged he yanked the pillow from under his head, and slammed it against his face. “I said up!”

“What? Like the fuck, Joe?! Can’t you wake me up like a normal person?!”

“Can you wake up like one?!”

“…What time is it?”

“Six ten. You’re late.”

“Shit.” Replied Cilian as he got up. “Thanks for letting me stay over.” He said as he changed clothes

“No problem… Did…you have another argument with your old man?”

“…Sort off. I just didn’t want to go back home. I’m sick of him.”

“Why is he shitting on you all the time?”


“You’re not going to tell me that either?” Asked Joe, clear anger in his voice

“I will… but… when I’m ready.”


“Have you seen my phone? I thought I left in on your desk.”

“Yeah…It’s in the kitchen. It put it there.”



Joe walked up to his school bag and picked it up. He walked out of the room, then had a sudden stop and turned to cilian.

“Oh, now that you said phone, you reminded. Someone called. Unknown number, he said his name was Aaren.” He concluded, then continued walking.


Cilian froze in place after hearing Aaren’s name and opened his eyes wide in horror as he let out a gasp.


**A/N** Hey, this story was something new I'm trying, I've been trying to write it for a really long time and wasn't able to find a proper way to start. This was the best way I could, but please let me know if there's any way you think I could make this better. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it


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