Gansta Love

Gansta Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Its a story about a young girl falling in love with the wrong guy..the opposite of everything shes ever known..but it pays a major price. Will she stay with the family she's only ever known or run away with her dream guy..but will he follow her or fulfill his duties hes been born to the end someone, someone always loses...


Its a story about a young girl falling in love with the wrong guy..the opposite of everything shes ever known..but it pays a major price. Will she stay with the family she's only ever known or run away with her dream guy..but will he follow her or fulfill his duties hes been born to the end someone, someone always loses...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Gansta Love

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Its a story about a young girl falling in love with the wrong guy..the opposite of everything shes ever known..but it pays a major price. Will she stay with the family she's only ever known or run away with her dream guy..but will follow or fulfill hid duties hes been born to the end someone, someone always loses...

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 04, 2013



The girl was walking down the dark street. She wasn’t scared and she wasn’t running from anyone, she was just taking a late night walk at one in the morning, like it was normal for any young girl to do that. She took a different way than usual, however, because she went on walks regularly, and pulled her hood off because she was getting a little hot. She had a big black sweatshirt and big black sweats that were sagging on her. A dark blue rag was hanging out her left pocket to show her membership in a gang. She had brown skin, a chocolate color, long black hair that went down to her waist that was in a long ponytail right then, she had full lips, a medium sized nose and café colored eyes that was her most striking feature. Under her clothes, she had lots of curves some women always dreamed of, was 5’5 and, an average height for a girl of her size.

 She wished she hadn’t pulled off her hood until later because when she turned the corner, she saw three guys that looked like Corps. (short name for Corruptions.) They were all dressed in red outfits and looked Mexican, who was just shouting out gang calls for the hell of it. She couldn’t pull her hood back up because it would show she was ashamed of her gang she was in (and like hell she was!) She walked a little faster though, and held her head a little higher for respect (to show she respected their gang even though she wasn’t in it.) They stopped making gang calls and stared at her passing by, whispering and nudging about her till one of them broke the silence.

“Hey… you bang girl?”

She told herself to ignore them, pretend that they weren’t even there because she didn’t want something to go down. She had already shown them respect. They should have seen from her outfit that she did, in fact, gang bang.

“Hey…we talking to you,” said the one in the middle of the three guys.

She walked a little faster, almost at a jogging pace now and started turning the other corner on the street.

“Hey,” they said shouted behind her.

“Hey, stop!”

She had begun running and the guys were following her. She dashed down this dark alley and saw that it was a dead end.

“Damn,” she thought aloud.

The guys came running behind her, breathing heavy. She turned and started backing up to the hard brick wall behind her. She was trapped. They were around her in a minute, seeing that she was at their mercy and they all started smiling evilly. Then the guy that yelled at her first, and who also looked like the leader of the guys he was with, was in her face first.

“Why was you running, gurrrrl,” he said.

She looked at each of them and seeing she was no match for them, she started silently praying to herself in her mind.

“Answer us,” he said louder and meaner. He also got closer to her.

“Maybe she’s mental, dumb, or mute or something, Ice,” said the fat one who didn’t look too good or too smart.

“Naww, she can talk … I know she can … I think I just got to do something to make her talk Jug.”

Just then he pulled out a flip pocket knife, with a black handle but everything else was silver. It glinted in the moonlight. He slowly started smiling as he saw the expression of fear cloud her face while he raised it up to her.

“You want to talk now gurl and tell us why you was running from us?”

She gulped in some air slowly and said, “I wasn’t running from you guys.”

“Ah-ha, I knew she could talk…now why you lying gurl? Was it cuz you were scarred?”

“I’m not scared of you,” she shouted, showing some hostility for the first time.

“Ha-ha, sure… so how old are you?”

“She looked about 20 or 21, Ice,” said the one who had been in the middle of the guys and had a patch over one of his eyes.

“Shut the fuck up Patch! I wasn’t asking you, I was asking the little gurlie ova here.”

She saw his face go mean for a second while talking to that guy and then returned to that evil smile that was creeping her out now.

“For your information, I’m 18 turning 19 in two months,” she said smartly to his face.

“Oh well excuse me, Miss Thang! We were off by what, a couple of months,… but what’s a little gurl like you, doing out here this late at night?”

“Don’t you know bad guys like us, are out at this time of the night to get little girls like you,” said Jug mocking, then he started giggling that sounded like squealing from a pig.

“What would your poor parents say about this? I’m sure they’d be very angry with you,” said Patch.

She said suddenly felt a rush of emotions mixed up come to her and the ones that stood out the most were rage and fear. The rage came out more, however, to these guys who were questioning her. I mean, who the hell were they to be asking her all about her personal life, the god damn police?

“I don’t have parents, I’m not a little girl and that’s none of your business,” she yelled!

Ice backed up.

“Wow… I thing we aggravated the little, oh... I mean, grown woman. I wonder why? Are you hiding something from us gurl?!”

“Nothing,… something… I mean if I was hiding something, it’ll be none of your concern!”

“Well I want to make it my concern gurl, so you better tell us before we have to search you,” he paused and then his smiled seemed to get bigger as he said, “I think we’ll search you anyways, just to be safe!”

They started closing in on her and she hastily pulled out a gun she just remembered she had from her back pocket on her sweats. She had surprised them all and herself. Fear and panic made her sometimes forget important things like that.

“Back-k the f-f-fuck-k up and put that k-knife away-y or I’ll-l-l blast you…” she said with her voice shaking.

They all hurried away kind of far.

Ice said, “Damn, this gurl isn’t as little as we thought she was.”

The others nodded in agreement.

“Hey, wait, I know that gun,” said Patch looking at the gun more closely and kind of getting closer to her.

“That’s Bean’s old gun that got stolen from him in the big fight almost 5 years ago by those damn Disses and their fucking leader Bones,” Patch continued madly.

The others looked at it more closely from their distance and then stared at her with new looks of vengeances.

“So you do bang gurl, huh, you’re a Dis,” said Ice coldly.

“You know what we do to Dishoneties we find out of their territory, especially girl Disses,” Jug said seriously.

“We rape and KILL them,” said Patch bluntly as they started closing in on her again.

“Make a-anothe-err s-step and I s-swear I’ll-l-l s-shoot” she stuttered still, while shaking the gun but pulling the trigger back a little.

They stopped in their tracks.

“You wouldn’t dare” Ice said, sneering at her.

“All I got to do is pull this trigger all the way back and you’ll be dead” she said with more confidence this time.

“Then do it gurl” Ice said scowling.

She was about to shoot as she was turning her head the other way, closing her eyes tightly shut so she wouldn’t see her first killing when a dark figure came into her vision from behind the guys.

“Stop” he said deeply.

A tall, good looking, light skinned, mixed raced guy came out of the shadows and his facial expressed showed his mood was in between very pissed off and annoyed.

“Big I” everyone said at the same time in that awe stricken tone.

Then the guys lowered their heads to him like they were ashamed of the situation he had just found them in.

“Bean was worried about you guys, saying yall only went to have a smoke outside and never came back. I started looking for yall, thinking the other gang had kidnapped or killed all of you guys, but instead, I find you guys interrogating a young girl, not to mention the third this week. Don’t you guys ever fucking learn?” he shouted, showing no warmness in his voice, which told her he was royally pissed.

“Get back to the hideout” he said through clenched teeth meanly afterwards.

“But Big I… she has Bean’s gun and…” started Jug.

“NOW!!!” screamed Big I.

As they hurried to leave down the street, she was left alone with their famous leader, Big I. He was known by all gangs for getting whatever he wanted, protected by the best of people, and even the police feared him because they knew messing with him was just like getting the lethal injection. After he was sure his homies lefted, he turned to her with cold eyes.

“Sorry about that, my gang lost their last girls to a knife fight last month, so it’s been all guys now and ever since then, their hormones have been going crazy and they seem to need release from any girl they see now. I, on the other hand, can control myself so that when I see an underage girl out after hours, I don’t try to take advantage of her first.”

He seemed to be telling her something, but she didn’t get it because she was so glad he wasn’t going to finish the job those guys had said they were going to do to her. He then helped her by slowly taking the gun out of her hands and putting it into one of her pockets, and then by taking her hand to make her start walking the way she came. A long silenced passed between them before it was broken by him.

“So…why were you out here anyways?”

She looked at him and thought if he helped her this far, he’s not so much of a bad guy so she should at least tell him the truth, but still keep a cautious guard up for the unexpected as well.

“I was out for a walk to clear my mind,…honestly!”

He stopped in a street lamp to give her a look like really, tell me the truth…but when he looked at her face more closely in the light, his expression became hard and cold again after it had been a little soft a few minutes ago.

“Who put that bruise on your face!?”

She felt her face and sure enough, her cheek was soft and squishy, a medium size spot darker than the rest of her skin color that hurt painfully if you touched it was there. She quickly put her hood on again and turned silent because she definitely wasn’t going to tell him about that. It was because of that bruise that she took the walk out on this night in the first place.

“It was one of them, wasn’t it? I’ll kill them all….” He muttered afterwards, quietly.

“Oh no, it wasn’t one of them,… they didn’t touch me, thank god.” She muttered too.

“You don’t have to lie to me because you’re scared of them, I’ll put them in check for you” he said while he started walking again.

“I’m not afraid of them, I swear it wasn’t them” she yelled in rage that he thought of her being a liar and a coward now. She stopped him and then he looked her in the face fully this time, eye to eye.

“Who did that to you then, someone at home? A parent? Or a sibling?” he asked, his voice sounding more mad as he progressed talking.

“I’m an only child, and I have no home” she said while looking down at her feet.

Then she breathed in deeply.

“I live with my gang” she whispered quietly after.

“Someone in the gang does this!? And the leader allows this or does he do it? Does he even know!?...” he asked again, his voice almost in full rage now.

She said this almost like she was moving her lips and no sound was coming out, but he heard the faint words that spelled out “my leader, Bones, does this.”

In that instant, he lifted her head up so she was looking straight into his eyes, saying in a calming tone, “you don’t have to put up with that. No guy has the right to put his hands on a girl, no matter what the reason or situation is.”

She searched into his light brown eyes, and they showed so much love, compassion and worry that she smiled a little, but it dropped quickly too.

“But I deserved it” she said, putting her head down again. As soon as she had put it down again, however, he shook it back up and yelled at her in frustration.

“No girl should ever say that, especially you. A girl like you should never be treated like that, and I never, ever want to hear that come out of your mouth again, do you hear me?”

She looked at him frightened but shook her head yes.

“I mean it” he said more firmly, but this time more caring as well while looking back deeply in her eyes, searching her face for something.

“I hear you” she said quietly and then gave him an alarmed look as if she just realized something horrible.

“What? What’s the matter?” he asked, sounding worried now.

“Do you have a phone… no wait, what am I thinking, we don’t have a phone. Never mind, I have to go!” she said frantically as she started running down the street at a jogging pace, almost a run.

“Wait,” he yelled, trying to catch her before she got away and started leaving, but she was too fast for him.

He stopped and then said, “when will I see you again?”

“I’ll find you” she yelled behind her as she was turning the corner she had come from earlier.

“Buts’ what’s your name?” she heard him saying faintly around the corner in his booming voice so she could hear.

“Just call me G” she shouted so he could hear her while she was still running too.

She thought she heard a faint okay coming from him in the distance and smiled for the first time that whole day as she jogged on.

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