Brianna Goes Cosmic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Brianna becomes part of the cosmos in this sort of poetic textual collage. I'm a little stuck creatively so just to get more going I did a cut up of my own work with a roughly five per cent sprinkle of Beckett and Ezra Pound.

Brianna goes Cosmic

Drifting apart in the cosmos

You have escaped the meatspace

The accursed shackles of the flesh

Long may it die

Atomic particles

Still it floods your fluid and electric form

The memories of the corporeal life

On that black and smouldering planet

What a horror show that species was

They took a green and fecund galactic miracle

And casually turned it into a fucking smoked out bbq briquette

It’s all gone

And I’m less than human now

I am Goddess Brianna

The recipient of eternity thanks to a rather tacky pact with the Dark Ones

All cocks and balls and bits and bobs

Yet the memories endure invoking an agonising cosmic melancholy

Grimly produced tears for mother

And in those tears cocks appear

Big hard cocks

They come out from everywhere

From the walls

From the ceiling

Cocks come from everywhere down her throat spitting on her face

She’s back there

Curled up on a grungy mattress

Shivering with fear

The endless cigarettes, vodka, beer and weed

And the occasional toot of coke and frequent ingestion of opioids

The Goddess cannot escape it and now she wonders if the Dark Ones knew this would occur

A cheap card trick that granted the loser immortal suffering

Just for jolly

And all the snuff flicks done for nothing

If she was honest she did dig all that

Just for jolly

She dreams of Jenna crumbling to dust in her arms

Of Jeanna liquefied in a momentary tear in reality

Things too unspeakable for words


I’m back in the flesh

Back here for you

Do you love me do you love me do you love me

We mated in the crags

Your tanned sinuous arms wrapped tight around me

A sad little knot of insignificant humanity

In love though

So in love or at least the closest she'd come to it

We used to melt into each other and come as one

The double ended dildo we speared ourselves on eager to connect

Fucking and sucking in the hidden recesses

In the darkness she hears the echo of clicking stripper heels

All that pussy and ass licking they used to attack each other carnally

Eager to taste and give pleasure

To the one she loved

After they had made love she would lie there shaking

It was not all the dizzy aftermath of sexual euphoria

There was tangible fear as well

Of her not being with you anymore

Where would the love go

She’d surely implode


Then she went and died

All needles puke piss and shit

Kisses bitch

And then you were as you always were

Floating across the wounded galaxy



Submitted: March 25, 2018

© Copyright 2023 briannaoblivion. All rights reserved.

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