Tie One On

Tie One On

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


She was tired of her boyfriend coming home every night drunk and demanding to fuck her ass. So her and her girlfriend come up with a plan to teach him a lesson. Read and find out if her plan works and he gets the point in the end.


She was tired of her boyfriend coming home every night drunk and demanding to fuck her ass. So her and her girlfriend come up with a plan to teach him a lesson. Read and find out if her plan works and he gets the point in the end.


Submitted: June 15, 2018

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Submitted: June 15, 2018



Tie One On

Angie and Maggie were both laying naked cuddling on Maggie’s bed while Angie’s boy friend, Roger, was off at the bar (again) getting drunk. Angie had met Maggie at the club she worked at part time. She was a bartender while Maggie was a dancer there. They struck up a friendship, which turned sexual eventually. Angie never told Roger about the affair. He wouldn’t understand it or more than likely want to do a three way and that sort of turned her stomach thinking her guy could be with another woman in front of her. Oh sure, lots of guys would like that but then those that get left out always feel like their old lady turned lesbian or something.

It wasn’t always like that and Roger wasn’t always the jerk he now was when he was drinking. Early on Roger courted Angie and treated her almost like a princess but more and more he would turn to the bottle for comfort and then would become Mr. Jerk extreme. His thing was to come home, want to have sex and push her around. At first Angie liked it, almost found it to be exciting but the more he did it, the rougher he got until it wasn’t fun for her any more. Too many times he would wake up with a hang over the next day and she would wake up with a lot of bruises on her body.

And that’s where Maggie came in. They had struck up the friendship at the club. And Roger was all for it. In his mind he was thinking with the brain between his legs, and not the one between his ears. He saw Maggie as a possibility for a three some. Little did he know that Maggie, although an exotic dancer actually liked the ladies more. She had had boy friends before but found that women knew how to truly pleasure her and so when Angie started working there she saw someone that she was interested in.

The two became good friends, hanging out together and going for breakfast afterwards. Roger of course would usually be passed out at home. Little did he know that the woman he was fantasizing about doing was secretly already doing his woman.

It started when Angie was upset about Roger and Maggie comforted. They had both been drinking some wine and one thing led to another and before you knew it, they both ended up in bed, lovers. Friends with benefits and kept the secret from Roger.

So this evening they were lying together after another one of their heated love making sessions, holding each other.

“Dam girl, you tore me up. I don’t think I’ll walk straight for a few days” Maggie said.

“Yeah I kind of got carried away” Angie said, running her hand over Maggie’s breast, playing with one of her nipples. Pulling at it for a moment.

“Mmmm, that feels good baby” Maggie said and they kissed each other.

As Angie pulled her face away from the kiss she looked up at the clock.

“Dam, I got to get home before Roger does or else he’ll freak” Angie said.

“Why the hell do you put up with him? Where is he?” Maggie asked.

“Where do you think?” Angie replied. “He’s at the bar like every night” she said, frustrated.

“Shit, that means he’s going to come home and put his hands all over you. I hate that bastard when he does that.” Maggie said, gently caressing Angie now, trying to comfort her.

“I know and when he’s drunk he want to fuck me in the ass like he always does. I hate that. It’s so uncomfortable.” Angie said, and cringed at the thought. Roger was not gentle and once ripped her a hole and every since then she dreaded the experience but when he was drunk it was his favorite position.

“Geeze, what an ass. You should get even.” Maggie said and rolled over the bed and opened the drawer to the little side table next to her bed. She fumbled around and pulled out a strap on and held it up “Remember this baby mmmm”

“Oh shit. I forgot you had that” her eyes got big. “Wait, you don’t mean use it on him?” Angie asked.

“And why not. The bastard deserves it. It would teach him right if you tied him to the bed when he’s passed out and then strap it on and fuck him in the ass. See how he likes it.” Maggie said, with a devilish grin and sort of shoved the end of the fake penis toward Angie’s crotch. “That would teach him for sure.”

“My God Maggie. I couldn’t do that. Besides. He might actually like it.” And she laughed. Roger was sort of a freak. He just might, she thought.

“Look, take it anyways. You never know” Maggie said. She got up and walked over to Angie’s handbag and put it in it. “There for later. Trust me. You’ll appreciate I suggest it. Fucking prick. I wished I could see that” she grinned and flopped back on the bed.

They both laughed for a moment and kissed and finally Angie got up and they both got dressed. Maggie walked her to the door and they kissed one last time and then she was gone off to meet her boyfriend who would soon be home from the bar at her apartment.

She forgot about the strap on for a moment and was wondering what kind of shape Roger would be in when he came home. She was hoping for the best but expecting the worse, like usual.

It was a little while when he finally staggered into the house. He was drunk all right. Some of his buddies had bought him several rounds this evening, celebrating a victory of the local sports team. It was a wonder he could drive home at all and not have a wreck or get arrested for DWI. That had worried Angie almost as much as his rough sexual behavior after he got home on nights like this.

He went straight to the fridge and opened a beer. Angie had just came out of the shower so she was naked with just a silky bath robe on. Her nipples were perky and pushed against the thin material. As soon as Roger saw her his lust suddenly woke up.

“Dam woman. You looking fucking hot. Come here for a minute and give me a kiss” he slurred at her, barely able to stand up.

“God Roger” she said as he pulled her into his arms and pawed at her. “How much did you have to drink? You smell like a brewery” She waved a hand in front of her face.

“Oh come on baby, don’t be like that. You’re looking good. I think I’m going to have to have you” He said and began to pull at her robe.
“Stop it Roger. I’m not in the mood. You should go sleep it off” she said and started to pull away.

“Fuck you.” He suddenly said and tried to slap her. “You’re gonna give me that pussy and right now. Now bend over bitch. I’m gonna fuck you in that tight ass of yours” he said trying to turn her around. |
“You stupid bastard get off of me” She protested trying to get clear of his hands but he caught her for a moment.

He looked at her. He like it rough and her fighting with him was almost like foreplay in his drunken state of mind. “Bastard” He smirked. “Get in that bedroom NOW! I’ll show you bastard” he shoved her down the hall way towards the bedroom.

She went in front of him, not wanting to get beaten again. Better to give in a little and let him have his way. Maybe she’d get lucky and he’s pass out before he really got started. That had happened several times when he was this drunk. “Okay baby, just don’t hurt me” she pleaded and went and stood next to the bed.
He came in behind her and slammed the door behind him and then shoved her down. “Good now get ready for poppa” He bragged now, staggering and barely able to stand up. He pulled his shirt off and threw it to the side and then undid his pants, almost falling over as he did. Kicking both shoes across the room, one knocking a lamp almost over. He smirked, thinking he was all that. He pulled his pants off but had to lean against a dresser and then he was in his underwear. He looked at her, all lustful like and took two steps, licking his lips. He moved forward towards the bed and crawled up on it but slipped and fell face first onto it and was out like a light, snoring.
She moved out of the way of course and pushed his arm off of her.
“Fucking drunk bastard.” She said in disgust. Seeing him laying there with his ass in the air, his underwear bunched in his butt crack and his face buried into the bed she suddenly had a devilish thought as Maggie’s advice suddenly popped into her head. She licked her lips. “Should I?” She smiled, thinking about it and got her handbag and pulled out the strap on. “Fucking prick would deserve it. He’s so drunk he probably wouldn’t remember any ways”, she reasoned.

She looked at the strap on and then at Roger, still snoring away like a baby. She took the end of the penis part and gently nudged him for a moment to see if he would wake up and nothing. “Hmmmm” she thought. Then she got another thought. She climbed of the bed, and looked back when she did. He was still passed out cold.
She got her cell phone and called Maggie. “Get over right now. I have a plan and I need you to help me”, she told her. In no time Maggie was there. She wanted Maggie to film what would happen next and gave her their camera and told her to wait in the closest with the door cracked. This was gonna be good. She wanted to get this on film so she could hold it over the prick if he ever got any future ideas.

Maggie totally got the idea and quietly crept into the bedroom as they both went inside. Roger was still passed out. He grunted once but never moved. “Oh my god, what an ass” she whispered and almost laughed out loud when she saw Roger in his underwear like that with his face down on the bed, and his under wear up his butt crack.

“Shhhhh you’ll wake him. “Here, help me tie him to the bed. Let me get his underwear off first.” Angie took out a knife she kept in her purse for carefully cut the sides of it so it flopped open then the two of them took nylon hose and tied his hands and feet to the four corners of their four corner post bed. Now he couldn’t mood. They made sure it was tight so he couldn’t get loose. He was stretch out. His legs spread wide. Angie motioned for Maggie to take the camera now and go hide in the closest with the door cracked just so and hide in the darkness and film what was about to happen. She took off the bathroom and stood facing the camera on the far side.

Maggie licked her lips seeing her standing there naked with her nipples hard and her hair still a little damp and she held the camera up to her eye and began filming from the closet. “Dam this should be good” she said to her self under her breath. “About time this prick gets his”

Angie never looked at the camera but knew Maggie was there and made sure that she never blocked the view of the camera from the action. She went over to the little table next to the bed and pulled out a vibrator and a dildo and then pulled the material of his underwear down to reveal his ass. She sat the dildo down on the table and held onto the vibrator for a moment.

Maggie grinned seeing his butt. “Mm nice actually” she said to herself under her breath. She didn’t normally go for men but he did a lot of walking in his construction job and did have a nice body and a tight butt.

Angie licked her lips thinking of the fun to follow. She turned the vibrator on and it buzzed to life. She stood next to the bed and propped one leg up so her pussy was close to his face. And then moved the vibrator near his ear. He started to stir a bit and began to wake up finally.
“What’s going on?” he asked all confused and looked over at her now because his face was facing that direction (away from the camera) “Shit baby what are you doing” he said suddenly seeing her standing up close to him, one leg propped up, her cleanly shaved pussy lips right where he could see them. He started to reach up for her but found his arms and legs were restrained. He looked down at him self now and started to wake up even more. “What the fuck?” he said, pulling at the bondages that tied him squarely down to the bed.

“Shhh baby, calm down, its just a little sex game I cooked up for you. Relax you’ll enjoy this” she cooed at him seductively and glanced towards the closet and smiled and then looked back at him.

He looked up at her and smiled, thinking he was in for some kinky sex tonight. “Mmmm dam baby, I like it. You never cease to surprise me. So what are you gonna do baby?” he asked, acting all badass even though she definitely had the upper hand now.

“Oh you’ll see my pet. I’m making you my love slave tonight. First we’re gonna loosen things up a bit” She moved the vibrator to her breast and let it vibrate on her nipples. First one and then the other “mmmm that feels so good baby. You like it baby? You like how this looks” She asked trying to get him aroused.

“Fuck yes. You know it’s my fantasy to see you pleasuring yourself. What guy doesn’t like that” he licked his lips now, wanting to reach up and touch her breast. He moved an arm but was restrained.

“Now now now. You can look big poppa but you can’t touch. Only I can touch” she said as she took the vibrator now and moved it down to her lips and began to massage her crotch “Mmmmm dam baby that feels so good.” She said, loving this.

Maggie stirred just a bit, getting excited watching her lover. She was beginning to get wet and wished she was the one tied to the bed. She continued filming them.

Angie held the vibrator up to her foreskin for the longest and pulled at the skin to make it tight as her nipples got harder “Mmmmm” she said and looked down at Roger, enjoying seeing him squirm.

“God dam baby, give me that pussy” He demanded now.

“Mm not yet baby” she purred and turned off the vibrator. She was wet now. She picked up the dildo, which was next to where he had set the vibrator down. “Mmmm look at what we have hear. Want to see where this might fit?” she teased him.

She picked it up and rubbed it up and down her lips and slowly began to fuck herself with it. It turned on both Roger and Maggie in the closet. “mmm dam” Maggie said and was soon kicking off her skirt and reaching in her panties with one hand to finger her self with the one free hand while she still filmed.

Angie pleasured her self for a bit , shoving it deep inside of her, fucking herself with it right in front of Roger. “Mmmm you like that baby, you like seeing me stick a big cock in my hot wet pussy?” she said, taunting him. Her nipples getting super hard now. Roger was getting hard too now finally and wanted to join in.

“Un un” he said as he squirmed trying to get free. She pulled out the dildo and noticed it was covered in her cum. “Oh baby, look it’s all wet. What should I do with this?” she asked and licked her lips looking at him as he tried to move.

“Oh baby, you want to taste me? Want to taste my juices.” She asked and he nodded yes now like a good submissive.

“Good baby, well then lick it dry baby.” She said and put the dildo next to his mouth. He looked at it for a moment. He would never suck a real cock but this was plastic and they were alone in their bedroom and it was a sex game. He thought why not and licked his tongue on it timidly. “Not like that baby. Taste it” she said and grabbed the back of his head and held the dildo up close to his mouth. “Suck off my juices like you mean it baby. You know you like the taste of my pussy. Now suck it like a good sex slave”

He began to kiss the dildo and then to suck on it. She gently shoved it into his mouth.

“Mmm that’s a good little slave,” Angie said. Maggie meanwhile was getting totally turned on with her lover being a total domi now. “Mmmm” she said under her breath, she put her one leg up on shelf in the closet and shoved her fingers into her pussy, finger fucking while she continued to film them. “Mmmm” she moaned.

Angie shoved the dildo slowly into his mouth over and over again making him suck it off. “There there, baby, that’s a good sex slave. You’re making the Mistress VERY happy.” She said as he got into it, being so drunk. He was sucking on it now like a pro and it almost shocked her when she watch him. It strangely turned her on and her nipples got hard again. She reached between her legs for a moment rubbing on her clit

Now that he had licked most of the cum off of it but it was still pretty wet she took it from his mouth. “Mmm let’s see now…what shall we do with it now.” She moved down his body slightly and patted his ass. “Mmmmm baby, what a nice tight little ass you have” He jumped now, almost intoxicated from the sexual tension and the tease. He was totally turned on and ready for anything now.

“Smack” she took the dildo and spanked his ass with it. “Hmmm perhaps you might want something down here” she rubbed the plastic cock down between his legs and ran it along the folds of his ass. He jerked for a moment “Please Mistress” he said, not sure what she had in mind but enjoying being her sex slave. He was sure he was going to get some in just a bit, especially if he was good.

“Oh?” “So the dirty little sex slave wants it here?” she asked as she took the dildo and slapped his ass again and then again rubbed the dildo up and down his butt crack

“Please Mistress” he said, totally turned on now and wanting sex. Maggie was fingering herself hard now, totally wet from the show but she kept the camera rolling the whole time. “Mmmm god dam Angie. Shit” she said under her breath from the closet.

Angie leaned over him now and took a couple of her fingers first and got them wet and played with his ass hole, losing it up a bit and then slowly shoved the end of the dildo in him. His body jerk for a moment. She looked up at him and touched his back for a moment, reassuringly and then slowly shoved more of the plastic cock up into him.

“Oh shit baby” Roger said. “Mmmm god dam I didn’t know it could feel so good” he said. She was still moving it very slowly in his asshole, moving it in and out of him while she worked if slowly faster in him.

Maggie’s nipples were hard now, watching Angie fuck her boyfriend in the ass with a dildo. She finger fucked her self-hard now, getting even more wet and licking her lips. She wished she could join it. Angie looked like she was enjoying this and looked up into the camera for Maggie and licked her lips and then shoved the dildo further in him and left it there and moved off the bed. Roger had pushed his ass cheeks up now almost on his knees. “Mmmm god dam baby, this feels good. When can I fuck you like this?” he asked.

Angie never answered she went and pulled the strap on from her handbag. She was behind him so he couldn’t see her or what she was doing. She put it on and gently stroked the cock for a moment, taking some of her own pussy juices and getting it wet now, so it would be easier to fuck him with it. She moved back onto the bed now on her knees and moved up close behind him now. She smacked his ass for a moment and he jumped, still with the dildo shoved up in his ass. He had almost fallen asleep he was so relaxed.

“Mmmm baby do that to me some more” he said, in his drunken stupor.

“Oh I intend to baby” She said. I just wanted to get in a better position. Now come on baby get up on your need for your Mistress” she said and he did as she asked. He moved his body so he was now on his hands and knees, bent over with his ass facing her, his face buried into the sheets now, with a stupid smile on his face. She grabbed the dildo and worked it slowly in and out of him again like before and again he moaned in pleasure.

“Dam baby that feels good, I’m getting excited. I never knew it was like this” He said. “Fuck me hard baby” he insisted.

She worked the dildo into his ass faster and then began to slap his ass at the same time and talk dirty to him. He buried his face into the bed and grabbed hard at the sheets.

“God yes baby mmmm,” he moaned in pleasure, closing his eyes.

Angie now pulled the dildo slowly out of him and set it quietly down next to her leg.

He still had his face buried and wiggled his butt as her playfully. “Come on baby, you promise. Fuck my ass. Fuck me hard”

“Okay baby, if you insist” she said and pulled his cheeks apart and moved up close now. Holding the dildo part of the strap on she began to slowly push the head up into his asshole, breaking the surface. “Mmmm” he let out a slight moan again. “That’s it baby, fuck me hard now”

She grabbed a hip with one hand and steady the strap on and moved her hips into him and then away from him and then into him and away, and each time shoving more of the fake dick into his ass.

Maggie was beside herself in lust as her eyes got wider and she licked her lips while her one hand tried to steady the camera and the other was buried deep into her own pussy. She pulled it out for a moment and tasted her own juices and then shoved it back inside of her pussy while she continued to film the whole thing. Angie was amazing, she thought. She wanted them to watch this together sometime when they were alone, making love and it would be their personal little porno.

Soon Angie was shoving into Rogers ass hard now and she was slapping his ass. She liked the idea of fucking him in the ass for a change instead of him doing it to her. “Paybacks a bitch” she said and slammed into him hard now.

“Fuck baby, not so hard” Roger jumped now and jerk his head up. She didn’t care.

Angie continued to fuck him even harder now, thrusting into him as she thought about all the times he done the same thing to her to the point of hurting her.

“What the matter Roger. Too rough for you?” she asked, slamming her fake cock into him hard again and slapping his ass. Suddenly she grabbed both hips hard and shoved into him.

It was then he realized she wasn’t just shoving a simple dildo and turned his head and glanced over his shoulder and then under his body to get a better look.

“Angie, what the fuck are you doing?” he asked, suddenly feeling violated.

“I’m fucking you in the ass just like you always fuck me. See how it feels now huh?” She said defiantly and shoved into him over and over again, almost pushing him forward and off his hands “Shit not so hard baby. You’re hurting me,” he whimpered.

Maggie watched transfixed and moved her hand from her crotch now, proud of her girl friend who was finally giving that bastard what he deserve. In her mind she was so proud of her.

“No Mister bad ass. I will NOT go easy on your ass. You never did mine. See how it feels when you have a huge cock shoved up in you and you ask, no beg for someone to stop.” She slapped his ass and grabbed his hips and shoved into him over and over again, with each word that came out of her mouth. “So…how…does…it. …feel…. now…fucker” She said. “Oh baby please for god sake Mmmm” he moaned, partly in pain and partly in pleasure. He almost about to climax because she was working that muscle.

“MMmmmmm” he moaned

Angie shoved into him over and over and finally felt he had had enough. “You ever gonna do this to me again?” she asked him.

“God no baby, just stop now. You’re killing me,” he pleaded.

Maggie suddenly got aroused and played with her breasts through her top, as her nipples were super hard. She never wore one usually. Finally she reached up under the material and pulled at a nipple as her other hand still held the camera, filming it all. “Mmm god baby, you look hot fucking him like that,” she said under her breath.

“Are you sure?” Angie said as she slowly rocked in him, not being so hard with him now.

“Yes baby. I promise. I’ll never ask you to do this if you don’t want. I had no idea. I’m so sorry” and he almost broke down crying from the sudden wave of shame that hit him. Part of it from knowing she had just made him his bitch and part from knowing now how he had made her feel for so long and how painful it must have been.

Maggie did the fist punch happily in the closet and went “Yes!” under her breath. She beamed now, so proud of her lover.

“Okay baby. I’ll give you a break them” Angie finally said and slowly pulled out of him and then leaned over and kissed his butt and then playfully smacked his ass. He slumped onto the bed. He just lay there for the longest time and breathed heavily.

“Now” she said moving up next to him as Maggie finally stopped filming. She picked up her skirt and put it back on and crept out of the closest as Angie sat close to Rogers face and stroked his back Maggie gave her a thumbs up sign, and gently sat the camera down on the edge of the bed and crept out of the room. Roger never knew she was there.

Angie consoled him for a moment now seeing a change in him. He genuinely seemed upset and sad now, almost crying for his past behavior.

“It’s okay baby. I just had to show you how painful that was. You promise now to never force that on me again, right?” she glanced back at the camera, knowing she had some evidence to assure he never tried it again or his buddies would get a show.

She got up and silently picked up the camera and put it in her handbag and undid the strap on and slid out of it. She looked down at it. She of course would have to sanitized it before her and Maggie would use it again. “mmm” she moaned in silence thinking about those times when the two of them had traded wearing it and now she had fucked her boyfriend with it.

She tossed it on the floor and shuffled it under the bed so he wouldn’t think about it and would come back for it later. It never occurred to Roger to ask her where she got it. He assumed she had just borrowed it from that bi bitch Maggie. She seemed like the type to own one of those. He was ashamed and would never again treat her like that.

In fact, he found it hard to face his buddies. The next time he walked into the bar and tried to act like everything was okay someone asked him if he wanted to “tie one on” and he just lost his taste for the party life, at least at that bar. Eventually he would just slow down altogether.

Angie and his relationship got better and he never again came home drunk and try to force her to do anything sexual she didn’t want. In fact he completely changed and resorted back to the old Roger she use to know, the one she had first met when they got together, before he started to drink and became a jerk. She liked the new Roger. Or maybe it was the old Roger, she wasn’t sure.

Angie and Maggie continued to be lovers for some time, but even more than that they became best friends. Eventually the sex between them would subside. But many a time they would giggle when they remember how Angie tied one on and gave it good to Roger. And other times they would take turns strapping it on and using it on the other. It got a lot of use. They even pulled the film out and watched as they lay there, snuggling and kissing and fingering each other, or gently shoving a dildo or vibrator into the other. And sometimes they even use the strap on while they watched it.

Angie felt bad for Roger at times but it was worth it. He became a different person. He no longer hurt her and never had the urge to go out with the boys and “tie one on”. She made sure of that.


The End.


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