The Shoe Store

The Shoe Store

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The bored shoe sales man hated having to pull another late shift until a mysterious woman walks into his store and things get really heated. He had something that would fit her just right alright, but she would have to follow him into the back to get it.


The bored shoe sales man hated having to pull another late shift until a mysterious woman walks into his store and things get really heated. He had something that would fit her just right alright, but she would have to follow him into the back to get it.


Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



The shoe store

It was another one of those boring nights. He really didn’t want to be there. He would really rather be anywhere but his bossed needed him to work late tonight and promised he would make it up to him. It was close to an hour before closing time. He kept looking at the clock just wishing it would go by quicker. He decided to keep busy by stocking the shoes in the front of the store. The mall was almost dead now. He could see a few people walking around out the storefront window. He took some shoes and went to one display and had to stand up on a tiny ladder to reach the top. He could feel someone’s eyes watching him, peering at his ass. It was a strange sensation, he liked it nonetheless, but he kept working. After a few moments he still felt someone’s eye watching him, looking at his tight ass in his dress slacks. He had been told his ass was nice and tight and women loved looking at it and groping it. He sort of smiled to himself. Probably one of those middle aged women who were always hitting on him and leaving their phone numbers for him to call back. (He actually did in a few cases.  He would smiled at the memory).

But when he turned around instead of a middle aged woman was a vision of total beauty.God she was a goddess he thought. She had long hair. She wore a tight top that was unbuttoned on the top buttons so that her huge breast and cleavage seem to pour them self out screaming for attention and seem to say, “here I am boys”. She wore a black leather skirt and some black high heels. He instantly got hard looking at her and almost lost his balance. She was licking her lips as he turned around and she smiled at him. It was like she was looking at dinner or something. It didn’t matter it made him hard and instantly all kinds of nasty little mini movies played out in his head.  And god those legs he thought. Her skirt was really short and just barely covered her ass.

 He got off the step stool and hurriedly placed the shoes down in one stack and turned around but to his great disappointment she was now gone. Dam he thought, that must be one that got a way.  Too bad, he pondered to him self as he went back to work. He still had a huge hard on as he thought about how hot she looked and how badly he wanted to meet her and charm her into his bed. Oh well, for the rest of the hour he kept thinking about her, how she licked her lips, how her cleavage looked trying to tease him, how her legs seem to go on forever. She captured his imagination and that manifested itself in a huge hard on that wouldn’t go away. He would rub him self in the back for a few moment as he made his way from the front of the store to the back. Why not he thought, he wasn’t going to get any, at least not from that. Dam!

  It was now about 5 till closing and he was in the back and getting ready to close shop he heard the door bell go off meaning someone had come into his shop. He looked up at the clock and thought to him self are you kidding m?! Probably some old fat guy or someone else. It made him angry for a moment cause he kept thinking about the hot chick and how he just wanted to go home and pleasure himself, thinking about the hot babe that got away.

 Instead, much to his pleasant surprise it was the hot babe. She had returned and was looking around his store at all the shoes. Dam she was hot, he thought as his erection got harder all over again looking at her bend over in front of him, how she would throw her hair back and lick her lips. She toyed with one shoe as she traced the inside of it with a finger and then placed her finger in her mouth very seductively. God she was hot.

 He cleared his voice and after a moment of introductions understood that she wanted a pair like the high heels she had on but in another color. He said he thought so and went off to get them. He returned and sat down in the seat across from him. What a great view he thought. Her skirt was pulled up half way up her legs and her breast seem to want to fall out of her top.  She looked at him as he came back and studied his erection in his pants and licked her lips…”mmmm” she almost let out under her breath. He heard this and saw the way she was looking at him and it made him even harder. Still he wanted to be professional and not make a fool of himself so he offered up some help as he sat down across from her

 “What about these?” he said as he pulled one out of the box and showed it to her.

“Hmmm.” She thought to her self as she licked her lips. “Place it on my foot for me will you so I can see how it looks?” “My skirt is so tight its hard for me to bend over” she licked her lips again.

 “Why yes of course” he said as he picked up one of her feet and placed the shoe on it.

  She turned her foot this way and then that way looking at it.

  “Hmmm…I’m not sure” she said as she stretched out her leg in front of him. “Here, undo the strap for me will you” she said as she placed her foot in his crotch.

  He jumped for a moment and was caught off guard. Dam she’ll feel his cock he was sure of it. She looked at him and smiled as he took off the straps and the shoe sort of fell off her foot. She put her foot back on his crotch and rub it with the bottom of her foot.

 “I’m sorry, the bottom of my foot itches” she smiled wickedly and licked her lips.“You don’t mind do you?”

  “Um…well now” he said sort of enjoying it.

  She moved her foot slowly up and down his throbbing cock over his pants and seemed to enjoy watching him squirm.

  “Good” she said. She leaned forward now and sort of reached for her ankle and slowly pulled her hands down the length of her leg. “My legs just hurt sometime after a long day of standing up in those high heel shoes. Even as an exotic dancer my legs ache. She licked her lips again. 

  He watched as her hands made it up the length of her legs to the edge of her skirt. She pulled up on it slightly and then moved her leg to the side. It was then that he noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. And her lips were shaved cleaned.

  “That pair was a little loose” she said as her hand touched the edge of her skirt and the other went up to her mouth as she licked on one finger

  “You don’t suppose you have some thing in the back that will fit a little better do you?” she said as she looked down at her pussy and then rubbed his cock again.

  “Yeah, I think I’ve got something that will fit that just right in the back if you’ll come with me” he said as he took her hand. He stopped half way across the store and went to the front door and clicked the door lock. Just in case. He turned the closed sign around and returned to her standing in the middle of the room. She was playing with her hair with one finger and sort of pushing in the front of her skirt with the other. She licked her lips again and took his hand as the two disappeared to the back stock room.

 The stock room didn’t have a door, so they ducked around the corner. Immediately they were on each other as mouths flew into each other. His hand was reaching down under her skirt and fingering her, she was unzipping his pants and finding his hard cock waiting for her. Soon pieces of clothing were being thrown all around here and there. His sports shirt, her top, his pants, her bra, his underwear…all thrown here and there as they continued to ravage each other with their mouths and hands.

He motioned them to one side of the back room where there was a couch. She pushed him back as he flopped down on it. She got down on her knees and pulling his throbbing cock up to her she took the end of her tongue and begin to flick it and to lick the pre-cum off of it. He was hard and throbbing now. She slowly opened her mouth wider and loosened her throat muscles and slide the head all the way in and now his entire cock up to his body. He was stretched back watching her as she took him completely in her mouth and then slowly it all came out again…she licked her lips once and then back on his cock. Soon she was stroking him and playing with his balls as she got him hard and excited. God she was good at this. For about 5 minutes she gave him a blowjob as he watched and held the back of her head with his hand and pulled the hair up so that he could see her better. “Mmmm” he let out a little moan.

He eventually lay down on the couch and stretched out and she continued to suck on his cock. Her head would bob up and down and every once in a while she would just run her mouth up and down the side of his throbbing cock as she continued to stroke him hard.

  She finally moved her body over his. Now they were doing a 69. He pushed his face up into her and began to suck on the foreskin and eat her out. “Mmmmm” god she tasted good he thought. She was still blowing him and now he was eating her. He made his tongue hard and began to tongue fuck her hard as he also stuck in a finger or two in her wet pussy. They were both just eating each other hard now as he reached up and grabbed her ass from up around her legs.

  This went on for about 10 minutes of them eating each other. She was totally wet now and his face was covered in her pussy juices. She had him so hard with her teasing he just wanted to explode in her face but told himself he must fuck her first and cum inside her that way.

  It was agreed that he would get her from behind. She climbed off of him and got on her hands and knees in front of him and began to reach under her self as she continued to play with her clit. He got on his knees and took his cock in his hand and began to stroke him self as he got closer. He reached down and putting some fingers in her got some pussy juice and placed it on his cock and reposition himself closer.  She reached around and finding his head helped him slide it in her.

  Whoosh it slide right in. She was totally wet and her pussy lips felt good on his throbbing cock. He slid all the way into her until his hips were pressed against hers. He grabbed her hips and did a circular motion in her all the way around her pussy with his cock and hips. And then slowly he slid all the way out to his head and then in again. She squirmed and said “dammit fuck me hard” and pushed her hips on him hard several times really fast like.

  “Fuck me hard and fast.” She said.

 Soon he was pumping her hard. He would thrust into her on each inward stroke as the pace got harder and faster. Their bodies were clapping each other as they slapped into one another. He looked down as his cock slide in and out of her, in and out of her very fast and hard. She was moving her hips around now as the ground into one another like animals. She pushed against the back of the couch to help balance herself and push hard back ward as he pushed forward. They were fucking each other now like animals. He leaned forward into her body for a moment and kissed her back and then reach underneath her and played with her breast that were swaying back and forth with each rocking stroke. Back and forth they hung swaying back and forth. Her nipples were hard under his touch. He could feel her pussy starting to tighten like she was about to cum for him as the insides tighten around his cock.

  He leaned back up again as they continued to bang into one another and rock back and forth, sometimes slow and sometimes fast as his hips got into it and now hers. They were both just so excited.

 At one point they heard someone trying the front door but it was locked and the stranger walked away as they continued to fuck each other like animals.

  “Mmmm” she began to moan as she arched her back. He could feel her get tight again on his cock and whoosh…she exploded on his dick. It was too much for him and he got suddenly aroused to the point of no return and exploded inside of her too. They both growled as she threw her head down into the couch now and sort of buried her face to muffle the screams. Her hands grabbed the side of it making her knuckles white.

 Bam…more cum explodes out of him as he arches his back for a moment and pulls her into him…he leans his head back and closes his eyes for a moment.

Bam still more cum pours out of him. He didn’t realize he was that horny or had that much in him. She moaned into the couch as he rubs her butt now. The stroke is now slowing down as he slowly stops inside of her. He grabs her ass and pushes out the last remaining drops of cum into her. A river it seemed. She was totally wet with his cum and hers. Totally spent. She remained with her ass in the air for a moment and her head down. He moves his hips around her for a moment, as he stays totally erected inside of her.

  Slowly she leans back up and on her knees as he reaches around her body and plays with her tits. She turns her head around and they kiss for a moment. Finally he slides out of her and she is now turned around and they stand up next to the couch and continue to kiss and hold one another.  A washcloth that is under one cabinet in the back room toilet is produced and they both get cleaned up. Soon all the articles of clothing are put back on. They kiss a little more and straighten them self.

 He asks for her phone number but she politely declines. He feels a little cheated but seeing this she picks up his chin and smiles.

  “Relax honey, you already have it” she says with a smile.

  “Huh?” he says a little confused.

  “Yeah” she says with a smirk “my husband is your boss.”

  “Oh shit,” he blurts out, as his eyes get big.

  “Relax honey”, she says as she places a hand on his lips. “The lying bastard told me he was working here late and so I came up here to check and now I know he’s with his girlfriend.”

  “And since he’s gonna fuck around on me I thought what the hell” she said as she licked her lips and straightened her top.

  “Well I don’t know what to say”

  “Don’t say anything baby” she finally says as he lets her out the door. “ Just consider this the Christmas bonus you never got last year.”

  He smiled at her for a moment.

  “Oh don’t worry,” she said. “You was real good baby.” “ I’ll be sure to come back and find you next time he’s fucking around.” “ And knowing him that might be tomorrow night”

  She smiled and walked off down the hallway and blended into the rest of the crowd that was leaving the mall then.


The End.



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