The gal with a little something extra

The gal with a little something extra

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Eric Robinson was young, 22, good looking, nicely built and single. It was Friday night. He had just gotten off work and just gotten paid. There was a new dance club he wanted to check out. He was on the prowl for some action this night and hoping for some action. That's when he spotted her. She was beautiful, long dark hair, tight dress, tight body and a butt to die for there on the dance floor. They would dance up close and then leave together. What he found later in her place was that she was a girl with a little something extra.


Eric Robinson was young, 22, good looking, nicely built and single. It was Friday night. He had just gotten off work and just gotten paid. There was a new dance club he wanted to check out. He was on the prowl for some action this night and hoping for some action. That's when he spotted her. She was beautiful, long dark hair, tight dress, tight body and a butt to die for there on the dance floor. They would dance up close and then leave together. What he found later in her place was that she was a girl with a little something extra.


Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



The gal with a little something extra


It was another Friday night and Eric Robinson didn't want to stay home. He had a long weekend ahead and he had gotten paid and the money was burning a hole in his wallet and he kept thinking about the new club he had heard a lot about. Yeah Eric was ready to have some fun. The hunky 22 year old was recently single and ready to mingle and the club was just the ticket for a night of fun and to get rid of some pent up stress.


He took a shower as soon as he got home from work. His apartment was nice, not the biggest thing out there but comfortable for him. He went to his closet and picked out a nice button down shirt and some dress slacks and some nice shoes. You had to dress nice he thought. He wanted to impress the ladies. He planned on not coming home alone if it was up to him and he had had some good luck in that department. Eric was a nice looking young man, nicely built and he had a smile to die for. He could just look at a woman and give her a smile and she would smile back to him. He definitely had a charm about him and he planned on using his charms to bring someone home. Oh yeah, he thought, tonight was gonna be good.


Eric jumped into his Jeep and drove to the club. It was early evening, just before sunset. The place looked pack with the parking lot already filling up. He could see people going into the front door so after a bit he found a parking spot and parked. He checked his looks one last time and quickly made his way to the front door and went in. Immediately the pulsating music hit him. It was dark with the lights turned down low, colored lights beaming here and there. He could see silhouettes of people standing near a huge bar up a ways through a crowd of people and he made his way towards it and had to wait his turn to order a drink. Past the bar he could see the dance floor with tables lining up the sides of it.


The floor was crowded, with people all moving together to the beat that played out, vibrating his heart. God this place was packed he thought. He scanned the people near him and saw a few hot ladies but they seemed to be with guys so he took his drink and moved around the bar towards the dance floor and found an empty table and sat down for a moment sipping on his drinks and looking for any single women anywhere that might interest him.


And that's when he spotted her. She was out in the middle of the dance floor dancing by herself. He watched her for a bit. She had long dark hair and she was wearing a tight dress that clung to her body. She had B cup boobs he was thinking which he was okay but what caught his attention really was her tight ass. He licked his lips when she had turned around and her back side was facing him. He sat transfixed as he watched her ass and hips as she danced to the music. God, what an ass he thought.


He sat his drink down on the table and quickly made his way through the crowd on the dance floor and moved over closer to her. She was lost in the music and just enjoying herself and still had her back to him as she moved her hips back and forth. He watched her ass swaying back and forth like a pendulum and it was almost hypnotizing and kept his eyes on it as he began to move his hips to the music. Everyone else around them were busy dancing and not paying either one of them any attention.


That was when she turned around and smiled seeing a strange handsome young man near her all by himself. He smiled into her eyes. God, she was pretty up close. He liked her face. He glanced at her body, nice and tight, her dress showing off her curves. She glanced at him and check out his body. He was nicely built and seemed to have a little bulge in his dress slacks. Her eyes flashed and she licked her lips. He moved up closer and began to sway his hips in rhythm with hers. She simply smiled and said nothing but raised her arms above her head and moved her hips back and forth.


Then she turned around and moved back towards him. God, that ass, he thought. She was still swaying her hips back and forth to the music but slowly moved back into him as he too moved his hips back and forth. He moved his hands to her sides without even thinking about and pressed into her a little bit which she seemed to like. He couldn't help it. She had one of the sexiest tight asses he had seen on a woman in a long time. Her dress was tight, almost like a second skin and barely covered her butt cheeks and she seemed to be enjoying this as much as he did. He started to move his hands down to her crotch without thinking and she reached down now and pulled them back up to just underneath her breasts on her ribs and nudged back into him even more. He moved his mouth closer to her neck and earlobe and wanted to say something now to her but the music was so loud he wasn't sure she would hear him.


They continued to dance for the rest of the song and then it came to an end and everyone began to move off the dance floor to renew their drinks. The DJ was taking a break apparently and some softer music was now playing through the speakers here and there that hung off the walls near the ceiling. This was his chance to talk to this mysterious beautiful sexy woman he had just been grinding against. She took his hand and led him across the dance floor to the other side of the room away from the empty table he had been at but he didn't care and gave it no thought. They walked over to her table and he got her chair for her. Her near empty drink was still sitting on a napkin with her tiny straw in it.


“Wow. You're an incredible dancer” he finally said. “I'm Eric, Eric Robinson” he started as he introduced himself to her. She took his hand and smiled and shook it lightly as she sat next to him. She placed one long leg over the other leg, crossing them now. He glanced down at her long sexy legs and almost moaned under his breath. He looked up at her again.


“It's wonderful meeting you Eric. I'm Monique Rodriguez” she said before smiling at him again as he let go of her hand. She glanced her drink and he immediately wanted to buy her one and one for himself.


“Can I buy you a drink Monique?” Eric asked her as he glanced over at the bar and then back at her.


“I'd like that Eric” she started to say but then she reached over and touched his arm as he started to get up. “But maybe we should go. I have a nice bottle of red wine back at my place all chilled and waiting to be tasted” she said as she rocked her hips now almost seductively, almost suggestively.


He looked down at her legs again and thought about her ass again and sat back down. By now his cock was hard again in his pants thinking about them being alone in her place and what he would like to to do to her.


“Good baby” she said as she leaned over closer to him like she was gonna whisper something into his ears. Instead she nibbled his ear for a moment and then whispered. “I think you have something I'd like to taste as well” she purred and licked the outside of his ear before slowly pulling back from him and giving him a seductive look. She gingerly ran one hand on his upper thigh and slowly ran it down his leg to his knee and then lifted her hand.


“Oh my god yes” he said under his breath. “I'd love that” he told her. Lets go” he started to say.


“Baby, you don't mind driving me do you. I took a cab up here. I don't like to drink and drive. Are you okay with that?” she asked as she touched his leg again and rocked her hips as she leaned towards him again, teasing him as she rocked her upper body now.


He glanced at her b cup breasts in her tight dress and then her legs and he smiled, licking his lips. “Why no baby. I think we should go and head to your place” he said. They both stood up now. Eric was nice and hard for her. God she was driving him crazy and he couldn't wait to get her back to her place. He was gonna enjoy this, he was thinking.


She moved seductively in front of him the whole way towards the door, through the crowd. He kept his eyes on her ass as her hips moved back and forth and seemed to be singing nasty songs to his mind. God he loved that ass. They soon made it out of the club and he took her hand and led her over to his car. He got her door for her like a gentleman and waited for her to get in, checking out her long sexy legs as she did. She smiled up at him as she watched his bulge and then looked up into his eyes.


Eric closed her door after he was sure she was safely in her seat and quickly moved around the car and got into the driver side. He closed the door and looked over at her. She smiled over at him and reaching for his leg, she lightly rubbed his upper thigh. “If it gets too late maybe you should just spend the night. I'd hate for you to be pulled over or something by the cops and then smell something on your breath” she said, almost purring at him now.


He was thinking he might have something on his breath and looked at her crotch and then he smiled as he looked back up into her beautiful eyes. “I think that's a wonderful idea baby” he said as she reached for her leg to rub it slightly. She took his hand and lifted it up to her mouth and gently sucked on his finger for a moment, very suggestively.


“Oh shit” he said as he looked over at her as he started to drive away from the club now. “You're such a tease” he said as he bit his bottom lip.


“You have no idea baby” she said as she moved his hand now over towards the steering while. “Both hands on the steering while baby. I want us to get to my place in one piece okay?” she said and smiled, licking her lips. “But that doesn't mean I cant give you a little something to think about on the way there” she said as she reached down now and began to rub his upper thigh near his bulge. She could see it getting harder as she did. “Mmm someone is nice and excited I see” she said, cooing at him as her hand moved closer and closer.


“Oh shit. You are a tease” Eric said. “Baby where do you live?” he asked.


She glanced up at the road and smiled over at him as she continued to rub him near his bulge. “Oh yeah, that” she said and laughed. “Drive up to the third stop light. That should be McArthur's Blvd. Make a right and go down 10 blocks. My place is on the right. The address is 1501. I live on the corner. Got it baby?” she asked him as she went back to rubbing his leg softy, teasing him. He said yes and drove faster.


By the time they had reached her house she was practically giving him a hand job through his pants. He was so hard that he thought he was gonna cum right there in his purple briefs. “Its right here baby on the right” she finally told him and pulled her hand off his bulge and readjusted her dress which was beginning to ride up her long sexy legs. He thought he caught a glimpse of her panties but it happened so quickly he wasn't sure. He just knew he was hard as hell for her.


Eric pulled his car up into her drive way and he got out. He was raging hard for her now and quickly moved around his car to her side and opened up her door. She slinked out of it like a cat and pulled down the bottom of her dress, grabbing up her purse and holding it up towards her breast. They quickly moved up the sidewalk to the front door and she got her key out and let them both in, turning on a light near the front door after they both stepped inside and she locked the door.


Immediately Eric was pulling her to him for a passionate kiss. She kissed him back, placing a hand on his chest. Their lips parted and they got lost into the passionate kiss for a moment, their tongues now dancing and meshing into each other as the heat between them suddenly grew again just like it did in the car and on the dance floor.


“Fuck I want you” he said as he moved his mouth to her neck to suckle and kiss her there, his one hand on her neck and jawline, his other hand draped around her back, moving it to her ass to squeeze her butt cheeks. She tilted her head back, closing her eyes and moaning as she felt herself gettng aroused and wanting his mouth on her body and her own mouth on his.


“Mmmm baby, lets get our drinks and move things to my bedroom okay?”she said as she pulled away from him. “Dam you're a big boy” she said as she glanced down at his bulge and thought about how it must taste and feel fucking her ass. “I have a thing for anal. I hope you're okay with that” she said as she took his hand now and turned to lead him to the kitchen to get them both a glass or chilled red wine. He stood against the kitchen counter as she did and rubbed his bulge looking at her ass.


“I'm certainly good with that baby. You have an incredible ass” he said as he licked his lips. He looked up at her as she turned around and brought his glass of red wine to him and then she motioned for the bedroom.


He followed her through the house, down the hall way to a darkened door and she led him inside. It was semi dark in her bedroom with a light coming from the door leading to her bathroom. There was a night stand next to the bed and she moved over towards it and turned on the light. Of course Eric was watching her ass as she moved in front of him and he was now going “mmm mmm mmm mm mmm” under his breath, moaning in his want for her.


She took his drink as he moved closer to him and sat it on the night stand next to hers and then she moved into him and kissed him again, their lips again parting and their tongues kissing each other, getting lost into the kiss. She pulled from the kiss and turned around again and pushed her ass into his bulge. “Baby do you like my ass?” she asked as she pulled his hands to her hips and held them there for a moment as she rocked back into him, swirling her ass into his bulge, knowing he loved her ass. It felt good to both of them and he growled now as he began to dry hump her right through the clothes.


“God dam yes. I so want you” he said as he tried to move his hands now but she kept them pinned on her hips while she swirled her ass back into him. She let go long enough to pull the back of her dress up so he could see her tight butt cheeks with a tiny string of a thong up her butt crack. He glanced down at it for a moment. “Fuck what a tight ass. Mmmm I have to have you” he said, biting his bottom lip.


She turned around and pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him suddenly, pinning his hands down onto the bed, her hair falling down all around them both. “I want you to fuck my ass Eric. I want to feel you hard cock in me fucking me” she said as she looked down at him.


“God yes baby. Anything you want” he said as he tried to swirl his hips up into her. She stopped for a moment and let go of his arms and sat up now, she managed to undo her dress and she pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side. Eric looked up at her nice B cup size boobs that peaked over the top of her black bra and then down at her black matching thong. That was when he noticed something seemed different. “Wait...” he started to say as he started to get the picture here. “Are you packing?' he asked her as she looked up at her suddenly. She said nothing and leaned down into him and kissed him on his neck and nibbled on his ear as her hands rubbed his sides and chest.


“Mmm would you leave me if I said yes” she said as she nibbled on his earlobe. He almost pushed her off his body but then he thought about her ass. He did love her ass and it did make him hard.


“So you're a guy?” he asked a little confused as she continued to nibble on his ear and rock her hips back and forth on him. She reached down his body, pulling on his shirt tail and pulled it out of his pants and went down to sucking on his ear.


“No baby, I'm a woman. That's how I see myself. I just happened to have a cock. But baby I still need you. I still need your dick fucking my ass” she said as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time while still nibbling and sucking on his neck. He had his eyes closed for a moment and moaned as he thought about it. Would it be so terrible? She was hot. She had a woman's body. She was beautiful and sexy and oozed sex appeal. She just had a cock instead of a pussy. But that ass. He thought about that ass. God he wanted to fuck her ass.


“I've never been with a...” he started to say and moaned as her mouth now moved to his neck under his chin, slowly kissing him down his body as she pulled his shirt open. She twirled her tongue around one of his man nipples and sucked on it for a moment, licking him. Her hair draped down on his body, teasing him. He glanced up at her and moaned from the pleasure she was giving him. “I must admit that does feel good. And you do have an incredible ass” he added.


“Mmmm baby and don't forget I know how to use my mouth. I know I should have told you back in the club but you were so cute, so hot and I could see you have a nice big yummy cock and I was in the mood to be fucked tonight. Are you mad at me baby?” she asked as she licked his other nipple. She had sat up and was now reaching for his belt and undoing it.


“mmmm dam. No baby. I'm not mad at you. I've just never been with a shemale. Or do you prefer transgender?” he asked.


“I prefer Monique. Just call me Monique” she cooed as she got off his body and she kissed his body down to his belt line. She undid his belt all the way and then unbuttoned his dress slacks and pulled down the zipper, pulling back the flaps of his pants. “Dam baby you are so fucking hard” she said.


Eric was reaching down now, touching her body where ever he could and playing with her hair now as her face got closer to his cock. He sat his hips up now and shimmed his pants down his long legs after kicking his shoes off and she helped him pull them the rest of the way off his body and then she turned her attention to his underwear. “Mmmm I want to taste this cock of yours” she cooed as she pulled his briefs off his body and his cock flopped out. She licked her lips looking at it as her eyes flashed. She took his briefs and threw them off the bed and turned towards his dick as she leaned down closer, letting her hair graze his upper thighs as she moved her head back and forth, teasing him. His cock flinched, almost hitting her in the face as she did. She giggled at him. “Mmm you are excited. You do want me to suck you don't you? Even though I have a dick” she asked.


Eric had to admit he wanted her now. He didn't care if she did have a dick. He had watched shemale porn and it had made him nice and hard and he wondered what that might be like to fuck one and have one suck his dick and to let him fuck her tight ass. It was hot and Monique was hot and he wanted her, even if she did have a dick. “Mmm baby, I do want you” he said as he swirled his hips underneath her face.


Monique reached down and grabbed his dick and began to slowly stroke it now, teasing his head with her fingernails. “You like that baby?” she asked him as she looked at his face to see his expression. He smiled at her and licked his lips. She leaned her face down now as she held his cock up and she began to slowly lick his shaft, moving her mouth up and down it, cupping the sides of it with her open mouth as she moved her face up and down the side of it, humming into the skin, making his dick all shiny with her saliva.


“Oh shit. My ex never did that to me” Eric said as he tilted his head now back into the bed, closing his eyes and just enjoying the sensation Monique was giving him. “ohhh” he moaned after a moment.


Monique had opened up her lips and was now twirling her tongue around on his head, tasting the pre cum there and licking it up, swirling her mouth around and around his dick head before she took it in her mouth and pushed more and more of it into her mouth, moaning onto his shaft, her saliva dripping down his dick.


“Oh fuck” he said as she bit his bottom lip while she moved her head up and down on his dick sucking on him, bobbing and swirling her face around him. She had his cock in her hand and was now stroking him, her long painted fingernails scraping the sides of his shaft and adding to his pleasure.


She continued to lick and suck and slurp on Eric's hard dick,moaning on his shaft, her own she cock getting more and more excited in her tiny thong as she did. Eric opened his eyes and looked and he could see it now straining to be out of her thong. “Baby, get naked. I want to see it” he said, licking his lips. He suddenly had a dirty thought which only added to his excitement.


Monique looked up at him and pulled his dick from her mouth. “Are you sure baby? You okay with my she cock showing?” she asked him.


“Yeah baby, I want to see it. I want to see you get excited. Hell I may even want to taste it” he said as he licked his lips while looking at her bulge. Her own she cock got harder as she listened to his words. “Mmm” she seemed to say under her breath.


Monique sat up now and undid her bra, letting it fall from her shoulders, revealing her perky b cup breasts. Her nipples were hard as fleshy bullets. Eric looked up at her, watching her intently and licking his lips as she glanced down at him. “Mmmm nice. You have nice titties” he said as she swirled his hips for a moment. “Now take off the thong. I want to see it” he said as he looked at her panties.


“Okay baby, for you, anything” she said as she sat up a little more and reached her fingers into the sides of her thongs and began pulling them down until her she cock flopped out. It wasn't as big a dick as his but it was still beautiful and got bigger the harder she got.


“Mmmm nice” he said as he looked at it. “Can I touch it baby, I've always wondered about this” he said as he reached for her again while she finally got free of the thong and tossed it to the floor. She moved back onto the bed and moved near him again.


“You sure baby. I've never had a guy want to taste my cock but I've craved that” Monigue said as Eric looked at her. He sat up, running his hands on her breasts first, flicking his fingers over her nipple, watching it get harder as he did. “Mmm” she moaned, feeling his hand on her body.


Eric leaned in closer now and began to kiss her on her chest, twirling his tongue around her nipple and sucking on it for a moment and then her other nipple, biting on it. She moaned as he did and she reached down and began to play with her she cock, stroking it. He pulled from her chest and kissed her again, passionately. While they were kissing he reached down and began to rub her she cock and to slowly stroke it. Monique removed her hand and let him play with it. She moved her hand to his dick and began to stroke him at the same time.


They did this for a short while, masturbating each other and kissing. Finally Eric pulled from the kiss and laid back down. “Baby get on top of me now. I want you” he said.


Monique started to climb over him, over his cock with her ass and slide herself down on it but he suddenly pulled her around the other way. “I want to taste your cock” he told her. That only made her harder for him and so she straddled his face with her she cock dangling over his face. She looked down at his huge hard dick and pulling it up towards her, she began to suck him off again.


Eric moaned now, loving how she felt on his dick. He looked up and could see her own she cock just above his face and he reached up, and began to slowly stroke her again, loving how hard she got for him. He pulled it down towards his mouth and he began to suck on her, twirling his mouth around her head and bobbing his face up into her like he had seen so many guys who had sucked off a shemale in all the porn he had watched. To his great surprise he liked how her dick tasted in his mouth and it only made him harder for her as the two of them sucked the other off and masturbated each other.


They continued to do this for some time and finally he was ready to fuck her ass and cum hard for her. He pulled her she dick from his mouth and nibbled on her inner thigh. “Mmm baby, I'm ready for that sexy ass of yours now. I need to fuck you. I want to cum for you” he said.


Monique pulled his raging hard cock from his mouth with a little pop and she licked her lips now and smiled as she moved off the top of him. She waited for him to sit up and she kissed him for a moment. “Mmm you're an amazing lover baby” she said, almost in a whisper as she nipped at his bottom lip.


“You too baby” he replied as he waited for her to get on her hands and knees now in front of him. He stroked his dick as he looked at her tight sexy fuckable ass. He could see her semi hard she cock and her balls hanging beneath her ass between her legs and he couldn't help but smile thinking her nut sack was nice and tight because of him and how he was gonna love this. He moved closer now, pulling her butt cheeks apart. She had reached back and held one butt cheek to the side to give him better access to her tight ass.


“Mmmm fuck my ass Eric. Fuck me hard like you know you want to baby. Mmm” she purred as he spit down into her ass hole and rimmed it for a moment with his fingers, finger fucking her as she moaned and closed her eyes, slowly rocking her hips back and forth.


“Hell yeah” Eric said as she grabbed up his raging hard cock and stroked it for a moment and then he slapped her a hole with his dick head a couple of times along with both butt cheeks before smearing his dick head into her hole and slowly shoved himself all the way in as he grabbed up her hips.


“Oh fuck” Monique moaned as she closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip and began to rock back into his over and over again. Eric began to fuck her ass now, slapping her butt cheeks as he did and loving how his cock looked sliding in and out of her tight butt.


“Dam you feel so fucking good baby. Mmm” he said as he bit his bottom lip and began to fuck her harder now.


“Don't stop baby. Fuck my ass. Own it. I want you to cum hard in me” she said as she closed her eyes and moaned, biting her bottom lip and rocking her ass back into him as she fucked her harder and faster.


Soon the bed was squeaking from their movements and she was moaning, grabbing up one tit. He began fucking her harder still, slapping her butt cheeks and grabbing up her hips and growling at her now.


“Oh you beast” she said as she leaned her face down into the bed, turning her head, her ass now pointing almost straight up. She reached for her she dick and played with is as Eric pounded his raging hard cock into her over and over again. “Ohhh fuck” Monique said as she felt his dick getting harder in her ass.


“Fuck baby” Eric moaned now, getting more and more excited, thinking about how good her ass felt around his raging hard cock and how tight it was. He didn't care if she had a dick. Her ass was perfect in his mind and he was gonna cum hard for her in that perfect ass. “Oh shit baby. I don't think I can hold on for much longer”


Monique was gripping the bed sheets now and biting her bottom lip. “Mmmm baby please. Cum in my ass. I want it” she said as she seemed to pump harder and faster into her right at the end. She could feel his dick getting much harder, much fatter and his fat cum filled ball sack slapping her over and over again as he thrust into her.


“Oh shit baby mmmmMMMM” Eric moaned as he suddenly felt his climax flood over him. He couldn't hold it any more. Her words pushed him right over the edge and he exploded into her ass as his eyes wanted to roll into the back of his head. He held her hips now as he threw his head back and just moaned while his dick exploded inside of her. He almost felt like he was gonna pass out, it was that intense.


Monique moaned as she felt him let go and shoot a lot of his warm sticky cum in her tight ass. Her walls tightening around his dick and squeezing it, milking it for every last drop of cum. They both slowed down the pace and finally he just leaned up against her, his heart pounding in his chest.


He finally opened his eyes as she slowly laid down on the bed and he collapsed on top of her. She had a smile on her face, her eyes closed and she let out a little giggle now. “Wow. You had a lot of cum baby. Mmm” she purred at him. Eric kissed her sweetly on her cheek and pulled his dick out of her ass and flopped down onto the bed now next to her on his back, his breathing labored.


“Dam that was intense” he said. She sat up and leaned over and gently kissed him on the chest and then his shoulder. He turned his face to face her and he reached over to pull him closer to him and he kissed her on the lips. For a moment they both closed their eyes as they kissed, getting lost in it. He moaned as he did and he could feel his cock twitching, pulsating and he could feel his heart beating in it almost. Her own she cock was hard as well. Slowly they pulled from the kiss and he smiled over at her as he brushed her hair back and looked at her body. He could see her she dick was still hard and throbbing and she needed release. He had her lay back and he moved closer to it and he began to stroke her, slow at first and then harder as she watched her, running his hand on her body and touching her nipple. “Cum for me baby. I want to see you cum” he told her. She arched her back and played with her other tit as she felt him stroking her dick.


“Oh shit baby. Mmmm. That feels so good. You're so good to me. I want to cum for you” she said as she bit her bottom lip and her she dick got harder as she stroked her off.


Eric leaned his face closer to it and began to suck her now, taking her she cock in his mouth as he continued to stroke her. That turned her on even more. She reached down to play with his hair, her back arching, her nipples getting harder. “Mmmm baby. I'm gonna cum for you” she said.


“Mmmmhmm” he seemed to moan now as she sucked her harder wanting her to cum and to taste it. He felt what the hell. He'd go all the way with her. He wanted her to cum and give her release so he kept stroking her she dick hard and fast as she slurped away. Suddenly he felt her dick getting harder and knew she was about to cum in his mouth. He looked over at her and almost smiled as he went back to sucking her hard.


“Oh shit baby. Mmmm. I'm gonna cum for you” she barely had time to say. Her eyes wanted to roll into the back of her head, she closed her eyes now and arched her back and moaned loudly as she bit her bottom lip. Suddenly she let go and shot her load right into his mouth as he moaned around it. “Mmmm”


She grabbed at his hair as she shot more and more of her cum into his mouth and just lay there when she was spent, breathing hard.


Eric moaned as he tasted her wet cream and slurped it all down his throat. He wiped his mouth as he finished up and then he pulled form her she cock which as already going limp to move closer to her face. “There...all better?” he asked her.


She opened her eyes, looking almost drunk now and smiled. She turned and kissed him passionately tasting her own cum on his lips and in his mouth. Finally she pulled from the kiss and smiled again as they lay there in a heap of spent sweaty flesh. “Mmmm yes baby. God I needed that. You're incredible” she said, and looked at him like a school girl with a crush.


Eric smiled back at her as he looked down at her body and then back into her beautiful eyes. “You're beautiful” he said as he brushed her raven hair back. “Shall we go take a shower baby?” he asked her.


“Yes baby” she replied “in just a minute. Let me catch my breath. Phew” she said and then she giggled again, laughing in her euphoric state after the amazing sex session.


“Okay baby. I'm good with that. Lets just hold each other for a moment and enjoy the after glow” he said before kissing her again sweetly.


They would eventually go take that shower and they would go for round two where he again took her from behind but just before he came she would pull her ass from his cock, turn around and suck him off until he exploded into her mouth. Later they would snuggle in the bed and fall asleep in her bed, with Eric spooning her and both of them falling asleep in each others arms.


The End.

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