The Artist and The Model

The Artist and The Model

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Patrick Nolan was an artist and a pretty good one at that. His latest inspiration was a series of female nudes and his current project was going to be a woman reclining in bed. He called the Agency where he usually got his models. And they were suppose to send over one at the designated time.... What follows will truly be art imitating real life.


Patrick Nolan was an artist and a pretty good one at that. His latest inspiration was a series of female nudes and his current project was going to be a woman reclining in bed. He called the Agency where he usually got his models. And they were suppose to send over one at the designated time....

What follows will truly be art imitating real life.


Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



The Artist and the Model

Patrick Nolan was an artist and a pretty good one at that. His latest inspiration was a series of female nudes and his current project was going to be a woman reclining on a bed. He called the Agency where he usually got his models. And they were supposed to send over one at the designated time. Today he was going to start work on it. He busied him self, getting his house and studio set up for the painting. He had a full size bed set up in his studio, which was connected to his house. He was at a point now in his career that he had established a name for himself and many would kill to have their portrait done by him. His new series would be show cased in a very reputable art gallery in the richest part of town.

  Patrick looked at his clock. She would be here in any moment. The agency had been good to him in the past but they said his regular model has quit due to family problems and would be sending along a new model, someone named Juliet Moore. They assure Patrick she was everything he was looking for according to his specifications over the phone, professional, beautiful, and classic good looks. The type of woman who would indeed inspire him, they had said. He trusted them. They had never failed him in the past.

  He was just setting up his paint pallet and arranging the paints on his work table when he heard the door bell ring. “Ah, that must be her” he thought as he went to the door.

He opened it to be met with one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She was far more beautiful than his last model and a lot more gorgeous than he even imagined. His eyes flashed when he looked at her. She smiled at him as she stood there waiting for him to welcome her in.

  “You must be Juliet. I’m Patrick, the artist” he said finally, caught off guard by her beauty. She had long hair that hung past her shoulders and was wearing a tight black dressed that hung off the shoulders and came up above the knees. It was elegant and classy and showed off all her assets. He eyed her for a moment, taking in her entire body.

  “I know who you are. I’m well aware of your work Mr. Nolan” she said politely.

  “Where are my manners, please come in” Patrick said and invited her into his studio. She stepped in and looked around. “And please, call me Patrick.” He said as she came in.

  “Sure Patrick that would be nice.” She smiled at him.  “I’ve always wondered what your studio looked like inside. When the agency told me you were the client I couldn’t believe it”. She looked deep into his eyes now.

  He lost his thought for a moment, mesmerized by her beauty and how amazing her eyes were but walked her into the studio. She looked over at the bed for a moment and at him and smiled shyly.

  “So the agency said you were working on a series of nudes or something” she finally said, breaking the silence.

  “Yes and in this painting I envision a woman, you, reclining on the bed there.” He regained his professionalism, remembering why they were there. Several little movies played out in his mind though of them two in the bed, she was just that gorgeous.

  “And where should I change then?” she said, looking around and noticed a screen over in one corner and a silk robe draped over the top of it.

  “Over here of course”. He showed her the screen. “I’ll be over there, if you need anything. You can put the robe on if you want.” He offered. Even though she would be nude some models prefer to wear something until they were ready to pose.

“I understand Patrick” she said and took his hand in hers, and smiled at him. It sent electricity through his body and he felt suddenly aroused. She had looked at him provocatively and had licked her lips for a moment. He couldn’t help but get just a little excited and aroused and found him self suddenly getting a little hard and his excitement was beginning to show in his pants. Still, he wanted to remain professional. She glanced down at his crotch and then at his eyes and smiled and licked her lips as she walked behind the screen.

  He turned around and walked over to the work table and tried to refocus on the project but kept thinking to him self how hot she was and what was up with that look she had given him. Did she want him? God he would so do her. He almost wished they had met in some other manner because he had never slept with a model before but the way she looked. He tried to turn his attention to the work at hand, his painting and why they were both really there.

  Mean while Juliet was behind the screen, getting undressed and thinking how sexy her artist was. He had amazing eyes and lips and was tall and muscular. She thought about how he was wearing a button down shirt but how he had it unbuttoned like he usually did when he worked. He felt comfortable that way. She thought about how he looked at her and seemed to have lust in his eyes for her. It made her nipples hard and she thought about them in the bed, making love. She had seen him getting aroused and how he had a huge one in his pants. She fantasized about reaching for it and them too making love. She was just as aroused as he was. She slowly undid her shoes and dropped them off, one by one. She undid the back of her dress and slowly unzipped it and slipped out of it. She was wearing a matching black bra and panties. They were silky and felt good next to her skin. She looked up at the silk bath robe and considered not even putting it on. She got more aroused, wondering what he would think of her body. She looked down at herself when as she slipped out her panties and bra. Her nipples were slightly hard and perk. She began to pinch them slightly, feeling strangely sexual and sultry and seductive and how she would love to have herself and artist. She touched herself, thinking he was just on the other side of this screen. 

  Patrick was busy at the moment, working with his paints and tools of his trade. He had sharpened his pencils and was almost ready. He kept thinking how gorgeous she was and how she looked at him and he couldn’t help but get hard for her. He wanted her but he had to be professional. So he pushed out the thoughts of them together. At least until the painting was done. He could see himself with her and perhaps after the commission he would actually ask her out or something. It made him smile.

  About that time she was ready. She had slipped the robe on and came out from behind the screen. Her nipples were hard and pressing against the silk material. It felt wonderful. She felt alive and aroused and thrilled that she was going to be naked for someone this hot as this Patrick Nolan and how he would be looking at her.

  “So” she finally said as she walked over to him. He turned around and his eyes flashed when he saw her in the robe and how her nipples were pressing the thin material.  “How do you want me on the bed” she said, looking up at him, almost suggestively.

  He walked her over to the bed. “Just lay back and put one hand behind your head” he said, trying to sound professional but couldn’t help but lick his lips now, thinking how hot she was.

  She purposely took off the robe in front of him now, slowly letting it slid off her shoulders. She had undid the tie string in front and it revealed her body, her nipples indeed perky and hard and how she only had a small patch of hair on her crotch was basically cleaned shaven on her lips.

  He got harder looking at her. She handed him the robe and climbed on the bed, turning her back to him so he could see her nice tight ass as she moved seductively on it, making sure he got a good show. She laid down on the bed, stretched out and put up one arm behind her head like he had asked. He sat the robe on a chair close to the bed.

  “Like this?” she said and smiled, her eyes looking at his crotch and how the bulge in his pants had gotten even bigger. 

  He caught himself looking at her lustfully and tried to regain his composure. “Maintain Patrick, remember why you’re here” he said to himself.

  He looked at her for a moment and walked around the bed and looked at her from different angles and tried to figure out which was the best angle and where he should set up his easel. “Hmmm” he said as he looked at her from all over the room, walking all around her. He was rubbing his chin with one hand like he always did when he was deep in thought. He finally came back over to the side he was on when she climbed on the bed and visualized the painting in his mind.

  “Something just isn’t right” He said as he looked at her and tilted his head slightly.

  “Well should I move my arm or what? Pose me how you want” she offered, trying her best to look sexy for her artist.

  “Can I?” he said, thinking her arm just wasn’t quite right. He visualized her arm slightly at a different angle.

  “Sure Patrick, you can do anything you want to me” she said to him and smiled. “I mean you’re the artist. I just want you to be happy with this”

  “Hmmm” he finally said and moved closer, leaning onto the bed now, reaching over her. He had to stretch across her body and they were almost touching each other, his legs rubbing up against the side of her as he reached over her to fix her arm. She looked up at him and down at his crotch and how hard he seemed for her now. She wanted to just reach up for him and take him and pull him down on her, to make love to him. With him this close her nipples got even harder. She breathed him in and he even smelled good, she thought. He was just so sexy, her wild artist, her sexual fantasy man, her beast. She let out a slight moan as he got closer.

  He was moving her arm and could feel her body just under his, his legs rubbing up against hers and he had moved her arm to the right position and was about to climb off of her when he lost his balance and fell on top of her.

  “Oh I’m so sorry” he started to say as he was trying to get off of her when she suddenly reached the open sides of his shirt and pulled him back down on her, so that their faces were close. She licked her lips.

  “Don’t be sorry. Just kiss me” she insisted and lifted her head up to his and they kissed. He closed his eyes as her mouth parted like his and their tongues were on each other. He got even harder, and couldn’t believe they were kissing.

  Suddenly her hand slid down the front of his body and she was soon fondling his arousal through his pants. He let out a moan of pleasure, feeling her touch him through his clothes. Her other hand was around his back now, trying to pull him down on her. She opened her legs and he instinctively moved between them as they continued to kiss. He was dry humping her now and she wrapped her legs around his body and seemed to want him inside of her, to fuck her.  Soon his mouth was on her neck and earlobe, and he completely forgot why she was here. She didn’t care either. She was trying to undo his pants now, unzipping him and trying to get to his throbbing cock.

 As he sucked on her neck and nibbled her earlobe he whispered “Are you sure?”

  “God yes, I want you in me” is all she said as she worked the zipper down. Moving her hands now to around his back she pulled at his pants. He was going commando like he always did and her hand were soon on his naked tight ass. She slid her hands up under the top of his pants and was grabbing his ass cheeks. God he felt good in her arms and his butt was amazing she thought. He had a huge hard on now and it was starting to reveal itself as she continued to pull at his pants.

  He sat up suddenly on his knees and pulled away from her for a moment and threw his shirt off of him and tossed it to the side. Looking down at her naked body, he licked his lips. She licked her and reached up and pulled the flaps of his pants apart, revealing his throbbing hard on which simply fell out and moved her mouth closer.

  “God yes” she said as she got closer, and took it in her hands and began to flick her tongue on him as she slowly stroked his hardness with one hand and began to massage his balls with the other. He pulled the pants down to reveal more for her as he just sat there on his knees, watching her with a smile. Soon she was kissing the end of his cock as she moved her mouth even closer and took it slowly all the way in. He looked down at her as she slowly loosened her neck muscles and slowly took him completely in her mouth and then slowly out again. She deep throated him for a moment and seemed to really get into it as she finally pulled him out of her mouth and looked up at her.

 “Baby why don’t you fuck me now” she said. “I want you in me” she said as she laid back and began to play with her self, rubbing her clit for him. She took a finger and put it inside of herself and licked her own pussy juices. She was already wet for him.

  Patrick quickly took off his pants as he moved off of her for a moment and then was completely naked like her. He was hard and throbbing and his 8 ½” cock was standing straight out at attention. He moved back between her legs on his knees, watching her continue to play with herself as she lay there. He licked his lips and began to stroke himself for a moment, stroking his cock with one hand and massaging his balls with his other. “Mmmm god yes” he said as she looked up at him and took one finger and told him to come closer.

  He leaned down back into her now on his hands and knees, moving into position. She moved her legs apart now and guided him into her waiting pussy. She was wet now for him and wanted him in her badly. He leaned in closer, his mouth now back on her neck, sucking on it as she threw back her head, enjoying it for a moment and could feel his head slowly go into her.
  “Mmmm god yes baby, give me that cock of yours.” She said as she reached around his body now, trying to push him into her. “Fuck me already”

  He slowly slid all the way into her and was amazed at how tight her pussy was on him and how good it felt.

  “Oh shit you feel so dam good” he said as he slid all the way in her now. She wrapped her legs and arms around him now “mmm god fuck me, fuck the shit out of me, fuck me like an animal” she said and slapped his tight ass and grinded into him.

  He slowly slide all the way out of her now to the head of his cock and then back into her as she let out another moan of pleasure. “Stop teasing me god dammit, just fuck me” she pleaded.  He slide back into her again and repeated the process as her hips met his and they began to fuck faster and harder. He was sucking on her neck as she began to dig her fingers into his back now.
  Her eyes flashed as he finally hit her just right all the way into her “Shit yes, yes. God don’t stop baby, keep fucking me” she said.

 He thrust into her over and over again, giving a jerk at the end of each stroke, fucking her hard and fast.

  “Harder baby and faster” she said and he picked up the pace and fucked her even harder, giving out a grunt at each stroke, trying now to fuck a hole into her.

  “GRRRRR” he growled now, totally turned on. “God yes, I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna fuck you so hard you can’t walk after this.” He growled some more.

  “God yes baby, don’t stop” She reached up behind her now and pushed on the headboard for a moment, it was so intense and he was thrusting so hard into her now that her entire body was rocking under him. She wrapped her legs around her body tighter, trying to squeeze his dick now with her pussy and feeling so good.

  “God you feel so fucking good to me baby. I love your pussy” he said as his mouth went from her neck to kissing under her chin and then her collar bone. His mouth was slowly moving down her body to her breast. He took one hand and pulled it up to his mouth as he was still fucking her hard and fast. She arched her back up into him now. “God yes, suck my tits” she said and pushed his face towards it. He held it for a moment, fondling it and twirled his tongue on it now, feeling her nipple get perk and hard and he finally put his whole mouth on it and suck hard on her nipple, nibbling on it and sucking the whole thing in now, growling while he did. She pushed his face onto her and wanted him to suck her hard while he fucked her.

  “Keep it up baby, you’re turning me on. Mmmm I’m gonna cum for you in a moment”.

  “Mmm yes baby, I want you to cum for me” he said as he shoved her other tit into his mouth now and sucked on both nipples at the same time, biting them.  He was fucking her hard now and moved his mouth back to her neck and sucked on it as the paced picked up even more. He reached up and grabbed her shoulders to force her down harder on to his cock.

  She threw her head back into the pillow again as her eyes flashed. She was there now; she was ready to climax for him. His constant fucking her fast like this was about to push her over the edge. . He could feel her body quiver under him, her pussy walls tighten around his cock and how hard her nipples were pressed against his chest. Suddenly she let go as she screamed loudly and dug her finger nails into his back.

  “Oh SHITTTTT” she screamed “I’M CUMMING BABY. SHITTTTTTT” She screamed and grabbed his head and began to suck and nibble on his neck and to kiss him wildly now. “Oh shit shit shit.” She said as she felt herself giving into the climax and more of her juices squirted out of her onto his cock.

  “Oh hell yes” he said and feeling her climax just turned him on more. He was now fucking her faster and harder now like a rabbit, giving her quick short thrusts, trying to make her cum even more. He was so turned on by her.

  She looked at him with a mixture of admiration, lust and love now. “Mmmm baby, no one has ever made me cum like that before” She pulled his face closer to him now and kissed him passionately, their tongues dancing with one another.

  “I’m glad baby, you’re incredible” he said as she kissed her back. “You feel amazing. I love your pussy. You’re gonna get me off” He said. “Um but I’m not wearing protection and I don’t want to get you pregnant.” He said, suddenly thinking about it. It wasn’t planned, they suddenly just started fucking because they both wanted each other and it all just sort of happened.

  “Shhhh its okay baby. I’m on birth control. I promise you I can’t get pregnant, just keep fucking me. I want you to cum inside of me. I want to feel what that’s like”. She held him closer and continued to kiss his neck now.

  “If you’re sure baby” he said as they had slowed down to a sexual slow grind into each other. Her hips sort of dancing to his now. He swirled his cock in her now in a circular motion.

  “Oh baby I love that” she said and sucked on his shoulder, trying to coax him into Cumming for her. Her hands slowly slid down his body to his butt. “Cum for me baby, cum in me. I want it”.

  He picked up the pace slowly now, as their bodies began to slap into one another, making a clapping sound. He could feel how wet she was, how wet both of them were in their crotch. The bed head board began to slap into the wall now as both their bodies rocked back and forth as one. She moved her pussy around his dick now, moving her muscles around it, working him now.

  “Mmmm god that feels so good baby” He said and he fucked her even harder. Pumping her body like an animal and growling again. He picked up the pace as she did and they were soon fucking again like a jack hammer. Bam bam bam bam bam bam they went.

  She slapped his ass now, totally turned on again by her artist, fucking her so hard and fast like she liked it. He began to growl again, getting totally turned on by her and his growling turned her on.

  “GRRRRRRR” he growled louder.

 She slapped him again, grabbing his ass.

  “Mmm baby I love when you grab my ass, keep doing it. I’m almost there.” He fucked her even harder.

  “Baby don’t stop I’m gonna cum again. Oh shit” she said, feeling her self wanting to cum for him again.

  “God yes baby, don’t stop I’m almost there” he said as she slapped his ass again and seem to make love to his dick as her mouth was again on his neck.

  “GRRRRRR” he growled. “Shit shit shit” “I’m almost there baby.”

  She slapped his ass again, and fucked him hard and fast. “Yes baby, cum for me” She could feel his cock tightening inside of her.

  “GRRRRRRR” all he could do was growl, their bodies slapping hard now, making a clapping sound. Her mouth was on his neck, sucking on it hard.

  “Fuck baby, cum for me. Give me that. Shoot your load in me, you big fucking hard dick of a man” she pleaded. “Cum inside of my pussy. I love fucking you and that amazing cock” she said, talking dirty to him now, trying to push him over the edge.

  “GRRRRRR” He growled “Shit baby I’m almost there.”

  “Baby hurry, I’m there myself” and suddenly she felt her own climax building.

  He picked up the pace and knew it would be any moment. He growled louder. His growling was turning her on even more.

  Thrust thrust thrust thrust thrust thrust, bam bam bam bam bam bam they fucked hard and fast for a moment.

  “Shit baby I’m gonna cum again” she suddenly said as he pushed into her harder now, feeling her starting to tighten on his dick. It was enough to finally push him over the edge.

  Suddenly he was there with her and as he was trying to tell her he suddenly gave way and began to explode into her.

  “OH SHIT SHIT SHIT GRRRRR BABY I’M CUMMMINNNGGGGGGG” he screamed and felt himself explode into her like he hadn’t in a long time. It was so intense and so hard it almost made him pass out. He was light headed.

  “Oh shit baby, shit shit shit. God yes, I’m cumming too.” She screamed hard now, “Patrick fuck me” she pleaded as her eyes rolled back into her head. It was the most intense climax she had ever experienced, even stronger than the first time he made her cum.

  They came together hard now and both of them just held each other for a moment and felt their juices just squirt together and made a huge wet mess between them.

 She grabbed his face and kissed his wildly now as he just let out a moan of pleasure and felt more of his juices squirt out of her.

  “Oh god baby that was totally amazing.” She said as she kissed all over his face now, feeling his dick throb inside of her.

  They could both feel the heart beat in their crotch. They had become one flesh and it was hard to know where one body quit and another body began. He looked down at her, into her eyes. “Mmm I agree. I’ve never cum like that before ever.”
  “Mmmm well I certainly love it baby. You’re an amazing lover.” She said.

 “You too baby. I loved making love to you” He said. He looked around at the mess they had made for a moment and realized that they still had a painting to do.

  She realized it too and smiled up at him. “Baby shall we get cleaned up?” she asked.

  “Yeah I guess we should” he said and finally moved off of her, pulling out of her. There was indeed a huge wet mess and they would have to change the sheets and so forth.

  “Do you have a bathroom I can get cleaned up in?” she asked as she sat up, her hair was messed up, and she had bedroom eyes now from being fucked so hard. His hair was messed up too.

  “Yeah baby, I have a shower, do you want to take one first before we get back to the painting.” He offered.

  She smiled at him. “I’d love that. We can take one together if you want.” She smiled seductively at him and sighed happily having just had one of the most amazing sexual encounters of her entire life, him too.

“its right this way” he took her hand and helped her off the bed. His cock was still throbbing hard. She took it in her hand for a moment and stroked him as she leaned into him for a kiss. “God baby if you ever want to do that again just let me know. I’m single by the way.”

  He smiled and patted her ass for a moment. “Me too” he said. He led her into the shower and they would end up making love in there too. It was an amazing after noon. Eventually they get cleaned up and would actually get some work done. He would have her over several times after that and she would end up being his full time model and eventually his girl friend and finally his wife.

  Several weeks after their initial love making session he would indeed have his art show and an opening. The show was a success. He stood off in one corner, drinking his glass of wine. She would be there later to join him and enjoy his success.

  He looked around at the crowd that had shown up for his latest series of paintings, a wonderful series of nude studies of women. One painting in particular seemed to gather the most attention. People would gather around it and marvel at it and wonder about the model. He over heard several saying they had never seen such an expression on a woman before. She seemed so contented and happy and truly euphoric almost. Her expression was amazing. They all wondered how he had managed to get her to look that way.

  But he knew. He knew what Juliet was thinking when she had posed for that painting that day and the look in her eyes was because of him and what they had just done. Her hair seemed slightly wet in the painting like she had just come from a shower or something. The entire thing was amazing. She looked so alive and happy and it made everyone stop when they passed by. They all wondered about it.

  What must she have been thinking, he could hear them say.

  “She looks so happy, so relaxed, so contented” He heard someone else say.

  “I’d love to have that look” still another said.

  One person said “she looks just like she had sex” and several agreed and smiled and looked back at the artist and then back to the painting. He said nothing but smiled to himself.

  He knew. He knew the meaning of the painting and the meaning of her expression and he would be inspired like never before because of her, his new model, his new love.

  And he would never be the same because of her, because of his muse. Forever she would be as well known as him, and they would always been seen as one, as the artist and the model.


The End.


© Copyright 2019 Bret Livingston. All rights reserved.

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