Sex Games

Sex Games

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


They met in a bar and went back to his house for a little fun. Let the games begin...


They met in a bar and went back to his house for a little fun. Let the games begin...


Submitted: June 13, 2018

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Submitted: June 13, 2018



Sex Games…

He saw her across the crowded bar. He had been watching her for some time. He noticed lots of guys walk up to her to ask her to dance or to buy her a drink but she seem to politely decline each one of their offers. He wasn’t sure if she would be interested in him but he’d give it a shot because she was just so hot it turned him on and aroused him. She wore tight jeans and a tub top that clung close to her body and showed off her nice size breasts and had beautiful hair that hung down past her shoulders. He’d give it a shot anyways, he threw back his drink and set it down on his table and then walked over to her.

She looked up at him and smiled. She too had been watching him for a while but pretended that she didn’t. She liked the way he filled out his own jeans and the sports shirt he wore. She licked her lips when he approached. She accepted his offer to buy her a drink because she was just about out and wanted another one and was actually getting bored at turning down guys. She wanted some company and this guy intrigued and interested her as much as she did him. Her nipples stood perk and pushed against her top as he sat down at her table and they began to talk. The talk soon turned to flirting as the two dropped hints here and there of how sexy the other was and licking their lips. It was pretty obvious to the both of them that they both wanted the same thing.

He invited her to dance and so they both got up and did a slow song. He pulled her into his body as the two slowly moved around the dance floor with the others there and soon they began to kiss and the kiss turned passionate. Both of their mouths open as their tongues dance and darted with one another. They were both so turned on and the many drinks they had been drinking made them lose their inhibitions that they were practically screwing each other on the dance floor as their slow dance turned dirty and almost erotic and they both grinded the other’s crotch hard into them self.

“Mmmmm” he finally whispered in her ear after a moment “lets go back to my place and fool around. What do you say?”

She reached down between them so no one could see and rubbed his bulge through his pants “I thought you’d never ask” and smiled at him as they walked across the dance floor and out the door to jump into his car and down the street on the way to his house.

On the way there she sat next to him and sort of place his hands between her legs and rubbed is crotch as well.

“Mmmm…my my, you certainly are excited are you big boy?” she asked as she lean into him and kissed and sucked on his neck.

“Baby you’re gonna make me wreck if you’re not careful”

“How about if I do this” she asked as she leaned down and unzipped his zipper and pulled the flaps back to reveal his cock and then began to give him a blowjob right then and there…”mmmm”, she moaned. She sucked, and teased, and kiss his enormous arousal all the way home.  At one point he thought he was gonna cum. And at another they came to a red light and the guy in the huge semi next to him looked down and noticed her giving him a blow job and smiled. She looked up and licked her lips and smile at him and sucked on him even harder to give the trucker a show as they drove off down the road when the lights turned green.

They got to his house and she sat up and wiped her mouth off and he zipped him self up and got out and walked around to her side of the car and led her inside.

Immediately as soon as the door was closed and locked they were in a hot embrace, kissing and pawing and sucking on body parts, clothes were being thrown all around. He asked if she wanted something to drink since he was sort of dry mouthed and so was she so she agreed and told him to hurry back. She smiled and patted his but in his underwear as his cock strained to be free of his shorts.

He quickly went to the kitchen and prepared two drinks and pulled out some pills from his a cabinet up on the top shelf and opened it and plopped two in her drink. He smiled. “I’m gonna get her fucked up and fuck her hard and film her and she’ll never know” he boasted to himself. He mixed hers up and brought them back into the living room and gave her hers. “Let’s take these to the bedroom okay baby”

She got up and patted him on the butt and followed him to the bedroom and they both lay down and took sips of their drinks. She had no idea he had slipped her a date rape drug and she was about to become his victim. He had been told that it wouldn’t make her completely pass out but make her extremely horny and make her do whatever he wanted and not remember it the next day. He was a freak in bed and so he wanted to make sure she would do every nasty thing he planned for her and not report him the next day.

“Be sure to drink it all up baby” He smiled. She did, she threw her drink back and sort of got a funny look in her eyes and said “Whoa that was a strong drink” and then she licked her lips. “Mmmm…you look dam good to me baby” and was about to kiss him when she suddenly passed out and lay down on the bed.

“Oh shoot” he thought “oh well, I’m still gonna fuck her and have my way with her and film the whole thing”. While she was passed out he got out his camera and set it up so that he could film her and him as he had sex with her. He positioned it just right and turned it on. “Hmm…he suddenly had a nasty thought and got out some nylons he had from another sexual encounter. He pulled off her bra and panties because that was all she had on left, so she was completely naked and tied her arms and legs to each bedpost pulling her legs apart so that her pussy was exposed. He licked his lips as he took off his underwear and began to stroke his cock slowly up and down and to massage his balls with the other hand. He moved over to the bed and climbed up over her so that he was leaning over her face and took his cock and began to rub it slowly on her mouth. She sort of woke up but being totally drugged she started to suck on it until she noticed her legs and arms were tied.

“Hey what’s this?” she asked

“You don’t worry about it, you just suck my cock” he demanded.

“Mmm” she said not even concerned because of the drugs and began to suck his cock as her tongue licked his head and she ran her mouth up and down his shaft.

He leaned down over her and pushed his own mouth into her pussy and began to eat her out. “Take this you dirty whore, “ he said, talking dirty to her. “You’re my sex slave and I’m gonna make you do what I tell you to do and right now I’m gonna eat out your pussy while you suck my cock” “Now suck it you dirty slut” and he pushed his face back into her as she sucked on his even harder, while the camera was catching everything.

She seemed to get into it in her drugged state and seemed to like being called names and being told what to do. She sucked on him and licked his head and moved her mouth up and down his throbbing shaft.

“That’s right you little slut whore. You better take my cock in your mouth” he said between sucking on her foreskin as he fingered her hard for a moment. And then sat up on his knees above her and holding his cock straight down began to skull fuck her for a moment. “You like that you dirty little slut? You filthy little whore. I knew you were gonna be a good fuck. You have an incredible mouth and your pussy taste’s so good, let’s see how good it feels to fuck you”

He turned around and got between her legs as she moaned for a moment and tried to move, strangely she didn’t scream or try to break free and instead just seem to crave him, and get turned on by his dirty talk and being rough with her.

“Now you’re gonna get fucked hard and fast and why?” He said as he stroked his cock for a moment and licked his lips. “Because you’re my sex slave and you’re nothing but a whore and need to be fucked. Do you want my cock in you? Do you want me to pound that pussy of yours with my cock? Do you huh?” he said as she looked up at him and sort of squirmed.

“Yes baby, fuck my pussy”, she said. “Fuck me hard with that cock of yours she said and looked up at him and sort of raised her pussy up towards him. “Fuck me baby, fuck me so hard”

“That’s exactly what I’m gonna do” He said as he moved over her so his cock was positioned over her and he pulled her lips apart and put his head on her clit and it slid down into her. She let out a moan as he continued to slide in her all the way into her until his hips grinded into her. She moved her pussy around on his cock and just smiled and licked her lips. He leaned down into her and kissed her with an open mouth as he began to move his cock into her slowly up and down. She moaned some more.

“Oh baby, fuck me so hard…mmm…don’t tease me, fuck me,” she said.

He picked up the pace and began to fuck her hard now as his cock moved in and out of her. He pumped her hard now, as he thrust into her pussy on the downward stroke at the end of it each stroke with a sudden jerk.

“Shut the fuck up, I’ll- tell- you- how- and -when- I’m- gonna- fuck- you- , you-  got- that.”, as he thrust into her on every other word. It just mad him more excited as he pumped her hard now and his mouth went from her mouth to her earlobe and then her neck as he sucked on it. “You’re my dam sex slave and you WILL do what I say.”

She let a little moan, as her nipples got harder. He was almost raping her with the thrusting except she liked it. “What a dirty whore you are.” He taunted her.

“I bet your boy friend must fuck you every night doesn’t he?” he said as he continued to fuck her hard. She moaned, “oh yes, he’s got a huge cock just like you and he totally turns me on.”

“Oh, well I bet he’s never tied you to the bed and fucked you like this?” he looked down at her. She looked down at him and smiled and just moaned in pleasure as she through her head back and closed her eyes. “I bet he will after this” she said under her breath.

“Yeah I bet he will” he said as he fucked her hard “and I bet you will be thinking of me fucking you when he does” he taunted her even more as she moaned back “Yes, I will, don’t stop I’m gonna cum on you”

“That’s it baby, fucking cum on my cock. Cum for me you dirty slut” he picked up his pace even quicker trying to push her over the edge as his mouth found her breast and he moved his tongue around her nipple around and around until it got hard and perked.

“mmm…god yes, keep doing that to me” she moaned as he put her breast into his mouth and sucked on it…and then both as he pushed them into his mouth. Mean while he pumped into her even faster, as his hands reached up under her arms and he pulled on her shoulders to force her pussy on his cock even harder. She started pushing against the headboard as it began to bang hard into the bedroom wall behind it. She let another moan in pleasure and seem to be about ready to cum on his cock. Her pussy walls suddenly got hard on his cock and she arched her back, as her nipples got extremely hard.

“Oh shit baby, you’re gonna make me cum” she began to scream. Feeling her get that excited and made him even more excited so he picked up the pace even more and now he is rabbit fucking her hard.

“Take that in that pussy you little whore slut and cum on my cock. Cum on me now baby”

Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, “God yes, yes yes, oh shit shit shit shit” she screamed as she suddenly let go and climaxed all over his cock.

“OH SHIT BABY, I’M GONNA CUMMMMMM” She screamed as she gripped the bed and gripped it hard in her hands. As she pulled her hands down both nylons gave way on both of her hands and she wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him hard.

‘Whoosh’ she poured more of her cum onto his cock as he pounded her.

“That’s it baby, cum on my cock” he said as he sucked on her neck. The camera would show how hard her nipples got and him pumping into her hard.

“Mmmm…you’re gonna make me cum baby” he said because her pussy felt so good on him “mmm…god you’re gonna make me cum” “I’m so close. Don’t stop baby”

“Yes, yes, baby, cum into me, cum in my pussy” she moaned she sucked on his neck hard and left hickies. “Fuck me baby and fucking cum in me…she got excited again and suddenly came again. She had never done that before, have two climaxes right on top of each other. “Oh shit not again”…”mmmmm” she moaned in pleasure. “Yes”

He began to growl as he felt her pussy get tight again as she again went whoosh and it was all it took. When she climaxed the second time it pushed him over the edge and he began to climax in her.

“Oh shit baby…oh shit, shit, shit…grrrr…GRRRRR” He let out a loud growl as he clinched the bed next to her and exploded into her all of a sudden “GRRRRRR” “OH SHIT BABY I’M CUMMMMMMMIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!” He screamed as his juices poured into her and she kissed him hard as the two fucked and grinded their hips together. She tightened her pussy walls around his cock to force more of his cum out of his cock into her.

“Yes baby, yes…oh god cum in me…cum in my pussy” and she let out a scream of pleasure.

He continued to growl as he pumped out every last drop of cum into her pussy and then collapse on top of her.

“Mmmm” they both moaned as she wrapped her arms around him even tighter and began to kiss him passionately on his neck and then they two kissed each other sweetly in the mouth.

“Mmm you were fantastic” he said as he looked into her eyes.

“Mmm you too baby” she said as she looked back at her.

“Did you enjoy it?” he asked her as he climbed out of her and began to get up off the bed and untie her legs.

“Mmmm yes baby, that was amazing…one of the best games we’ve done yet” she smiled as she set up and untied the hose off her arms, and licked her lips.

“Well good, next time you can seduce me and tie me up okay?” he said and you can make me your sex slave.

“You got it baby” she said as he took a towel and began to get cleaned up. “I’m just glad you agree to play this little sex game with me” she said.

“You’re the sexiest girl friend any guy could ever ask for” he said as he kissed her on the lips.

“Mmm you too baby, you’re the sexiest boy friend a girl could ask for.” She smiled at him as they finished up the kiss.

“I thought that guy in the truck was going to have a wreck” he laughed. “He almost ran into us when the light turned green” he snickered at the memory.

“Yeah, that actually turned me on.” She smiled remembering how turned on she got having sex on the highway in front of strangers.

“Well, we can figured out our next sex game and make that one of them if you want” she said, as she looked at her boyfriend. “By the way, those breath mints you put in my drink made it taste funny. Let’s try something else next time okay?”

“You got it baby” he smiled at her “Sorry it’s all I had at the time. Next time we’ll figure something else out.”

“Mmmm” she finally said as she moved up next to him and held him in her arms “That was fun”

“Yeah it was” he smiled back at her. “I love sex games with you.”

“Mmmmm…yes, I love the sex games” and smiled as they kissed again.


The End.


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