Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A college professor finds out why one of his best students is suddenly failing his class when he happens to see her working at night in a place he didn't expect to find her or himself. What happens later would change both their lives. Will she get her grades up from her late night "oral presentation" or will she get something else up? Or both.


A college professor finds out why one of his best students is suddenly failing his class when he happens to see her working at night in a place he didn't expect to find her or himself. What happens later would change both their lives. Will she get her grades up from her late night "oral presentation" or will she get something else up? Or both.


Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



“Oral Presentation”

“I’m really not sure what to think of some of your papers” Professor Logan said as he passed out the graded papers on his student’s desk. He taught English Composition at the University. “Some of you did well, but then others…well, lets just say that perhaps another class would might suit some of your talents better”. About that time he laid Michelle’s paper face down.

  She looked at the paper sitting there on her desk and then looked up at her professor who said nothing as he walked by but gave her a knowing look.  She picked it up and glanced at her grade, she got a “C” on it with a note that said, “You can do better than this. Come see me after class” She grunted to herself and slid the paper into her notebook and leaned back in her chair, disappointed as she crossed her arms. “What the?” she thought to herself.

  Michelle had been one of his better students at the beginning of the semester but something changed and now she was barely passing his class. She was always tired and sometimes she seemed to almost sleep through his lectures and something definitely was going on. Professor Logan wondered about it, having noticed a mark difference in her attitude and grades. He always thought she had a lot of potential. She definitely looked like she could be a party girl because Michelle was beautiful and had an air to her, very self confident to the point of almost being cocky. She usually wore jeans and a sweat shirt or a baggy t-shirt but once she apparently was out all night and came in all dressed up in make up and a sexy skirt and a revealing top. He took note of her that day. She caught his eye. She blew it off saying she had somewhere to go or something to attend to after class. Little did he know she had been out all night and this was what she had worn the night before. He would sometimes think of her in that outfit and how she wore nude panties and sitting in the front roll of his classroom he couldn’t help notice her lips were shaved when she crossed her legs. He never quite got that vision out of his head. She must have seen it because he could of swore that she licked her lips about that same time.

  The hour seemed to drag on for Michelle that day and finally the bell rang at the end of class and all the other students got up and grabbed their back packs and books and so forth and paraded out of the class on to other things.  She sat there for a moment and finally got up from her desk and gathered her things and walked up to Professor Logan’s desk as he sat there with his head buried in his paperwork for the next class.

  She took her paper out of her notebook and put it on the desk. “A C Professor?"…"You gave me a C. Surely I did better than that?” she protested.

  He looked up at her from his papers. “Oh good Michelle. I wanted to talk to you. Yes, you got a C because you deserve a C.” He didn’t budge and looked her directly in her eyes. She looked back at him and softened for a moment. She couldn’t stay mad at him. He was Professor Logan. She secretly had a crush on him since the first day she took his class and noticed how he filled out his slacks as he stood in front of the class. She knew his first name was Jake and that he had a fiancé. She often wondered what it would be like to have him hold her with his big strong arms. She licked her lips.

  “Seriously Professor?” she continued. “I really think I deserve better than that”

  He looked at her and smiled and then said “Well for one thing you forgot to put your name on it”

  She looked down at her paper and sure enough she forgot to write in her name. “Oh shit” she said and then almost laughed.

  “What’s going on with you Michelle?” he walked around to the front of his desk and leaned against it as he put one hand up to his chin and rubbed it like he always did when he was deep in thought.  Her eyes flashed when he sat right across from her. He really did know how to fill out some dress slacks, she thought.

  “Look I got a new night time job okay, and it’s effecting my sleep patterns and shit” she said.

  He raised one eyebrow. “Well I can understand that but still if you want to pass this class you’ll have to do better than this.” He said and now his eyes softened when he caught a glimpse of her cleavage as she lean over, she felt his eyes on her butt and she stayed that way for a moment as she picked up her back pack and put her paper back into it and zipped it up.

  “I’ll do better Professor. I promise.” She said as she took the paper from him, catching him looking at her a little longer than usual. He looked up into her eyes and smiled.

  “Well its up to you” He said. “If you want to pass this class or not.” And then added. “Perhaps a tutor to help you.”

  She looked at him and got closer. “Perhaps. Maybe someone to come to my place and help me get my act together is that it?”

  He said nothing at the provocative tone of her voice and how she looked at him for a moment like he was a piece of meat. Did she mean him? He just smiled.

  “I’ll definitely think about it. Have a great weekend Professor. Perhaps I’ll take you up on that suggestion. I’d do about anything to pass this course” She said as she moved to the door, her hips swaying a bit, knowing he was watching her. She turned around and looked at his eyes and then his crotch and then his eyes again. “Anything” and with that she opened up the door and smiled at him as she walked through it.

  Professor Logan couldn’t help get just a little aroused by her behavior. But he had to subdue his thoughts because some of the students from his next class were already filtering in. He pushed the whole conversation out of his head and just left it as a harmless flirtation. It happened between students and college professors all the time. “Yeah that’s it” he said and went back to his paperwork.

  Later on the drive home he thought about Michelle and how provocative she suddenly seemed. Almost like she really did want to sleep with him. He had toyed briefly with the idea but felt that a professional he shouldn’t give to much credit to such fantasies. It was really unethical and frowned upon. Besides he has Margaret his fiancé. Although the last couple of months they had seemed to grow apart and she seemed strangely distant to him and made up many excuses to get out of their dates, even though they were slated to get married at some point.

  Jake got to his house and threw his briefcase on the little table next to his living room couch and went to the refrigerator and got himself a beer and opened it and took a drink while he looked through his mail. Nothing but junk mail today. That’s good, he thought.

 He then realized that he had put his phone on silent so he wouldn’t be interrupted and checked his messages. He had 4 from Margaret. The first was sort of cold and how she was having doubts about them and perhaps they should postpone things between them, meaning the wedding. And each message gradually got more frantic. Finally the last said she was taking a vacation to Hawaii and that she was sorry but she was going alone without him and that she needed time to think about things. And then he had a text message and she basically broke up with him in it. She said she fell in love with a guy at her job and that she was going to Hawaii with him and that they were through. She basically broke up with him in a text message.
  Jake sat his phone down and stared off into space and picked up his beer and took a sip and then another. Soon he had swallowed the whole bottle in no time, wiping the excess that trickled down the side of his mouth.

  “Well that’s that then” he said. He got another beer and finally a third and drank them down, all the while thinking how so many things became apparent now and how their loving relationship was just a joke and probably had been for a while. He plopped himself down on the couch and stared out at the evening sky through his window and it suddenly hit him that he didn’t want to be cooped up in there all evening since his steady date had canceled again and this time for good. “Shit I’m going on and have some fun” he thought to himself and quickly took a shower and got changed into some casual clothes. A sport shirt and some jeans and his favorite pair of boots and off down the road he soon found himself looking for something that meant entertainment or excitement. Anything as long as he wasn’t sitting at home alone thinking about how his girl had just dumped him in a text.

  He had driven for a ways when he noticed a club that seemed like a happening place. It had a lot of cars in the parking lot and people going into it. It was called “Dancers”. He had to admit he had never seen it before but then again he usually didn’t find himself in the neighborhood. Perhaps some dancing with a young woman would be good and he was sure he could get a drink or two.  He pulled up into the parking lot and locked his car. He checked himself briefly as he got out of his car and walked towards the club. It was already dark out by now and as soon as he opened the door he could hear dance music. He stepped inside to find himself in a little room with guy who was checking I.D. to make sure everyone was old enough to drink. Even though the Professor was old enough the guy still asked to see his license and he let him in.

  Jake went through a door. “Weird” he thought. “I’ve never seen this sort of set up before.” As he walked through the door he was met by loud music and a crowd of people, all mostly in shadows and some walking around, the lights were turned down low and there was a couple of bars here and there with guys behind them and several stages with women walking on them, dancing to their songs as a bunch of guys sat close to the edge offering up dollar bills. Others sat with their drinks and just watched on with lust in their eyes. .

  “Oh shit, it’s a strip bar” he said to himself and smiled. “Oh well, I’m here, might as well get a drink” He started to walk up to the bar when a half naked beautiful woman came up to him and smiled as she looked him up and down and licked her lips. He heard her say “mmm a big one”. “Have a seat handsome. I’ll be right back with you to take your order “ and walked past him. He watched her ass as she walked away and found a table that wasn’t occupied and sat down. He was just a ways from the nearest stage but in the shadows and looked around and then noticed the dancer on the stage go through her routine of stripping off her clothes and then swinging around on a pole at one of the stage. At one point she got down on her hands and knees and went through all kinds of contortions and such all to the pleasure and lust of the guys sitting closest to her, as they handed her money and she put them in her garter belt. Eventually she was completely naked and slithering around on the stage almost making love to her self as her song played on. She got to the end of the routine and got up and grabbed the rest of the money that was thrown her way and picked up her clothes that were thrown about and walked to the back of the stage and went through a curtain in the back and disappeared as the DJ announced the next dancer would be up shortly and some other random nonsense meant to separate the men from their money.

  Jake’s eyes were now getting adjusted to the darker insides of the club and noticed that the place was filled mostly with men and that the dancer that was just on this stage was now at the bar and got her a drink of soda and then went around taking guys drink order. There were several women in fact, through out the crowd, either sitting with guys, or taking their orders and such. All employees of the club and all have naked or dressed in a bikini and teddy or some other skimpy outfit.

  About that time the woman who passed him up came up to him and leaned over his table across from him, her boobs almost falling out of her top and asked him what he wanted to drink.

  He looked up at her and ordered a beer in a bottle and she asked if he wanted to run a tab. Jake looked around him and at her and thought ‘what the hell, its Friday night, I got no woman to come home to’

  “Sure” he said as she wrote down his order and looked over at him. “Want anything else sexy?” she said.

  “What about to have a girl sit with me and keep me company?” he asked her above the loud music.

  “Sure honey you can buy them a drink. We have certain prices” “The rule here is that you can look but you can’t touch. Just remember that” she said and looked back at the big guy behind the bar. “She that huge mountain of a man behind the bar.”

  Jake nodded at her.

  “That’s Bruno. He makes sure us girls don’t get our self into trouble, know what I mean?” “We have to report to him. But any of us would be willing to sit with a hot sexy guy as yourself if you want a little company” she said as she ran a finger down her cleavage suggestive like. “Let me know. I’d love to sit with you” and she glanced back at Bruno who was keeping an eye on her and he nodded at her and went back to wiping down a glass.

  He noticed one of the sexy employees walking a guy by the hand past his table to the back of the club. They went into a little room and closed the door behind them.

  “Where are they going?” he asked.

  “Oh baby for a little extra you can spend some quality private time alone with her in there. That’s for lap dances.” She leaned into him almost putting her breast in his face. “Private lap dances.” She ran her finger down his leg suggestive like almost to the bulge in his pants.

  He almost jumped. “I’ll let you know, “ he said.

 “ You do that baby” she said and turned around and gave her attention to another table full of guys.

  The DJ was just then announcing the next dancer. “Lola” to the stage and the curtain flung open and a beautiful woman walked through it to her song as she proceed to fling herself around the pole and hand upside down and then to walk the cat walk working it as she slowly took off items of clothes and got every guy in the place watching her excited and hard.

  Jake was watching the waitress then and thinking about the private dance when he looked up and his eyes almost fell out of his head.  He stared harder, looking, straining, trying to make sure that it was her up on stage, getting undressed and looking every bit as sexy as he had imagined and remembered from that one day in class some months before.

  “Oh my god is that…it is. It’s Michelle.” He thought to himself.  And then he remembered her saying she had a new nighttime job. “So this is where she works.”

  He watched her in silence, never taking his eyes off of her as she worked the crowd. She was totally hot and sexy and dam gorgeous, even hotter than he first thought. He licked his lips watching her, drinking his beer.

  About that time the waitress came up and put her hand on his shoulder and asked if he wanted another one and he said yes but he kept his eyes on the stage.

  “Yes and can you tell the Lola that I’d like to buy her a drink and have her company.” He said looking at her and getting aroused.

  The waitress looked up and smiled. “Oh Lola, sure honey but she’s pretty popular. A lot of guys want to spend time with her.”

  He reached into his wallet and pulled out a twenty and gave it to her. “Look there is a lot more where this came from. I want to sit with her okay?” he insisted and looked up at the waitress She took the money and slipped it into her bra when Bruno had his attention on someone else and smiled.

  “Sure thing honey. I’ll tell her as soon as she finished her set. She walked off and after a few minutes came back with his drink and he gave her a huge tip. “Now remember okay?

  “Yeah yeah, no problem honey” she said as she grazed his shoulder with her boobs as she leaned over and whispered into his ear. “I wished it was me you wanted to spend time with but its okay baby. I’ll be sure to tell her.” She then walked off.

  Jake kept his eyes on Lola the whole time and watched as she finally got to the end of her ‘set’ and gathered her clothes and money and walked to the end of the stage and disappeared for a moment. He saw her eventually come out of a little side door and make her way to the bar where Bruno gave her a drink. About that time the waitress walked up to her and seemed to tell her that Jake wanted to sit with her and she smiled, trying to make out who it was in the darkened club and walked towards him.

  He didn’t want to be to obvious so he sipped his drink and looked the other way. After a few moments he felt two sexy slinger hands slide past his shoulder and wrap themselves around his neck as he heard a voice whisper. “I thought it was you. Well now you know. I’ll sit with you but you have got to promise me that you’ll act like you don’t know me. It’s against the company rules to fraternize with our friends in here. To you I’m Lola, okay? Not Michelle. Cool?” she said.

  “Cool” he said and got excited cause she was hugging his neck. She finally came around and sat in front of him. And they smiled at one another.

  “So Lola, how long have you danced here.” He asked, trying to make small talk while looking her up and down for a moment. She wore a thong and a see through teddy and nothing else except sandals. Her nipples were evident through the see through material.

  “For a while. I go to college and I have to support myself somehow.” She said and smiled, giving him a knowing look. “I like it there. There’s one professor in particular that I’d love to give an oral presentation to sometime to help my grades” she said as she leaned forward and touched his leg. He moved his legs apart in front of her, getting the implication but remembered their rules of look but don’t touch.

  “Well, he’s indeed a lucky professor.” He smirked.

  “He could be if he plays his cards right” she said.

  About that time the waitress arrive to take his drink order. “What ever the lady wants” he said, looking at her and pulled out a twenty and gave it to her.

  The waitress put it on the tray she was holding and wrote down the order and was about to walk away when he motioned to her, still looking at Lola, By now he had a raging hard on and Lola’s nipples were perk and standing at attention as her hands moved up and down his leg slowly. “What about a private session in one of those rooms” he suggested and looked at Lola and licked his lips.

  “It’s a fifty for a half hour” she said “plus the twenty for the lap dance.”

  He didn’t even blink and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to her. The waitress made a note and went back to the bar and told Bruno who gave an okay nod to Lola. And he and the waitress smiled at one another and went back to their business.

  Lola sipped her coke and rubbed his leg a little more and then waited for Jake to take some sips of his beer and she got up and took his hand and led him to one of the private rooms.

  They went inside and she locked the door. “Have a seat big guy” she told him.

  “Call me Jake” he said as he looked around the room. There was a couch on one wall and a little table and a little lamp on it with a  lower watt light bulb making the room almost as dark as the outer dance club part. There was a little bar at the other end of the room.

  “She tells me you’re running a tab. Want something? A beer?” she asked as she bent over in front of him getting him more excited. He looked at her ass crack through the see through material and thought what a fine ass she has.

  “Sure he said and licked his lips and straightened his pants because his dick was now super hard for her and he had a huge bulge for her.

  She turned around and caught him and smiled. “I’ll take care of that for you in just a moment Jake. But first things first.” She walked over to the little stereo in the corner and turned it on and then walked over to him sexy like pulling her hair up above her head and got up close and leaned over into him as she teased him and then turned around and put her ass on his bulge and rubbed it back and forth as she leaned back. He wanted to touch her but she reminded him that she could touch him but he couldn’t touch her. “Mmm by the side of what’s in your pants right now I’d say you want me pretty bad don’t you Jake.” He sort of growled under his breath, totally turned on by her. “God yes.” He whispered.

  She turned around again, now facing him and flung her hair about and sat down on his crotch now; rubbing herself in front of him, grabbing her boobs through her teddy and rubbing his face with them, burying her cleavage into him. “Mmm I like that. I like how you want me. That turns me on” she said and moved away now. Sliding back down his body as her mouth came up close to his ear now, “Mmm I like that idea of giving you an oral presentation.” She said and kissed his neck now, biting on his earlobe and pulling at it as she grinded her pussy through the thin material of her panties into his huge bulge.

  She moved down his body and he started to reach around her to hold her and she pulled away and leaned back and went “No touchy, remember stud” She waved her one finger back and forth in front of his face and then took it and put it in her mouth and licked it suggestively. “But I can touch you all I want.” She moved off of him and looked at his bulge and got on her knees now and leaned into him almost putting her mouth on it. “Mmmm now what was that I was just saying?” She smiled cause now she was in control. He squirmed a bit, totally turned on by her. “Oh yeah, and oral presentation.”

She looked down at his bulge and ran one hand over it as she licked her lips and then pulled up his sports shirt and began to suck on his chest.

 He leaned his head back and closed his eyes for a moment. “Oh my god” “mmmm” he let out a moan of pleasure. She was driving him crazy.

  She moved her mouth down his chest as she kissed and suck on him, licking his man boobs and flickering her tongue on him. That was a new sensation and the first time a woman had done that to him and that and her rubbing his bulge as she did he was totally turned on. “Mmmm god yes” he let out a slight moan “I love it.”

  “I bet you do baby” she said as she looked up at him. “What else would you love baby?” she taunted as she rubbed his bulge now leaning on her knees, resting up close to him, in his lap as her mouth moved closer to his belt now, still rubbing the hell out of his bulge.

  “Mm god you know what I want Lola” he said.

  “Oh and what is that baby?” she asked as she started to undo his belt and pull his zipper down with her teeth. “What baby? Tell me.” She said stopping for a moment, looking up at him now and licking her lips. How many times did she lay in her bed at night thinking about her professor and how badly she wanted what he had in his slacks? She remember seeing him get aroused that day she came in half hung over and how he got hard when he caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy lips. She always wanted to fuck him and suck him off until he came for her and made her cum. She had lots of sexual fantasies about the guy. He was her favorite subject many night in the bed with one of her toys setting in as his huge cock or in the shower with the water pick, rubbing her clit, pretending it was his fingers and hands giving her pleasure. And now here he was with a huge hard on for her. She knew it. She knew if she ever got the chance to get him alone she would rock his world or he would hers. And here she was only a little blue jean material away from seeing just how close her sexual fantasies

  “Well I think I can guess baby” she said rubbing his bulge again and pulling back his belt and undoing his zipper even more, revealing his purple briefs underneath.

  “Mmm purple. Nice Jake” she said and then got up and undid her top and let it fall to the floor. He noticed how hard and perk her nipples both were. She looked at him and licked her lips and slowly ran her hands over them, teasing him some more. And then turned around and walked over to the bar and reached behind it and came back with a condom.

  “If I’m going to do this, you’re going to have to wear one of these baby. She smiled. He thought she was going to make him put it on but she held on to it as she got closer to him now and turned around and rubber her ass crack down into her bulge again as she leaned back and took his hands and put them on her breasts. “shhh it will be our secret.” She said as she made him massage her nipples now, tweaking them and playing with them as she grinded down into him and closed her eyes for a moment, totally enjoying her self.

  “Mmm god yes baby do that.” She said as he started to kiss on her. “You are NOT doing this, just remember it” she said and he started to take his hands away and then she grabbed them and pulled on down into her panties and made his massage her panties and finally pulled the material to the side so that he could feel her pussy lips as he slowly started to insert one into her. She quivered with excitement and then pulled his hand away again and turned around and kissed him.

  He wasn’t expecting that but soon his mouth was on hers as they kissed deeply and passionately, their tongues exploring the mouth of the other. Her hand was down his front and then they pulled their mouths away and she pulled his shirt over his head.

  “You had better never tell anyone about this you got that?” she said, meaning her boss and his students.

  “Mmm believe me baby I wont” he insisted wanting to pull her back into the kiss.

  She went slowly down his body again, getting off of him now and pulling off his boots one at a time and flopping them to the side. She turned back around at him and grinned as she finished undoing his zipper all the way and pulled the flaps back to reveal his purple briefs. There was a wet spot up near the top of his bulge.

  “Oh Jake. You’re excited for me aren’t you baby?” she smirked,

  “God yes baby” he said, looking at her and licking his lips. He moved his hips in a mock fucking motion.
 She looked down at them and licked her lips. “Exactly baby” she said.

  She pulled his pants down his legs now as his bulge became even more evident.

  “mmm god yes. A big one” she said as she looked at it and rubbed her nipple now absentmindedly and then tugged at her panties which were starting to get wet.

  She got back down on her knees again in front of him and rubbed her breasts on his legs as she kissed his stomach and slowly worked her mouth further south. His dick strained to be free of his underwear as her mouth finally reached the edge of them. She took her mouth and began to kiss his bulge and suck on it through the material and then slowly pulled it down to reveal the top of his head peaking up through the top of his briefs.  She looked up at him as he looked down at her and then she pulled them down to reveal a huge cock. By now he was beside himself with lust for her and his dick was throbbing.
  “Let’s get you free of these” she said as she pulled off his underwear and threw them to the side and then leaned back down into him, kissing his legs as she got between them pushing them aside. “Now” she said. “Time for the oral presentation” she said, licking her lips, she moved closer and pressed her face to his balls first, nibbling on them and kissing them and sucking on them. She picked up his cock in her hand, holding it straight up and he let out a moan of pleasure.

  “Dam you’re big” she said as he slowly moved her mouth up his shaft and then down it as her one hand was still playing with his balls. She flicked her tongue on his dick. She turned her head sideways and sort of cupped the side of his shaft up and down with her mouth as she got closer and closer to his head and finally reached it and began to flick it with her tongue. He had some pre-cum so she took a finger and wiped it off and licked it up and put her finger in her mouth. “Mmm you taste good baby” she said.

  He leaned back his head for a moment and then looked at her again. As her mouth was now on his head, she kissed the end of it and slowly moved her mouth around the head and slid it in her mouth…slowly loosening her throat muscles and deep throating him for a moment, slowly as his entire dick disappeared into her mouth and then appeared again. God she was incredible at this he thought. Mmmm he let out a moan of pleasure. He reached up and held her hair for a moment as she continued to give him a blowjob.

  He reached down now playing with her nipple and then slowly moving his hand on her back as he leaned forward for a moment and then back again.

  She finally stopped and got up and wiped her mouth. “mmm god you’re so big. I have to have that inside of me” she said as she looked over at him.

 He began to stroke his cock in front of her, slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft. “Baby come ride this.”

  She stopped for a moment and walked over to the door and made sure it was locked again and glanced at her watch and then went back to him.

  “shhh if we hurry” she whispered. “But you’ve got to be quiet okay” she said. “I like it rough baby. Fuck me like you mean it.”

  “Oh hell yes” he said as she took the condom and ripped the package and pulled the rubber out of the package and tossed it to the side and then lean down now as he was still masturbating himself. She took it and slowly moved it over his head and rolled it down his cock. And then quickly pulled her panties down and threw them to the side. She picked up one leg and began to finger her self, She was already wet and as horny as he was. Her nipples were super hard now. He leaned up close and stuck a finger in her and she sort of jumped for a moment and got a love look in her eyes and then said “Fuck me with this huge fucking cock of yours Professor. I want your dick in my pussy.“

  “Mmm anything you want Michelle” he replied.

  She moved over to his crotch and put one leg over him as he held up his dick and she guided him into her. She took the head of his cock and rubbed her lips and moved it slowly back and forth and then slowly he inserted into her as she let out a moan of pleasure and slowly slid all the way down on him until her hips were against his. He put his arms on her hips as she slowly rocked up and down on his dick…going all the way up to his head and then back down again. Soon there was a creamy whiteness to it as she was already wet and the condom gleamed on his shaft as she began to bounced on him faster and faster, up and down, her tits bouncing as they both had to suppress their urge to scream. He looked up at her with a mixture of lust and almost love as he realized that she was probably the best lover he had ever had. She was totally hot.

  “Mmmm god I love fucking you Baby.” He said.

  “Mmm “ she moaned back pushing her tits into his mouth as she bounced up and down and grinded into him hard now. “ I love fucking you professor.” “mmm now fuck me faster baby. I want you to make me cum and I want to cum for me.” She said as she looked down at him as he now had his mouth on one breast, nibbling on it, sucking on her tit, making the nipple stand hard and perk.

  “mmm I like that. I like when you suck on my tit. That totally turns me on”. She said as she swirled her pussy on his cock now, grinding into him.

  “GRRRRR” he growl now like an animal. “Well baby I love your tits.”

 “Mmm and my pussy right professor?” she asked, wanting to remember this later when she would masturbate, thinking about fucking him.

  “God yes, I love your pussy.” He said, panting now, fucking her hard, thrusting up into her, and spanking her ass every once in a while.

  “Dam baby don’t stop. I love this. You’re so fucking good” she said as he slammed into her, their bodies making a slapping down as she slid her pussy up and down his dick while he thrust up into her, sucking on her tit, taking it all in his mouth.

  He pushed both of her incredible tits together for a moment and sucked them both at the same time, putting both nipples into his mouth.

  “Mmm god yes baby, don’t stop fucking me, faster.. I’m almost there.” That only turned him on more and he fucked up into her even harder.

  “God yes Michelle, cum for me, cum all over my cock” he said all excited now as she leaned into him now and kissed his neck, sucking on it and then she took both her hands and pulled his hair back and sucked on bottom lip as she continued to grind into him, into his cock.

  She finally started to quiver and let go as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes and then leaned forward. He could feel the walls of her pussy starting to tighten and her nipples get really hard and then whoosh, she let go about the time she was moaning louder. “Mmmm god yes yes yes…oh shit...here it comes baby. I’m Cumming for you” she almost screamed but didn’t care. They probably couldn’t hear outside because of the loud music. And like that she climaxed as she threw her hair around her head wildly now and seemed to get more excited. She looked down at him and had a look of love in her eyes now and leaned into him and kissed him sweetly and then passionately. And then she began to fuck him again, but this time slowly, grinding and swirling her pussy around on his dick. “mmm god that was incredible she said. No one has ever made me climax like that.” “God I loved it” and she reached over and sucked on his bottom lip again and then finally got off of him. And moved over to the other end of the couch and lay down on her back and pulled her legs far apart and began to finger herself. She looked over at him sexy like and did one finger like ‘come here’.

 “Come here baby, come fuck me” “I want you to cum inside of me” she said

  He climbed over her now on his hand and knees, putting his mouth on her chest first and sucking on it and then to her neck as she reached between them and began to guide him back into her as he slid all the way into her now and she wrapped her legs and arms around and they began fucking again, hard and fast, only this time he was on top of her.

  “Oh god yes Professor, slam my pussy hard. Fuck me baby, you know you’ve always wanted to fuck me haven’t you” she said as he thrust into her hard and fast now, giving a jerk at the end of the stroke.

  “Mmmm god yes Michelle. I’ve wanted you forever” he said, as he was now getting close. He growled like an animal, slamming her hard as she reached around him now, digging her fingernails into his back for a moment and then slapping his ass as she grabbed it up in her hands and felt his ass cheeks, pushing him into her deeper.

  “I thought so baby and guess what? I’ve always wanted to fuck you too.” She admitted.

  He licked his lips now and moved his mouth to hers as they kissed for a moment and then she sucked on his bottom lip again, totally turned on. She felt another orgasm coming up and started to shake. “Oh shit baby, you going to make me cum again,” she said.

  “Oh baby, I’m almost there.” He said as he pumped her hard and fast in short stroke, like a rabbit, fucking her hard now, slamming into her as their body made a slapping sound.

 “That’s it baby…mmmm oh shitttttttt” she screamed and came again, climaxing all over his dick, her perk nipples pressing into him. Immediately her mouth was on his face kissing him again.

  “Oh my god, you’re incredible Jake” she said, marveling at how hot and sexy he was and how turned on she was. Normally she was in complete control but he made her lose her mind now. So much for their rules of “look but don’t touch”.

  “Baby I’m about to cum myself” he said as she growl louder with each stroke, pumping her hard, like he was trying to fuck her into the couch.

  “Mmm baby get off of me then quick. I want you to cum in my mouth” she insisted. He was so close now.

 “Yes baby. I want to taste you” she said. And he quickly got off of her and leaned back into the couch. He was stroking him self-hard now. She moved in front of him, getting back on her knees and leaning against him now, her big breast resting on his legs. She pulled off his condom and began to stroke him hard now, up and down.

  “mmm god baby I’m almost there” He said as his eyes started to roll up into the back of his head. She was incredible at what she did.

  “Cum for me baby.” She said as she looked at him and moved her mouth over his cock as she cupped the end of it with her mouth loosely and stroked him hard now up and down very fast like. “Mmmm” she mumbled as she shoved his cock in her mouth and sucked on it now.

  “Oh shit shit shit shit.” He said suddenly. He was there. She looked up at him and smiled with her eyes. She sucked and stroked him some more, getting him more excited until she pushed him over the edge.

 “Baby this is it” he said and he let go and released and climaxed into her mouth. She gasped for a moment not realize that he would have this much cum. He squirted up into her for a moment, over and over as he shot his wad now into her mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure as she continued to suck on his and drink up his juice and to stroke him until he forced out every ounce of his cum into her mouth. He almost past out from the climax, it was that intense. Finally he relaxed his body and slumped back onto the couch and leaned his head back, totally spent but happy. He closed his eyes for a moment as she drank up the last drops and wiped her mouth.

  “Oh my god, you’re incredible. Baby” she said which brought him back into the reality that they just had sex.

  “Mmm” he said as she looked down at her, “so are you baby” “I loved it” She moved up to his face and kissed him on the neck now and whispered into his ear. We have 5 minutes left on your hour. We had better get cleaned up and get back into the club before they come looking for us. I don’t want to get into trouble okay baby.” She said.

  “Oh of course not Michelle” she darted a look at him. “I mean Lola.”
  She leaned into him and kissed him sweetly on the cheek and then lips and pulled away “You can call me Michelle just don’t say it out there okay baby?”

“Okay” he agreed” and call me Jake.” He said.

“Well?” she said as she got cleaned up and put her skimpy outfit on, her nipples still hard and her body shivering just a bit. She was almost weak in the legs and her pussy hurt but she felt like she was in an afterglow. She was sure she would have to put on a good acting job in front of the other girls and Bruno. There’s no way she could tell them, she was sure she’d lose her job, letting her touch her. “Well, how was my oral presentation?”

 “You get an A for the whole thing” he said and laughed as he got cleaned up with her and put on his close. She got out some cologne and put it on him and sprayed the room with air freshener and then hid the towels she had hidden to get cleaned up in case the other girls came in here during the evening with another customer.

  “Oh only an A?” she said, mocking disappointment but smiled, knowing that they both rocked each other’s world.

 “A+ for sure” he said and smiled and licked his lips.

 She came up to him and grabbed his bulge in his pants and kissed him sweetly. “Mmm well maybe I’ll have to take you up on that suggestion about a tutor. Are you UP for the job?” she said as she grabbed his bulge just a bit and made him smile and squirm at the same time.

  “I think so baby, what do you think?” he said reaching up and fondling her nipple as they stood next to each other close to the door.

  “I think I can’t wait until we are in my home, behind closed, locked doors so you and I can barter on that tutoring. I’m sure we can figure something I can do for you to pay you for your services.” She said as she rubbed his bulge a little more.

  “Mmm I’d like that.” He said. “Maybe some more oral presentations” and laughed. “I’ve got some kinky ideas of what I can do for extra credit too,” she said as she grabbed his hand and put a finger in her mouth and sucked on it and then pulled it out and smiled at him. He raised one eyebrow and licked his lips.

 He asked her if she wanted to call him later, possibly tomorrow since they were both off and she agreed.

  They kissed one more time and walked back into the club. They had been in the private room for an hour. She went to the bar and talked to Bruno and the waitress as she looked over at Jake and smiled. Bruno gave her some instructions about which stage to dance on next. Jake went and found another table and stayed for one more drink. There was a bunch of different people sitting there in the club now and it was getting crowded. His waitress smiled at him and licked her lips. He wondered about that but smiled at her.

  He saw Lola with some other guy but although she was sitting with the other guy she kept sneaking glances over at Jake and they even managed to smile at one other and finally she got busy with another set and he quietly slipped out of the club and off down the road.

  Eventually she would call him and they would either meet at his house or her house and he would indeed actually tutor her because he was serious about her passing his class. He never cut her any slack in her grades. Eventually she got tired of the grind of half drunk fat and ugly guys pawing on her and she only did the private room the one time with her professor. She eventually got another day job part time as a legitimate host of a nice restaurant and she made almost as much money in her tips as she did in the club where Bruno skimmed off more than his portion “looking after them”. She got tired of it.

  They kept their relationship quiet for a while and she finally dropped out of school because she didn’t want him to get into trouble. He had mixed feeling about that and felt guilty but she said she didn’t mind because she got what she really wanted and that was her professor. And as for him, he would smile to himself when someone mentioned doing an oral presentation.

  He would think of Michelle and her oral presentation and all other paled in comparison.

  It used to be he got bored even at the thought of some student droning on endlessly about some boring subject. Now when he heard someone say that he would smile to him self.


The End.

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