Kierra's Seduction (Ann Harbour #1)

Kierra's Seduction (Ann Harbour #1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Kierra Carter is an awkward, shy biracial young woman who is moving forward from the loss of the two best things in her life but when they resurface all the secrets she has managed to keep hidden soon are threatening to be exposed. The Alvarez's are back in Ann Harbour and haven't forgotten about kierra, but the only problem is that they have moved on and intend to keep their urges buried deep down. Will things go back to how they were or would the secrets and lies that are so blindly threatening break everyone apart Chase Miller is a long time bestfriend of Jeremiah Alvarez who is nursing a deep secret. What will happen when everything resurfaces?



Kierra Carter is an awkward, shy biracial young woman who is moving forward from the loss of the two best things in her life but when they resurface all the secrets she has managed to keep hidden soon are threatening to be exposed.
The Alvarez's are back in Ann Harbour and haven't forgotten about kierra, but the only problem is that they have moved on and intend to keep their urges buried deep down. Will things go back to how they were or would the secrets and lies that are so blindly threatening break everyone apart
Chase Miller is a long time bestfriend of Jeremiah Alvarez who is nursing a deep secret. What will happen when everything resurfaces?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Kierra's Seduction

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Kierra Carter is an awkward, shy biracial young woman who is moving forward from the loss of the two best things in her life but when they resurface she vows to do everything in her power to keep them and remind them of how good they were together.<br /> The Alvarez's are back in Ann Harbour and haven't forgotten about sierra, but the only problem is that they have moved on and intend to keep their urges buried deep down. Will her plans of seduction get back the loves of her life or will things fall apart?

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I ran across the small earthy path as I heard my own breathing and the sound of my joyful screams. I ran faster not allowing myself to be caught by the two best things in my life.

"c'mon Kare, give up" yelled Julian from behind me.

"No way" I yelled excitedly as I struggled to keep my balance from falling.

"Get her Jer" yelled Julian.

"I'm trying if you haven't noticed" said Jeremiah with a groan. I laughed my high squealed laughter filling the woods with excitement. I continued my race, my steady steps sounding in the rich earth. I couldn't believe I was out running them or perphaps they were letting me win, which just showed how sweet and sensitive they were about me. As I ran, I felt my lungs swallowing full gulps of air and my auburn hair flying about as the wind blew across my face. I had never felt this free or liberated and I enjoyed every minute of what it was to taste perpetual freedom. I looked up ahead to make up the path to follow when I felt hands encircle my waist, making me crash against a foliage of leaves and him on top of me. I laughed as I glanced up at brown eyes staring down at me.

"Got you" his voice came out low and velvety.

"Yeah you did"my voice came out barely a whisper. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on my lips, his tongue delving into my mouth drinking what it could of my taste as heat pooled up in my core. We continued kissing only pulling apart when Jeremiah came laying in the floor besides us, his body heat radiating and warming me in waves. Julian got off me and moved to my other side. We all laid there taking in the peace and quiet of nature as we drank it all in. I looked up and saw the covering of trees surrounding us, birds flying about the dark blue skies. I turned to look over at Jeremiah and messed up his hair. He quickly grabbed me by my hands and pulled me to him as he crashed down his lips on mine and pulled me flush against him. He withdrew his lips from mine and slowly placed gentle and slow kisses against my neck. I soon felt goosebumps form on my skin and my heart beat richocheting against my chest. Julian pressed up against me as he pulled me subtly and his lips crashing on mine, his tongue tracing my mouth making love to it. I felt hands tracing every gentle curve of my body, roaming freely as though retaining it to memory. I soon withdrew from Julians kiss and turned to the other side and gave Jeremiah equal attention, our tongues entwining and his ending up dominant. He pulled away and traced the contours of my face and smiled at me.

"C'mon let's get back to camp" I said standing up and dusting the bottoms of my pants. They stood up and dusted their pants as we made our way back to camp, our hands entwined together. We were all quiet each of us in our different thoughts, enjoying the silence if our minds and nature. As the tent came into view, I felt my heart beating rapidly. Why? I seriously have no idea. Liar. Alright fine I knew why and the reason was making me anxious and sweaty all of a sudden. Sometimes I wondered what they both saw in me because I didn't think I was all that but I knew beyond reasonable doubt I was in love with my two best friends. Best friends that I've known for five years and I have never regretted the day I poured my slushy on Jeremiah and soon Julian popped into the picture and we've been friends ever since. Clumsy right? I know but at least I got three good things out of that situation. They were both my first kiss, weird right? Actually it was so freaking awesome! I can still remember we were camped out on the couch watching that awkward moment and laughing our heads off and indulging in sugary popcorn. I had just turned to search for the remote on the couch, when Julian handed me the remote and suddenly kissed me not allowing me to over think or over analyze it. Well that's stealing but I'm not complaining. When he pulled away, he just winked at me like it was no big deal when in all my essence I was a hot quivering mess. I immediately averted my gaze to the TV not wanting to stare at him for fear I'd say something utterly embarrassing. I soon decided to go to the kitchen to get a refill on my soda. I walked awkwardly to the kitchen, taking deep breaths to calm my racing heart. I opened the fridge and refilled my glass and then I placed my hands against the counter, trying to get myself in order when I felt arms snake about my waist making me stiffen. I turned around and saw Jeremiah, making my heart to race. Why the hell is my heart racing? His brother just kissed me! O my God I'm a perv I tell myself inwardly.

"What do you think you are doing Jer?" I said my voice quivering from fear or arousal I have no idea.

"I watched you kiss my brother, do you have any idea what that did to me?" he said his voice low and husky as he pushed into me.

"I-I-I don't think that's right" I said trying to back up against the counter.

"Feel what you do to me Kare" he said tracing my face with his hand. "I know you feel it too" he said as he slowly bent his head and placed a very chase kiss on my lips and then he withdrew to see if I was going to probably scream or kick him or any act of anger. He stared intensely into my eyes before he kissed me again, deepening the kiss with a gentleness I had never felt before. The only thing I could feel was my lips tingling from his kiss and enormous butterflies swimming in my belly.

"Kare" called Jeremiah bringing out of my reverie.

"Yeah" I said looking up at both of them.

"You okay" Julian asked subtly as he used his hand to rub my arm soothingly.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said kissing him lightly on his lips, making him grin like he had won the lotto. I shook my head and laughed as I looked over at Jeremiah and did the same to him. We soon got to the tent and Julian unzipped it, allowing me to walk in first. I walked in to see little lamps surrounding the whole tent giving it a low bright glow, rose petals scattered about, the blankets have been placed on top of the sleeping bags and throw pillows arranged on top of the other making it feel very intimate, romantic, special and beautiful.

"We couldn't use candles, we didn't want to burn down the tent babe" said Jeremiah looking mightily pleased with himself. God! When did they have time to do all this?

"Its so beautiful, you guys didn't have to y'know" I said with a big smile. "Just having you both is beautiful and sweet enough" I said pulling both of them in for a hug.

"You are special Kare, your ours to take care off and spoil" Julian said kissing the top of my head.

"Thank you both" I said as tears and contentment filled me up. "You are the best" I said with a smile. They moved in and sar down as I zipped up the tent. I faced them and noticed that they were both tudying me intensely. I couldn't believe in two days the Alvarez's were moving away and I wouldn't get to spend any time or see them. I swallowed, as I felt pent up emotion rising in my throat I immediately gave myself a pep talk to make tonight a memorable one for us all. I took deep breaths and pulled my blue thermal shirt over my head and threw it to the side I stared up at them and saw the lust burning like deep embers that ignite a flame. I felt my courage dwindling for chrrisakes I'm in my cotton bra and jeans standing in front of the two sexiest guys in the planet, what the he'll am I thinking? I guess they saw my internal battle , so in one swift movement both their shirts were thrown to the side giving me a spectacular view of their mouth watering and breath taking chests which looked to be carved from stone, olive skin reflecting from the soft glows radiating from the lamps. I sucked in a breath and unbottoned my jeans, in this moment I don't care if they find me lacking all I care about s showing them both how much I love them. I shrugged off my boots and jeans and stand there in a pair of of pink cotton panties and my blue cotton bra making me blush as I realize how very unsexy my undergarments are.

"Hermoso" said Julian with a small smile. "Beautiful" he said drinking me in. I gulped in some very needed air, watching Jeremiah staring at me with intense concentration. I stripped out of my bra and panties and saw them take a sharp intake of breath. There's no going back now Kierra I told myself inwardly.

"Come" said Jeremiah, his voice heavy with arousal as he beckoned me forward. I moved forward and knelt before them, looking at them deciphering what they'd do next. Jeremiah pulled me into him as his lips crashed fiercely into mine, his tongue duelling with mine. I felt Julians hands moving my hair to the side and placing gentle kisses on may neck as he grabbed my behind and grinded his erection into me making pleasure form in my belly. I pulled away and grabbed Julians head in a deep, steamy and passionate kiss as he invaded my mouth with his sweetness making my breath come out in short pants.

"Lie down" Julian commanded huskily, I laid down and watched them hovering above me and soon they booth laid at both of my sides. Julian pulled me into him kissing me like his life depended on it, his strokes getting deeper and hotter. Liquid heat pooled up between my legs as Jeremiah stroked my derriere and cupped my small but full breats. I felt my breath hitch in my chest as he played with a small dusky nipple, pulling and twirling it around. I withdrew from Julians kisses and turned to Jeremiah and claimed his mouth in a hot kiss, his hands still playing with my breasts. I felt Julian placing slow kisses on my neck and my back tracing my heated skin. Jeremiah withdrew from our kissing as he gently pushed me on my back. He soon sat up and so did Julian, he bent his head low and kissed me again as Julian placed kisses on my neck, to the generous swells if my breasts, my stomach and continued down to my thighs, kissing my calves and giving equal attention to every part of me as moans escaped me. I couldn't believe we were finally doing this. God! What if I suck? I stopped and drove those thoughts to thevdark recreate of my mind and concentrated in the intense feelings coursing through me, feelings caused by the two best lovers in the world.

"Part your thighs Kare" said Julian gruffly. I immediately complied and watched as he stroked me gently, rubbing my cream against hot and moist flesh. I moaned as he stroked the little bundle of nerve in me and my breath sky rocketing about as he plunged a strong and lean finger into me making me gasp. I looked up at Jeremah whom was staring intently at what this brother seemed doing to me, his eyes flaring with unabridged passion. I moaned as Julian added a second finger to me, stretching me and making me full. Jeremiah quickly unzipped his cargo shorts and stripped off his boxer briefs and immediately grabbed himself. His erection hung thick and heavy, veins throbbing at the sides. He started stroking himself as his essence leaked, he immediately used his hand to scoop up the drops to wetten his shaft. As he stroked himself he groaned, his face tightening with pleasure. I was momentarily distracted until I felt a third finger enter me the intensitybif the intrusion more powerful than before as I let out a moan, a sound that was half aroused and half breathless.

"I want to touch you Jer" I said breathlessly. He looked at me still stroking himself as he moved forward and I took over, doing it exactly the way I watched him stroke himself. I sat up and stroked him harder making him groan out loud. Omg!! What if someone heard us now? I brought out the tip of my tongue and traced the slit on the head of his shaft. I looked up at him unsure of what I was doing, asking him if I was doing it right.

"God dont stop babe" his voice came out breathlessly. My head reeled from the intense sensation bubbling through me as I realized the power I had over this beautiful guy I was very much in love with. I used my tongue to trace the veins that pulsed and took him gently into my mouth. I soon felt a tightening in my core as I fell back to the pillows and screamed my release , my breath coming out in pants. I opened my eyes to see a very pleased Julian and a very annoyed Jeremiah. After regaining my breath I watched as Julian stripped off his clothing, his erection hanging thick and proud. He moved over to the side and got a foil packet and tore it open making me to swallow thickly. I looked up at Jeremiah and took him back in my mouth as I cupped him, slowly teasing him with feather light touches and rubbing him together. I felt him tense and soon hot spurts of him poured into my mouth and I swallowed every drop, licking him clean of every drop. He tasted salty but sweet in a tangy way that was suprisingly arousing. I pulled away and the grin that crept on his face was infectitious.

"That was wonderful babe, the best ever" he said with a smile.

"Really?" I said with a blush.

"Yeah" he said bending down and placing a kiss on my lips. He withdrew and sat down, we both looked at Julian as he fixed the condom on.

"I can't wait Kare, just watching you taking Jer in your mouth Christ" he said putting his hand through his hair. "Go stay between Jer's legs" his voice came out gruffly. I immediately complied and embraced Jeremiah's welcoming body heat, that seemed to encompass me in warmth, safety and peace. I sighed satisfactorily as I watched Julian part m legs and placed himself at my entrance.

"Are you comfortable babe?" Julian said through gritted teeth. "I can't wait to be inside you".

"Y-y-yes" I said turning shy all of a sudden as I felt myself tense.

"Shhhhh relax Kare, we'll take care of you" Jeremiah said as he stroked my hair and pressed a kiss into my shoulder. I sighed and urged my tense muscles to relax, when I felt myself relax I felt him enter me slowly. I looked at him and the intense concentration written on his face, the muscles pulsing on his jaw as he grinded his teeth in an agonizing mash. He pulled out and slipped in inch by inch as I felt him stretch me slowly and a slight feeling of discomfort enveloping me. With a final pull he thrusted all the way in making me clench Jeremiah's hand in a death grip. Jeremiah whispered sweet nothings to me urging me to relax and telling me how beautiful I am which made me release the death grip I had on him. He let me get used the girth and then he pulled out and thrusted back in. I felt myself slip into a passion induced haze, moaning as I moved with him in the same rhythm matching him thrusts for thrusts. I felt my walls clench around him as he continued thrusting into my welcoming heat. Soon I felt myself tense , my release building all the way from my toes to my very being as I shattered into a million pieces, colour blinding me like I had come out of a kaleidoscope. When I felt myself slowly come back to earth I watched as he thrust deep, fast strokes making me feel the pleasures of womanhood. I had never felt anything like this before and so help me i found myself craving more, he thrusted with final short pumps as he growled out his release. His beautiful body tensed with pleasure, his breathing hard and labored. I looked up at Jeremiah and saw the almost feral hungry look in his eyes as he stroked me.

"My turn" he growled sending a shiver of arousal down my spine. Julian soon pulled out from me and the sound of another condom opening, only made the anticipation of what I was to receive better. Jeremiah and I made love as Julian cradled me in his arms, his strokes deep, sure and ooh so good. I had never felt this much pleasure at one sitting and when I reached my release, I felt like I was having an out of body experience just watching my pleasure induced body flushed with satiation. We all laid spooned together, Jeremiah in front of me his hands wrapped around my waist and Julian behind me his legs entwined with mine. We stayed still a mixture of boneless liquid just waiting for someone to break the silence that ate deeply around us. I knew what was to come and I couldn't hide the sob that escaped me.

"Kare, please don't cry" Julian's voice came out slowly, his voice holding the emptiness I knew I'd feel when they finally moved away. "We wish we could stay, but we can't" he said quietly. I could hear my own sobs and the quiet cackle of wind blowing about, leaves and sticks cracking as though someone were moving them. I couldn't think about anything, at once emptiness and pain rushing to me like a tidal river. What was I supposed to do, when the two people I loved the most in the world were been taking away from me? I felt Jeremiah wipe the tears that continually fell against my cheeks, highlighting my sorrow more than I'd intended his face gloom and sullen as though he were in physical pain.

"Whats going to happen me?" I said slowly, my voice hoarse from the tears I was shedding.

"God Kare, I don't know what to say I wish I could make it better I really do" said Jeremiah slowly as he raked a hand through his hair.

"Please Kare, c'mon stop crying every things going to be fine" Julians voice sounded with optimism that he so lacked.

"I can't, you leave in two days" my voice was barely above a whisper.

"Come here" Julian said pulling me into a tight embrace.

"You know we love you Kare and we will always love you, no matter where we go" Jeremiah said embracing me also.

"I love you both, I really do" I said as a sob broke free. "It's just so hard, I don't know how I'll live without the two of you" I said burying my face in Jeremiah's chest as tears poured hopelessly.

"Shhhhh you'll be fine Kare, wait and you'll see" Julian said his voice full of sadness. "C'mon, close your eyes and just sleep everything will be fine" he said soothingly as he stroked my back.

"It will be" said Jeremiah with a small smile. I closed my eyes and pretended everything in my life was going according to plan and Jeremiah and Julian weren't leaving. I steeled myself with the tears and tried stopping them as I pictured myself in the most unconventional way. I pictured myself with a little girl running around the fields, she had auburn hair and the darkest hazel colored eyes as we ran about in the fields. I looked up at the two guys I was in love with, it didn't matter that it was a taboo or a pervy situation I was in I just didn't care what anyone thought of us. All I thought of were the two wonderful guys that filled my soul with nothing but happiness, joy, fulfillment, passion, love and a yearning like no other I had ever felt and now I was on the brink of losing them when I had just gotten my first real chance at true love. Life sucked I thought as I closed my eyes and gradually fell asleep, if only I had known that I wouldn't see them or hear from them in years I guess I would have done something different and said my proper goodbyes.

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