Breaking Ash

Breaking Ash

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This story is about a man (Ned) and his wife (Ash) and their new experience.


This story is about a man (Ned) and his wife (Ash) and their new experience.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Breaking Ash

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This story is about a man (Ned) and his wife (Ash) and their new experience.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 11, 2012



Breaking Ash

  1. The idea

This story is about a man (Ned) and his wife (Ash) and their new experience.

Ned and Ash were studying in different universities in the same city. They didn’t have kids or planned to have in the near future.

Ned one day was looking at the news paper and stumbled upon a flyer for a student asking for a roommate or a family to live with .

So he had the idea, why wouldn't they have someone to live with them, who shares with them the rent and they also have an empty room if someone comes in wouldn't matter that much.

He didn't know if his wife would be comfortable or not with someone in the house.

Ned went on thinking about this, would she be wearing her vale or not. Also how will they handle food, do they cook for him or let him enter the kitchen with them like this she will not be comfortable neither does the new person. But thought that they could be one of those families that sublet one room in the house for a student and provide food for an extra charge.

In one day his friend (Mular) talked to him about subletting him the extra room because he is not comfortable with his current roommates

So Ned said: I would not be comfortable like this I love being alone with my wife and she loves to wear sexy for me a lot.

Mular said: I won't bother anyone she can strip as much as she wants, if her body as good as her face then there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Ned: are you mad, you want to see my wife half naked.

Mular: come on I can see fully naked women every day if I want, and also I will be just passing by , I won't sit with you guys.

Ned: would you be okay with me seeing your girlfriend or your sisters naked.

Mular: I have no problem at all.

Then he reached to his phone and showed Ned a picture of what he said his new girlfriend and naked.

Ned: that is not your girlfriend, she could be any women from the internet.

Mular: come with me ,

So they went to a building in the university and entered an office where Ned saw the same girl in the picture

Mular said to her after greeting: This is my girlfriend (Sara).

So Ned was very embarrassed

Mular: do you believe me now.

Ned: yes.

They rode the first bus back home and Ned was trying to check upon him

he said: can I see her picture again (to see if Mular would be mad)

So Mular gave the phone to him and put on the picture (it was a side picture where she raised the closer hand at the back of her head and her closer leg is slightly bent).

she had a nice ass , and cute face and amazing body.

because Ned looked long at the picture Mular said: do you like it, do you want us to go back and let her show you in real. She wouldn't mind.

Ned: no thanks if my wife know about that she would be very angry and she will not forgive me again.

Mular: what did you do before?

Ned: she caught me seeing some pictures in the internet.

Mular: only?

Ned: what ? you don't know our traditions.

Mular: it’s not much, you should show her pictures and you see pictures and your life would be healthy.

Ned: I am trying to do it these days and she is starting to accept this and I am picturing her naked also.

Mular: come on man you took pictures of her naked and didn't show me.

Ned: in your dreams.

Mular: this is a big mistake man letting a beautiful woman like that without showing her beauty to the world. Let people see her and they will envy you. As if you are having a Ferrari and not showing it to the world.

Ned: you are living in a very different world.

Mular: no you are the one living outside this world, don't you have a pit of joy showing her pictures.

Ned: I don’t know but I don't want any one sharing her with me.

Mular: does she love you.

Ned: yes.

Mular: then there is nothing to fear, it will only hurt their hearts and they will say you are a very lucky man.

They both gone thinking and the day ended with that.

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