Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly Deeply

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Two strangers meet in Rome Italy and Fall in love. Inspiration from the song from Savage Garden called Truly Madly Deeply.


Two strangers meet in Rome Italy and Fall in love. Inspiration from the song from Savage Garden called Truly Madly Deeply.


Submitted: December 21, 2016

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Submitted: December 21, 2016



Truly Madly Deeply

As the train stops at its destination, she quickly gathers her things and gets up to exit. She pushes through the many passengers in a hurry and makes her way out of the train’s exit. Making her way through the many people along the side platform, she bumps into him almost knocking herself down. Her purse is the only thing that makes it to the ground and its contents spills out. She franticly kneels and gathers the contents back into her purse. The gentle man she bumps into decides to help her and also kneels down to help gather her things into her purse. Before he can introduce himself right, she is already swinging her purse over her shoulder and getting up to leave.

He gets up after her and holds his hand out to stop her, but she has already walked away. He cusses under his breath and turns his attention to a little black wallet underneath his feet. It puzzles him at first, but then it dons on him whom the wallet might belong too. He slowly bends over and picks it up from under his feet. He flips it open and inside it is an identification picture of a woman that looks just like the young lady he just bumped into and on the bottom of the picture was a name that read Guinevere Schmidt. It had an address but it was a foreign one.  He realized Guinevere was not from Italy; she was from Germany. There was also a cellphone number next to the address. As if on instinct he looks back up to see if he can still spot Guinevere somewhere nearby. He looks to his front; then to his left and right making sure to looks above the many heads in the train station, but no such luck. Finally, out of defeat he turns his attention back on the little black wallet in his hands and sighs. He squeezes it tighter in his grip and tucks it into his back pocket of his jeans. Right before he turns to leave he tells himself that he will try to call that number on her ID and find her by the time the day was over.

As the young man makes his way across town to a local Italian pub to meet up with some friends, he is still thinking about the young woman he bumped into earlier at the train station. He wonders why she was in such a hurry. He did notice she was carrying a violin on her back. Maybe she was heading to an orchestra recital; after-all the city was putting on a concert very soon. Perhaps she belonged to the City’s Orchestra.  She was stunningly beautiful, even at the glimpse of her he Stoll, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He had not seen her well in person, but even the picture of her did not do justice to the little he actually saw of her profile. She had the same shinny honey chestnut colored short bob and bright hazel bambi eyes with big fat cheeks as the picture. Her body was nice and slim; she was on the short side that was for sure; no more than 5’4 and had on denim jeans and a grey tank top.

He could not stop thinking about her as he walks into the pub and sits down with his group of four friends in the corner of the pub. Most of the time he is there, he is steering into space and thinking about Guinevere. He is not saying anything to his friends. He is not even drinking his beer. His friends notice it and one of them decide to say something.

“Hey man; what’s going on with you? Why do you look like you just got hit by cupid’s arrow?” asks one of his friends.

He snaps out of his thoughts and turns his attention to his friend sitting next to him. “I bumped into a young woman this morning Frank….”

Franks eyes lite up with excitement. “Oh, you did,” he starts. “So, you met someone…. Tell Ol Frank what happened.”

“Well I decided to take a short cut this morning through the old train station and bumped into a very interesting young woman as she was making her way out of the train’s platform. I accidently knocked her purse down and all her things fell out. I helped her gather her things back into her purse, but before I could introduce myself, she was already gone. She was in such a hurry, that she left her wallet behind.” He reached down into his back pocket and brings out the wallet.

Frank looks down at the wallet in his hand with wide eyes. “So, do you know her name? Is there an ID in there?” asks Frank.

He flips open the wallet and Frank leans over to further view the contents of it. “Yes, there is a ID in here and her name is Guinevere. It seems like this number here is a working number so I think I can call it.”

Frank turns his eyes back to him. “So, go ahead Antonio; what are you waiting for?” encourages Frank.

The other three friends hear the conversation between Frank and Antonio and decides to intervene. “I’m hearing Antonio hear met him a new flavor,” says one of the four friends.

“Yeah Giovanni, he just bumped into her at the train station and he can’t stop thinking about her,” reply’s Frank.

“Well you know Antonio, you are the Prime Minister’s son; which means any woman would be lucky to have you,” says Giovanni.

“Yeah, do you know how many Italian girls drool over you every day. They line up just to have a piece of you,” says one of the friends.

Antonio shakes his head with a sigh. “Not this girl. She is foreign. I don’t even think she even knows who I am. When I bumped into her, she did not even blink twice at me,” says Antonio.

“Beh, io sono sicuro che sarà una sorpresa quando scopre,” (Well, I’m sure it will be quite a suprise when she finds out.) says Giovanni under his breath.

“Zitto Giovanni! Egli non ha nemmeno parlato con lei ancora!” (Shut up Giovanni! He hasn’t even spoken to her yet!) Frank barks at Giovanni.

Giovanni got quiet and finished up the remaining contents of his beer.

“Go ahead and give her a call,”says Frank.

Antonio retrievs his cellphone from his jean pocket and dials the number on the ID. He puts the phone to his ear and waits for someone to pick up on the otherline. Three dial tones in, a soft voice finally burst through the other line.

“Hello,” it says.

“Hi, is this Guineviere?” asks Antonio.

“Yes, this is she,” says the soft female voice.

Antonio can hardly hear what she is saying because it is very loud in the back ground. “Um did you say yes?”

“Um yes!” she repeats.

“Okay, hI, you don’t know me but you left your wallet at the train station this morning. I’m the guy you bumped into this morning at the train station.” There is a bit of a silence on the other line which makes Antonio feel a bit uncomfortable. “Um hello Guineviere; are you  there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m sorry. You said you have my wallet?”

“Yes i do!” Is there somewhere we can meet, so i can give you back your wallet?”

“Yes, Um....  there is a nice little restuarant i like to go to on the corner of Via del Corso. Meet me there at 7 pm sharp. Don’t be late.”

“Okay great.”

“Thank you, Um.... I did not catch your name.”

“Oh, it’s Antonio.... Antonio Esposito!”

“Oh, okay! Thank you Antonio Esponsito.

“No, it’s my pleasure Miss Guinerviere.

“See you tonight Antonio.

Bye!” Antonio hangs up as his friends all applaud him and pats him on the back. They quickly finish their beer and exit the little Italian pub.


Later on that evening Antonio arrives on his motocycle to the little restuarant on the corner of Via del Corso. He quickly parks his wheels and finds Guinerviere sitting outside of the restaurant at a table for two. She looks breath taking in just a pair of over-alls and a black biker jacket with her hair pulled back in a loose pony tail. She smiles sweetly at him as he approaches her.

“Antonio is it?” she says with an outstretched hand.

“Yes,” he says as he stops in front of her and meets her hand shake with his own. Her grip his quite soft and firm.

“Please sit down.” She releases the hand shake as he pulls out his chair and sits down across from her at the little round table.

“Wow this is quite fancy,” he says.

“You don’t like fancy?” she asks.

“No nothing like that. I’m actually quite fond of fancy. Just did not think we would meet up in a fancy situation like this.”

“Oh, I usually don’t do fancy,” she says. "Once in a while I treat myself to something fancy. Since I’m here on a student visa for a while, I thought why not get the best of my stay here in Rome Italy. After-all it is the most romantic city in the world.”

“Yes in deed.”

“I notice you have an accent, but it’s not of Italian. I take it your from Germany.”

“Yes, I’m from Germany, but my family is orginally from uKraine.

“Ukraine..... that’s intreresting. I’ve never met someone from Ukraine before.

A waiter walks over and interupts their conversation. Cosa sarebbe?(what would it be?) asks the young vibrent female beauty.

“Wait! What did she say?” asks Guinevere. She was confussed.

Antonio looks back at Guinerverre and smiles cheekly. “She asks what would you like to order?”

Guinerviere looks down at her menu domfounded with confussion. She is cluless of what she wants to order.

“I’ll order for you Guineverre,” offers Antonio.

Guinevere looks back up at Antonio and nervously bits her bottom lip and nods her head in agreement.

He looks up at the waiter and says “ Si farà avere la primavera di pasta e dovrò la bruschetta.” (She’ll have the pasta primavera and I’ll have the Bruschetta.”

The cute waiter nods and writes down their order right before she turns to leave.

“What did you order for me?” Guivevere asks.

“I ordered Pasta Primavera for you and bruschetta for me.”

“Guinevierre raises and uncertain eye brow. And how do you know i will like that?

“I don’t, but every woman I’ve ordered that for enjoyed it. I have quite an eye for exquiste food my dear Guinevere.

Guinvere puffs her cheeks, folds her arms and leans back on her chair. Antonio turns his attention to two young women waltzing over to their table beeming with joy and giggles. They stop in front of Antonio and ask him for his autograph and if he could take a picture with them. Antonio proudly acknowledges them and stands up to take the picture with the two fans. He signs their autograph poster of him and they scurry off giggling amongst themselves. He then takes his sit back at the table.

Guinevere is now looking at him with confussion and wonderious eyes. Her mouth is a bit open in shock. She tries to speak, but all that comes out is a gasp. Antonio decides to speak for her. “I guess you are wondering what that was all about?”

She closes her mouth and takes in a breath. “Yeah; Are you some kind of celebrity or something? She asks.

“Well sort off,” he states.

“Well I don’t like celebrities.”

“Why is that?”

The waiter brings them their food and they start eating.

“Well because its to much exposure and dating one will be too much torture for me. No privacy and such,” she says inbetween chews.

“Well you don’t have to worry about it because I’m sure your not planing on dating me,” he says.

“She sighs out of annoyance. Anyways where is my wallet by the way?”

“Hold on its in my back pocket.” He reaches into his back pocket with his free hand and brings out her wallet. He hands her the wallet and she gladly snatches it from his grip.

“Thank you,” she says while rolling her eyes.

“Your welcome!”

“Would you like to accompany me to my home for some wine and some small talk?” asks Antonio.

“Like we haven’t small talked enough!”

“Don’t be a smart ass Guinevere.”

She sighs and nods her head.


After dinner Guinerverre hops onto the back of Antonio’s motocycle and they take off down the street heading to Antonio’s home. When they get there Guineviere can not believe the kind of lavish life style Antonio lives. His home is a huge four story Villa with a huge lake attached to it. There is allot of land surrounding the villa and allot of workers work for him. Both Antonio and Guinevere decide to sit out on the lake dock and enjoy the lake at night while enjoying a nice Italian white wine together. They spred out on a blanket on the dock and look out at the lake in front of them.

“So you never really told me what you really are,” she says while sipping on her wine beside him.

“I’m the Prime Minister’s son,” he answers.”

Guinevere starts chocking on her wine. She starts coughing out of shock.She puts down the wine glass and turns her attention to him. “Wait; your what?” she coughs.

He turns his head to her and gives her a sterm look. “I said I’m the Prim Minister’s son,” he states with a cheeky grin. “Does that come as a suprise to you?”

“Well yeah; I mean what are the odds of actually meeting the Prime Minister’s son of a foreigh country i’ve only lived in for three weeks. This kind of oportunity does not unsually happen to me.”

He smiles sweetly at her and wrappes his arms around her shoulder bringing her closer into him in a nice side hug. She smells like sweet ginger and cinnimon. A smell he can get use too. “That’s sweet,” he says. He releases the embrase and looks back at her. “You want to go for a swim?”

“Nah huh,” she says frantically shaking her head.

He gets up and pleads with her. “Uh come on chicken; just a late night swim.” He starts shedding off his clothes until he stands infront of her with nothing but his white briefs and sock on. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her up on her feet. She pleads with him and pulls back, but his grip is too strong and he pulls her with him into the water. They both land into the cold water with a splash and the water stings their skin.

She gets mad at him and shoves him away from her. He starts to laugh at her pain and discomfort. She folds her arm and turns away from him. “Now you’ve got me all wet; you bastard!” she shouts at him.

“Uh, don’t be such a puss,” he says.

“It’s freezing in the water and I’m all cold now,” she says with her back still to him.

He moves towards her. “Come on Guinerviere, I’ll warm you up. He wrapes his arms around her back side and pulls her into him. She tries to struggle against him, but finds herself melting into his sentual touch. She feels his erection growing at an alarming rate against her tooch. He slowly turns her around and their lips meet into a deep sensual kiss. He holds her tight as they struggle to taste each other’s nectar. By the time they let go of the kiss, they are struggling for breath.

“Would you like to go inside now?” he asks her.

“Yeah, it’s getting really dark out here,” she replys.

They swim back to the dock and make their way back to the Villa. When they get inside. Antonio asks one of his female workers to show Guinevere to one of the guest rooms. The worker exscorts her to the guest room and brings out a white bath robe for her to change in. She then fixes the bed for her. After she is done, she leaves the room. Guinevere gets out of her damp clothes and puts on the robe. She gets into bed and slips into a light sleep.


The next morning, Guinevere is awaken by Antonio coming into her bedroom with a tray of breakfast food. He kisses her on the cheek and slips into bed with her. They eat in silence together for a while. After breakfast Guinevere gets dressed and Antonio gets ready to take her home. As they walk out of the front door of the villa, they are bombarded by paparazzi and photagraphers, ready to take their pictures. Some of the paparazzi shoots questions at them like “Antonio, is that your new main squeeze? Is that your new flavor of the week? Antonio tell me her name? What does the Prime Minister think about this new young lady? Antonio are you getting married to this young lady?”

All of this is new to Guineverre and all of the questions the paparazzi is spitting at them is making her head spin. She has to get away from the paparazzi and she has to get away quickly. She gets on the back of Antonio’s motocycle and they speed off down the street leaving the paparazzi behind.

When they finally get to Guinevere’s bungalow that she shares with ten other female students she came there with, they stand infront of the bungalow front door as Antonio says his goodbyes.

“Can I see you again Guineveire?” he asks

“Yes, but my visa expires in a month. I will be heading back to Germany in September.

He reaches over and brushes her cheek with his back hand and cocks his head to the side with a sad pout to his lips. “Is that all we have; just a month?”

She brings her hand up to meet his. I believe so,” she says and lowers her eyes to the space between them.

“Well if a month is all we have, then a month is all I need to capture your heart. If I can capture your heart in a month, then there is no limit to what our love for each other can do,” he says.

She raises her eyes back up and smiles sweetly at him. He slowly closes the space between them and kisses her deeply but yet gently. They hear some giggles coming from the window which brakes their kiss. Guinevere turns her attention to the front window and sees three female siloquette faces looking at them and giggling amongst themselves from inside the house. When they see Guinevere have noticed them, they quickly dock back inside still giggling to themselves.

“Sorry, my stupid roommates,” says Guinevere.

“That’s okay; it happens.”

He plants another kiss on her lips once more and sees her inside. After she has disappeared inside, he turns around and get back on his motocycle heading back to his Villa.

Over the next month, Antonio and Guinevere’s relationship grows. They spend allot of time together and they go out on shopping sprees and vacations. He even attends her orchastra concerts. He invests in allot of her Orchestra activities and even buys her a new state of the art violin. By the time September comes around, Antonio goes home with Guinevere and meets her family in Germany. They welcome him home with open arms. They show him the life stlye of Germany and he tastes allot of what Germany has to offer along with their many wonderful quisines. He even flys her family to Rome Italy and shows them the same hospitality as they did him in their home town. His Father loves Guinevere and her family. They finally get ingagged and marry in an huge exquisite Italilian wedding in Tuscany.


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