The Little Mermaid: Ariel and Melody's Adventures

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Melody's friend and long time crush, Tristan get's taken away by the sea witch Morgana, Ursula's younger sister. Morgana wants Ariel's magical flower that hold's a piece of King Triton's power, but in order to do that she needs Melody to steel it from her Mother and trade it for her Tristan life. Morgana plans to use the magic in the flower to take control of the mere-people of Atlantica as well as King Triton. King Triton and Ariel eventually defeats Morgana and her evil plan and in prison her.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel and Melody’s Adventures

Melody sat in front of her dresser mirror in her bedroom, brushing through her long dark chocolate locks. As she brushed and hummed a melody, she thought about Tristan, the boy she was crushing on for a long time now. She thought about Tristan’s gorgeous deep sapphire eyes. The way those eyes at her whenever they were close. The way those wonderous eyes bore into her own, like she was an adventure waiting to explore. She thought about his silky golden locks that fell over those beautiful pair of eyes and the way he liked to shake the water out of his damp hair during their time in the ocean. Melody had crushing on Tristan from the first time he had danced with her at her birthday party a while back. Of course, at the time the wall that once surrounded the palace was built. It was built to keep an evil witch out that goes by the name Morgana.

When Melody was a baby, the witch Morgana came as a threat to Melody and her family. Morgana wanted revenge for King Triton banishing Ursula, Morgana’s older sister to the bottom of the sea, so she used Melody as bate. Eventually, King Triton fought Morgana and her fish followers, finally bringing Melody to safety.

After that, Ariel did not want to let Melody know of her grandfather and her mermaid ancestry. She wanted to seclude Melody away from the sea, in fear that Melody was not safe from Morgana and her vengeful ways. So, King Triton vowed that he would never come to see Melody as she grew older. He tossed the necklace with Melody’s name on it and of Atlantica he was to give Melody as a gift into the ocean, so she would never know of Atlantica. He then built a wall that separated the palace from the sea to keep Morgana out and them safe. Eventually, on Melody’s twelfth birthday, Morgana came back to exact her revenge.

Melody is drawn to the sea and occasionally goes against her parents’ wishes and goes under the wall to swim. She later finds the locket with her name on it and seeks morgana for help in finding out what the locket’s purpose was. Morgana told her of her destiny and gave her a bargain she cannot refuse. Morgana turned her into a Mermaid in exchange for bringing her King Triton’s Tritant. Melody excepted and goes out to Atlantica to get the Tritant. She eventually stole the tritant off king Triton’s throne and took it to Morgana. Ariel finally arrived and plead to Melody to not give Morgana the Triton, but Melody is so angry at her mother for not telling her about her mermaid side and hands over the Triton to Morgana. Morgana’s potion is wearing out on Melody and she finally gets her legs back. But she is losing air under the water and Sabastian is left to free her to safety. King Triton and Eric also arrive at Morgana’s layer. They start a battle, but eventually Melody gets the Triton from Morgana and hands it over to King Triton, who uses the tritant to place a block of ice around Morgana and banish her into the depth of the ocean just like Ursula.

Now Morgana has escaped King Triton’s curse and is still looking for ways to exact her revenge on Ariel and her family.


Melody is still in love with the sea and often swims and explores it, even now that she does not have her mermaid tale. Her and Tristan often plays together in the ocean shore right outside of the palace. Tristan would come over at times and he and Melody would swim and explore the ocean that King Triton rules and lived in down below in Atlantica. Melody loved the sea and the sea loved her. She was a part of the sea and that was why she loved it so much.

Melody’s bedroom cordless phone rang, knocking her out of her thoughts. She swiftly got up and rushed over to answer it. She picked up the seashell shaped cordless phone and plopped down on her bed to answer it.

“Hello,” said Melody into the phone speakers at whom over was on the other line.

“Hi, Melody. It’s Tristan,” the other person responded on the other line.

“Oh, hi Tristan. What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be asleep by this time?” said Melody with an excited tone in her voice.

“Yeah, but I was just calling to remind you of our adventure tomorrow. You know, we supposed to go down exploring the caves of the ocean,” said Tristan.

“Oh, yeah. How could I forget.”

“And don’t bring that pesky crab,” said Tristan.

“Oh, Sabastian. He’s harmless. He is sort of my protector,” said Melody.

“Well, he’s a pain. I don’t’ want him with us when we go exploring.”

“Alright, I won’t,” agreed Melody.

“Alright, see ya tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye,” said Melody with a smile before she heard the dial tone.

Melody hung up the phone and finished brushing her hair. Soon after, her Mother walked into her bedroom to say goodnight.

“Melody are you getting ready for bed?” asked Ariel as she stepped into the room with grace. The trail of her long blue flowy night gown followed behind.

“Yes Mother,” replied Melody. She got into bed and got under the covers.

Ariel sat down on the edge of Melody’s bed to tuck her in.

“Mother?” cried Melody.

“Yes, my Melody,” replied Ariel in attention mode.

“When are we going to visit grandfather again?” she asked.

“Your father and I were just talking about visiting King Triton. We will see him soon, my love,” said Ariel.

“But how soon. I miss Atlantica,” stressed Melody to her Mother.

“I don’t know Melody. I just know we will visit soon.”

“Will I get my fish legs back?” asked Melody.

“Yes, Melody. You will,” Ariel sighed.

“Oh, boy!” Melody excitedly whooped. “I’m going to get my fish legs back!” She seemed overjoyed.

“Yes, you will. But for now, you must go to bed, Melody,” ordered Ariel. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“Alright Mother,” Melody agreed. She scooted into a more comfortable position under the covers and closed her eyes. Ariel leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Goodnight, sweet Melody,” Ariel whispered, before she got up and left Melody’s room.


The next day, Melody and Tristan met at the ocean shore outside the palace. They did a little bit of exploring the caves of the ocean. They explored the sea for hours and was now playing out in the deeper side of the shore near the caves. They were laughing and splashing around in the water.

Then suddenly, the water started to send big ripples via the ocean. The rocks and seashore started to shake. Melody and Tristan got scared. They did not know what was going on. Then a big dark figure started to emerge from the water, behind Tristan. It was huge with eight tentacles as legs. Then it finally came into view.

“Morgana,” cried Melody with wide astonished blue eyes. She could not move or blink as Morgana rose out of the water. Tristan seemed to be equally astonished. Then Morgana grabbed Tristan and seized him in her grip with all her might.

“No, Tristan,” cried Melody. She reached to grab Tristan, but it was too late.

“Morgana let out a deep penetrating laugh that rang out all over the sea. “Now, you will do as I say or Tristan here becomes fish snack,” cried Morgana angrily.

“Melody, help!” screamed Tristan in Morgana’s grip. He seemed frightened to death.

Melody let out a deep sigh and looked up at Morgana with defeat in her eyes. “What do you want me to do?” asked Melody.

“I want you to give me your Mother’s flower, in exchange for lover boy, here” said Morgana with a deep throaty laughter.

Melody looked from helpless Tristan to Morgana. She did not know what to do. She knew how much the flower meant to her Mother. How could she take the magical flower away from her Mother and hand it over to this witch? But she knew what she had to do to save Tristan. “Alright. I’ll do it,” Melody sighed.

“No, Melody don’t do it,” cried Tristan.

“Good. Now you know where to reach me,” said Morgana as she turned and walked away with Tristan.

Melody swam to the shore and rushed towards the palace entrance. She ran into the home and sneaked her way down the hall towards her parent’s bedroom. Her parents were eating dinner at the time, so no one noticed her. When she walked into her parent’s bedroom, she quickly spotted the magical flower inside a white see through case. She knew she had to take it to Morgana. She knew she had to steel it even if it would break her Mother’s heart to find the flower missing. Melody swiftly opened the case and picked up the flower. Just then, she heard Sabastian come into the room.

“Melody, what do you think you’re doing?” asked Sabastian.

Melody swiftly turned around startled. “I, I, I was just admiring Mother’s flower,” she fibbed.

“No, you weren’t. You were taking that flower. Now, what do you have under your sleeve, young lady?” said Sabastian.

Melody let out a defeated sigh. She knew she could not lie to Sabastian; not about something so serious as stealing her Mother’s magical flower. Melody decided to tell Sabastian everything that happened. She told him everything including Morgana’s bargain for Tristan’s life.

“Jumping jelly-fish! We’ve got to report this to your Motha,” cried Sabastian in hysterics.

“No, you must not!” Melody frantically shook her head. “If you do, I might never see Tristan again,” she pleaded with Sabastian.

“Oh, why do I always have to be the one in between a bad situation,” Sabastian deeply sighed. “Alright, but I’m coming with you,” he offered.

“No, Sabastian. I must do this alone. You stay here and make sure nobody notices that I’m gone,” ordered Melody.

Sabastian sighed once more and let Melody be on her way.


After dinner, Ariel walked into her bedroom to get ready for bed. She wondered where Melody was. Melody had not come down to eat dinner. Was she even in her bedroom? She thought, after she got ready for bed, she would go up to Melody’s bedroom to look for her. Just when Ariel was about to go over to her dresser mirror, she noticed her flower was missing from its case.

“My flower!” cried Ariel. My flower is missing.” Ariel was so shocked, and heartbroken that her precious flower was missing. The flower was important to her. It was given to Ariel by her father. He gave it to her on her sixteenth birthday. It held the key to the family’s power. If someone ever gets ahold of the flower, it could bring great danger to the mere-people. The flower possessed a piece of king Triton’s power. Someone like Morgana could do great harm with the flower’s magic. “But who could have taken it,” Ariel thought. Then it hit her. “Melody!” she cried. “Eric!”

Eric rushed into the couple’s bedroom. Her noticed his wife seemed destressed and frantic. He was surprised to see her in such state. “What’s wrong Ariel. Why are you so frantic?” he asked her, rushing to her side.

“Oh, Eric. My flower is gone. I think Melody took it,” she cried, rushing into his arms.

“But why would Melody do that?” Eric asked. “She knows how much that flower means to you.”

“I don’t know Eric…...” Ariel trailed off when she heard Sabastian run into the bedroom.

“It was Melody!” Sabastian cried. “Melody stole the flower and is taking it to Morgana. Morgana has Tristan. She wants Melody to trade the flower for Tristan’s life,” Sabastian explained.

“What!” Morgana has Tristan,” Ariel said.

“Yes, the two were exploring the caves this afternoon and Morgana intervened. She took Tristan captive,” Sabastian explained.

“And now, Melody’s heading to Morgana’s lair to free Tristan,” said Ariel.

“Yes!” said Sabastian.

“Oh, Eric, we must get her back,” said Ariel, looking up at Eric.

“Yes, you must go look for her.”

“Sound the horns. I need to talk to father,” cried Ariel. She left Eric’s side and ran out of the bedroom.  

As Ariel walked towards the shore, she could hear the horns being blown from the distance. The horns were designed to warn the mere-people of great danger and to signal her father. Ariel knew her father would emerge from the sea any minute now. She waited on the seashore for her father. Suddenly, Ariel saw her Father emerge from the beneath the ocean. He emerged with his guardians by his side and tritant in hand.

“Yes, Ariel. What is the problem?” he asked as he floated on top of the water in front of her.

“Father, Melody is missing. My flower is gone too. Morgana took Tristan. Melody stole my flower and is taking it over to Morganna lair. She is going to hand it over to Morgana in exchange for Tristan,” Ariel explained to her Father.

“No, we cannot let that happen,” said King Triton. “If Morgana gets a hold of the flower’s magic, she could do great harm to the mere-people. We must stop Melody before it’s too late.”

Eric and Sabastian rushed beside them. “King Triton, you must get Melody back to us safely,” Eric said.

“Melody and Tristan will come back to you safely, I promise,” King Triton said.

“Sire, I should have been watching her. It’s all my fault,” Sabastian cried.

“Sabastian, you should have been watching her. But it is not your fault,” said King Triton to Sabastian.

Sabastian sighed deeply.

“Father, I need my mermaid tale back,” cried Ariel. “We need to stop Morgana. I can only do it if I have my tale.”

“And it shall be,” king Triton said and raised his tritant up and pointed it at Ariel’s legs, turning her legs into mermaid tale. Ariel dived into the water and followed King Triton towards Morgana’s lair. Sabastian followed closely behind.  


Melody quietly settled inside the boat as it led her deeper and deeper into Morgana’s lair. The place was dark and frightening to her senses. It gave off a sort of dangerous warning. As Melody’s boat floated closer to where Morgana was, she met cloak and Dagger, who guided her towards Morgana’s throne.

“Well, if it isn’t Melody. I see you’ve got my flower,” said morgana as she spotted Melody on the boat.

Melody climbed out of the boat to the platform with flower in hand. “Morgana I’ve come to free Tristan. I have your flower.”

Bring it over here,” ordered Morgana staring curiously at the magical flower. Melody came closer to Morgana.

“Now where is Tristan?” asked Melody.

“Well, he is over there.” Morgana pointed to a cage nearby.

“Help, Melody,” cried Tristan as soon as Melody spotted him.

“let him go,” cried Melody.

“I will. As soon as you give me that flower,” said Morgana.

“Then you will let Tristan go?”

“Yes, I promise!” said Morgana with fingers crossed behind her. Melody came closer and handed the flower to Morgana. Morgana retrieved it and let out a mighty laughter. “Ha, ha, ha! I’ve finally got a piece of king Triton’s power,” Morgana laughed as she raised the flower over her head. “Now, all the mere-people will be in my control.”

“Now, you must free Tristan,’ cried Melody looking at Morgana with frightened eyes.

Morgana lowered the flower and returned her attention back on melody. “Oh, you stupid girl. You really thought I would free your lover boy over there,” said Morgana. “Why should I free him, when I can simply use him and you as my slaves.” Then with just a swift of her hand, Morgana threw Melody into the cage with Tristan and locked it. “Now, I’ve killed two birds with one stone,” she laughed.

“No, Morgana,” Melody heard her Mother’s voice from behind Morgana. Ariel, King Triton and Sabastian had come to rescue her and Tristan. She would finally be saved. She knew her Mother could do it.

“You have gone too far morgana,” cried king Triton. He raised his Tritant and pointed it at her to strike Morgana. Morgana moved to the side and dodged his mighty power.

“Get them, undertow,” said Morgana. Undertow attempted to attack with his big jaws, and king Triton turned him into shrimp toast.

“No, not my baby,” cried Morgana. She charged at king Triton, while Ariel attempted to free Melody and Tristan from their cage. King Triton aimed his tritant at Morgana once more finally turning her into an iced sculpture. This time he made sure she would never be free again.

King Triton aimed his tritant at the cage and blasted it open, freeing Melody and Tristan. Melody reunited with her Mother and her grandfather. Ariel got her flower back and King Triton led them back to shore.

The iced statue of Morgana now lies somewhere safe, where no creature of the sea can get to it. She can never be free again. No creature dear to disturb her prison or King Triton’s wishes.

The End!

Submitted: December 27, 2020

© Copyright 2022 breakfast@Lola's. All rights reserved.

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Very creative! You have made this come alive, & I am very proud of you Iffy!!! You see? You have lots of creativity within you!

Wed, December 30th, 2020 11:21am


Thank you spy. I appreciate your feedback.

Wed, December 30th, 2020 7:55am

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