The Betty And Veronica Adventures

The Betty And Veronica Adventures

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor


Status: Finished

Genre: Humor


Betty and Archie visit Veronica lodges home thinking they are in for an afternoon of fun in the pool, but instead Veronica has something else planned for them. Her original plans got scratched since her father asked her to throw out some of the old junk in her bedroom.


Betty and Archie visit Veronica lodges home thinking they are in for an afternoon of fun in the pool, but instead Veronica has something else planned for them. Her original plans got scratched since her father asked her to throw out some of the old junk in her bedroom.


Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



The Betty and Veronica Adventures

Betty and Archie were walking down Veronica's rich neighborhood street of Riverdale to visit the Lodges home for an afternoon of fun in the pool. Betty was dressed in a sexy one-piece yellow swimsuit, while Archie was dressed in his red Speedo’s. Betty also had on a nice white hat with matching sandals to go along with her assemble.

“Betty are you ready for some fun in the pool this afternoon?” Archie asked Betty as he walked beside her on the pavement.

“Sure, Arch. You think Jug will be there?” Betty asked.

“Nah, Jug’s got some personal matters to deal with,” Archie said.

“Yeah, like what?”

“Oh, like winning the daily hamburger contests at Pops,” Archie answered with a smirk.

“Oh, you know Jug. He is always eating hamburgers,” Betty snickered.

 “Yeah, Jug always wants to be number one at everything, especially when it comes to food.”

Betty chuckled at his statement.

When Betty and Archie finally got to the lodges home, Mr. Lodge was there to meet them at the door.

“Oh, hi Betty and Archie. How are you two kids doing?” Mr. Lodge asked them.

“Just fine Mr. Lodge,” Archie replied.

“Is Veronica home?” Asked Betty.

“Oh yes, she is up in her room right now as we speak getting things situated,” Mr. Lodge replied. He opened the door wider to let them in.

Betty and Archie carefully made their way into the home. As Betty and Archie make their way into the foyer of the Lodges home, they heard Veronica’s poodles running around in the other room. Veronica’s cousin Harper lodge wheeled her way into the foyer to meet them. She was dressed in a nice, purple summer dress with matching pink highlights on her long brown waves. Veronica’s two poodles follow behind her.

“Well if its isn’t Betty and Archie,” Harper proclaimed with a smirk. She wheeled to a stop in front of the two friends.

“Hello to you Harper,” Archie said.

“What are you guys doing here,” Harper asked, looking up at Archie and Betty.

“We just came by for some fun in the sun,” Betty answered.

“I don’t think Ronnie is ready for fun. She’s upstairs rummaging through her closet,” Harper stated.

“Oh, I thought us and Ronnie were going to have some fun in the pool this afternoon,” “Betty said.

“Nah, I think Mr. Lodge got on her about being such a packrat,” Harper said.

“Is she up in her room right now?” Archie asked.

“Yes, I think she’s getting ready for the yard sale,” Harper replied.

“Alright, see you later Harper,” Archie said before he and Betty continued up the staircase, heading for Veronica’s bedroom.

“When they got to Veronica’s bedroom, they saw Veronica rummaging through her closet, tossing both used and unused clothing aside. She was also pilling up a lot of her expensive shoes in one pile in the middle of her enormous bedroom. Her bedroom looked like Jughead’s bedroom after hotdog had a field day with jugheads shoes and hats.

“Veronica what you doing?” Betty asked her as she watched Veronica toss her most expensive Manolo Blahniks into the pile of shoes she had in the middle of her floor.

“Daddy wants me to get rid of some of this junk,” Veronica said as she tossed a piece of clothing item into one of the piles on the bedroom floor.

“Veronica I thought we had an afternoon date,” Archie said.

“Well, when I woke up this morning, Daddy thought I should use my time more wisely and start a yard sale,” Veronica replied. She straightened her posture and turned to look at Archie. She gave him an annoyed glare.

“What can we do to help, Ronnie?” Betty offered.

“For starters you can help me bring some of these items outside in the front yard,” Veronica suggested. She walked across her bedroom and picked up a hand full of clothing items from the floor.

Betty motioned over to the pile of clothes and grabbed the rest of the clothes on the floor while Archie picked up a few shoes from the pile next to it. They all walked out of Veronica bedroom with items in hand.

As they made their way down the staircase, Veronica’s poodle, Fifi met them at the landing.

“Not now Fifi,” Veronica said shooing the poor dog away. The dog got the hint and scurried away to another adventure.

“So, Ronnie what’s in it for us?” Archie asked Veronica as all three friends walked out of Veronica’s front door.

“Well, Arch, I have two free movie tickets to Riverdale’s drive through Theatre. One for me and another for a lucky friend to company me to this Saturday’s matinee,” Veronica replied. She set the clothes down on the freshly groomed front lawn. Betty followed her action and placed her own stack of clothes on the ground next to it. The yard sale was already set up prior to bringing the clothing items outside.

“How do we win this movie ticket,” Archie asked Veronica. He set the shoes in his hand down on the ground.

“Well, whom ever sells the most items and makes the most money will win the prize of the movie tickets,” Veronica said.

“I think I can do that Ronnie,” Archie sighed with a smirk. He started putting the clothes on racks.

“I know you can Archiekin’s,” Veronica teasingly responded, while her and Betty situated the shoes onto the tables.

Shortly after people from the neighborhood started making their way to Veronica’s garage sale and buying the many items and goods displayed on the lawn.

An hour later Betty seemed to be kicking Archie’s butt in sales. She had already ranked in $5000 in sales, while Archie only ranked a little above a $1,000 in sales.

“Wow, arch, Betty has you beat by $3500,” Veronica joked.

“Yeah, you can’t beat the Betty Meister,” Betty giggled. She stood beside Veronica behind the shoe table.

“Oh yeah, watch me,” Archie bellowed out.

Next thing they knew Jughead was already strutting over to their yard sale table.

“Hi, ya gang,” Jughead greeted them while holding his gold medal around his neck.

“Hi, ya Jug. How was the food eating contest at Pops,” Archie asked Jughead.

“It was fine. I won second place,” Jughead replied. He held his metal proudly in his grip, while the others ogled the shiny gold coin that made up the metal.

“Who won first place, jug?” Betty asked.

“Big Ethel,” Jughead cried.

“Ha, ha, ha. Jug just got beat by a girl,” Archie laughed.

“You’re the one to laugh Archie. Betty seems to beating you at your own game,” Jughead said.

“That’s because I’m letting her win.”

“I don’t think so Archie,” Veronica said. A few more customers walked up to their table. Betty collected the money while Veronica bagged the items.

“Well see you later guys. I’ve got to show hot dog my metal,” Jughead said before he walked away.

An hour later, almost all the items was sold except an expensive cashmere scarf. Betty thought she could keep the scarf for herself, if Veronica didn’t mind. Veronica didn’t mind after all and let her have it.

After the yard sale, the three friends came together and compared their sales amount. Betty had collected well over six thousand dollars and Archie had only collected three thousand dollars. Veronica ranked in everybody’s amounts and Betty was the winner ranking in three thousand five hundred dollars more than Archie.

“The winner is Betty,” Veronica yelled out. She started jumping up and down with joy.

“Hand over the free movie ticket, Ronnie,” Betty cried.

“Betty won, but Archie always wins my heart,” Veronica declared. She walked over to where Archie stood and handed him the free movie ticket.


The End!

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