She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


A little fan fiction story based on the song and video by Maroon 5, "She Will Be Loved". I hope you guys enjoy it and please leave a comment. I will greatly appreciate it. I will be doing a contest based on favorite songs and music videos. I will have writers of booksiesilk write me and their fans a short story based on their favorite song. It does not have to be a popular song, just a song that speaks to the mind. I would love to know what storywriter, niteowl, samnash, Amy F. Turner, Moonglow, and many more wonderful writers come up with.


A little fan fiction story based on the song and video by Maroon 5, "She Will Be Loved". I hope you guys enjoy it and please leave a comment. I will greatly appreciate it.
I will be doing a contest based on favorite songs and music videos. I will have writers of booksiesilk write me and their fans a short story based on their favorite song. It does not have to be a popular song, just a song that speaks to the mind. I would love to know what storywriter, niteowl, samnash, Amy F. Turner, Moonglow, and many more wonderful writers come up with.


Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



She will be loved

Adam floated up to the surface edge of the enormous indigo pool. As his head popped out of the water, he held on to the edge with both hands and watched the beautiful older woman strut seductively across the pool area to her elder husband who was laying down on a lounge chair sipping on red wine. The heavy sun beat down on Adam’s face as he watched the gorgeous woman bend over and plant a flirtatious kiss on her husband’s cheek and then dance around flirtatiously in front of him and his friends.

Adam knew of this mature goddess as his girlfriend’s Mother who loved to watch him sometimes through the kitchen window while him and his girlfriend splashed and made out in the pool. Sometimes at the corner of his eyes, he would see her touching herself as she watched them outside. She would wear skimpy blouses that showed off her cleavage and leggy clothing that he loved so much to see her in whenever she knew he was coming over. She knew that the sight of her attractive slim long legs made him so hard that a bulge would form in his pants and he had to always dodge her presence whenever she was around him. She knew the reaction her curvaceous womanly figure gave to Adam and that’s why she actively wore those kinds of clothes.

Her husband was an old man with a mean streak and dominant personality. He ruled over her with a stricked hand. She was to dress a certain kind of way and look a certain kind of way with him and whomever else that was in their company. The only time she could dress and look the way she wanted too was the times he would go away for two weeks or more on his long business trips. Those days were the only times Adam could come over and spend time with his girlfriend; because the old man did not like allot people or guests around whenever he was home. The old man was a loner. He was so used to being alone, that he was just stuck in his old ways. Because he was such a lonely old fart he would get so grouchy and take it out on his wife. He would beat her and leave her with bruises and cigar marks all over her forearm.

There were times when Linda as Adam called her wanted to leave her husband, but he would always threaten her and tell her that if he left her, she would be leaving with no money and no place to stay. She and her daughter will be out on the streets living in an alley way and eating from trash cans outside of restaurant buildings. He would tell her he could easily get another wife and he did not need her or her drama. She needed him more than he needed her. She knew that was true. They never engaged in intimacy because he was not interested in sex nor could he perform good enough to satisfy her. He made it known that he was not looking for an intimate relationship when he married her. They were both using each other for each other’s own satisfaction. He was using her as someone who could be as company and do his biddings and she was using him for a means to a wealthy life and security for her and her daughter.

As Adam continued to watch his girlfriend’s Mother seductively flirt with his friends with her body movements, he slowly pushed himself up on the pools edge and climbed out. His girlfriend Eve met him at the edge. She smashed her dainty lips against his own and wrapped her hands around his waist, pushing him forward, making him rub his erection against her tiny stomach.

“Mmmm is it just me or are you already excited to see me?” she asked as she pulled away from his kiss.

“I think it is just the coldness after getting out of the pool…. Or maybe it’s your sexy hot Mom seductively flirting with my friends with her dance moves,” he said with a smirk.

Eve annoyingly rolled her eyes at him and smacked her lips. “My Mother is such a whore. Why does she insist on flirting with younger guys all the time? Doesn’t she know she is too old and her husband is looking straight at her,” said Eve as she grabbed Adam’s forearm and pulled him towards the lounging area where his four friends sat drooling and ogling his girlfriend’s Mother.

“Well she is Hot!” he said as he let Eve pull him towards his friends.

“Ewe, Adam don’t ever say that again. She is my Mother!”

“Come on Eve; don’t act like I have never made that comment to you before.” Adam and Eve spread out on a lounging chair while Eve laid her head on his shoulder.

“Oh, shut up Adam,” she scowled at him.

“Oh, your Mother is definitely a MILF and you know what that means…” said one of Adam’s friends and band mate.

Eve picked her head up and looked at him. “And what does that supposed to mean James?”

“Time to pounce!” James and Jesse said in unison as they both raised their hands and gave a high five in the air.

“There will be no pouncing James and Jesse. You two need to control your little boy hormones,” said Eve as she rolled her eyes again.

At the corner of Adam’s eye, he thought he saw the old man get up and start struggling with Linda. He then turned his head and saw the old man raise his back hand and hit it hard against Linda’s right cheek. He watched as tears swelled up in her eyes as she her hold her stinging cheek in her palm. She gave her husband a hateful look and stormed off towards the pool house.

Adam turned in astonishment back to his girlfriend who seemed to have already seen what the old man did to her Mother. “Did you see that? He shrieked.

“Yeah I saw it,” said Eve as she rolled her eyes and flopped her head back down on the lounging chair beside Adam. “whatever she got, she deserved it. Mother can be such a slut sometimes.” She closed her eyes tight to shield the sun beams from her eyes.

Adam felt that Eve’s words about her Mother was very harsh and what the old man just did to her was very unforgiving on his part. He decided her would go and check on her to see if she was okay. “Um Eve, I’m going to go and get us some more beers. I’ll be right back,” he said as he got up from where he sat beside Eve.

As Adam made his way across the pool area and towards the pool house, he could hear Eve yell back at him. She was telling him to bring back some chips and salsa. Adam quickly walked down the short steps that led down to the spacious living room space of the pool house. As he made his way inside, he could see Linda down on the floor softly crying into the palms of her hands. She looked hurt and wrecked. Adam did not know what to do at this point. Part of him wanted to run over and take her into his arms. He wanted to comfort her and show her the love a real man gives to a woman; the other part of him wanted no part in the situation. He wanted to turn back around and go back to his beautiful girlfriend who was the spinning image of the gorgeous creature on the floor. They both reminded him so much of each other. That was one of the reasons why he was so attracted to his girlfriend’s Mother. Linda was the mature and strikingly attractive side to Eve and Eve was the opposite. He wanted the best of both words. He was greedy and who could blame him, right?

Adam decided to listen to his heart and go over to comfort Linda. He quickly walked over to her side. He lifted her head up to face him. He looked into her hurt eyes. She seemed so sad and in pain. He wanted to ease her pain. He wanted to heal her hurt heart if he could. He stared at her with such hunger and need and she seemed to look back at him in the same way. His eyes trailed from her eyes to her wanting lips. He could see the lip stick that was smears all over her mouth. He remembered her husband smearing the fine red colored stain from her plump lips. He wanted to taste those lips; no, he wanted to drink her lips; savor every drop of it. He slowly touched her stained lips and his heart skipped a beat. Before he knew it, she was struggling taste him. They fought to taste each other; pulling and pushing against each other, until they could not fight it anymore and their mouth’s smashed into each other’s.

Adam drank and tasted Linda’s lips with such hunger and unsatisfying appetite that he felt himself not wanting to pull his mouth away from her sweet nectar. As soon as Linda reached down to grab his hard package, they heard someone coming down the stairs, startling them. Adam quickly pulled away from Linda and turned his face towards the direction the noise came from. Before him was his girlfriend staring at him with eyes of both anger and betrayal. She looked hurt and confused.

“Adam why?” she choked out.

“Eve I can explain!” he said before Eve turned around and ran out of the pool house. Adam quickly ran after her, leaving Linda on the floor devastated.

“Eve wait a minute! Look I’m sorry. You weren’t supposed to see that,” said Adam.

Eve turned around in rage. “So that makes it okay if I was not supposed to see it Adam?” She folded her hands and shifted her weight on one foot.

Adam stopped in front of her. “No, that’s not what I meant. I meant that was not supposed to happen. It just did,” pleaded Adam.

“I knew you adored my Mother. I could see it in your eyes. We are over Adam, and I never want to see you again.”

“But Eve I….”

“Get the fuck out of my face Adam!” She Boomed.

Adam sadly lowered his head out of defeat. He turned and walked away.


A week later, Adam felt bad about what happened at Eve’s house that afternoon. He had been calling her non-stop, but she would not answer her phone. He needed to apologize. He was very sorry and he really cared about Eve and their relationship. He also could not get the passionate kiss he had with Linda in the pool house out of his head. He wanted Linda and he wanted her badly. He was very confused; he knew he did not want to hurt Eve any more than he did, but he was disturbingly drawn to her Mother.

One late afternoon, he decided to take a drive out to rodao drive. He knew Eve and Linda would be out shopping at the time. He was not sure if he would talk to Eve then, but he desperately wanted to see both of them. As he turned into rodao drive and parked his car, he could see Linda and Eve walk out of a shopping Mall with bags of items in their hands. Linda had her arm wrapped around Eve’s shoulder and they were laughing together. They both had on white outfits, Eve had on a white short dress while Linda had on a white over the knee flowy dress with white framed sunglasses. They seemed to be in enjoyment of each other’s company and did not have a care in the world. Adam figured Eve must have forgiven her Mother, but he wondered why she did not want to forgive him. He needed to talk to her and beg her for forgiveness; he needed to do it soon.

As he continued to watch both beautiful ladies, he could not help but find Linda so appealing. Her pale porcelain skin glowed under the sunlight and her womanly curves did wonders to what was underneath her flowy dress. He found himself mesmerized by her.


Later, that evening, Adam made his way over to Eve’s home, he had a banquet of flowers in his hands and was ready to apologize. He even had what he was going to say, recited in his head. He had spent hours going over it this afternoon after he came back from rodao drive. He slowly knocked on the door. A few minutes later, the door opened and Eve was right in front of him.

“Adam, what are you doing here?” she asked him. She seemed a bit still pissed off at him.

“I just came to say that I am sorry and if you can forgive me,” he said.

“Adam, I told you my peace and I said I did not want to speak to you again.”

“But Eve, I love you,” he pleaded. “We can’t just be over after we’ve had two long years together.”

“I trusted you Adam and you broke that trust after I saw you lip locking my Mother. Do you know how that makes me feel; to find my boyfriend making an arkeological dig down my Mother’s throat.”

“I know I messed up and I’m sorry,” he stated.

“Look Adam, I can’t except your apologies right now.” She turned and walked into the house. Adam chased after her. “Look I’m tired Adam and I have a slight head ache; I need to take some pills and a nap.” She walked up the stairs.

“I brought you some flowers,” said Adam as he followed Eve up the stairs and into her colorful bedroom. “It’s your favorite; pink lilies.” Adam stopped in front of Eve and extended his hand with the flowers out for Eve. “Here take it!”

She looked down at the banquet of flowers and smiled. “There beautiful Adam.” She grabbed it from his hand and smelled them. “It smells fresh,” she said

“I love you Eve, can you please forgive me?” he asked.

Eve sighed. “I’ll have to think about it Adam.”

“Look my band has a gig on Wednesday at the Bi-U. I wrote a song for you and I would love it if you could stop by and hear it,” he said with a sweet smile.

Before Eve could answer, Adam turned his eyes to the bedroom window and saw Linda’s Mother outside in her car. She was staring up at him with such sadness and want that it made Adam want to reach out to her. She seemed to be watching them in amazement. He even thought he saw her wave at him.

“Adam…. Adam!” He heard Eve, say, which broke him out of his thoughts. He turned his head and looked back at Eve.


“I said I would love to hear the song.”

“Okay, it’s going to be at 7:00 sharp. Don’t be late.” With that he kissed her goodbye and left her house.

As Adam walked out into the cool night air, he spotted Linda parked in the drive way smoking a cigarette and listening to the slow sensual sounds of Marvin Gaye. She had her head relaxed on the car head rest and was exhaling smoke out of her nose and mouth.

Adam decided he would ignore her and walk passed her. As he turned to walk, he heard her say something which stopped him in his tracks.

“Nice night huh?” She said though clouds of smoke.

“Yeah it is,” he said.

“I see you and Eve have patched things up.”


“You know Adam, I can’t stop thinking about our little make out session that afternoon at the pool house.”

Adam signed. “Yeah me too Linda.”

She turned to look out of the car window at him. “So what are we going to do about that?” she said.

“What do you mean Linda?”

“Well my husband is an old grouchy fart who can’t get it up or perform the way a young man like yourself can. He does not even want to try. I would think with a middle-aged woman like myself any man young or old would at least try to please me in anyway possible. Don’t you think?” she asked.

“Yes Mam, I’m sure any man would be glad to have you.”

“So why am I not desired by my husband?” she said in an almost sad whimper. She seemed like she was about to cry.

“Because he is an old fart, who does not know any better. If I had you, I would be fucking you on a daily basis; pleasing you in any way I can.”

“I know you will…. I know you will!” she sadly puffed her cheeks and took another drag.

“Well I got to go Linda. I hope you can make it to my gig on Wednesday.” He turned and walked away.


On Wednesday evening, Adam and his band mates arrived at Club Bi-U. They got their instruments ready on stage as the club filled up. After the Club, had finally filled up, the announcer announced them and they got back on stage and started performing. As Adam sang into the microphone, he looked around the room to possibly spot Eve and her Mother, but he had no luck. A few more songs in, he finally spotted Eve sitting at one of the tables with one of her friends chatting up a storm and laughing. He smiled at her when she realized he saw her. He wondered if Linda was there too. His eyes continued searching until, he spotted Linda at the bar with a very sexy curvaceous red dress on. The dress hugged her every corner and she knew to show off those beautiful long legs of hers. She had her back to him and seemed to be sipping on a Dakari. Her long thick chestnut hair fell like silk waves down her back. He wanted nothing more than to run his hands through it.

After the song, Adam announced a song called “She Will Be Loved,” and who it was dedicated too. The crowd went nuts as he started the slow ballot.

Song stanza one:

“Beauty queen of only eighteen she

Had some trouble with herself

He was always there to help her, she

Always belonged to someone else

Stanza two:

I drove from miles and miles and wound up

At your door

I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more…..”

As he continued to sing, he could not help but stare out at Linda who was now turned facing him and flirtatiously smiling at him. She was even more beautiful than he had ever imagined her to be. She was sitting crossed legged on the bar stool with glowing bright brown eyes staring lustfully up at him. He wanted nothing more than to please her in ways her husband never could; ways that she knew he could.

Stanza three:

I don’t mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pourin rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved, and she will be loved…."

Adam knew this song was not originally dedicated to Eve; in fact, the song was all about Linda. He thought about her when he wrote it. He just could not bring himself to tell Eve that. He was already in the dog house with her when he put this song together. If he told her that, it would definitely end their relationship. If he had to choose, his choice would be Linda, but he did not know how they could be together without hurting Eve or even one and other. Everything was messed up straight from the heart and Adam knew it. He even knew deep down that Eve knew it too.

Adam turned his attention back on Eve. She looked just as gorgeous as her Mother. She had on an amazing black dress and a white dazzling smile plastered on her face. He loved when her eyes lit up when she smiled like that. Whenever she smiled, her love for him showed. It made him happy. At this point he never wants to let her down. He always wants to keep her smiling like that forever.

As Adam stared at his girlfriend, he could not stop thinking of how very much she looks like her Mother. Looking at her was like staring into her Mother’s own reflection. They were the spinning image off each other.

Stanza Four:

Tap on my window, knock on my door, I

Want to make you feel beautiful

I know I tend to get so insecure

It doesn’t matter anymore…..”

As Adam sang and the sounds of the music filled the room, Adam could picture himself in the arms of Linda dancing with her on the dancefloor. He could see himself touching and caressing her every curve. Filling her senses with desire and need. He wanted to taste her once more; he wanted to drink those soft lips of desire. He wanted to fill himself lost into her brown eyes as he floats away with her in the middle of the room while everyone watched. He wanted them to be the entertainment of the night. He pictured himself in a threesome with both Eve and her Mother, not just a dance threesome, but a moving sexual threesome on the dance floor.

Stanza Five:

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies

It’s compromise that moves us along yeah

My heart is full, and my door’s always open

You can come anytime you want yeah

I don’t mind spending everyday…..”

As the song ended and Adam wrapped up, he was already lost in his sexual fantasies. He knew now that there was no way he could resist Linda, even if he tried.

After the gig was over, Eve met up with Adam backstage. She told him how much she loved the song and thanked him for such for a great and special night. He was happy she enjoyed her night. They kissed and parted ways.


A few days later, Adam came over to Eve’s home with Jesse and James. They lounged out in the back yard under the canopy shade, sipping lemonade and enjoying the early morning air. Adam was sitting with Eve on a backyard couch. She was snuggled up next to him with a magazine in her hand. The old man was sitting close by reading a newspaper and sipping on red wine.

As Adam and Eve was enjoying each other’s company, Linda came out with a serving tray of lemonade. She quickly walked over and set it down on the table next to the recliner. Adam watched her as she looked up at him and give him a sweet smile. She slowly sat down on the recliner. He watched as she tried to start a conversation with her husband, but all he did was shut her down. Out of defeat she leaned back on her chair and put her hand to her forehead. She seemed distressed.

As Adam and Eve continued to play around, Adam could feel Linda’s eyes glued on him. He turned his eyes over Eve’s head and saw that Linda was flustered and frustrated. She could not take the humiliation her husband constantly put on her anymore. He could tell she wanted him. She envied the relationship Eve and Adam shared together. She wanted the same thing, but she felt trapped and hopeless.

Adam watched as Linda put her hands to her husband’s lap, she gently started rubbing his inner thigh, hoping to get a reaction from him, but to her dismay she got none. She started getting frustrated and reached over to slap the newspaper away from her husband hand. He did not seem to care even with her reaction. She furiously got up and stormed out of the canopy sitting area.

Adam watched her make her way down the huge walk way. He could not believe the way her husband treated her. He needed to consol her; he wanted to sooth her aching heart. He could not just watch her walk away with such a desperate heart. He could tell she felt hopeless and unwanted. He wanted to make her feel wanted. He wanted to make her feel loved.

Adam quickly got up and stormed off after Linda. He caught her by the arm as she made her way to the huge three layered brick fountain in front of her. She struggled against him and pleaded for him to let her go, but he held on tight. With every struggle that she made he could feel her start to give up and let herself settle into is arms. As she stopped struggling and rested in his arms, Adam could hear footsteps coming down the path. He turned his head to find Eve staring at him which the same kind of hurt eyes he once saw in her Mother’s own. Adam knew at that instant he had very much messed up now.

Adam knew that he could never follow his heart and be with Linda, especially when Eve was her daughter. He did not want to tear apart the relationship Eve and her Mother had together. He knew that family was very important, because him, himself had no relationship with his own father. He knew how that can hurt someone. In order to keep the peace, Adam broke up with Eve the following day and went his own way. They did not stay in touch, but Adam will always remember Eve and her Mother. He constantly thought about them every day.

A few months later Adam heard from Jesse that the old fart had suddenly passed away and now Linda is now the sole proprietor of his estate and his wealth. He realized her husband did have a heart for Linda after-all, even if he never showed it. He secretly put it in his WILL for his wife to inherit his wealth, surely because he had no other living family. He had no kids so there was nobody to inherit his wealth but Linda and her daughter.

Adam finally mastered up the courage to pay Linda and Eve a visit. They welcomed him in with loving arms. They talked and caught up on old times. Adam shared with Linda and Eve about his big break in the entertainment business and Linda and Eve shared with him about how they plan on investing Linda’s late husband’s money. After the visit, Adam stayed in contact with Eve and Linda for a very long time, until him and his band mates hit it big in Hollywood. Him and his band mates continued to record music and finally got a record deal. They are now performing as the now know and extremely popular band, “Maroon 5.” Adam finally recorded the song “She Will Be Loved,” and it is now part of a list of songs on his CD, “Song’s About Jane.” He had changed the title from Eve to Jane because he wanted Eve’s name to be anonymous; but he made it known to Eve and her Mother that the CD was dedicated to them. “She will be loved,” became a smash hit on Bill Boards Top Ten and the video did not do too bad either. By December 2012, the song had sold 2,722,000 digital copies and had peaked at #5 in the United States itself.


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