Saved By The Bell- Rewritten

Saved By The Bell- Rewritten

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


What if Zack Morris was dating Lisa turtle? And what if he cheated on Kelly with Lisa? How will Kelly and the gang take it? This is a fanfiction of mine based on the saved by the bell series on my opinion on how Kelly and the gang will react to Zack and Lisa dating.


What if Zack Morris was dating Lisa turtle? And what if he cheated on Kelly with Lisa? How will Kelly and the gang take it? This is a fanfiction of mine based on the saved by the bell series on my opinion on how Kelly and the gang will react to Zack and Lisa dating.


Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018



Saved By The Bell- Rewritten

Zack and Lisa were at the Mall on Wednesday afternoon. Lisa was shopping for a cute outfit for her Mother’s brunch get together on Saturday. They were in the young miss section shopping, given the fact that Lisa was a very petite little thing and most of her clothes came from the petite section. 

“What do you think about this dress, Zack?” she asked Zack as she held up a nice vintage lace flare dress in his view.

“It’s very sexy. It screams you, Lisa,” Zack replied observantly eyeing the dress.

Lisa squeaked in giggles and started jumping up and down with the dress flailing in her hand. “Yes, I love this one,” she said joyfully. “Thank you, Zack.” She moved in and planted a sweet kiss on Zack’s flushed cheek.

“Lisa don’t you think you are spending too much?” cried Zack. “I mean you already have three shopping bags full of items. I thought you had already picked out what you wanted to wear for your Mother’s brunch.”

Lisa glanced down at the shopping bags at the foot of her leg. “Oh, you know I’m crazy about shopping Zack. Every time I come to the Mall I always end up spending more than I should,” she reasoned.

“But you’re draining my bank account,” cried Zack. Since him and Lisa started dating, Lisa has been draining Zack out. Every time they would go out, he had to spend money. Although, she did have her own money, she always relied on Zack to buy her things because it was simply common courtesy. The guy is supposed to spend money on his girlfriend. It was a big rule written in the BOOK OF DATING!

“Don’t worry about it Zack. I can reimburse you back the Money,” she said, smacking Zack in the chest. She turned and started towards the checkout line.

“Hey, that hurt,” cried Zack. He rubbed his aching chest with his hand. He picked up the three shopping bags from the ground and followed Lisa to the checkout line.

As Zack and Lisa stood in line at the checkout counter, in walked Kelly and a mystery guy by her side. Zack was the first one to spot her in the store. He nudged Lisa when he noticed Kelly.

“Hey Lisa, Kelly is here,” Zack said while staring pitifully at Kelly as she laughed and shopped around with the cute young guy.

“Do you want to talk to her, Zack?” asked Lisa. She noticed the sad expression on Zack’s face.

Zack had cheated on Kelly with Lisa a few months back. When Kelly found out from Jessie and Slater about Zack’s deceitful cheating ways, she had gotten angry and shunned both Lisa and Zack out of the group. Later, Lisa apologized for deceiving her best friend. Her apology was so convincing that Kelly had no choice but to soften her heart and let Lisa back in. Although, Kelly was keeping a safe distance between her and Lisa. She was too uncomfortable and insecure to be around Lisa and Zack. They couldn’t even sit with them at the Max anymore. 

“Oh, nah…. I’ll just let her shop with that HOT STUD OF A GUY,” he glumly said, with emphasis to the last five words.

Lisa turned to look at him. “Oh, don’t be a wuss, he isn’t even that cute,” stated Lisa. I really want all of us to be good friends again, like it used to be,” she sighed as she stared up at Zack with passionate sad eyes.

“Yeah, I know! Look at him; he isn’t even that hot,” cried Zack as he stared at the hot mystery guy. “Do you think he is hot Lisa?” he turned his attention to Lisa.

“Zack, what did I tell you about your jealous ways. I know you still care about Kelly, but last time I checked, I thought I was your girlfriend,” she stated. “Move on Zack!”

“I know Lisa!” He continued to stare at Kelly and the mystery guy, until Kelly looked up and noticed them. But of course, she tried to play it cool and not let her insecurity show all over her appearance.

“Oh no she saw us,” Zack exclaimed He docked his body away from Kelly’s view.

“Oh, Zack, don’t hide now. She already saw you and of course she sees me,” declared Lisa.

“Is she coming?” asked Zack. His back was still facing Kelly’s view.

“Yes, Zack she is,” Lisa informed him. 

“Oh, shit.!”

“Lisa…. Is that you Zack?” cried Kelly from behind Zack.

Zack swiftly turned around and smiled awkwardly at Kelly.

“Surprise!” he exclaimed in an uneasy joking tone.

“I didn’t know you two were shopping at the Mall today,” said Kelly.

“Oh, are you checking out too?” asked Lisa, while eying a beautiful white lace dress in Kelly’s hand.

“Yeah, I am going to an event with Mark here soon,” said Kelly.

“Oh, you’re coming to my Mother’s brunch on Saturday, right?”

“Um, no, Me and Mark are going to dinner and a movie on Saturday,” Kelly clarified.

“Why?” probed Lisa. Although she knew exactly why.

Kelly looked awkwardly at Zack and back to Lisa. “Because, I don’t feel right about it right now,” she uncomfortably muttered.

Lisa got the hint and backed off. “Oh, okay,” she excepted.

The line finally moved up and got to Zack and Lisa’s turn. The cashier rang up Lisa’s dress. “That will be $65.95,” said the sales rep.

Lisa turned to Zack and stared at him with expected eyes. “Well just don’t stand there, pay the lady,” commanded Lisa with a hand gesture.

“Lisa, you know I don’t have money,” cried Zack. “You wasted all my doe!”

“Ugh,” she annoyingly groaned. “I’ll pay it.” Lisa reached into her Prada purse and fetched out her visa card. She handed it to the lady. The lady swiped her card and handed it back to her. Lisa gladly took it from her hand and tucked it back into her purse. She signed the receipt and grabbed her bag with the red dress inside. “Let’s go Zack,” she commanded over her shoulder as she started to head out of the store. “Kelly, I’ll see you guys later.”

“Alright bye Lisa, Zack” Kelly bellowed out as Lisa and Zack headed out of the store’s exit.


The next day at school, Lisa stayed on Zack side, like they were attached to the hip. Where ever Zack went, Lisa went. He did not even have some private time to himself. The only time he had time to himself was during gym period. The rest of the time spent at school, Lisa was always around, with her pesky whiny voice. Zack really needed to talk to Kelly about the whole situation and he needed to talk to her soon. He needed to clear somethings up with her, before he loses his best friend/love of his life, for good. He feared that if he lost Kelly, he just might be losing the love of his life. After-all, there was a chance that they could get back together. He was seriously thinking about kicking Lisa to the curb. She was way too high maintenance for his taste.

After school, Lisa decided to accompany Zack to the Max. Although Zack wasn’t too happy about it. It was after-all, his only chance of talking to Kelly. With Lisa with him, he stood at little to no chance at winning Kelly back.

Coming into the Max diner, Zack and Lisa spotted the rest of the gang sitting down at their usual table conversating amongst themselves and drinking diet sodas. At first Zack did not want him and Lisa to sit with them, but Lisa persisted that they go over and ask to sit with their friends. Zack hesitantly agreed, and they made their way over.

“Hey guys, can we sit with you?” asked Lisa. They both stood in front of their other four friends at the table.

“I don’t know preppy, you gotta ask Kelly,” Slater said, while he glanced from Zack to Kelly.

“Yeah, Kelly, let Zack and Lisa sit with us,” cried Jessie beside Slater.

“Uh, I don’t think so guys,” Kelly said doubtfully, shaking her head. “I mean I’m not ready yet and I am on my 30-minute break.”

“Oh, come on Kelly, I miss Zack,” pleaded Screech.

“You know what guys, we’ll go ahead and park it over at another table,” Zack assured them. He grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her with him over to another table in the corner of Max diner.

As they took their seats, Lisa said, “Why haven’t you tried to apologize to Kelly yet?”

“Oh, believe me I’ve tried several times, but she just won’t budge.” Zack sat with his menu open in front of him.

“Well you need to try harder Zack,” Lisa suggested. “I think she will come around if you actually act like you care.”

“I do care Lisa. I care a lot and that’s the problem,” he assured her. “I never wanted to hurt her,” he admitted in a low muttered tone. He stared across the room at Kelly, who was staring at him in the same manor.

One of the waitress’s, Ginger, walked up to their table with a note pad in her hand. “What will it be guys?” she asked.

“Oh, hey Ginger,” Zack acknowledged her as she stood at their table. “I’ll have a cheese burger, fries and a coke, please,” said Zack. Ginger excepted his order and wrote it down on her note pad. “What do you want Lisa?” he asked Lisa.

“I’ll have a bucket of curly fries and a diet coke, please,” she replied.

“Ginger wrote down her order and lifted her head up to glance over at their friend’s table. “Hey, how come you guys aren’t sitting with your friends over there?” she asked.

“Kelly doesn’t want us sitting with her,” Zack responded. He looked once more at the table.

“What? Didn’t Kelly tell you already about us?” Lisa questioned.

Ginger turned her attention to Lisa. “Well, yeah she did. Everybody knows about Zack cheating on Kelly with you, Lisa,” she confirmed.

“Oh, great now everybody knows,” she said with an annoyed attitude. She collapsed back in her seat and folded her arms to her front.

“Oh, don’t worry, by next week you guys will be old news,” stated Ginger.

“Well, I hope so.”

“Alright, I’ll just take your orders. I’ll see you guys later.” Ginger turned and walked away.


At the table the rest of the gang was trying to convince Kelly to let Lisa and Zack join them at the table.

“Oh, come on Kelly. You know how much Zack and Lisa means to us,” pleaded Jessie.

“Yeah, Kelly, what Jessie said. But it won’t hurt,” Slater muttered, as he disloyally lowered his head to one side.

Jessie turned to glare at Slater. “Slater shut up!” she smacked Slater in the arm.

“Hhheeeyy….” Slater sing sang with a stretch to the word. He rubbed his aching arm.

“Alright guys, I guess they can join us,” said Kelly in a defeated tone.

“Yes!” Screech bellowed out, with a victory hand gesture. “I’ve got my best friend back.”

Kelly turned her attention to screech. “Screech, I didn’t say that I was okay with Zack being around me, I just said he can join us for today,” she clarified.

“Oh, man.” Screech displeasingly lowered his gaze.  

“Alright me and Slater will go talk to them,” said Jessie. She swiftly got up from her seat and smacked Slater once more in the arm, as to signal for him to get up.

“Ouch, lady, you didn’t have to hit me again,” cried Slater.

“Just get up,” she grunted.

Slater did as Jessie said and got up from his seat. They both left the table and made their way over to Zack and Lisa’s table.

“Hey guys,” said Jessie as they stood at the table. “So, Kelly says you guys can join us,” she assured them.

Zack looked up at her. “but I thought she said we were not welcome.”

“Yeah preppy, but Jessie here convinced her to let you guys sit with us for today,” Slater reassured him.

“Alright cool! You up for it Lisa?” said Zack.

“Yeah, sure,” Lisa answered. Her and Zack both got up from their table and followed Jessie and Slater to their table.

“Zack and Lisa’s here,” Jessie acknowledge them as they neared their usual table. She slid into the booth opposite Kelly. Lisa slid in after her and Zack and Slater pulled up a red chair. They both sat down in their own chairs.

“Hey Kelly!” Zack greeted Kelly.

“Hey Zack.” Kelly shyly waved back.

Kelly, I really need to apologize to you about everything. Can I come over tonight?” Zack asked.

“Well Zack, I have a really big history test to study for tonight, but I guess you can stop by for a little while,” she agreed.

“Alright cool. Thanks Kelly,” Zack smirked. He seemed relieved.


Later, that evening, Zack came over to Kelly’s house to apologize and set things straight. He greeted her Mother at the door. Her Mother ushered him upstairs to Kelly’s bedroom.

“Kelly, Zack’s here to see you,” cried Kelly’s Mother as her and Zack stood in front of Kelly’s bedroom door.

“Hold on a second Mom,” Kelly yelled back from inside the bedroom. Zack heard a little rummage noise inside Kelly’s bedroom. A minute later, Kelly opened her door to let Zack in.

“Sorry about the mess. I was studying,” she said as she held the door open for Zack. Zack swiftly walked into Kelly’s bedroom and sat down at the edge of her bed.

“Oh, it’s okay Kelly. I’m used to your messiness,” he smirked.

Kelly sat down beside him. “So, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” she asked. She turned to look at him.

“I just wanted to apologize for cheating on you with Lisa. I know Lisa is your best friend and you really didn’t like what we did,” he admitted.

“You really hurt me Zack and so did Lisa,” she said.

“I know I hurt you, but you were able to forgive Lisa. Why not me?” he probed.

“Because Zack, you were my boyfriend. My first love. How can I forgive that so soon?” she reasoned.

“I never meant to hurt you Kelly. I love you,” he admitted, as he stared into her bright brown eyes.

“I love you too Zack. But as long as you’re with Lisa, I cannot stand to be around you. You do understand, right?” she stated.

“It doesn’t mean you have to cut me out of your life or the gang.”

“I’m not cutting you out. Just give me some time to think about it and get more use to it, okay Zack,” she comforted him.

“Alright Kelly, I will,” he agreed. “Hey, maybe we have a chance next time to get back together?” he asked.

“Yeah Maybe,” Kelly nodded. “Look, I gotta get back to studying. I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” she said.

“Are you coming to Lisa’s Mom’s brunch?” asked Zack. He got up from the bed.

“Um, no, I already made plans with Mark. I can’t cancel it now,” she reasoned.

“Okay, I hope it isn’t because of me!”

“It was, but not anymore,” she reassured him. She too got up.

“Alright Kelly, see you tomorrow.” Zack leaned in and embraced Kelly in a heartfelt hug.

“See you Zack,” she said over his shoulder.

Zack released the hug and turned to leave.


After two more months of dating, Zack and Lisa called it quits. She was way too high maintenance for Zack and she thought that Zack was way too shallow for her. A month later, Zack and Kelly started their relationship again, and the gang was back together once more.

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