Nocte Vivorum Mortuis(The Night Of The Living Dead)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

In 1967, a bad government science experiment goes wrong, spilling into the core of the earth and waking up the dead; Causing a zombie apocalypse.

Nocte Vivorum Mortuis

(The night of the living dead)

It was the year of 1967, in the small town of Hudson, Ohio; a Government, secret human science experiment took place in the town’s only nuclear plant. The experiment was done to enhance human intelligence and human appearance. Unfortunately, the experiment went terribly wrong when tested on lab rats, instead of enhancing intelligence and appearance, it did the total opposite. It made the host stupid and more susceptible to disease and infections. The Government discarded the lab rats and locked what was left of the chemical experiment away in a freezer like compartment.

One dark foggy night in the town of Hudson; two burglars dressed in all dark clothing, broke into the nuclear plant, attempting to steal some of the government notes to some of their experiments that was taking place at the plant. The burglars roamed and searched through the building looking for important government information. They finally got to the main lab, where most of the experiments took place. The burglars ravaged through the lab and took everything that had to do with the government’s experiments. As they continued to collect data, one of the burglars spotted a glass freezer like safe in the far corner of the lab. Inside the case, he saw neon green liquid substance in dozens of tubes in rows. The burglar knew that getting his hands on that liquid could potentially change his life forever; not only bringing him and his partner wealth and riches, but make them powerful. He knew what ever that liquid was, it was something very interesting and important.

He alarmed his partner about the liquid. His partner agreed for them to steal it. The burglar proceeded to open the glass see through safe with a hand tool. Just when he finally got the safe door opened, the warning alarm went off, making the burglars shriek with fear and panic. They frantically started to grab the rest of what they needed, but as soon as one of the burglars started to grab the liquid tubes out of the safe, two police officers charged into the lab. The burglars panicked and tried to escape the police officers. As the burglar with the liquid in hand, tried to flee from one of the cops, he dropped the tubes. The twelve tubes he had in his arms dropped to the floor and shattered.

The police officer finally took the burglar down and handcuffed him. As the burglar was lying down on his stomach, while the cop cuffed him from behind, he watched as some neon green liquid traveled down into a drain hole in the floor. 

The liquid traveled into the pipes of the sewer and made its way into the core of the earth. Some of the remaining liquid went into the town’s only water supply; later causing a poisonous supernatural uproar.

A short time after the liquid escaped into the outside world, it started to rain, causing the dirt from the earth to become soiled and softer. Water from the rain leaked into the earth and mixed in with the liquid that had now spread further out underground. The water mixer caused the liquid to travel and spread faster throughout the town for miles. The first place the liquid’s chemicals affected that night was the local cemetery. Three bodies arose from their deathly slumber; one of which was Little ten-year old, Timmy Cruz.

Timmy had died from a drowning accident ten years ago; while he was out at the lake in the woods behind his grandparent’s house. Little Timmy and his Grand-Father was fishing that hot summer after-noon of his death. They were having a good time bonding and enjoying each other’s’ company. Timmy suddenly got hungry and asked his Grand-Father to go back to the house and make them a peanut butter and banana sandwich. His Grand-Father agreed. Knowing Little Timmy could not swim, his Grand-Father warned him not to go further into the lake. Timmy agreed. After his Grand-Father had left Timmy alone at the lake, Timmy had a thought. He and his Grand-Father had not been catching too many big fishes and Timmy wanted to make his Grand-Father proud by catching a prized fish. He knew the bigger, more juicer cat fishes were a little further into the lake. He decided to try his luck. He saw a tree with branches on the bank of the lake. The branches were thick and long. There length stretched out three feet across the lake. He knew if he could just climb onto the longest branch and steady himself, he most definitely will be able to catch a big cat fish.

So, Little Timmy got up with his fishing rod in hand and made his way to the tree. He climbed the tree with almost little effort and propped himself down on the branch. He settled his fishing rod into the lake and waited for fishes to surround the bate. A little afterwards, Timmy felt a big pull take over his rod. He knew this was the big one. The fish that he would catch and make his Grand-Father proud. Little Timmy tried his best to pull his rod out of the lake, but the big fish tugged harder, making Little Timmy lose his balance and fall into the lake. Little Timmy struggled to swim and not let his head go underwater, but because of the lake’s tides, Little Timmy’s body sunk down into the body of the lake. Within minutes, Little Timmy had drowned to death.

Little Timmy dug himself out of the shallow grave, his body once laid in. As he got out of the grave, he could feel his brain and senses intensify to an almost human form. He was half way between a normal zombie and a human. He could see, but his cataract sight was blurred. He could speak, but his throat and vocals were scratchy and blocked with soil and dirt. Even his flesh was more vibrant.

The first instinct that came to Timmy was to make his way back home. He knew where he lived. It was just a few blocks from the cemetery. Little Timmy and the first two people that arose with him, made their way out of the cemetery and down the hollow dark street of Hudson, towards their destination. As they walked into town, they separated and went their own way. Little Timmy walked the rest of the way down the dark empty night street to his home. He finally got to his Grandparent’s old two story house and knocked softly on the wooden front door. Nobody came to the door, so he knocked once more, this time a little harder. He could hear the voices of his grandparents inside and TV show noises from the living room.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming to the door, then the voice of his grandmother. He could not understand fully what she was saying, but he had an idea that she must be trying to figure out who was at the door. Little Timmy tried to respond, but all that came out was a choked gasp that stung his vocal cords. He put his hands to his throat and rubbed the tender flesh, attempting to sooth the pain.

Finally, the front door swung open and before him stood his Grandmother. At first, she looked at him in disbelieve, like she had just saw a ghost; then her demeanor changed to excitement. She had finally spoke his name; the name he had been looking forward to hearing from her or just somebody who knew him, since he arose from his death bed. The name that would finalize who he was.

His Grand-Mother cocked her head back and yelled back to his Grand-Father that Timmy had come back. She closed in on him and embraced his little fragile bones with a hug and then ushered him into the house. His Grand-Father looked at him like he could not believe what he was witnessing. His Grand-Father took his eyes off Timmy and looked at his wife. They started getting into an argument about the situation. His Grand-Father was arguing that, the little boy before him was not Timmy. It was witch craft or the devils doing, but his Grand-Mother was arguing that it was a miracle sent from GOD! Finally, they ended their discussion with his Grand-Mother’s opinion winning and ushered little Timmy into the kitchen.

Little Timmy was very hungry and his Grand-Mother could tell. She fixed him a plate of pork chops, mashed potatoes, greens, and cornbread. Little Timmy finished his plate in a matter of seconds. After he was done, he looked up at his Grand-Mother who was watching him eat from where she stood in front of the stove. He tried to speak again, and let her now that he wanted more, but with the remaining mashed potatoes in his mouth and his blocked throat, he almost choked on his words. His Grand-Mother got the idea and prepared another plate for him. He finished the second one in less than a minute. After, he looked back up to let her know that he was not yet full. He wanted some more, but his Grand-Mother refused and told him that he was eating up all the food they had left. Instead, she took him by the hand and guided him to his old bedroom. As they walked inside the room, Little Timmy noticed that his bedroom was the same as how he left it. Even his old car bed was the same except the sheets were clean.

Little Timmy’s Grand-Mother undressed him and helped him get into his night clothes; one thing she could not ignore was that his skin felt cold as ice. She did not know where he came from or how he still looked the same age he was when he died, but she knew that he was no harm to them and he was a miracle send from God. His Grand-Mother tucked him into bed and then cut off the light. She kissed him good night and made her way to her bedroom.

That night Little Timmy could not sleep. He was bothered by his brain activity and his senses were electrified. He noticed and smelled everything. Suddenly around 2:30 am, Little Timmy’s senses began to pick up the smell of human flesh. The smell gave off a delicious aroma. He was drawn to it and no matter how hard he tried to fight it, he could not stop the smells addiction. The more the smell took over his senses, the hungrier he felt.

He finally decided to give in, and got out bed. He followed the smell out of his room and down the hall towards his Grandparents room. He opened the door to their bedroom and walked inside. His Grandparents were fast sleep in bed. He stood at the edge of their bed, staring at them and contemplating if he should eat or not; knowing that they were his Grandparents. Finally, he gave into his hunger and got on top of his Grand-Mother and sunk his teeth into her neck. She woke up with shock as Timmy tore the flesh off her neck. She tried to fight him off her, but was at no luck when he finally tore into her trachea, instantly killing her. His Grand-Father finally woke up, but as he tried to jump out of bed, Little Timmy charged at him and took a big fleshy bite out of his arm, making it pull apart from his collar bone.

His Grand-Father finally managed to flee out of the room and make his way out of the house. With a bloody arm dangling loosely from his collar bone joint, Timmy’s Grand-Father ran down the foggy streets, as far away from Little Timmy; away from the gruesome sight that was happening right now in him and his wife’s bedroom.

As he made his way into town, he found himself surrounded by other zombie like creatures just like Little Timmy. He tried to escape them, but more just kept surrounding him. There were maybe dozens of them around him. Finally, he gave up the fight and excepted his fate. As if the undead creatures smelt his fear and defeat, they all charged at him at the same time. He laid on the cold ground of the street as the Zombies piled on top of him, pulling and eating at his flesh. He could feel no pain anymore. All he saw before him was a bright light, calling him to come closer. He felt drawn to the light and all he wanted to do was fall into it. Finally, blackness and death took over his senses. He finally fell silent into lifelessness of the other side.

The next morning, old Miss Mary-Jean Lee woke up and made her way to her kitchen to fix herself a glass of water. In the kitchen, she opened her cupboard and grabbed a short glass from the shelve. She quickly turned on the water faucet and filled her glass full of tap water. She turned off the faucet and gulped down all the water in the glass. As she was about to put her glass down on the counter, she heard a noise coming into the kitchen. It sounded like slow footsteps and soft growling. Suddenly a freakishly, deathly pale undead woman walked into the kitchen. Stricken with fear, old Miss Mary-Jean’s body felt paralyzed. She could not flee or move from her standing position as the undead woman closed in on her; finally eating her to her death.

In a matter of a week, the chemical liquid that spilled into the earth that faithful night, later traveled and spread across the town and other cities for miles and miles. Within a year, it made its way into other counties, finally hitting all 50 states within two years. A Zombie apocalypse was finally born, which later wiped out the whole world. The people that got poisoned by the water supply in Hudson, Ohio, turned into zombie like creatures. The only difference was that they were not the undead, but had the characteristics like real live zombies. They were different from the undead that got corrupted by the liquid substance; instead of enhanced intelligence and appearance, they had the opposite. They were a lot less intelligent than their human life form and their flesh deteriorated a lot faster than their competition. Instead of the human live zombies eating flesh, they had a big unsatisfied hunger for raw meat, which was a big part of their diet. Years later, the small population of human living zombies that came from Hudson, Ohio, died out, living only the undead zombies to spread their disease all over the world.




Submitted: July 18, 2017

© Copyright 2021 breakfast@Lola's. All rights reserved.

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That would be very scary for the world as the zombies are them. That would be a painful scary way to die. But what would the zombies do for food once they killed all the living people and animals. Would they start eating each other and then the world would have nothing but plant life onit.
Very scary tale Fy.
XoxoX Ron

Tue, July 18th, 2017 6:36am


I guess they will just die out from starvation and detueriation. I don't think zombies enjoy decayed flesh very much so it will be kinda hard for them to eat each other, but maybe the smarter ones will, knowing they have to stay alive. Thanks hun for your comment.

Mon, July 17th, 2017 11:45pm


Gotta love a good zombie apocalypse story there are many ways to handle it nice work :)

Fri, July 21st, 2017 8:57pm


Okay thanks for the comment hun.

Sat, July 22nd, 2017 9:32am


Wow.....this was interesting. So THIS is how zombies are made? Funny!

Sun, July 30th, 2017 7:46pm


Yeah at times. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Sun, July 30th, 2017 12:48pm

Amy F. Turner

What a captivating narrative, Lola! George Romero would be proud! A lovely homage to the horror great that has passed on to the great zombie apocalypse in the sky. :)

Sat, August 19th, 2017 8:28pm


Who is George Romero?" Was he a writer of the Zombie Genre? Was he a producer?" I'm glad you liked the read. Thanks for commenting. You have been M.I.A on my writing. I hope you are back to read and comment. Anyways, thanks hun.

Sat, August 19th, 2017 1:33pm

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