My BestFriend's Hot Mom

My BestFriend's Hot Mom

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Jaydon has the hot's for his bestfriend's MILF Mother!



Jaydon has the hot's for his bestfriend's MILF Mother!


Submitted: May 08, 2017

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Submitted: May 08, 2017




Me and my best friend Jaydon was engrossed in a video game one evening in his bedroom, when his MILF mother walked in with a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I immediately stopped the game when she walked in. She had on a very attractive strapless body hugging red dress with six inch pumps on.  Her cleavage poured out of her dress as she bent over and set the tray of cookies on the table in front of us. At the sight of those beautiful jugs made my cock start to twitch in my jeans.

“Hi Miss. Gipson, I see you have a date tonight,” I said still staring at her cleavage.

“I sure do….I thought you two would want a snack, so I baked this about thirty minutes ago. I hope it’s still hot, fresh from the oven,” she said as she straightened up her poster.

Noticing I was staring straight at his mom breasts, Jaydon nudged my arm. “Dude, stop staring. That’s my mom.”

I suddenly snapped out of my trance and looked back at Jaydon.

“So who’s the lucky guy Miss Gipson?” I asked.

“Oh, just a friend from work. We’re going out to dinner then to a movie so don’t wait up for me,” she said as she walked out of the room.

As soon as Jaydon’s mom was out of site, I looked at Jaydon and said, “Man your mom is so hot. I would love to fuck that. She’s definitely a MILF.”

Ewe dude, watch your mouth; she’s my mom.”

Jaydon grabbed two of the freshly baked cookies and handed one to me. I took it from his hands and then dropped it on the bed.

“Wow that’s hot,” I said as I picked it up from the bed and blew on it. Well all of our friends think she’s hot. Christian told me he masturbated to her once when he saw her swimming naked in the pool,”

“No he didn’t. Just because he is my neighbor doesn’t mean he can see passed my back yard fence,” Jaydon said with frustration in his voice.

Wow dude, don’t kill the messenger. Look I got to go, I’ll see you at school tomorrow,” I said as I finished up the rest of my cookie and got up.

“Okay cool,” he said watching me walk out of the room.

The next day I did not see Jaydon at school, so I decided to head over to his house and give him the work he missed that day. It's not much, just reading, Miss Gipson.”

“We don't have to be so formal. Call me Sally, Jeff. Come in and sit down.”

 “Okay, Sally.”

“Can I get you another cookie or something to drink?”

 “Something to drink would be okay.”

  She came back with a glass of lemonade and sat next to him.  Looking directly at her tits, he said, “You look very pretty today, Sally.”

 “Thank you, Jay! Do you like my tits?”

  “Yes. I like them very much. Who wouldn't?”

“Do you want to have a look?”

“That would be one of the greatest things ever!”

She peeled off the light sweater she had on and very adeptly reached behind and unhooked a very sexy black, lace bra. Her tits seem to jump out of their confinement.

  “Wow! Can I touch them?”

“You can do anything you want.”

“Good. Because, right now, I want to eat you until your belly button falls off then fuck you hard and eat my cum out of you and feed it to you.”
I slowly brought my hands up to her beautiful tits and started rubbing them. They felt like soft pillows in my hands.

“Do you want to taste them,” she asked.

“Oh yes Miss Gipson, I really want too.”

“Go on ahead.”

I hungrily engulfed those soft tits of hers and started sucking. “Umm, it tastes delicious,” I mumbled with her tits still in my mouth.

She cocked her head back with incredible pleasure and started moaning loudly. “Touch my pussy Jeff,” she cried out as she unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down along with her panties.

“Wow you have a very pretty pussy,” I said releasing her tits from my mouth and looking down at her Brazilian styled cunt.

“Taste my pussy Jeff,” she moaned. I got down on my knees in front of her and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to my face; then hungrily dove into her moist pussy with my tongue. I licked and pampered every corner and insides of her tight pussy. She started to cuss and scream out my name to the point that my ears started ringing. I tongue fucked her pussy so hard until her pussy contracted and started squirting out cum.  Her cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it all down, making sure to leave some lingering on my lips for her to taste.

“Taste your pussy juice Sally,” I whispered in her ear.  I brought my lips to hers and kissed her passionately. Her lips parted and our tongues met. Our tongues danced and intertwined with each other effortlessly.

“Umm, yummy….Taste like cake and ice-cream.”

She pushed all the pillows down on the floor and spread her shapely body out on the sofa, signaling for me to put my cock inside her cum filled pussy. In a haste, I pulled down my jeans, tossing them to the side and positioned my already erect average size cock on her pussy entrance. I grabbed her by the waist with both hands, while teasingly rubbing my hard cock against her pussy lips. Her entrance already had cum all over it and some made a mess on my member.

She suddenly started to whimper and I knew she couldn’t take my teasing anymore, so I shoved my cock straight inside her pussy and started fucking her hard. She started moaning loudly and I grabbed a pillow and placed it on her mouth to keep her screams and moans in.

Just before I was about to bust a load inside her, I heard a car pull into the garage.

“Oh fuck…It’s my ex-husband and Jay,” she said pulling my loaded cock out of her vagina.

“Oh fuck.” I got up and started putting my jeans on with great speed.

“Here take the back door; they will not see you then.” She ran towards the back door and opened it. We started hearing Jay saying something to his father in the garage, but we could not quite make out what he was saying. I grabbed my clothes and ran towards the back door.

“Bye see you later,” I said as I gave sally a slight kiss on the cheek and ran through the back door. Just before I left their house I took a peak through her back window and saw Sally grab a robe that was lying on a chair and put it on. She kicked her clothes under the sofa just in time to see Jaydon and his father walk into the living room, with a questionable look on their face.

I heard Jaydon tell Sally, “Are you okay mom, you seem flushed.”

“Oh I’m fine,” she said sitting down on the sofa.

 Um mom who brought my work home,” said Jaydon looking at a pile of paper on the center table.

“Oh, Jeff brought it by thirty minutes ago,” she replied nervously.

Okay, I’ll just head up stairs and call him.” Jaydon ran upstairs, while his dad went into the bed room.

Shortly after, my phone started ringing in my jean pocket. “Hey, it’s Jay. Thanks for bringing my assignments by.”
“I thought since you don't like to get behind on your homework, it seemed like something I should do for my best bud.”
“I've gotta go. Another call is coming in.”
“See ya'.”
I wondered what was making me so popular today.
“This call was from Sally. “Hi, Jay. “I've got just a minute to talk, Honey. We can finish what we started tomorrow. I'll tell everyone here I'm going shopping with some lady friends and we'll get a room for the afternoon if you can get away. Okay?”
“Okay. I can miss all the school I want. I have enough credits to graduate now. Where are we going?”
“The motel on 34th street. I'll pick you up at 11:00.”
“I can meet you there. That'll be a whole lot less suspicious.”
“Good idea. See you there. Gotta go. They’re coming back.”
They met at the agreed time and place. His youthful exuberance got him there thirty minutes early.
She said, “Let's get inside quickly. That'll make it less suspicious, too.”
Once inside, she grabbed him by the collar and kissed him hard. In a deep throaty voice she said, “Now, let's fuck.”
“Oh, yeah. Can we do it twice? I need it because yesterday was the hottest thing ever.”
“How about we do it once and I give you a blowjob, too. I've been told mine are something special.”

“I bet they are, but I want to eat the hell out of that pretty pussy of your too.”


We both took our clothes off and spread out on the big queen sized hotel bed. As I lay naked on my back, Sally got on top of me and straddled the front rare of her pussy on my face. I could tell she was already heated and excited, because her pussy juice was already dripping from her pussy and on to my face.

“Damn woman, you’re so wet,” I said as I placed two fingers inside of her wet pussy and finger fucked her slowly. As I fingered her pussy and sucked on her clitoris, she hovered over my hard cock and played with my balls. After a minute of exploring and playing with my cock, she engulfed my thrubber right into her small soft mouth. She started to moan as she sucked on my stiff tool. I wrapped my one arm around her waist, holding her pussy in place as her pussy quaked in my mouth, coming almost to the brink of an orgasm. I groaned into her pussy. I jerked my hips upwards continuously, making my cock go deeper inside her mouth; she started gagging when the head of my cock hit her tender throat. The tingling sensitive feeling of my cock hitting her throat, made my insides explode and a load of cum came out of me and exploded down her throat.  Still gagging, she released my cock and came up for air.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum,” she choked out. I started sucking her harder and faster to intensify her orgasm; then cum suddenly exploded out of her and made a mess all over my face.

She grabbed my cock again and lowered her mouth back onto it, slowly sucking, until I got hard again. She then straddled herself onto my hard boner, gently going up and down on it.  I started moving gently inside of her pussy. She started moaning with enticing pleasure when I hit her G spot. Cocking her head back, she reached back and gripped my upper thighs, steadying the pace. Still moving my cock in and out of her pussy I reached up and grabbed her jiggly tits, playfully cupping and squeezing them together. She started giggling and moaning load, then she came hard on my cock for the second time.

Still trying to catch our breaths from the sexual activity that just took place, we collapsed on the bed bare naked on our backs, without any sheets covering our bodies. Our bodies now gave out a sensual aroma of fresh sex.

I got up and went into the bathroom to use the restroom and to clean up, while she got dressed. I released myself in the toilet and the feeling of the deep honey colored liquid pouring out of me, felt like I was coming for the second time.

“So when are we going to do this again Sally?” I said coming out of the bathroom.

“Well as you know Jay is not always home on Saturdays. His out spending time with his father and I pretty much have the house to myself on those days.  You can come over if you like.”

“That’s great, I’ll see you then.”

We got dressed and got into our cars. We both took the same direction, heading home.  

Sally and I kept our weekend sexual rendezvous and had one of the most incredible and addictive sex ever. We kept screwing until I went away to college. I found a cute and horny cheerleader to bang during my college career and she found a gentle and exciting lover in a former classmate she reconnected with at a class reunion.


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