Moon's Diary: Version 2

Moon's Diary: Version 2

Status: In Progress

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Status: In Progress

Genre: Other


Moon Jacobs is a sixteen year old girl with growing pains. Her Mother doesn't pay much attention to her or her sibling, mainly because her mother is always getting high on prescription pills. she is also a serious drunk. Her father left her Mother for another woman when she was really young. Her sister is a collage student who's boyfriend uses her and beats her up to the point where she ends up in the hospital all bruised up and abused. In mist of dealing with her family issues, she also deals with inner demons. she deals with an eating disorder that gets sever that she ends up going in and out of the hospital on a long term basis. All her problems get too much to handle and leads her to a choice of taking her own life.


Moon Jacobs is a sixteen year old girl with growing pains. Her Mother doesn't pay much attention to her or her sibling, mainly because her mother is always getting high on prescription pills. she is also a serious drunk. Her father left her Mother for another woman when she was really young. Her sister is a collage student who's boyfriend uses her and beats her up to the point where she ends up in the hospital all bruised up and abused. In mist of dealing with her family issues, she also deals with inner demons. she deals with an eating disorder that gets sever that she ends up going in and out of the hospital on a long term basis. All her problems get too much to handle and leads her to a choice of taking her own life.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Moon’s Diary: Version 2

Chapter 1- The Diary

Moon and her Mother were at Walmart shopping for Christmas gifts and Moon’s birthday present. Moon was looking at the many books and supplies in the supply aisle when she fell upon a small antique looking book. It was covered with old English brown leather with a wiccan star sign curved in the middle of the book. It even had a key lock and on the side of the book was a little pouch that contained a small little bronze key. Moon picked up the book and examined it a little, only to find that it was a diary.

There was one more similar diary on the shelf and Moon decided she would buy the two for her and her best friend Chloe Nelson for Christmas. Moon picked it up and ran over to her Mother who was at the checkout counter.

“Mom I found what I want to get myself for Christmas,” said Moon as she made her way to the checkout counter.

“Moon hurry up. Your father doesn’t want us late for the Christmas dinner this evening,” said her Mother who was collecting the bagged items from the cashier.

“Mom look it’s a Diary for me and Chloe,” said Moon as she held up the two Diaries for her Mother to take a closer look.

“Honey just pay for them and meet me out in the car,” said her Mother turning around and heading towards the store’s exit.

Moon put the two diaries on the scanner and watched as the cashier rang up the items totaling up to be $3.50 cents. Moon payed and collected the items from the cashier. She turned around and exited the store. She walked into the cold December air and wrapped her pink jacket tighter around herself. She made her way to her Mother’s black Toyota Corolla and got in.

“Did you buy the Diaries?” asked her Mother as Moon got into the passenger seat of the car.

“Yes Mom I did,” said Moon.

“Let me see them.”

Moon reached into the bag and brought out one of the Diaries. She handed it to her Mother.

“It’s so ugly looking Moon,” said her Mother looking at the Diary in her hand with a disgusted face.

“Mother it’s just a diary,” said Moon. She snatched the diary from her Mother’s hand and placed it back inside the bag.

When Moon’s Mother pulled her car into the drive way of their home, Moon got out and raced inside the house.

“Wait up Moon,” said her Mother as she gathered the bags of items she bought in her hand and made her way inside after Moon.

As soon as Moon walked into the house; she realized the house was dark and there were no lights on. She walked into the foyer and down the hall heading for the living room. As soon as she reached the living room entrance, she saw her father, his two kids, her step mother and a few of her relative pop out of the darkness at her.

“Happy Birthday Moon and Marry Christmas,” they all yelled in unison at her.

Someone switched on the light and the place became bright again. Moon was shocked and astonished at how well planned the whole surprise was. She even noticed some decorations around the room and a banner hanging on the front entrance way to the living room that said Happy Birthday Moon and Marry Christmas.

“Wow all this for me,” said Moon as she noticed a bunch of presents underneath the Christmas Tree.

“Happy birthday baby,” said Moon’s Father as he walked up to her and gave her a big heartfelt hug.

Moon’s sister Venus even came over to her and hugged her little sister. Moon released her sister’s hug and walked over to her little step brother and sister.

“Hey there Jude and Ellie. How are you two squirts doing?”

Jude walked up to Moon and wrapped his little bitty hands around her waist, giving her a hug while Ellie sat on the floor close by playing with her new doll. Jude was nine and Ellie was seven. Moon loved both her little step siblings very much and loved to spend time with them. Sometimes she would discipline them and correct them when they did wrong, but her step Mother did not like her correcting her kids. She would always tell Moon that it was not her job to discipline her kids and she should live them alone. Let them be kids around her. Yes, she is their older sister, but she is not their Mother. Moon would get upset when Cruella Deville told her that. Cruella Deville was what Moon called her step Mother Crystal in private; otherwise she just called her Crystal. She called her that because she was always mean to Moon. She could not stand for Moon to be alone with her father; she always interrupted their time together and pulled herself in the middle of their discussions, which angered Moon allot. Moon just figured Cruella was just jealous of her and her Father’s relationship.

Jude finally let go of Moon and scurried off to play with his ninja turtle action figures he got for Christmas. Moon could smell the barbecue going on outside in the backyard and her mouth was watering from the tasty smell, but she knew she couldn’t eat meat. She was on a diet. She sat on the cream colored sofa and watched what was going on around her. She saw her Mother talking to her Father about money. Moon’s Mother Teresa was a druggy. She abused prescription pills. Moon knew why her Mother was asking her Father for money; simply to support her drug habits. She wanted to buy more of her pills she takes. Moon’s Mother’s pills included drugs like Demerol, OxyContin, and hydrocodone; which she takes regularly. She picked up her habit of using opioids four years ago. She had gotten into a very freak accident with her car. Her and her boyfriend at the time were in her car coming home for dinner. They were arguing about something very serious, which led to him punching her in the mouth and her taking a swing at him. She lost focus on the road and the car skidded in the rain, hitting a bridge wall. Her boyfriend did not have a seat belt on and went right through the windshield. He died on the scene. Her Mother’s life was speared that night, because she had a seatbelt on and came out of the car crash with a couple of broken ribs and a concussion. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The doctors treated her and put her on meds; Well let’s just say that was the beginning of her opioid addiction.

She would have constant chronic headaches that would come on her from time to time. She would use those opioids to ease the pain, but she would also end up taking too much and getting high on them. She once told Moon that the opioids helped her relax and think better. Moon did not believe her; from what Moon observed from her Mother was a woman who was destroying her life and her kids own too. Her Mother did not respect herself anymore and started sleeping around with men; especially when she was high. She told Moon it gave her confidence.

Moon watched as her Father shot her Mother down several times about the money, but finally gave in and handed her a couple of hundred dollar bills. After that Moon’s Mother left him alone. Moon’s German Shepard came up to her and placed his head on her lap with his tail wagging frantically behind him. Moon rubbed his head and the little kay nine purred and later on scurried off on another quest.

Moon decided she would help set the table for dinner. She got up from where she sat and walked over to the kitchen. She met her Mother in the kitchen who was bring out the plates. “Hey Mom you know I’m on a diet and I don’t want to eat meat. Can you fix me a bowl of seizer salad?” asked Moon as her Mother gave her the stack of plates to place on the dining room table.

“Okay honey I will, just set these plates in its place for the guests,” said Teresa. Moon took the plates and walked into the dining room. She placed each plate at each seating and walked back into the kitchen. She found her Mother making the salad she had asked for. Just then her Father came into the kitchen with a tray of barbeque ribs and chicken. He placed it on the bar counter and went back through the glass doors.

“Moon can you place that tray on the table too?” asked Teresa.

“Sure Mom,” replied Moon as she grabbed the tray and walked back into the dining room. She placed the tray in the middle of the table and walked back into the kitchen. Moon and her Mother finished setting the table for dinner and it was finally time to eat. Moon, her Mother, her sister, her Father and the rest of her close relatives sat down at the dining room table to eat. Moon’s Father Joseph said grace and they dug into their food. Moon sat and shuffled her salad around in her plate while watching everybody else eat. Moon’s father noticed it and decided to say something to her.

“Moon how come you are not eating like the rest of us?”

“Dad I told you I’m on a diet.”

“Moon’s always on a diet. She never eats; she must weigh like 80 pounds or something,” said Venus.

“Mind your own business Venus. Your one to talk. Fat ass!”

“Hey at least I got womanly curves and look healthy. At least I don’t look like the straight letter I with dried up pale skin and unhealthy nails.”

“At least I watch my weight. At least I don’t look round and weigh 140 pounds. At-least I don’t have a boyfriend who beats me up and puts me down all the time about my weight,” said Moon furiously.

“Okay I want you two to stop throwing words at each other. Moon you look great; your sister should take some weight control lesson from you,” said Teresa.

“Thank you Mom,” said Moon.

Venus got upset and slammed her fork on her plate. She stood up from her seat and stormed out of the dining room. Moon felt bad for blurting out that Venus’s boyfriend abuses her in front of her relatives, but that bitch needed a wakeup call.

“Can I be excuses Mom, Dad,” said Moon to both her parents.

“Moon I did not enjoy what you and your sister was saying to each other a few minutes ago and you are not eating. I think you should stay at the table and eat your meal,” said Joseph.

“But Dad I have a very important holiday assignment I have to finish by the time school starts up again. I really have to get it done,” Moon lied.

“Just let her go Joseph. You know how much Moon cares about her grades. She’s going to be our little chemist,’ said Teresa.

“Whatever,” Joseph said as he rolled his eyes and went back to his conversation with his wife.

Moon got up and walked over to her Mother, kissing her on the cheek then walked out of the room. She walked passed Venus who was spread out on the couch watching Downton Abbey. Venus gave her an annoyed look as she walked by. Moon ran upstairs and walked into her bedroom. She looked around the room and noticed her room was very messy. Moon’s room was very colorful. The walls were deep wine red and her carpet was black. Her bed was a king size with pink sheets and allot of decorative pillows and stuffed animals thrown on it. She had a TV that had no cable sitting on a glass table on one side of the room and cases of china dolls and gymnastics and dance trophies stacked in rows by her TV. Her desk top computer was on the other side of the TV by the door.  She even had posters of her favorite Gymnasts and ballet dancers on her wall.

Moon went to a performing arts school. She vowed that she would one day be either a professional ballet dancer or gymnasts. Ballet was her fist love and Gymnastics was a second love. She started doing ballet from the tender age of six later on practicing Gymnastics at ten years old.

Moon grabbed her room cordless phone and dialed her best friend’s number. It rang two times before Chloe picked up.

“Hello, “said the soft timid voice from the other line.

“Hey girl. How is your Christmas going?” asked Moon.

“Speaking about Christmas; Happy Birthday Moon!” Yelled the best friend from the other line.

“Thanks girlie. Hey so are we going to have another dance teacher this semester?” asked Moon.

“Yeah I heard his a hottie, but you said you were going to transfer to gymnastics class this semester.”

“Yeah I got to get my points in order to finish up the semester.”

“Okay well I’ll miss you girl.”

“You’ll miss me; Chloe we have almost all our classes together,” said Moon.

“Yeah I know but I’ll still miss you in dance class.”


“Hey Dion Gaston is a senior now. When are you going to master up the guts to talk to him. You know his going to be in our drama class with us this semester.”

“I’ll try to talk to him this semester. I promised myself.”

“You better because his about to graduate this semester and if you don’t do something, well all that obsession for him just went down the drain,” said Chloe on the other line.

“I got you Chloe,” said Moon.

“So what are you wearing tomorrow?”

“Good thing you asked me that,” said Moon as she got up from her bed and walked over to her closet. “I’m thinking about wearing my little red tutu skirt matched with a white tank top, blue jean jacket and my black chuck shoes,” said Moon as she grabbed the outfit from the closet and placed it on the bed.

“Okay girlie well I’m going to have on a pair of red plaid pants and black shirt with a black bow on my head. Maybe I’ll wear some make-up to go along with my look,” said Chloe.

“Okay girl, I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Moon.

“Okay bye,” said Chloe. Moon hung up the phone. She picked up her outfit from the edge of her bed and placed it down on a nearby chair. She stood in her bedroom mirror and took off her clothes. She examined her naked body. Her sister was right she did look unhealthy. She was frail with very pale skin. Her skin was wrinkly and she did not look very good. She knew she had a bad eating problem but she refused to face the fact that she was in fact anorexic. She just told herself that she was on a diet which might last for a while. Her Father signed her up to talk to a shrink about her eating problems, but she never went. She thought maybe she should start going. She hated what she was doing to herself.

Moon had beautiful pinkish pale skin with soft curly bronze colored hair. She had freckles on her face that extended down to her lower back. Everybody told Moon her freckles were beautiful, but she hated them. She often covered them up with make-up. Because she was blessed with mixed race traits, people often could not figure out if she was white or black. Whenever they would ask her what she was, she would just ignore them or say she was neither. This made them wonder and scratch their heads about her.  Her Father was an Italian and her mother was an African American mixed with European decent.  So pretty much she was mixed with black, European and Italian. The mixer was very beautiful and made her skin color unique.

Moon changed into a night gown and grabbed her Diary. She plopped down on her bed and started writing in it.

Dear Diary:

Today was my birth day and also Christmas day. I just turned sixteen years old. I bought you at Walmart this afternoon while shopping for Christmas and birthday presents for me. When I saw you I immediately bought you. I haven’t even opened up my other Christmas and birthday presents my relatives got me, because of the scene during dinner this evening. My sister Venus told everybody at the table that I never eat and I told her that she was a tub of lard and that’s why her boyfriend beats her up and puts her down all the time. I did feel bad about it and I left the table. I don’t want to face the fact that I have a problem with food. I mean I really don’t eat and I weigh 80 pounds. A couple of years ago I was at a healthy weight of 120 pounds, now I’m all skin and bones. But I don’t know why I keep looking in the mirror and seeing myself ass fat, with fat thick thighs and thick arms and stomach. I hate my stomach, it’s so flabby and swollen. I hate my body.  My period has even stopped. I never get my menstrual cycle any more. It’s been five months now. I wish people would stop bothering me about my body. I feel fine.

Anyways besides all that I had a great birthday. After-all I bought both Diaries for me and Chloe. I can’t wait to start school in a couple of days. I can’t wait to see Chloe and Dion Gaston again. If you are wondering who Dion Gaston is. He is my all-time crush. I’ve been crushing on him since I was in fifth grade and he was in the seventh grade. You see Dion is a few years older than me. He is seventeen years old and his birthday is a day before Christmas. His birthday is 12-24-1997, which makes his birthday a day before mine; it was yesterday. I wonder what he did for his birthday. LOL!!

Bang, Bang, Bang!! Hold up some ones at my door.

That was my Mom she wants me to go to sleep. I’ll write to you later. Xoxoxo Moon!!!!

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