Lily The Vampire Slayer (A T.V Series Novel)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

BASED ON THE LATE 90’S and early 2000's T.V SERIES BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER! 16 year old Lilith Appleton is a descendant of Buffy Summers. She is actually Buffy’s only daughter she conceived with her long time love, Angel, which was a ancient vampire of 300 years. The legend goes that on a slayer’s sixteenth birthday, she will get all her powers including her battle skills. Although Lilith is half vampire half human, she is still the slayer . She is after-all Buffy’s blood. She retrieves all her necessary beginners powers on her sixteenth birthday. At first she does not know what her powers mean, but after her encounter with her protector/ watcher at her new school, she realizes what she stands for and what her powers actually mean. She uses this knowledge and power against evil, wicked vampires and demons that prowl in the dark nights of Rosewood California. Authors Note: Buffy Summers is dead, but she still lives on through her only daughter Lilith Appleton who was adopted at the age of three to loving parents, Christoph and Abbey Appleton! Lilith remembers her Mother through a beautiful and ancient ruby sapphire ring that was given to her by her Mother before she died. She always has the ring on because it helps her remember the little she knew of her Mother!

Table of Contents

Character Page

This is my character page to my T.V show novel, Lily The Vampire Slayer! I will be adding more characters as the story progresses! Comments are welcome! Read Chapter

Chapter 1-Season 1x 01- Pilot

Chapter 1- Pilot Lilith Appleton, held her boyfriend’s hand as they walked out of the mid-night matinée movie theatre togethe... Read Chapter

Pilot (Part 2)

Chapter 2- Pilot (Part 2) The Pit Kingdom: underneath the sewers, below the Rosewood high campus grounds: Vampire Spike walke... Read Chapter

Chapter 3-Season 1x02 (Part 1)- The Succubus Cheerleader

CHAPTER 3- 1x02: The Succubus Cheerleader Lilith and her little brother where sitting in the middle row bleachers in the gymna... Read Chapter