Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


nineteen year old Francheska Bailey just got into Julliard school for performing arts. She strives to be the best in her class and compete to become one of the best dancers in Julliard. She finds out that trying to be the best is not everything. During her journey in becoming a professional dancer she is faced with obstacles and inner demons. She is also romancing with the very hot and sexy dance instructor, whom absolutely adores her. Join her in her dream in achieving her dreams and competing to be one of the ones chosen to be in Ryan Farley's famous dance companies, one of the best dance companies in the world.


nineteen year old Francheska Bailey just got into Julliard school for performing arts. She strives to be the best in her class and compete to become one of the best dancers in Julliard. She finds out that trying to be the best is not everything. During her journey in becoming a professional dancer she is faced with obstacles and inner demons. She is also romancing with the very hot and sexy dance instructor, whom absolutely adores her. Join her in her dream in achieving her dreams and competing to be one of the ones chosen to be in Ryan Farley's famous dance companies, one of the best dance companies in the world.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Julliard Acceptance Letter

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 20, 2016



Daddy’s Little Girl

Chapter 1-Julliard Acceptance Letter

Francheska Bailey sat cross legged on her big pink canopy bed. She stared down at the white mailing envelop in her hand. She stared at the black print that read Julliard School for Performing Arts. She was anxious to open the envelop and read the message unfolded inside; she wanted to know if she got in or not. She knew her performing arts high school teacher would not disappoint her. After-all she was one if not the best ballet dancer in her class. He told her once to never give up on her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. He told her she had a very special gift and to not waste such a gift.

Francheska snapped out of her thoughts and began to tear open the sealed envelope along its top side. She eagerly pulled out the letter and read what it stated.

Dear Francheska Bailey, I am happy to announce to you that you are one of the very few dancers who have been chosen to attend our Julliard dance school in the fall. Welcome my dear Francheska and I hope to see you along with the other amazing and well gifted dancers at orientation. School starts on August 16th and orientation is a day before that on August 15th, I hope you will be ready for a very exciting and fun school year. Below is a list of dance wear and accessories you will need to start of the school year. Please bring these things when you arrive on August 15th.

Again thank you:

Sincerely: Madam Sinclair (Director)

List: you will need these things on the first day of class,

Ballet shoes, (satin preferred)

Leotards (at least 3 pairs)

Tights (at list 3 pairs)

Warm-ups (sweat pants, leg warmers, feet booties and body wraps)

Dance Bag

Francheska’s big bright hazel eyes widened with excitement as she read every worded line through out. When she was through reading the Dean’s section of the letter, she quickly got up and started jumping up and down on her bed with the letter flailing wildly in her hand.

“Mom I made it,” she yelled from inside her bedroom. She stepped down from her bed and ran out of her bedroom. She reached her upstairs landing and almost collided with her Mother.

“What’s wrong Francheska? Calm down a little. What is that in your hand?” asked her Mother looking down at the letter in her daughter’s hand.

“Mom I got in. I got into Julliard…. Look!” She announced showing the letter to her Mother.

Her Mother grabbed the letter from her hand and skimmed through the opening paragraph of the letter. “Oh honey; I’m so proud of you. You made it,” screamed her Mother with excitement as she embraced her daughter and gave her a big heartfelt hug. They hugged each other for a second or two until Franscheska pulled away from her Mother’s embrace.

“It says school starts in a week’s time Mom. I got to get everything on the list. I have to go shopping now,” said Francheska with excitement and joy.

“Do you need me to come with you honey?”

“No Mom, I’ll ask Imigine to come with me. I wonder if she made it in. She has been on the waiting list longer than I have. I’ll call her now and see what’s up,” said Francheska. She grabbed the letter from her Mother’s hand and walked back into her bedroom. Her little Persian white fur ball cat purred after her and jumped on top of her bed. It made a comfortable space on her white silk pillows.

Francheska picked up her cell phone from the top of her computer desk and dialed her best friend Imigine. It rang two times before a soft childlike voice broke through the speakers.

“Hello,” said her friend from the other line.

“Hey Imigine, it’s Francheska! I got in girl…. I got into Julliard.”

“You got in? Oh, my god you got in. I’m so happy for you French,” said Imigine with excitement. She seemed to be jumping up and down from excitement on the other end.

“Yeah! Did you get the same letter saying you got in too?” You know you’ve been on the waiting list longer than I have,” said Francheska as she walked into her walk in closet and grabbed her leotard that she had since freshman year.

“No girl I did not get one. I contacted the Julliard admissions office three days ago about my admission. They told me if I did not get an acceptance letter it meant I was not chosen and to wait until next semester like the others.”

Francheska put the phone on speaker and placed it down on top of her bed side table. She slowly put on the leotard. “Oh girl, I’m sorry to hear that. Hey do you want to go with me shopping. I have to buy some new dance gear before I have to report to school in a week?” She said pulling the leotard fabric in place on her small frame.  She realized how snug and tight the leotard fit her. She knew she had grown and filled out a couple of inches since freshman year; the leotard was expected not to fit. “I got to get some new Leotards girl and some new tights.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in about twenty minutes since I live on the next street from you,” said her friends voice breaking through the phone speakers. “Hey did you get the plane ticket in the envelop the acceptance letter came in?”

“Yeah I have it right hear.” Francheska walked over to the edge of her bed and picked up the envelop that had the acceptance letter in it. She searched inside it and found the little blue plane ticket. She examined it a little and then returned it back in its envelop. She placed it under her head pillow for safe keeping. “Okay girl, I’ll see you when you get here,” said Francheska returning back to her cell phone on top of her bed side table.

“Okay Bye!”

“Bye! Francheska pushed the end call bottom on her cell phone and proceeded to take off the leotard. She took off the garment and threw it to the back of her closet. She grabbed a blue tank top and dark blue skinny jeans. She quickly changed into them and admired herself in her closet mirror. She was a petite mixed race little thing with olive colored skin and dark grey eyes. She was 5’1 inches and weighed a little over 110 pounds. She had the form and stance of a ballerina. After-all she did study ballet almost all her life from the tender age of three to now nineteen years of age. She was quiet the healthy type with 0% fat and everything muscle. She packed her curly bronze colored hair up in a messy bun and slipped her feet into some black slippers. Just before she raced out of her room, she grabbed her purse.

Francheska raced down the stairs and into her living room to find her Mom and Dad eating dinner at the kitchen table.

“French, won’t you join us?” asked her Father at the Kitchen table.

Francheska walked over to her dad and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Oh, father not at the moment. Imigine is on her way to pick me up; we are going shopping for Julliard.” She sat down in an empty seat beside her Father.

“Oh, yeah your Mother was telling me you got in. That’s very great dear. I’m proud of you; we both are,” said her Father looking from his daughter to his wife, then back to his daughter.

“Thanks Dad.” Francheska heard a car blowing its horn outside the house walls. “Oh, that must me Imigine; got to go Father,” said Francheska as she got up and walked away from the table.

Francheska walked down the walk way and got into Imigine’s purple 2016 Volkswagen beetle. “Hey girl; was up?” said Francheska as she got settled inside the car.

“Oh nothing; My Mom was bugging right before. She was asking me questions to wear I was going this late. I had to set her straight. Hey so where are we headed?”

“To the Dance shop at the City mall,” said Francheska looking at her best friend. She thought Imigine looked extra cute. She had on a blue sweater blouse with dark blue jeans and brown knee high boots. “You look cute,” she said complimenting her.

“Thanks love, you do too.”

Imigine started the car and they sped off down the street heading to the City mall. When they got there, they parked in the vast parking garage and made their way to the elevators. They got in and went up to the third floor. Getting out of the elevator Francheska and Imigine made their way to the Dance shop. They looked around at the many dance gear and accessories. Francheska finally picked out four leotards of different colors and five tights. She also bought a pair of dance shoes and a new dance bag. She headed to the fitting room to try on the leotards she picked out.

As Francheska came out of the fitting room after trying on a couple of leotards, she spotted a classmate of hers looking through some warm up gears. It was Candice Sweeney, her nemesis and competition. Candice was one of the best dancers at her performing Arts high school next to Francheska. She could do a great split jump and pirouette mainly because she had the tall height for it; a physical feature Francheska clearly did not possess. She was also a blonde with nice long firm legs.  The young blonde beauty spotted her too and made her way towards Francheska.

“If it isn’t Francheska Bailey,” announced Candice as she approached her.

“Well nice to see you too Candy,” said Francheska with an annoyed demeanor. Candice was the last person she wanted to see at a time in her life when she was very excited and happy. She especially did not want to find out if Candice made it in to Julliard also.

“So what are you doing here Frenchie? School let out a year ago,” said Candice folding her arm to her chest and resting on one foot.

“I came to buy some dance wear. What are you here for?”

“I just got an acceptance letter from Julliard yesterday. I’m here for the same reason as you. Did you get in too?”

“Oh man, you got in too,” said Imigine with annoyance. She walked up to Candice and stared at her with hate shown all over her face.

“If it isn’t Imigine; Francheska’s lesbian lover,” said Candice.

“Oh…. well if it isn’t wobble toes,” replied imagine. Imagine and Francheska secretly called Candice wobble toes, because every time she danced on her toes, she never could keep a steady balance. She always seemed like she was going to fall.

“Bitch!” said Candice as she grabbed her things and walked away.

Francheska turned to Imigine and glared at her.

“What?” asked Imigine dumbfounded.

“Nothing, you just always seem to amaze me.” Francheska walked passed Imigine towards the front register.

“Hey she talked to you like a bitch she is, so I needed to set her straight,” said Imigine as she followed up behind Francheska to the front desk.

The cashier rang up the price totally up to be 250 dollars. Francheska payed and they walked out of the store. On their way back to the garage, they stopped and got some fruit smoothies at one of their favorite smoothie bars. Francheska got strawberry and mango flavor while Imigine got kiwi and lime.

The girls made their way back to their car and headed back to Francheska’s house. Imigine dropped Francheska back home. Francheska opened the front door to her house. At this time the whole house was quiet and dark. She figured her parents had already gone to bed. She tip toed upstairs and into her bedroom with the bag of dance gear in her hand. When she got into her bedroom, her white Persian cat jumped off her bed and greeted her at the door by brushing its fury body against her leg.

“Oh, hey there Snow White; How are you tonight?” She said to the little animal. Snow White scurried its way across the room to its little scratching post.

Francheska brought out her luggage’s and decided to do a little early packing. She folded and placed her Dance gear in her luggage along with allot of her other clothes and street wear. After she was done, she undressed and put on a long white sleep gown. She got under the covers and drifted off into sleep world.


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