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Genre: Horror


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


A couple on a road trip from Houston to South Carolina to visit family stop at a boarding home in Chicago, to reside for a while before they continue their journey. They out way their stay as they realize the owner and his family of five is not your typical family; they are well dressed, well mannered cannibals looking for fresh meat and their next victims is Mason and his girlfriend Lola. All the while, "Who or what lies in the basement of the old Blackwell boarding house?"


A couple on a road trip from Houston to South Carolina to visit family stop at a boarding home in Chicago, to reside for a while before they continue their journey. They out way their stay as they realize the owner and his family of five is not your typical family; they are well dressed, well mannered cannibals looking for fresh meat and their next victims is Mason and his girlfriend Lola.
All the while, "Who or what lies in the basement of the old Blackwell boarding house?"

Chapter1 (v.1) - Next Stop.... Your worst Nightmare!

Author Chapter Note

I changed how long Mason and Lola's relationship was from ten months to three years because of some detailed history in the second chapter. Second chapter will be posted very soon. I am currently working on it. Thanks guys!

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 1-Next stop…. Your worst nightmare!

Hungry Ghoul- BY: Einar Ulfrsonr

In the depths of the street, The echo of hallow roads,
The shadow of an empty soul, Feasts upon a man on death's row.
The alley way reeked of meat, The left behind bodes,
The thirst a hefty toll, devouring human flesh much like a crow.

The unholy essence of a beast, A Man awake with a zombie inside,
Stalks the night for a feast, Their appetite cannot be put aside.
Ghoulish man forced to flee, Avoiding detection of squirmy screams,
Hunger leads to a killing spree, Making him the strongest and supreme.

Instinct leads him to his knee, Crying tears filled with psycho glee,
Stomach rumbles of digesting thee, Painful lust of cannibal need.

Chomp on flesh, Chomp on bone. Swallow down the crimson liquid.
Drink the blood, Bathe in blood. His nasty desire purely limpid.

The greyhound bus stopped at the bus station in front of the old boarding house on main street of the Chicago area. Mason Green and his girlfriend of three years, Lola Vixen stepped off the bus as it let out its last few passengers. Mason held his girlfriend by the hand and adjusted his duffle bag with his other hand as they stood in front of the eerie looking old home and observed its dark essence. The place was an old English two story huge house with creaking dark windows lined up side by side around the big spacious home and a spacious wooded porch along the front entrance. Because it was dark at the time, the place gave off a chilling optic sight to it. The trees that surrounded the place, cast dark shadows against the front windows making it look unwelcoming.

Lola stared at the eerie dark windows and felt a sort of chill to her bones. Just the sight of the whole atmosphere made her body start shivering with chills. “Wow this place gives me the creeps,” complained Lola as she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s slender waist and brought her body against the side of his to warm her chilled bones.

 Her boyfriend turned his eyes down into her own bright bambi green eyes and smiled widely at her. Her frightened demeanor brought a bit of joy to his heart. He felt like her protector by the way she held on to him and that brought him delight because he felt that she needed his manly confidence to take care of her.

“Don’t worry babe, it’s just an old boarding home. Old homes around her are expected to look like this,” he said as he wrapped his free arm around her shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Yeah; I guess!” she said.

“Let’s go up and see if we can rent a room for at least a week before we continue our journey,” stated Mason.

“Okay fine,” mumbled Lola with an annoyed groan as her boyfriend held on to her by the shoulder and pulled her with him up the rusted wooden short steps that led up to the front door. When they got to the front door, Mason rang the doorbell. At first it seemed like nobody was home, until they heard light footsteps coming down some narrow steps and inching closer to the door. The next thing they knew they heard an old woman’s voice booming at them from the other side of the door.

“Who is it?” cried the old woman’s voice.

Mason and Lola turned their heads to look at each other. They gave each other an unsettling look right before Mason answered.

“Hi! Um, my name is Mason Green and I’m here with my girlfriend Lola. We just thought we could rent a room for a while; if ones available, that is,” cried Mason against the closed door.

They heard silence for a minute which made them feel like they were unwelcome, then the door creaked open and an old woman’s face appeared from the little open space on the side of the slightly opened door.

“We don’t have enough space for you two,” said the old woman in a rude voice.

“Look; we came a long way and we have a long way to go. We just need at least a day or two to recuperate and energize then we will be out of your hair,” said Mason as he stared at the oddness of the old woman’s appearance. She was a bit on the short side and seemed to have a hunch back. Her short messy hair was all grey, not a strand of it was any bit darker than the rest, and her skin was very wrinkly and seemed to fall off her bones. It seemed to have lost its elasticity a long way back. The skin on her cheeks had fallen along with her eye lids that seemed to droop around her small eyes. Another weird thing Mason had noticed about this strange looking woman was that she had a case of the cataracts and she seemed to squint her eyes every ten seconds.

Another person’s voice suddenly boomed out at them. It was a manly voice, no older than mid-fifties. “Oh, let them in Martha,” cried the voice. “We have plenty of space available.”

The old woman the manly voice called Martha gave them an annoyed look and then opened the door further in to let them in. As both Mason and Lola made their way into the front foyer of the old home, an older man with a pair of black suspenders on and a white dressy shirt met them as they came inside.

“Hi, and welcome to the Blackwell’s boarding home,” he said as he brought his hand out for a handshake in front of Mason and his girlfriend. Mason gladly placed his hand in his and shook the man’s hand. “Sorry about my Mother; she seems to not like strangers very well,” said the well-groomed older man.

Mason looked back at the old woman who was now closing the front door and glancing at them in an uncanny way. He then turned back to the well-groomed man and released the man’s strong grip on his hand. “Don’t worry about it; old women are usually like that,” he replied with a grin.

“Come sit down in the living room. Tell me all about your journey,” said the man as he gestured them into the living room. Mason and Lola followed the man into the old antique looking living room space. As Mason and his girlfriend walked into the living room, Mason could not help but stare at the rows of jars filled with what looked like humanly body parts. He cringed with disgust as he walked passed a row of jars with hands and feet soaked in a sort of iodinated liquid. He could feel Lola’s own disgust also as she walked quietly behind him.

Mason and Lola walked over to a long brown coach and sat down across from the man who was now taking a sit on a black leather man sofa. He felt freaked out by the atmosphere the old boarding house gave to his senses. His gut was telling him to get up with his girlfriend and run out of that God forsaken place and don’t look back, but he decided to ignore his instincts. After-all what harm would it do to stay a couple of nights.

“So, you two are not from around here; right?” asked the older man.

“Yes; we’re from Houston. We’re on our way to Arlington, South Carolina….” Just then Mason remembered he did not get the man’s name. “Um, sorry I did not get your name!” exclaimed Mason with a raised eye brow.

The older man lifted his upper body up from the back of the chair and leaned in closer with his elbows on his knees, towards the other side of the room where Mason and Lola sat. He seemed like he did not really want to answer that question. The older man hesitated for a second before he replied with, “My name is John Blackwell. I own this here boarding house that you fine people want to reside in; for a short time, I presume,” replied John as he glanced from Mason to Lola with an odd look.

“Yes; I hope it’s not too much trouble!” said Lola.

“No, not at all. It is a boarding home after-all,” said John with a slight chuckle. “How long are you fine people planning to stay?” he asked

“No longer than a week,” stated Mason.

“Okay! That can be arranged.”

Mason heard a child’s soft playful giggles coming from the far end of the hallway. He tuned in closer to hear where the child’s voice was coming from. Then he heard soft footsteps coming from the hallway along with a heavier set of footsteps following closely behind. Both footsteps got closer and closer to the front entrance of the living room, causing Mason to take his eyes off John and look towards the hallway right outside the living room entrance. For just a brief second, he thought he saw a childlike figure run passed the living room entrance. The child seemed to be griping something in his or her hands that seemed to be animal like. The child seemed to have on a pair of grey shorts and a black T-shirt with a pair of black converses, but Mason did not seem to know if the child was a male or a female. Coming from the playful child-like voice, it sounded like a little boy no older than eight or ten. Mason thought this young child seemed to be a bit off or mentally retarded by the way he or she sounded. The child’s footsteps now seemed to be moving up a staircase. Mason did not know who or were this child came from, but was very intrigued by the noises he or she made. Mason continued to listen in on the little child’s noises, until another set of footsteps walked into the living room. He recognized it as the set of footsteps he heard earlier that followed the child’s own. As the person walked into the living room, Mason looked up to see a beautiful young woman with a black knee high dress with long slender gorgeous legs for days walk into the room. The young raven haired beauty, strutted into the room like she owned it and clicked her black heels towards John. She stopped at John’s side and sat down on the arm of the chair John sat in. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek right before she noticed Mason and Lola was also in the room.

This beautiful goddess of a woman stared at Mason and Lola like they were some kind of delicious appetizer for just a brisk second; then her demeanor changed and she relaxed her face and a sweet smile crept on her red heart shaped lips.

Mason forced his eyes off the young beauty to look at John as John began to speak. “This is my wife Tessa,” he said. “Tessa this is our new residence, Mason and Lola.” Mason thought Tessa was a bit young for John. She looked to be in her early or late twenties. Just around the same age as him and Lola.

Tessa smiled at them sweetly. “So how long are you two planning to stay?” she asked.

“Oh, just a week, we hope,” replied Mason.

“Oh, you’re going to enjoy your stay here. We love new residence to join our family. We have three rooms available now. Unfortunately, our earlier residence has come and gone. I believe we have a couple just like you two still staying with us. I’m sure you will become acquainted soon enough,” said Tessa.

“Yes, I’m sure we will,” replied Mason.

“Was it a long journey? You two look so tired,” Asked Tessa with gratitude.

“Yes, it was and yes, we are very tired,” replied Lola.

“Would you like something to eat or perhaps some hot tea?”

“No…. No thank you Tessa. I think Mason and I will be heading to bed once you’ve shown us our room,” said Lola.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Follow me upstairs to your room,” Tessa got up and ushered Mason and Lola out of their seats and out of the room.

Mason got up and grabbed Lola’s hand, pulling her to her feet. They both followed Tessa out of the room while John sat back in the leather man chair and lite a cigar.

Mason and Lola followed Tessa up the narrow old wooded staircase. With each step they took, the rusted wood would make a loud creaking noise underneath their feet. When they got to the upstairs landing they entered a dark hallway with rooms on both sides until they got to a room door at the very end of the corridor.

“Here we go,” said Tessa as she brought out a chain of bronze keys from her side dress pocket and searched though the dozens of keys until she found the one she was looking for. She easily placed the key into the key hole and twisted it slightly to the right. The old wooden door popped right open with a loud annoyed sound that sounded like nails scratching on a chalk board. As she inched the door further open the noise the door gave became more and more annoying.

Mason hated that noise. He cringed as the door opened further. “What’s wrong with the door,” he asked.

Tessa turned back to look at him. “Oh, it’s because the edges of the door are rusted out. It needs to be oil down and needs new nailing,” she said with an uncanny grin.

Mason and Lola followed Tessa into the dark room. Tessa turned and flicked on a light switch making the lights come alive in the spacious room. The room was about medium sized, but very spacious. It had a king-sized bed in the corner and a few old dusty chairs spaced out in the area. Mason walked over to the bed and placed his duffle bag on top of the dusty old sheets. As his bag hit the sheets, dust flew into his nose, making him gag and cough from the daubery.

“Sorry, the bed hasn’t been changed for a minute. Just shake the dust off and it should alright for the night,” said Tessa.

“Thank you, Tessa, for all you have done,” said Lola.

“You’re welcome! Enjoy your night and please don’t hesitate to call downstairs. There is a cordless phone on the bedside table. Dial #1 to reach the kitchen. I’m always in the kitchen. #2 is for the living room. John is always there,” reassured Tessa.

“Thanks!” exclaimed Lola.

“Okay, I’ll be going now. Have a nice night,” Tessa turned around and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her.

As soon as Tessa left, Mason turned to his girlfriend. “Wow I just think we have landed ourselves in an episode of the Adams family,” said Mason in a joking manor.

“Yeah, more like Nightmare on Elms Street,” said Lola with a roll to her eyes and a giggle. Mason chuckled a laughter. Lola pulled the sheets from on top of the mattress and shook the daubery of dust from the material. As she got ready to fix the mattress, she noticed a few brownish red stains on the surface of the mattress that looked allot like dried up blood.

“Babe, what’s that?” she asked her Boyfriend.

Mason stopped searching though his duffle bag and got up. He walked over to the edge of the bed to see what she was looking at. At first the stains did not bother him, until he noticed Lola was deeply freaked out by them.

“Honey, it’s probably food stains or better yet sex stains,” he chuckled and squeezed her shoulder. She slapped his hand off and gave him an angry look. “Babe that does not look nothing like cum stains nor food stains. It looks to me like it’s dried up blood,” she said. She seemed scared at this point.

“Come on babe; don’t worry about it. Lots of old mattresses have stains on them. It doesn’t mean that somebody bled out on top of them.”

Lola rolled her eyes at Mason and proceeded to finish dressing the bed. After she was done, she searched though her own luggage and brought out her sleeping attire. She undressed and put on her sleep wear. By the time, she was ready for bed, Mason had already got comfortable underneath the sheets and drifted off to sleep. Lola cut off the light and climbed into bed beside her boyfriend. Shortly after she drifted off into a light sleep. A few hours later, Lola thought she heard a tantalizing female scream break into her senses. Her eyes quickly flew open and she jolted upright in a sitting position. She felt chills run all throughout her body and her adrenaline was on high. Her chest felt like a jackhammer and it felt like her heart was beating right out of her chest. She clutched her chest with her hands as she tried to figure out where those heart wrenching screams came from. Just then Mason woke up from his sleep. He was surprised to see her so frightened and wide eyed.

“Babe are you alright?” he asked as he sat up and put his hands around her shaking body to stop her chills.

“I thought I heard a woman screaming,” she whispered against his chest. “Did you hear it?”

“No, honey, I heard nothing,” he replied.

“Maybe we should call downstairs and see what’s going on,”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea babe. I heard nothing. It was probably just a bad dream,” he said as he held his frightened girlfriend tighter.

“But what if it wasn’t. What if whoever that was needs help.”

“Honey, just close your eyes and go back to sleep. I promise in the morning we will figure this out,” said Mason as he tried to comfort his girlfriend.

“Babe, I think we should call downstairs,” pleaded Lola.

“Lola, please don’t bother those nice folks. I did not hear anything. If it wasn’t a dream, I would have heard it too. I’m sure the way you jolted out of your sleep, the scream was loud. If it was real, I’m sure I would have heard it also. You know I don’t sleep that hard.”

“Yeah, I guess!”

“You even said a few times that I sleep so light anything can wake me up.”

“Okay, I guess it was just a dream; right?” she said as she lifted her head up from his chest and stared into his blue dark eyes that was hidden from the little moon light coming from the only window in the room.

Mason leaned in and planted a drowsy kiss on his girlfriend’s forehead. “Just go back to sleep Lola; in the morning, we will ask around to see if anybody else heard it.”

Lola did what he said and closed her eyes while Mason held on to her and comforted her back to sleep. It took no time for Lola to fall back asleep. Mason held on to her for the rest of the night.


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