Breakfast at Tiffany's (Reimagined)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (Reimagined)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A fanfiction Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie remade into a book. A naive young girl who is sought after by wealthy young men befriends a struggling writer Paul Varjak, her neighbor that lives in her apartment building. Holly and Paul become close friends as her a strangled husband shows himself looking to rekindle his relationship with her. During this time, holly’s brother dies making holly devastated and in a distressed state.


A fanfiction Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie remade into a book. A naive young girl who is sought after by wealthy young men befriends a struggling writer Paul Varjak, her neighbor that lives in her apartment building. Holly and Paul become close friends as her a strangled husband shows himself looking to rekindle his relationship with her. During this time, holly’s brother dies making holly devastated and in a distressed state.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Morning After

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 28, 2019



Chapter 1- The Morning After

The yellow Manhattan city taxi pulled into the curve side of the huge shopping center building with the words, Tiffany & CO engraved on its front. Young nineteen-year-old, Holly Golightly sat in the backseat of the cab, silently rummaging through her black clutch bag, looking for some change to pay the driver. She quickly pulled out a few ten-dollar bills and handed it to the driver of the cab, before she opened the back-passenger side door and got out.

Holly reached to adjusted the length of her long black dress as she made her way over to the front display window of the building. She stood in front of Tiffany’s & Co, looking via the dark windows at the display of beautiful fine jewelry while eating a Danish out of a paper bag and drinking coffee. Her eyes examined the many extravagant pieces of jewelry sitting in display cases inside the dark atmosphere. It was a little past six in the morning and Holly had just come back from a night with a young man she regularly sees and accompanies to dinner. After a long night of pleasurable conversation over lobster crabs, Holly accompanied this young man to his home for some more flirting and small talk. Now Holly had to find her way back to her apartment building which was just two blocks down from where she was.

Holly often had her driver stop her at this specific location at times. She loved to stop by Tiffany’s and gaze at the exquisite jewelry on the inside of the magnificent store. Tiffany’s was her favorite jewelry store. She was a big fan of Tiffany’s jewelry even if she did not have nearly enough money to afford it. She only earned money being an escort and accomplice to wealthy handsome young men who were lonely and looking for a beautiful young woman to show off to their wealthy friends. Most of these men, of course, bragged about young Holly and their relationship with her. Even if Holly could not afford Tiffany’s jewelry, she was still free to admire it from its display.

Holly stood at the window and admired the many jewelry pieces inside for another minute or so before she walked away from the view. She needed to get back to her apartment and get some sleep, before her meeting with convicted Conn and ex-mobster, Sally Tomato at Sing Sing; a local prison nearby. Tomato’s lawyer pays her a hundred dollars a week for her to sit with Sally and conversate with him. During these meetings, she delivers the weather report which Sally appreciates very much.

Holly finally got to her block and crossed the street to her building. As she climbed up the short step to the front door, an older man climbed out of his car that was parked across the street and pursued her inside.

“Hey baby what’s going on here?” the man said as Holly dug into her clutch for her keys.

“Oh, hi,” Holly said, glancing back at the older man. She proceeded to push the button under the mailbox for her landlord, Mr. Yunioshi to let her in. The door unlocked and Holly walked in. The older man followed her into the building.

“What happened to you anyway. You take off for the powder room and that’s the last I see you,” The young man said, following her up the staircase.

“Now really, Harry,” Holly said finishing the last steps to the second-floor landing.

“Harry was the other guy. I’m Sid. Sid Alba. You like me, remember? He said following her to her door.

“Mrs. Golightly. I protest!” Mr. Yunioshi said from up above on the third floor.

Holly and Sid peeked above the railing at Mr. Yunioshi. “Oh, darling I am sorry, but I lost my key,” She said, lowering her shades on her face to get a better view of Mr. Yunioshi from above.

“But that was two weeks ago. You cannot go on and keep ringing my bell. You disturb me. You must have a key made,” he shouted down at her in his deep Japanese accent. Mr. Yunioshi barely spoke English.

“But it won’t do any good. I’ll just lose them all,” Holly said, slightly shaking her head. She turned and motioned over to her doorway.

“Come on baby you like me. I know you do,” Mr. Alba said, with persistence.

“I worship you, Mr. Alba. Goodnight Mr. Alba,” Holly said struggling to push through her doorway and get inside without Mr. Alba coming in after her. She quickly shut her apartment door, leaing Mr. Alba in the hallway pleading for her affection. 

“Wait a minute. What is this? You like me. I’m a liked guy,” Holly heard Mr. Alba say as he banged loudly on her door. Come on baby, you know you do. Didn’t I pick up the check for your friends? I’ve never seen them before. Didn’t you ask for change for the powder room? And what did I give you? Now doesn’t that give me some, rights? She heard him say from the other side of the door.

Mr. Yunioshi yelled down at Mr. Alba making him leave. As Mr. Alba left, Holly opened her door and walked out to make sure Mr. Alba leaves. She heard him climb down the stairs and leave, before looking up at Mr. Yunioshi.

“Don’t be angry, you dear little man. I won’t do it again. You promise not to be angry I might have to promise to take those pictures we mentioned,” she said smiling up at Mr. Yunioshi.

“Mr. Yunioshi smiled down at her with a grimace. When?” he groaned.

“Sometime,” Holly replied.

“Anytime?” he groaned once more.

“Goodnight.” Holly blew him a slight kiss and bit down on the temple of her shades before walking back into her apartment.


An hour later, Holly awakened to the noise of her apartment building buzzer. Holly’s orange tabby cat jumped onto her bed to wake her up. She annoyingly groaned and reached to her nightstand to grab her nightgown. She swiftly slipped the night gown on and climbed out of bed. The noise from downstairs was irritating her. She hated to wake up from a good nights rest. She swiftly made her way over to her front door to let whomever was ringing the buzzer into the apartment building.

She slightly opened her front door and saw a young man climbing up the staircase with suit cases in hand.

“Sorry to bother you. I couldn’t get the downstairs door open,” he said making his way up the stairs. “They sent me the downstairs key. I couldn’t get the downstairs door open,” he said walking up to the door.

Holly could hardly hear him. She still had her earplugs in her ear.

The young man repeated himself once more. Holly had to take her earplugs out of her ears to hear him better.

“It’s quite alright,” she said placing the earplugs back into her right ear. “It can happen to anyone. It quite frequently does. Goodnight. She proceeded to close her front door. But the young man stopped her.

“I hate to bother you, but if I could ask one more favor? Can I use the phone?

“Sure. Why not,” she said taking the earplugs out of her ear once more and opening the door wider for him to come in. The young man walked into Holly’s extravagant high-class apartment.

“Wow, this is a nice little place you’ve got here,” he said nervously shoving his hands into the pockets of his slacks.

Holly placed her earplugs on the mantle by the door. “Um, I’ve been here for about a year. “The phones over there,” she said looking past him. “Well, it was.” She motioned over to her suitcase. “Oh, I remember, I stock it in the suitcase. It kind of muffles the sound.” She lowered her self-down and opened her suitcase to grab her phone from inside. Holly grabbed the phone and handed it to the young man.

The young man proceeded to walk over to where Holly crouched, but Holly’s cat, jumped onto his shoulder to reach the top mantle.

“I’m sorry. Is he alright?” the young man asked, staring up at the cat on the mantle.

“Sure. Sure, his okay aren’t you, cat,” Holly said, getting up and making her way over to the cat’s side. “Poor old cat. Poor slob. Poor slob without a name,” she said reaching over the mantle and grabbing the cat. The cat nuzzled into her shoulder as she petted him. “Well, I don’t have the right to give him one.” She walked over to her refrigerator with the cat in her arms. “I just found him over by the river one day. When she got to her refrigerator, she grabbed the knob to open it. “I don’t even want to own anything until I can find the right to give him one. I know it goes together.” The cat jumped out of her arms. Holly crouched down to grab some milk from inside the refrigerator. “Not sure where that is. But I know what it’s like,” she said picking up a pair of ballet slippers from inside to move it. “It’s like Tiffany’s. She placed the shoes back inside and grabbed a bottle of milk.

“Tiffany’s! You mean the jewelry store?” The young man asked, staring at her.

“That’s right! I’m crazy about Tiffany’s.” Holly poured some milk into a wine glass and got up from her kneeled position. “Listen, you know those days when you get the mean reds?” she asked, as she made her way over to her record player on the other side of the room.

“Mean reds? You mean like the blues?”  

“The blues meaning that you’re getting fatter. You’re just sad, that’s all,” she lowered herself down and placed her record player in place. The old thing started playing the record she had in it. “The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid off,” she said, looking to the side and slightly shaking her head. “Do you ever get that feeling? She got up and walked over to her couch.


“Well, when I get it, the only thing is to jump into a cab and go to Tiffany’s. “Calms me down right away,” she said lowering herself down on her couch with her glass of milk in hand. “The quietness and the proud look of it. Nothing very bad can happen to you there. If I can find a real-life place that looks like tiffany’s…. she sadly said. Then she joyfully looked up and said, “Then I’ll buy some furnisher and give the cat a name,” she concluded taking a sip of her milk. Then she suddenly remembered what the young man was in her apartment to do. “Sorry. You wanted something…... Oh, the telephone,” she said reaching down to grab the phone that was still in her suitcase.

The young man walked over to her. “It’s just I was supposed to meet someone.” He took the phone from her hand and sat down next to her. “It is ten o’clock, Thursday morning. Isn’t it?” he asked, for reassurance. “I just got back from a plane from Rome. I’m not too sure.” He proceeded to dial the phone.

“Thursday! Is it Thursday? Holly confusingly mumbled to herself, staring into space. Then it hit her. “Thursday, oh no I can’t!” she shouted. She frantically jumped over her couch. It’s too gruesome!” she said rushing into her bathroom. She picked up her toothbrush and toothpaste.

“What’s so gruesome about Thursday?” she heard the young man say from the living room.

“Nothing, unless I can’t remember when it’s coming up. Wednesday I just don’t go to bed at all. Except I have to be out to catch the ten forty-five. And they’re so particular about visiting hours.” She went on to brush her teeth. “Would you be darling and look under the bed and see if you can find a pair of alligator shoes?” she asked him.

“Sure,” the young man replied walking into the hallway. He stopped at the bathroom doorway.

  “I gotta do something about the way I look. I mean I just can’t go to Sing Sing with a green face,” holly said. She rinsed her mouth out with a cup of water.

“Sing Sing?” he questioned.

“A weird name for a prison. Sing Sing I mean. Sounds more like it should be an opera house or something.” She picked up a washcloth from on top of the sink and wiped the lingering toothpaste from her mouth. She then walked out of the bathroom. “Black alligator. She turned and walked into her bedroom, while the young man proceeded to look under the bed for the black alligator shoes. “You know all the visitors make an effort to look their best,” Holly said lowering herself unto her dresser chair and putting her hair up into an elegant up due. It’s only fair. Actually, it's very touching all the women wearing all their prettiest things. I just love them for it. I love the kids too. I mean the kids the wives bring.” She placed a hair clip into her hair to tie it securely at the back. “Should be sad seeing kids there, but it isn’t. They all have ribbons in their hair and what the shines on their shoes.” She placed another hair clip securely into her honey blonde hair. The young man sat down on the edge of the bed facing her. “You think it was going to be ice-cream.”

“Now as I understand, what we’re doing is getting you ready to visit somebody at Sing Sing?” he asked.

“That’s right!” she answered looking at his reflection through her dresser mirror. “You can always understand what a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you,” she said putting on her sparkling diamond earrings. “Not say the mind reels.” She examined them and pulled them out of her ears, not liking her look.

“May I ask whom?” he asked.

“Whom what?” she said picking up her eyebrow pencil and penciling in some brows onto her left eyebrow. Oh, whom I’m going to visit, you mean?”

“I guess that’s what I mean.”

“I don’t know if I should even discuss it. Oh, well they never told me not to tell anyone,” she slightly shrugged her shoulder, letting go of her doubts. “Must cross your heart and kiss your elbow,” she said moving the eyebrow pencil to her other side and applying the same technique onto her right brow.

“I’ll try,” he said, resting his arm on the bed railing.

“You probably read about him. He’s name is Sally Tomato.” She picked up her brow brush and brushed her left brow while observing herself in the dresser mirror.

“Sally Tomato?”

“Oh, don’t look so shocked. You can’t even prove that he was even part of the mafia, not even head of it my dear,” she said brushing her right brow. “The only thing that they did prove is that he cheated on his income tax a little.” She brushed her eyelashes. “Anyway, all I know is he is a darling old man. Oh, he was never my lover or anything like that. In fact, I ever knew him until after he was in prison. But I adore him now. I mean I've been going to see him every week for seven months. I think I’d go even if he didn’t pay me.” She got up and walked around the bed. “Shoes!” Holly exclaimed searching for her shoes.

“I could only find one,” the young man said, lifting up his right hand with the alligator shoe in his grip for her to see.

Holly lowered herself down to the floor and searched under her bed for her other pair.

“He pays you?” the young man asked.

Holly crawled out from under her bed. “That’s right. Oh, anyway his lawyer does. She searched once more under her bed.  “If he is a lawyer, which I doubt cause he doesn’t seem to have an office. Only an answering service. And he always wants to meet at hamburger heaven. She remembered where she had misplaced her other pair of alligator shoes and got up to make her way over to the plastic fruit basket. “There you are you sneak,” she said pulling the shoe out of the basket. “Thank you!” she said grabbing the other shoe from him and shuffling towards her closet. “Dress!” she grabbed her black dress from its hanger inside her closet and shuffled into her bathroom.  “Bag!” she closed the bathroom door behind her. “Anyway, about seven months ago the so-called lawyer, Mr. Oseanasi asked me how I can cheer up a lonely old man and pick up a hundred a week at the same time. I told him, look darling, you’ve got the wrong Holly Golightly. A girl can do as well at trips to the powder room,” she said getting dressed. “I mean, any gentleman with the slightest bit of wealth can give a girl a fifty-dollar bill for trips to the powder room. “I always ask for cab fare too. That’s another fifty. But then he told me his client was Sally Tomato. He told dear ol Sally to meet me at Elmer’s or somewhere. He admired me all la-ve stance. So, would it be a good dead to visit him once a week? But how could I say no? It was all so wildly romantic?

Holly walked out of the bathroom all dressed and glammed up in her black dress and blue hat for her meeting with Sally. “How do I look?” she asked putting on her left diamond earring.

“The young man’s eyes examined her sexy slim curved body in the dress. “Very good!” he said. I must say I’m amazed.”

“You were a darling to help. I could never have done it without you.” She turned to walk out of her bedroom. “Bag!” she picked up her black bag from the floor near the doorway.

“Call me anytime!” the young man said following her out of the bedroom. “Just upstairs. Or I will be as soon as I get moved in.” he stood in the hallway and watched Holly pet her cat lying on the small stovetop in the open kitchen area.

“Bye Cat!” she said. She released the cat and made her way towards the front door. The young man followed her out.

“You mean, he gives you a hundred dollars for an hours conversation?” he pondered for reassurance while following her down the apartment staircase.

“Mr. Oseanasi does, as long as I give him the weather report.” Holly opened the first-floor front door and walked out of her apartment building.

“Look, it’s none of my business but it sounds to me like you can get in a lot of trouble,” he said following her out.

“Holly opened her mailbox door. “Hold this for me. Will you?” she asked him.

The young man moved to the side to help Holly hold her small compact mailbox door.

“What do you mean, weather report?” he asked, watching her pull out her peach-colored lipstick.

“Oh, just a message I give Mr. Oseanasi.” She applied some more lipstick on her perfectly shaped lips in the mailbox mirror. “So, I’ve really been up there. She fetched out her perfume and sprayed a little onto her neck.  “Sally tells me things to say like there’s a hurricane in Cuba and it’s cloudy over at Collamo.” She placed the perfume back into the mailbox. “Things like that,” she said closing the mailbox door. “You don’t have to worry; I’ve taken care of my self for a long time. They walked out of the apartment together.

Outside, Holly placed her shades over her eyes and carefully walked down the steps. It was quite a bit of sunshine outside. The trees surrounding the building, cast shadows upon the front steps of the building, keeping some sun out.

The young man rushed in front of Holly to see if he could stop a taxi that was speeding by.

“Taxi!” the young man called out, attempting to stop the taxi. Holly knew that his gesture was not going to stop any Manhattan taxis around these parts. She was so used to taxi’s that she knew exactly what she should do to grab a taxi’s attention. She placed her fingers into her mouth and blew, whistling for a taxi; a method that worked every time.

He stared at her with bewilderment. “I never could do that,” he admitted, shoving his hands into the pocket of his slacks. Something he did when he was either nervous or engaged.

“It’s easy,” she good humidly said.

A taxi pulled to the curve side of the building. The young man opened the passenger door for Holly, to find his wealthy lover and home decorator, inside the cab.

“Paul!” she exclaimed handing him a gold platted vase. “I’m late. I know it,” she said glancing from Paul to Holly.

“Holly reached to pull down her shades to take a better look at the older woman. She stared at her with a bit of curiosity in her eyes.

The older woman climbed out of the cab. “Don’t tell me you were locked out,” she said.  “Didn’t you get the key?” she asked. “Oh, darling, I’m so sorry,” she said leaning forward to give him a warm smooch on both sides of his face.

“No, I got the key alright. Miss Golightly, my neighbor was kind enough to let me in,” Paul replied.

Holly nodded an approval.

“Miss Golightly is on her way to Sing Sing,” Paul informed his decorator. “Just, visiting off-course,” he added. “Miss Golightly…. Miss Failenson, my decorator,” he said introducing Holly to his decorator.

“How’d you do!” Holly nodded a greeting.

“How do you do,” she said shifting her gaze to Paul. “Oh darling,” she said, excitedly grinning and placing her gloved hand on his cheek. “Let me look at you?” Was the flight alright?”

Holly wondered if the woman was done with the cab. She really needed to get to Sing Sing on time. “Are you through?” Holly asked. “I’m in a terrible rush,” she said. She did not want to wait for a response from the woman. Instead, she swiftly turned and climbed into the cab. She settled into the backseat of the cab. She quickly gave the cab driver the location of Sing Sing, before the cab pulled out of the curve side.  



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