8 Second Ride

8 Second Ride

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I got inspired by the song and video to,8 second ride by Jake Owen and came up with this story. I hope yawl enjoy my hot sexy tale.


I got inspired by the song and video to,8 second ride by Jake Owen and came up with this story. I hope yawl enjoy my hot sexy tale.


Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Submitted: February 04, 2019



8 Second Ride

Jake Owen sat at a local bar, drinking his sorrowed down with a 24-ounce bottle of corona. He sat, thinking about his wife and how she cheated on him with his best friend. He had actually caught them at her job screwing each other on top of her office desk. He had drove all the way from Lafayette after a four-month tour, to surprise his wife with a special early birthday gift. Instead he found his best friend, Luke Bryan pounding away inside his wife’s sweet pussy from behind, while she bucked her hips back and forth against the hard edge of the office desk.

He could still hear her moans and screams echoing in his ears. The way Luke grabbed the back of her hair and made her scream his name. He could still see in his view the way her big saddle bags, bounced up and down every time his cock moved inside of her. The smell of their heated sex filled his nostrils with disgust just by the thought of their love making.

Jake had to pull Luke off his wife and smack him hard in the nose, in order to let him know whose wife’s peachy insides he was pounding away at. Luke’s broken nose filled with blood as he stood there naked and ashamed, while holding his nose in pain. Jake’s wife pleaded with Jake to please forgive her. She pleaded that she still loved him, and Luke meant nothing to her, but Jake would not except her apologies. Instead he heatedly walked out of the office, leaving both his wife and best friend naked in their shame and misery.

Jake needed a way to drown out his pain. He needed something to help him cope. He got into his car and drove over to the local bar in Shreveport. He thought maybe a couple of beers would do the trick. On the way to the bar, his phone kept blowing up with phone calls and texts from his wife. He had to cut off his phone completely in order to drown out her presence.

Now he sat with his sorrows, downing down his second 24-ounce bottle of corona. As he sat drinking his beer, he noticed a beautiful brunette with skin tight black leather two-piece outfit, walk through the bar front door. Her gorgeous silk waves danced against the breeze that accompanied her via the door. She was sexy as well as curvaceous as she elegantly sashayed her way into the bar. As she walked passed the many horny fellas in the room, they all ogled at her attractive, rare, beauty. One even tried to grab her from behind. Another fella close by had to stop him from getting his hands on her.

The gorgeous beauty made her way over to a young male biker sitting at a table with a couple of other male bikers whom accompanied him. Jake watched on as the alluring vibrant beauty, plopped her plump derriere on his lap and started flirtatiously conversating with him and the other men at the table. They seemed to be having a good-ol time with this young beauty. Jake wondered what her name was. He wondered about her. He found a need to know who she was.

Jake sat gulping down his last ounces of his beer, when suddenly he saw the young beauty shove the young fella in the chest and rise up. She called him a jerk and walked away. It must have been something the young biker said or did to offend her, because she had already left his side and was making her way over to the bar. She maneuvered her way into an available seat next to Jake.

Jake was very curious about this young woman. She was very alluring and had the most beautiful set of thick pink lips you had ever seen. Her beauty sort of resembled Angelina Jolie, during her younger days. Of course, she was with Billy Bob Thornton at the time. Given that he was a big fan of Angie, he thought this sexy, hot chick was a perfect candidate for him. He thought maybe he could buy her a drink to spark some conversation.

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?” he asked her.

She turned to the side to look at him. “Oh, sure! I don’t mind,” she replied, with a timid smirk.

“Alright, you want a beer?” he asked.

“Yeah, beer is fine,” she agreed.

Jake turned to the bartender in front and asked for two more beers. The bartender nodded and took his order. He went on to fetch their order for them.

“So, you come here often?” she asked him. She leaned her weight into the bar counter top and folded her arms together in front.

“Um, no! I just came back from a tour actually,” Jake replied. He took a wig of his beer and finished the rest of the content in side.

“Are you a musician or something?” she asked, followed by a wide grin.

Jake stared into her eyes. She had the most beautiful set of dark green eyes you have ever laid eyes on. They were very captivating to watch. “Um, yes I am. I’m a country artist,” he replied.

“Oh, you are. That’s nice,” she said.

“Hey, haven’t I seen you before? Maybe at one of my country tours?” Jake asked her. She looked mighty familiar to him.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Cuz, I recognize those dark green eyes when you came right through the door,” he expressed, in a sort of teasing tone.

“Nope, I don’t think so,” she smirked. “What’s you name?” she asked.

“It’s Jake Owen,” Jake answered. “What’s yours?” he asked.

“Jenny,” she replied, with a smile.

“Like as in Jennifer?” he asked.

“No, just Jenny…. Jenny Montell,” she corrected him.  

“So, are you alone or are you with someone?” Jake asked.

“No! Matter of fact I’m not,” she replied.

“Oh, I thought you were with that guy over there,” Jake said gesturing his eyes towards the male bikers conversating at the table she was previously at.

She quickly glanced towards the bikers. “Oh, those guys? Their just locals I know. They always hang out here,” she explained, turning her attention back on him.

The bartender sat two corona beers in front of them.

“Thanks” Jake said. He picked up the beer bottle closest to Jenny and offered it to her. She gladly took it from his grip.

“So, you always hang out at the bar?” he asked her, to clarify things. He put his beer to his mouth and cocked his head slightly back to take a gulp full of its liquid content.

“Yeah, I’m a local.  So, I always hang out at the Shreveport bars,” she said clarifying his suspicion. She took a wig of her beer.

“Well, I’m originally from the city. Me and my wife just moved down here a couple of months ago,” Jake stated.

“Oh, you’re married?” she pondered.

“Yes, I just caught my wife fucking my now ex best friend at her office.”

“So, your wife cheated on you?”

“Yes.” The images of Luke pounding Jake’s wife cunt from behind came to Jake’s mind. He had to shake the image away from his mind and try on focus on other things. He thought he could focus more on the beauty sitting next to him. Her plump cleavage tucked inside that tight fit hugging leather jacket was not such a bad sight to focus his attention on. Maybe he could get a chance to devour one of those suckers soon. Don’t think he was not thinking about engaging in sexual behavior with Jenny, because he was. She was way too sexually attractive for him not to be thinking about her in such vivid ways.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that,” she said, taking a big wig of her beer.

Jake turned his attention on his wrist watch. It was already going on eight-thirty P.M. He thought maybe he would head back home. “Well, I think I’m gonna head on back now.” He pulled a twenty-dollar bill from his wallet and placed it down on the counter, before he got up to leave.

Coming out of the bar joint, Jake made his way over to his Truck parked out in the parking lot. Before he could climb up into the driver’s side, he heard Jenny’s voice behind him, call out his name.

“Hey, Jake!” he heard her say. Jake swiftly turned his attention at her.

“Hey, boy, do you mind taking me home tonight?” she asked. “Cause, I ain’t never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high,” she said, while observing his tires with her eyes.

“Alright, Climb on up, but honey watch the cup that I’m spitting my dip inside,” Jake nodded.  

Jenny squealed with excitement and jumped into the passenger side of Jake’s truck.

Jake finally got settled into his truck and started his engine. Before he put the car in neutral and backed out of his parked spot, he said to Jenny, “Hold on tight, cause it’s gonna be wilder than any eight second ride.”

Heading down the Shreveport main road, Jake reached to turn on his radio sound system. One of Jake’s songs boomed through the sound system. The name of the song was, “8 Second Ride.” It was from his debut album by the name of, “Starting with Me.”

“Oh, I just love this song,” Jenny said, from the passenger seat. She started singing along to Jake’s lyrical voice as it boomed through the speakers.

“And she said, hey boy, do you mind taking me home tonight, Cause I ain’t never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high……” Jenny sing sang along to the lyrics of the song…...

That was when Jake knew then that Jenny was his kind of girl. She knew the song so well and was singing every single line.

“Hey, isn’t that your voice?” she asked him. It seemed like she had caught up to his secret.

“Well, I thought you would never notice,” Jake said grinning.

She grinned wider at Jake and slid on over, grabbed Jake’s arm and wrapped it around her shoulder. The touch of her silky body against Jake’s side, made Jake hardon tucked inside his jeans, grow even harder in depth. He had to shift in his seat to a more comfortable position, to release his discomfort.

“So, what do you want to do?” Jake asked her, lowering his gaze to her cleavage.

She lifted those beautiful green eyes of hers to look up at Jake and said, “I don’t know. It really don’t matter where we go. Just as long as I’m riding with you.” She then planted a sweet kiss on his cheek.

The touch of her lips made Jake cackle out a laughter. Her closeness did something to him that he could not quite explain.

So, Jake turned onto Old Tobacco Road, where he reversed parked his Truck on top of a hill side, over looking the Louisiana Countryside.

“You want to sit out on the old tail gate?” he asked Jenny.

Jenny turned to stare at him. “Yeah, sure,” she pleasingly grinned.  

“Alrighty then,” Jake responded. He turned around in his seat and leaned over the gear shift to grab the old quilt and pillow from the back seat. He then handed Jenny the pillow. They both opened their side of the Truck’s door and got out of the Truck.

Jake circled around his Truck and opened his cargo door. He let the tail gate down and climbed onto the cargo. He then laid out the quilt onto the cargo board.

“Hop on in,” He said to Jenny, as he lowered himself down.

Jenny lifted herself onto the tailgate and sat down next to him.

They sat there and watched the country side night lights from the hill side where they were.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Jenny said observing the many bright lights of the city.

“Yes, it is,” Jake nodded. He then turned to look at Jenny. “You’re beautiful,” he said, moving his statement towards another direction.

Jenny turned to the side to smile at him. “Well, that’s something I’ve heard before,” she said, grinning.

All Jake could think about now was kissing those soft lips of Jenny’s. He constantly thought about ravishing that hot body of hers. Since the bar, he had been thinking about playing with those ripe virgin tits of hers. He just needed the right moment to do so. It was now or never.

Jake reached to cup Jenny’s chin in his hand. He stared into her dark green eyes, before he made his move. Before he could think of another thought, he moved in on her and smashed his lips to hers. Her lips were soft as the purist rosebuds. Her mouth tasted a little like baking soda and beer mixed together. He found the taste to be somewhat interesting to his taste buds. Jake’s tongue dug into Jenny’s mouth with hunger. He groaned into her mouth.  She let out pleasurable moans with every savor that took over her.

Jake ended up peeling Jenny’s jacket off her and tossing it to the side of the tailgate. He noticed she had on no bra underneath her jacket. Her bare toffee nipples quickly hardened at its exposure. It delighted his senses to witness the way her nipples hardened on contact with its surroundings.

Jake reached to cup her full bosom in his hand. He lowered his mouth to one of her breast and cupped one with his mouth, hungrily sucking and pulling on her soft flesh. She cocked her head back and let out soft moans with every sensual pleasure his mouth and suction gave her flesh. Her pussy was getting flooded and she desperately wanted him inside of her.

Jake then released Jenny’s flesh with a soft pop of his lips and moved upward to take in her kisses once again. His mouth devoured her lips and he pulled her with him on top of the tailgate’s hard surface.

Jenny got on top of him and un hooked his jeans, pulling it off him. She then pulled his boxer briefs off him as well and tossed it to the back of the tailgate. His manhood sprung to life when he felt the cold air of its release.

“Wow, that’s a big one,” Jenny gasped with gawking wide eyes at Jake’s fully grown eight incher.

“Yeah, you wanna play with him?” Jake teased. He reached to stroke his thick member.

Jenny smile grew. She watched Jake stroke his cock for a minute. She then got bored of watching him and shifted her position on the cargo bed. She lowered herself down to Jake’s cock level. She grabbed his thick member and covered his pink head with her mouth, slowly sucking and nibbling on the mushroom surface.

Jake let out soft groans, while Jenny went to work playing with his cock. She went deeper on his shaft and gagged on his cock a few times. She pulled, sucked, and slobbered on his pulsating, hard member, until she drove Jake to the brink of his orgasm. Just when he was about to release his load, she released her mouth from around his cock.

Jake watched her get out of her leather pants with disappointed wide eyes. He really needed to cum and she was not making it any easier for him.

After getting out of her pants, she once again straddled his waist and lowered her aching pussy unto his hard as rock mushroom. Her pussy felt tight, when her inside’s covered the thick mushroom head of his cock. She let out deep gasps, as she tried to fit her pussy over Jake’s thick eight-inch member. She pushed down on his chest with both her hands as she struggled to fit her tight pussy unto his cock. When her pink rose, finally enveloped Jake’s shaft to the hilt, she moanfully moved in a fucking motion up and down on the pressure.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good. Don’t stop…...” Jake groaned. He held on to Jenny’s waist, as she rode his horse, cowgirl style.

Jenny rode Jakes’ horse over and over again, until they took each other’s orgasm to higher lengths and exploded on the inside. Luckily, Jenny was on birth control. But how she wished she could have just skipped that one dose that day.

At the end of the night, they both got what they wanted from each other. Jake had eased his thoughts of his wife cheating infidelity out of his mind. He had gotten a release from Jenny’s love making that night. He no longer was bothered of thought about his wife and Luke Bryan’s rough sex against her office desk. He replaced his thoughts with pleasurable thoughts of Jenny and how she made him feel that night.

Jenny snuggled against Jake’s side. She looked into his eyes and let out a depressed sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her. “Am I disappointing you?”

“Oh, I was just thinking about how true country boys are so hard to find, but I found one wilder than any eight second ride,” she replied, smiling up at him.

Jake just let out a relieved chuckle and settled backwards on his back.

Shortly after Jenny fell asleep in his arms. Jake closed his eyes, but even with his eyes closed, he could not seem to fall asleep. He stayed awake that night, laid back on the tailgate, thinking about Jenny and making plans to see her again. He was also thinking about divorcing his wife.





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