I'm on cam - show after class

I'm on cam - show after class

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


(NOT FOR UNDER 18) After the class I went to his house and he fucked me hard while 1000's of people watched me taking him all the way deep and getting fucked good and hard.


(NOT FOR UNDER 18) After the class I went to his house and he fucked me hard while 1000's of people watched me taking him all the way deep and getting fucked good and hard.


Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



I was in college taking my French class lessons when my phone rang and I picked it whispering “hello”.

“Are you coming today? It’s show day” I heard Mark asking me.

Mark was my senior in college and we used to work together to earn some more money for our expenses. For Mark it was just fun but for girls like me it was a bit professional.

“Yes! I told you I will come. I’m in class right now” I said.

“I was just confirming, see you in an hour” He said and hung up.

I checked the time and he was right I was supposed to be at his house after an hour. I again tried to concentrate on my studies and also was waiting for the lecture to be over.

As the bell rang, I submitted my homework to my teacher and left. I saw Maggie and I called her name. “Hey Maggie, Can you give me lift” I asked. “Sure come” she answered and I followed her to her blue car.

“Homework was tough right?” She said jumping in the car and I replied “a little” and jumped next to her. On the way to Mark’s house she kept talking about how I was so good in studies. I asked her to pull over on a corner of the street.

“I can drop you home” She said. “No it’s fine, thanks for the lift” I said and waving my hand saying bye I saw her leaving.

I started walking to Mark’s house and after 5 minutes I was at his door. I knocked and he opened the door. He was wearing just his shorts and looking sexy. After grabbing a drink we went straight to his room.

His computer was on with webcam and as I came in the view 1000’s of people in the chatroom started saying “Hi”. I was familiar with a couple of names in there but apart from them everyone was stranger.

“How is it going?” I asked and put down my bag on the table. Mark went to his bed and I followed him and sat next to him. “Not so good, everyone was asking for you” He said and I looked at the screen. Some people were asking me to strip down quickly and some were asking for straight fuck.

Mark typed the message saying that they can see me nude if they will tip us 1000 coins. Right after the message a familiar name tipped 350 coins and I laughed because I wasn’t expecting to loose my top so soon.

Before I could take it off, Mark took it off and squeezed my tits “You love those boobies guys?” he asked. And everyone was talking what they will do with my 36D size tits. Still wearing my jeans I started to dance a little and playing with my tits through my bra and then someone again tipped us 150 coins.

Now it was time to take off my bra and I did and threw it on the bed. Now I could play with tits and tease those 4000 viewers.

Mark came to me and started dancing with me, his hands were moving all over my body and few people again tipped us 20 coins and some 10. I unbuttoned my jeans and teased them. Mark was getting hard and everyone could see it through his shorts.

I teased Mark and those viewers more by rubbing Mark’s cock through his shorts. “Fuck! You are so naughty” Mark said and enjoyed what I was doing. I was rubbing my ass on his cock when someone again tipped us 500 coins and now I had to get totally naked.

I took off my jeans and danced in my white panties and rubbed myself through it and then after teasing a little more I pulled down my panties revealing my shaved pussy. Mark touched my pussy and then he grabbed the cam and brought it closer to my pussy. He asked for 200 coins to get his 2 fingers in my pussy.

I guess people were getting really excited and after a couple of minutes someone tipped us 220 coins. Mark asked me to hold the cam near my pussy and he started fingering my pussy with his two fingers his other hand was squeezing my tits and just as a bonus view I showed a little bit of my tits and how Mark was playing with them.

Mark put down the cam on the table again and I jumped on the bed spreading my legs wide in front of the cam, I started rubbing my pussy while Mark asked for the final tip of 3000 coins to see us having sex.

I kept playing with myself and making out a little with Mark and people were tipping coins as we reach the 1200 coins Mark took off his shorts and I grabbed his cock and started playing with it. His cock was huge 8 inches and so hard. I was waiting for people to tip so that we can have sex and finish this show. Seeing my hands wrap around his big cock people tipped us more and we reached 1500 coins.

“Suck me” Mark said and I looked at him. He stood up on the bed holding the cam and I was on my knees. The cam was above my head and looking at the cam I grabbed his cock and opened my mouth to suck it.

“Come on guys we need more coins to fuck” Mark said and moaned as I sucked him good and tried to deepthroat.

We heard notification that we received another tip and it was 1000 coins from a 40 year old man who we knew from a long time. “Lets see some sex guys ; )” he typed and tipped 500 coins more. I was laughing saying thanks to him and welcoming in the chatroom asking how he was.

Mark kissed my tits and his fingers again started playing with my pussy. He made me lie down on my back and came over me. Holding his hard cock he pushed it halfway in my pussy and then grabbed the cam and holding his above my pussy he pushed it more deep and started fucking me.

He fucked me like that giving a close-up of my pussy to those 8000 viewers and increasing. “fuck me yes” I moaned as now I was really excited and wet. Mark put down the cam back on the table giving a good view to the viewers and started fucking me good and hard.

As he was fucking my whole body was shaking. “Come on! On your hands and knees” Mark said. “what?” I asked. “he wants to see you in doggy style and face the camera” Mark said and I did as he said.

I was facing cam and my big tits were hanging I bent a little down giving a hot view of my ass and then Mark came behind me. He grabbed me by my ass and pushed his cock deep in my pussy. I moaned and closed my eyes in pleasure. Someone again tipped us 120 coins.

“Thaaankss” I moaned and kept looking at the cam moaning loud. I read the messages from people saying “spank her, spank her”.

“Spank me” I said to Mark and he spanked my ass calling me little slut. “Yes! Fuck me good” I moaned and he kept fucking. People were still tipping us coins and Mark was fucking good making me cum. “fuck me yes! Plz harder” I said and with that I had my orgasm cumming all over his cock.

Mark kept fucking me and I was just waiting for him to cum. “Fuck so good” He said and pulled out his cock. He cummed all over my ass and them came to my face so that I can lick him like I always used to do. He grabbed the cam brought it closer to my face and I licked and cleaned his cock. Then he moved the came to my ass showing the cum all over there.

Mark grabbed the napkins for me and I cleaned all the cum. “be right back guys” Mark said and left may to grab some water. I sat down in front of the cam and spreading my pussy I touched my pussy, then bringing my wet fingers close to my mouth I said “He fucked me so good” and I licked the fingers. Someone again tipped me 100 coins and said thanks for this last hot thing I did. Mark came back with a bottle of water, he was still naked and he sat next to me.

I had some water and then I went to washroom. When I came back he was still talking to his viewers.

“How much we made today?” I asked grabbing my bra and wearing it. “5020 coins” He said and I grabbed my panties. “We had less viewers today.” I said. “yes! I was expecting to be more than 6000” Mark said.

“So 640 dollars my share including this show” I said. “660, you are bad at math” he said and I laughed. I buttoned my jeans and sat next to him. “Bye guys! Hope you liked our show” I said and with that I hugged Mark and left his house.


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