A Summed Bio About Me

A Summed Bio About Me A Summed Bio About Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


General Stuff About Me


General Stuff About Me


Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



Let me tell you a little about myself,

I do what I do to let it out Not for just my health,

I am on disability so what I have is not wealth,

Im no secret agent I hide nothin, so what I says presented as not stealth,

It means I am straight to tha point,

Long as I got two hands and a set of clever plans when my pen hits tha paper its unedited even when it hits tha keyboard,

Into binary form to where its transferred to tha words you see in a somewhat poetic form,

You can say somedays I have a halo over my head or dark burgandy red ass devilish horns,

I live in a place where if your a single man its hard to find tha other half of your pair,

Especially since I want a good woman who doesn't cheat or treats me like I shouldn't breathe her air,

I don't know how to speak to a woman which makes it worse and its no fair,

Since I don't have this gangsta shit like a black mans supposed to so o well,

I am five foot six, not six-twelve, six-five, or a midget,

Not peanut colored so if those are what drives you away then fuck you bitches,

I also am one who despises tha snitches,

I live in my own place, make my own food, so like Ramsey I constantly say its not yours Its my kitchen,

Apparently nice I hafta be,

But I must be myself cause holdin shit back will overstock my mental capacity,

Thoughts will swell up grow legs, walkin,  and start comin after me,

So if I offend people I'd rather do that than not say shit lookin constipated and afraid that others'll laugh at me,

I turn 30 on monday so if I dont age well I guess we will hafta see,

I am a veteran by tha way and ill write about that and how I survived death and how tha devil is mad at me,

Its a mental struggle and tha grounds filled with sand and sides are constantly battling,

Set me up with Habib doctors who speak broken english and continue to hassle me


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