To My One

To My One

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A letter to my ONE. Hope you enjoy, thank you in advance for your comments.


A letter to my ONE. Hope you enjoy, thank you in advance for your comments.


Submitted: November 20, 2013

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Submitted: November 20, 2013



I am leaving this on your pillow for you to read after I have gone to work. Your love gets me through the day.

I woke up this morning and turned to my left. You are still sleeping next to me. A lock of your brown hair has fallen over your right eye.

"Man I am such a lucky bastard." I said to myself

I just laid there and watched you still sleeping.

I removed the sheet from the top of us looking at your tight body, tanned slightly from the sun. It is so great that we sleep in the nude.

I reached over and stroked your head. You barely stirred.

I closed my eyes and then let my fingers slowly trace your face. My fingers brushing against your lips ever so slowly.

I worked my way down to the crook of your neck and you stir a little. That soft area that I know turns you on. I looked down and saw your brown nipples getting erect.

My fingers now worked their way down to the nipples, brushing them briefly.

As I moved my hands down I am slowly etching your body in my mind. Yes my one "Etching ".

My hand then caressed your outer left golden brown thigh. It kept going as you moaned in your sleep.

"Are you awake my One?"

There is no answer nor do your eyes flutter.

"Mmm, that feels so nice." You said

I stop for a second.

I reached your feet and caressed them slowly.

Again you moan.

Over and over my fingers danced over your body. As I finished the bottom of your right thigh I began to work my way to the inward. Moving toward your treasure.

You now started to squirm on the bed.

I reached your pussy. Gently running my fingers over the outer lips. Caressing them and moving over your throbbing clit. I noticed my fingers are slick from your excitement.

I finished the left thigh, and then moved back in for the kill.

Your legs were now opened wide to me. I kissed the inner thigh just before when the leg ends and groin begins.

You grabbed my head and pulled it up.

"What are you doing?" You asked.

"I am making love to you dear." I said as I flick a finger over your clit.

"UGGGH!" You moaned as I do this.

You pushed my head back down and let me get back to finishing my work.

Sucking and pulling your clit with my mouth. Sliding two fingers deep inside your slick cunt. I slowly moved my fingers out, stopping and licking your juices off my fingers

"Yeah I love this stuff." I say.

"Well why did you stop then?" You said and pushed my head back down and clamped your legs around my neck

"Suck it good baby!" You groaned.

My fingers drive in deep and curve up to your secret spot. I knew this drives you wild. You soon prove it by unleashing a torrent of juices over my fingers and face.

I stop finger fucking you as you are now breathing hard.

Breathlessly you said "You bastard why did you stop baby? " "You know I can cum some more"

I stood up and leaned over you "I know! "

Then I slid my hard cock inside you. I didn't need any lube as your wet is so slick from your juices.

It always seems like your pussy was made just for my cock. It always grips my cock tight and doesn't let go. Squeezing and releasing against my cock.

It seems when I am inside you that my stamina is longer. I can slide and grind inside you for hours.

After a few minutes our bodies are covered in sweat. Well mine sweats but yours always seems to be glisten and glow.

It just makes me that much hornier for you as we make love for the rest of the day.

For us it is seldom just fucking for us. Fucking is not really what we do. Our sexual time is making love.

As I said my cock and your pussy seem to have the right fit.

It feels so good to cum inside you my love.

And how I love being staying inside you afterward, laying together enjoying our precious time together,

I love sneaking up behind you in the kitchen, dressed in my old baseball jersey, gently rubbing your shoulders, as you sip your cup of coffee.

Kneeling down and lifting the shirt. I run my hand over you soft round ass. I kiss your cheeks ever so slowly and spread them with my hands.

My tongue slowly moves down the crack. It flicks over the rosebud slightly.

You squirm and push your ass against my face. Riding my face as you finger yourself.

I lick you from your ass to your clit. Making you cover my face in your sweet nectar once more.

I also love sneaking off for a nooner with you in town. A secluded part of the park that is ours alone.

Having you unzip my pants and sucking me off as we hear people walking past. Coming in your mouth, rubbing my cock head all over your face.

Zipping me back up, wiping your face and walking out like nothing was going on. Both of us going back to work

But know this my beautiful One, that while we are separated, you are always with me.

I close my eyes and run my hand over my desk, thinking that you are there and my fingers are running over your body.

A certain sound, a smell, a taste will remind me of you.

For you are always on my mind and in my heart.

Never forget this darling One. For I love you deeply

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