She Just Needed to Relax

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

She had a long day of meetings. I felt her need to be taken care of.

As you arrive back to your hotel room, a long day of standing around, frustrations, fun and laughter you find your body both physically and mentally exhausted but content that you will be going home tomorrow.

As you push the key into the door, you reach for the light switch just on the inside wall. As you flip it upwards, you look into the room and see every type of flower petal scattered across the floor. Bright colored ones, pale ones, rose petals of every color, carnations and lilies, the amount across the room is baffling as you look around and find more on your bed.

There are vases of flowers everywhere. You think that maybe you have the wrong room as you recheck the door number again. No, it is your room as you step inside amazed at the decor of the room. With each vase on the tables are 2 candles burning lightly as the flame flickers within the jar containing them.

Before you take another step inside, still with the door open in case you need a fast exit, you call out if anyone is here. As you do so, I appear in the doorway of the bathroom with a glass of wine in one hand and single red rose in the other. As I walk to you, you are visibly stunned by the appearance of seeing me in your room. Before you can speak a word, I walk up to you and kiss you gently on the lips while handing you the wine glass and taking your purse and bag from you.

Setting them down on the floor, I lead your hand to sip the wine then take your glass from your grip. Setting it down on the table I raise my finger to your mouth so you cannot speak. I take your hand and lead you to the center of the room as I begin to remove your clothing. Starting at your shirt, unbuttoning the buttons and slipping it from your shoulders. Next, I remove your bra followed by the short skirt which displays your beautiful legs. Next off comes your thong as I slip off your sandals.

Fully naked and exposed, I give you a hug and kiss you once more. As you begin to speak, I again remind you not too as I put my finger on your sweet lips. I take your hand and lead you to the bathroom. I have candles placed all around the dimly lit room. A warm bath awaits you as I kneel down and stir the water. As I do so, you can see the bubbles forming on the surface of the water. I add just a touch of hot water to warm it before turning it off. I then stand, taking your hand and leading you to the bath.

As you step into the tub, I kneel alongside. As you situate yourself into position. I place a rolled up towel behind your head to relax. I run my hands over your wet body as I work the bubbles and water into your skin. As you lean your head back, your eyes should be closed but instead you are watching me. As I run my hands over every inch of your body I hear a soft low moan escape your beautiful lips. I begin to massage the flesh starting at the opposite end of the tub.

Taking each foot into my hand, I rub the contours of your foot. Massaging and kneading the muscles from long moments of standing. Moving up your leg to your shin then to your calf. Massaging with deep but light motions as I want to relax your tired body. I look up at you as you now have your head back and your eyes closed.

Moving up your leg, to your knee then thigh. Rubbing the long muscles of your beautiful legs from the outer thigh to the inner thigh. Making sure that my hands for now, stay a distance from your sex. Moving to the other foot and repeating the trail up your long legs and to your thighs. I move my hands over your hips, then over your tummy. Caressing further up your body to your rib cage.

My fingertips brushing against the swell of your breasts, along the sides and underneath. Over them and across your chest. I move my fingertips over your neck then to your shoulders. Across the top of your shoulders and down each arm. Massaging the tension from your beautiful self as I have only imagined at times. To feel your soft skin under my touch, to massage and relax you in ways that you have not had in a long time.

As I finish up with my massage of you, I kiss your sweet lips once more as I whisper for you to soak up the water and relax for abit as I tend to other things in the room. The only words you have said so far is 'thank you' as I broke the kiss upon your sweet painted lips. I smile at you as your eyes remained close. I move to the other room for a moment.

I shuffle around the room and move things around. Lighting more candles as you lay in the tub. I put on some soft music for background sounds. Looking around and placing the flowers in new areas as the candles light the room dimly. Knowing you had a long day, I want this to be relaxing for you to spend how ever you may wish to spend the evening, no expectations but I do have my own agenda for relaxing you.

Sipping on my wine, I pick up your glass and bring it to you. Setting it down on the side of the tub. I gently call your name. After several times, you respond. I hand you the glass and ask if you are feeling relaxed and if your ok in there. It takes a few seconds for you to realize where you are as you say yes, your fine. I offer the glass to your lips as you sip slowly. I smile at you and ask if your fine in there. You say yes, but that you don't wish to remain in here for long for as good as it feels, you don't want it to completely wipe you out.

I bend down to you and whisper that you just let me know when you want out and I shall take a towel to you. You say 5 more minutes as I smile and stand. I sit down across from you and can only look upon your beauty. Your sexy body laying in bubbles as your breathing slows as you allow the warm water to penetrate into your pores and into your skin.

You pop your eyes open and see me sitting, watching you. You smile shyly. I remind you that I have told you before that I plan on watching you sleep and now I have. But that there will be more time for that later. As you bring your knees up, you tell me your ready to come out. I grab a huge towel and opening it up I await for you to step from the tub as I give you my hand for balance. Once out of the tub, I engulf your body in the towel and wrapping you almost cocoon style, I lead you to the front room.

As I turn to face you, I take the ends of the towel and begin patting you dry. You grab my wrists and stop me. Taking a step closer to me, you thank me for your treatment and for being here with you on your last night. I tell you that I just had to be here for you. We begin to move closer and soon find ourselves engaged in a deep, passionate kiss that lasts for minutes. As I move my arms around you, the towel drops from between us. I gently guide you to the bed and we sit, laying back onto the bed still kissing intensely.

My hands roam over your nakedness as your hand moves down my chest. Sliding into the tank top, you feel my bare chest as the palm of your hand rubs over my nipples. I break the kiss from your sweet lips and move down your body. With you still laying on the bed, I move between your smooth perfect thighs. Kissing the soft inner flesh as my hands rub from your ankles to your outer thighs, to your inner thighs as I part and lift your legs.

Moving closer to your sex, I kiss the area just below your outer lips as I lick a path to just below your mound. Tonguing the lips before taking each fold into my mouth and gently sucking. Moving to the other as I inhale your other lip into my mouth. Moving my tongue over the soft fold, into and between the creases. Taking my time as your hand now begins to rub my head. I can hear the familiar sounds of your voice and moans with each flick of my tongue.

Moving slowly at your sex, pushing my tongue along the outer edges of your sweet lips. Moving just inside the sweet moist walls leading inside your hot body. Teasing the sides, the walls of the sweet spot that I have so wanted to taste. The center of your core to push in as deep as I could.

Flicking my tongue over the folds, from the top to where your clit sits, to the shiny piece of jewelry below. Licking and teasing the softness that I have watched your fingers explore before many times, wishing it were my fingers or my tongue.

Kissing the insides, pushing deeper inside your slick wet walls as your body begins to move from the gyrations of my tongue as I lick and slap my tongue against your hard clit. Lapping at your sweet wetness as it oozes from deep within your insides.

I close my lips around your clit and suck while flicking my tongue over and around the hard nub. Drawing it inside as I tongue it as if I were tonguing your nipples. Holding your thighs in my hands, as I lift your legs up. Making it possible to dive deeper inside your tight slit. Pumping with my tongue as your moans become fuller, louder and with a purpose.

Wanting to suck your orgasm from your body, I continue darting in and out of your wet folds, as my lips brush over the clitoris. Your hands gripping my head, pushing me inside deeper still. Lapping and sucking, I can feel your body begin to shake as your hips meet my thrusts.

Suddenly your orgasm explodes forth, pulling my tongue deeper inside your walls as I suck your wetness from your sexy body. Caressing the soft flesh of your thighs, as you ride my tongue. Your moans ever so sweet like music to my ears.

Moving up your body as your orgasm lingers deep inside you. I lick around your nipples before tugging. Covering the whole area with my full and open mouth as I suck in the swell, lightly pulling your nipples from the swell of the breast. Moving up, I cover your mouth with mine, kissing you as deep if not deeper than before, sharing the wetness of your juices on my tongue and lips with you. Kissing deep, hard and sensually I wrap you in my arms and press myself against you hard. I know you can feel the firmness of my hard shaft pressing against your hip bone.

As you reach down, I stop you, telling you that this is your night to relax, to lay here but to move up higher on the bed. As we move together, we both can inhale the scent of the flower petals and candles which fill the room masking the scent of sex.

Positioning myself atop of you, my arms on either side of your shoulders supporting my weight off of you. I move my lower body between your thighs and settle down. Just being between your long legs is wonderful, but I know deep down that I will soon be between your wet folds bringing you such intense pleasure.

Laying there, I am able to kiss your smooth body. Enjoying the scent of the bath which doused your skin. The rose petals which lie beneath us on the bed. Kissing you, flicking my tongue over your belly, moving up and down on you, drawing the intensity of the moment to a high.

I slide up your body, not wanting to wait any longer. I move off you and to the side. Kneeling on my knees along side of your precious face, my hand caressing your full breasts as I tease the nipple with firm tugs. Lifting the nipples from your breast I grasp my hardness at the base and lead it towards your waiting tongue.

As it approaches, your tongue touches the head. Shivers run thru my spine just from the sensation of having your tongue on me. As I move in closer, it slides over your sweet lips and finds it's path inside your warm mouth. I can feel your tongue dancing along the length of my thick shaft.

Unable to move further, you take my shaft in your hand as my hand slips away. Pushing your mouth over the length before pulling on the shaft. Tonguing the tip and sucking the head, drawing out the precum so soon. You lick it up with your tongue as you take me back into your mouth.

You begin a slow movement along my shaft as I watch your lips slide the length of me. Sucking the head before taking me deep into your throat. Pumping my shaft as your fingers tease the head in the up stroke as your tongue licks at my heavy balls. Sucking each one into your mouth before engulfing the head back inside your hot mouth.

With each withdrawal, I can see my shaft becoming more and more slick with your saliva. Given my own choice to cum inside your mouth or deep inside your walls, I opt to explode the first load inside your body. I move my hips back as my cock emerges from your sweet mouth. As you remain in the position with your lower jaw slightly open.

Moving down your body, my eyes never leave yours as we both await that moment of penetration. As I position myself between your thighs, I run my fingertips over your wet slit still wet from my tongue and your juices. I rise up and position myself perfectly and without touching my hard shaft, I can feel the head split your wet folds as it moves inside you.

Pushing in further, it travels deeper inside your warm beautiful body. Your legs rise up and lock themselves around me. As I sink in deeper still, your moan draws out followed by mine. As my hips lie flat against yours, it is only then that we both can feel the fullness inside you as well as the hardness that you bring to me.

Slowly I begin moving against you. Taking my time and pulling out from you til just the head remains inside before moving down inside you, moving a pattern for my thick shaft to follow as I move in different positions on you. As I move, it changes the effect that my shaft has on you, as I rise above your body the topside of my shaft slides lazily along your clit.

As I move down your body, it opens up the canal which my cock is settled into causing the nerve endings to feel more sensitive. Moving upon you one then the other gives your body the ultimate pleasure. Wanting to feel your wetness coating my cock as I pump you deep is the goal for now.

Slowly yet firmer, my thrusts into your body become more fevered. Pumping you in deep long strokes, brings such pleasure to both of us. As your legs rise up and wrap around my waist, I slide my hand down the outer thigh, cupping your ass as I bring your right leg higher as my thrusts become deeper.

Looking into your beautiful eyes, as you try to focus on mine with each thrust involuntarily closing your eyes. You feel so good wrapped around my body, from your inner walls to your sexy legs. Controlling the thrusts I begin to slow. You feel the change as you tell me deeper in the sexy intoxicating voice. I press deep inside you and hold it there.

I lean down and kiss your lips, tracing your mouth with my tongue. Slow subtle movements as my cock grows harder while embedded inside you. I break the kiss as I move off you. My hardness slipping from it's sweet confines of your folds. I take your hips in my hands and flip you over. Taking a pillow from the bed and placing it under your hips.

Moving behind you, I maneuver your hips over the pillow as you place your hands on the bed. I guide my glistening shaft back inside you as in one deep motion, my hips are pressed tightly against your sexy ass. Holding myself inside you for a moment before I begin to thrust. Holding your hips in my hands tighter I begin to pump you faster, harder and deeper.

Your hands leave the bed as you move your right hand between your thighs, your nails rubbing against the underside of my shaft as your thumb rubs your hard clit. Your other hand is squeezing your breast as you pull at your hard nipple.

I move my hands lower on your ass as I squeeze the firmness. Pumping you deeper and harder as I feel my shaft grow so thick and hard within your body. Your moans are growing with each anticipated thrust, so sexy as I have heard them many times in the evenings. They echo in my mind daily.

I bring your thighs together with my hands so the sensations are enhanced once more. Long, deep thrusts bring your desire to meet my thrusts as our bodies move against each other. Deep moans now become evident that your orgasm is approaching. Your hips move faster as I slow the pace down. Several more thrusts and your moans turn into breathless gasps, deeper, longer and harder I move inside your walls wanting to pull your orgasm from deep within your mind.

I can feel your muscles contracting around my shaft, relaxing then tensing, gripping my shaft as I pump you harder still. Another orgasms flies thru you as your legs tighten, calves flex while I move my hand to your left ankle to get even deeper inside your warm wet body. Moving you forward with each thrust as my hips meet your backside.

I slowly bring the tempo down only to bring it up one more notch. Faster, harder deeper I continue to pump inside your tightening walls as each contraction from inside grips my shaft tighter. Feeling my own orgasm about to peek thru, I slide in once more and leave it inside you.

Leaning down upon your back, I whisper to you that I'm about to explode deep inside your body babe. I pick up the tempo once more as my thrusts become deliberate and deepening. Several more motions inside against your contracting walls fill my senses with such abandon that before you know it, you can feel the hot warmth of my cum filling your insides as I continue to pump and thrust inside your grasping walls. Repeating each thrust deeper then the last causes us both to moan out as another orgasm racks your body.

Moving inside you still, my hardness filling you as our juices seep from the sides with each push inside your canal. Slowing only when our moans become faint as the heavy breathing has begun. I sink deep inside you as I pull the pillow from under your hips. Sinking down onto the bed with you, holding you still as we naturally roll to our side. My shaft still inside your warm wet folds. Holding your hip, I pull you closer to me.

With less than 10 words spoken by you, we leave ourselves intertwined with each other as rest takes over from your long and grueling day. Comforting with you by my side, we sleep still holding hands. Still with the scent of the rose petals lingering in the air.

Submitted: July 10, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Bowen71. All rights reserved.

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Touched By A Vampire

That was just....beautiful!!!!

Thu, July 10th, 2014 6:53am


So glad you enjoyed...Thank you for the kind words...:)

Sun, July 13th, 2014 8:20pm


I love it!

Thu, July 10th, 2014 7:19am


Thank you...Glad you enjoyed!!

Sun, July 13th, 2014 8:19pm


Where do i find this man? Luvd it!

Wed, August 6th, 2014 11:40pm


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it...:)

Thu, August 7th, 2014 7:27pm

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