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Kitchen Service Kitchen Service

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sometimes it becomes a I have to have you right here, right now kind of moment that can take place anywhere. Please feel free to make comments. Thanks for reading


Sometimes it becomes a I have to have you right here, right now kind of moment that can take place anywhere. Please feel free to make comments. Thanks for reading


Submitted: November 23, 2013

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Submitted: November 23, 2013



I stood in the entry to the kitchen, a smile wide across my face.

There you were, your hair put up in a partial bun/ponytail exposing the back of your neck.  You were on your hands and knees, scrubbing at the oven, your white tank top accentuated your bosom and curves.

You stood up, taking the rubber gloves off your hands and turned to the sink to wash up.

I moved quietly behind you, softly kissing the back of your neck and brought my hands to your hips caressing you.

'Brandon' you moaned my name as my hands moved up under your top, to your bare breasts beneath it. 'I really have to get this kitchen cleaned'.

'It can wait' I whispered.

Turning you around, I pressed my lips to the crook of your neck, nibbling and kissing.

You returned the kissing, turning your mouth towards me, tracing your tongue over my lips. Pushing past them and seeking my tongue with your own.

You loved when I kissed you. They were always full of passion and want.

I pressed forward, moving you backwards to the island in the middle of the room.  I motioned you upward and helped you climb up.  Lifting your shirt over your head, and kissing you hard again before my mouth made it to your ample breasts, nibbling and sucking your nipples into my mouth, one at a time.

Your fingers dragged down my back.

My hands, moved from your breasts down to your jeans, and I undid them tugging them past your hips.  You helped me by lifting up and pushing them down with one hand.

Tossing them aside, I kissed your tummy, licking downward.

My hands were strong, but gentle.  I ran them up your thigh, spreading your legs and grinning at you.

I brushed over your pussy and could feel the heat.

I knew I turned you on, and it excited me more knowing how much so I did.

Looping my fingers into the side of your panties I tugged a little bit, and then tore at them, ripping up the side.

Exposing your pink smooth mound, my fingers found their way to your clit.

Kissing even further down, my mouth now placed over where my fingers once were.

I suckled your hardened nub into my mouth, teasing you with my tongue.

With one hand I switched between rubbing each of your breasts. As the other, was slowly moving in and out of your hot pussy.

'Oh my god' you moaned out.

My tongue moved faster over you, and my fingers kept perfect rhythm. 'Come for me baby' I managed to muffle out from what I was doing.

Leaning back on one hand, you ran your fingers of your other through my hair.  God how you loved what I did to you.

Just as your legs began to quiver, and your breathing became more erratic.  I stopped and then started to kiss my way up your body.

As I moved to kiss you, you just stared at me. And I grinned, that sly little devious grin I had when I was up to mischief.

'I've changed my mind, why should you get all the fun' I mocked.

'You have got to be kidding me' you stated

And I kissed you hard again, undoing my pants and dropping them to the floor.

My hard cock pressed against your thigh, and I grabbed you by the hips and without hesitation, I pushed my cock into your tight pussy.

With a grunt and a moan, I knew right then this was what you were waiting for.

Leaning on your hands, I held your hips. Moving with long deep thrusts, you cried out.  You were ready, and I was far from finished.

Sucking your nipples in my mouth, I fucked you harder, bringing you to climax.  I could feel your moist pussy contract all around me.  Spilling your juices all over my cock.

Pulling you down towards me, I pulled out, and told you to turn around.

Pushing you forward over the island, my hardened cock found its way back where it belonged. Like a built in GPS.

Pushing into you, I drove deeper and harder, my balls slapping against your clit, driving you into more of a sexual frenzy.

One hand grasped your shoulder.  As the other reached around and squeezed your breasts.

I was about to cum. pulling out one more time; I turned you toward me sliding my cock back into you, slowing my pace, as I held you close.  Emptying everything inside of you.

I kissed you tenderly on the lips, and held you for a moment, before pulling away.

You smiled at me as I reached down pulling up my jeans.

I kissed your nose and laughed. 'Ok, now you can finish cleaning'.

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