Hawaiian Adventure

Hawaiian Adventure

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Meeting on Maui for a much needed vacation in a tropical paradise.


Meeting on Maui for a much needed vacation in a tropical paradise.


Submitted: December 04, 2013

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Submitted: December 04, 2013



~Meeting a lover is always wonderful, but meeting you in Hawaii was unbelievable. All I could do was think of you during the long plane ride. Getting away was a trick for both of us, but somehow we both managed it. Or at least I hoped that we had. Arriving in Maui about an hour before you, I paced around, hoping that you would appear, praying that you hadn't changed you mind.

When your flight arrived I anxiously waited for the passengers to deplane. "Wyoue the heck is you?" I wondered to myself.

Finally, I saw your lovely face beaming at me from behind the crowd. When you finally made your way to me, I nearly cruyoud you in my arms.

I had heard about the Islands, and of Maui most of all, but sharing Maui with you was almost too much to consider. Our embrace at the airport was only a prelude to our first night in our hotel love nest, and that, too, paled in comparison to what was to come.

It was you who came up with the idea of going to the summit of Mt. Haleakala to make love at sunrise. I had seen the sunrise before and it had always been spectacular, almost spiritual.

Getting up in the dark and driving up the old dormant volcano was exciting, climbing the winding road in the dark, part of caravan of cars. I had to laugh at the one bold character pumping his 10-speed, wondering if he'd actually make it up the steep incline. After all, 12,000 feet is quite a climb.

Once at the summit, the real chore was to find a spot secluded enough to keep the prying eyes of the tourists away from us, but we managed to find a spot behind a large rock outcropping, a little ways off the path leading downward. We would have a great view of the sunrise, but still be youltered from the view of the people at the summit.

Spreading the blanket out to make a little nest behind the rock, we watched each otyou undress.  You were so beautiful as the darkness began to be penetrated by the sun. You came to me and I folded your naked body into my arms and we kissed passionately.

My hard cock pressed against your stomach and you pulled back and smiled at me. "I like knowing that I can affect you that way. Mmmmm, I want you so badly right now," you whispered.

As my tongue probed your mouth, I felt your legs buckle a little. Holding you tightly, I coaxed you onto the blanket and began kissing your taught nipples, the very chilly air encircling us was puyoud away by our growing passion.

As the sun rose, the first rays bathed us in their resplendent glory, the sky illuminated in a fantastic display of color. All of this was only a backdrop to your beauty and served only to incite me to furtyou explore your body. Your nipples, brought to life by the chill and my kisses, were like sweet hard candy as I sucked them. Your fingers, moving along my back toward my ass, only encouraged me, the fervor of my kisses intensified as I explored your breasts, your neck, and your shoulders with them. The sensation of your skin on mine amid the glory of the sunrise electrified me! Never before had I felt so spiritual. I ached to join my spirit with yours, and, as our bodies became entwined, I truly felt that such a thing was possible. I gave myself fully to the moment and accepted you fully in return.

Your breasts were heaving with desire, your tongue and mouth arousing me to monumental heights. As your hands slid down over my ass, you spread your legs and raised your knees. You began pushing down on the top of my head and I knew what you wanted. My hot kisses covered your stomach as I continued to move lower and lower with them, until arriving at you freshly waxed pussy.

My tongue glided across your pubic area to your clit, already swollen and ready to be suckled. The sight of your pussy in the new morning sun filled me with desire. I began nibbling and sucking your clit and pussy lips, feeling your body respond to my gentle probes, your hands playing in my hair and guiding my head to the spots that gave you the most pleasure. Bringing your ankles up around my neck, you pulled me fartyou into you, the moisture from your pussy filling my mouth, and its fragrance filling my nostrils.

I moved my hands underneath your ass to get a better grip and all three forces, your hands in my hair, your legs on my neck, and my hands on your ass, worked togetyou to bring a closeness that was fantastic.

As my tongue moved back and forth over your clit, I felt your body tremble with pleasure, until your orgasm crayoud forth, causing you to cry out loudly. In a brief flash of awareness I wondered if the people above had heard you, or were they still so enthralled with the heavenly display progressing across the sky?

Your hands reached under my chin and began pulling me up to your mouth and we kissed passionately. "I need you inside me, I need to feel you filling me," you gasped.

Your hand grasped my hard cock and guided it into your steaming pussy, sliding it between your wet lips and deep inside you, your legs locking around me. "Fuck me, fuck me!" you moaned.

My brief concern about the people above us faded completely. I lost all awareness of my surroundings. The only thing that existed was you.

Your frantic urging turned me into a man possessed. All that I cared about was driving myself as deeply into you as possible. My head began to spin. Was it from my sexual frenzy or simply the altitude? Your legs tightened around me, pulling me more deeply into you. Despite the chilly air drops of perspiration fell from my forehead onto your breasts to join the pool of sweat already tyoue.

With each thrust, I felt I was going to explode, but somehow I didn't. With each thrust I watched your face contort as the pleasure wayoud through your body. You seemed to be fighting to make the plunge over the edge, and, at the same time, to keep the pleasure going.

My hard cock slammed into your pussy again and again, the thrill of taking you like this overwhelmed my being. Shockwaves of pleasure consumed me. I felt you squeezing me tightly, crying out, "Oh my god! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I'm cumming!"

Your orgasm and moans took me over the edge. Just as the new born sun rose from the ocean, I plunged deeply into your soaking pussy, erupting fiercely, my cum splashing into you and mixing with your own juices. The pleasure was so great that I continued to move in and out of you. You pulled me down closer to you and whispered to me hoarsely, "Don't stop, I'm going to cum again.”

"Cum for me, Stacy," I whisper back, and you suddenly jerked, cumming again. I managed a few more thrusts before I collapsed, falling off you onto the blanket beside you. We lay out in the new day, breathing heavily, sweat pouring out of us.

The morning's sun shone down on us. It was a glorious day. Sitting up, I looked at the sky. It was beautiful beyond belief. Taking your hand, I pulled you up and we stood before the sunrise, stretching our arms out to the sky, our naked bodies bathed in sunlight.

 "Let's head down the highway to Hana. I know a spot along the way where people won't see us and the sand and the beach are beautiful!"

"Okay," I replied and started the car and pulled out of the visitor lot. As we moved down Mt. Haleakala, negotiating the many curves, I saw that you were resting, your head back against the seat with your eyes closed. My god, you looked so beautiful sitting there.

As the car rocked back and forth, I noticed that you had begun absent-mindedly playing with your breasts through your shirt, your nipples making little bumps in the fabric. Putting the car into low gear to let the engine help with the braking through the turns, I said, "Stacy, what are you doing over there? I'm getting turned on watching you play with your breasts like that!"

Reaching over to try to cop a feel, I nearly swerved off the road. "Yikes!" I cried. "See you're gonna get us killed."

You opened your eyes and said, "Oh, I was just reliving that sexy moment and wondering how many times you will make love to me today."

About a third of the way from the bottom of the old volcano, I saw the poor bike rider steadily pumping away, looking exhausted. "That guy is going to have a heart attack," I laughed.

"So," I asked, "where is this secret place of yours? At the Seven Pools? Wailua Falls?"

You looked at me and smiled. Your eyes melted my heart. "The little place I know is nearly all the way to Hana. It has a black sandy beach and is very secluded. And by the time we get there, I'll be ready for some more of your sweet loving."

As we turned onto the road leading to the Hana Highway, Your hands continued to stroke your breasts, but then, in order to tease me further, you placed your hand between your legs, rubbing your crotch lightly through your shorts. Closing your eyes, you said, "Mmmmm, I can see our bodies entwined on the beach, and I can feel your hard cock inside me."

Then you opened your eyes, and laughed, "But I will wait until we get there."

"You, with you talking like that, I don't know if I can make it to Hana," I say as I try to shift my hard-on into a more comfortable position in my pants.

Soon we were traveling along the many turns and one-lane bridges of Maui's most famous stretch of road. I was probably driving a little faster than I should have because every time I glanced over at you, I wanted you more, and that made me anxious to get to that beach.

After taking one particular curve a little too quickly, You cried out, "Slow down, hun, and maybe I'll reward you for your safe driving."

I immediately slowed the vehicle down and when you reached over to touch my leg, I slowed even further.

Your hand felt so good and my cock felt like it was throbbing in my pants. You unzipped me, reached in, and after a bit of a struggle, managed to get my cock out. Leaning over, you took me into your mouth, running your tongue over its swollen head. I let out a deep moan and the car veered again.

Looking up you laughed, "Please drive carefully." And then you took me in your mouth again, sucking me in earnest.

The warmth and wetness of your mouth made me moan again, it felt so good. As you moved up and down on it, shivers of pleasure shot through my body. I gripped the steering wheel tightly as your head bobbed up and down in my lap. "Mmmmmm, You, I can't drive in this condition. You're gonna make me crash!"

I manage to make it over the next one-lane bridge and find a side spot on the road where I could pull over. Pulling the lever on my seat, I tilted it back so that you had more room, my hand moving to your head as my pleasure grew.

Your hands unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, and I lifted my butt to help you. My cock and balls were totally yours. As you sucked me expertly, you caressed and squeezed my balls. Your tongue ran along my hardness all the way to the base and you took one of my balls in your mouth and sucked it gently, your hand teasing my ass with light strokes. You engulfed me again. The sensation was overwhelming and I knew that I was going to explode.

Feeling my cock begin to spasm, you stroked me faster and faster until a jet of hot cum shot into the air, like a geyser erupting. You continued to stroke me until you were sure that I was finished, my hot cum oozing over you hands. "Did that help?" you asked impishly, as you wiped the cum from your hands and my pants.

"Thanks, you," I said, "I needed that. I took your face in my hands and kissed you sweetly.

Laying back in your seat again, you closed your eyes again.

Quickly pulling up my jockeys and pants, I rolled the car back out onto the road, once again continuing the trip to Hana. The two-hour ride allowed me to think of the fun to come on the black sand beach, and looking over at you, my heart filled with such longing. I thought to myself, My God, you, I can't get enough of you.

"Wake up," I said finally, "we're almost to Hana. Where’s this beach of yours?"

I laughed as you woke up with a start. "Wait a minute while I get my bearings," you said, looking around frantically, whipping the sleep from you eyes. "Up there a bit, turn left on that little dirt road."

Turning, we wound our way down the road and soon came to the beach. There was no one in sight anywhere on the beautiful black sand. Parking the car behind a bush just to be safe, I stepped out of the car. You jumped out of the vehicle and quickly started stripping your clothes off. As you ran toward the water, you yelled over your shoulder, "Catch me if you can!"

I was amazed at how fast you got out of your clothes, but the sight of your beautiful body running toward the surf was very enticing. Stripping my shirt off as I went, I started out after you. Taking my pants and jockeys off while running proved to be too much for me and I tripped and fell. As I lay on my back, I frantically pulled them off and then looked up to see my Dreamgirl cavorting in the water, your breasts gently bouncing as you frolicked among the waves.

Tossing my pants and shoes away, I joined you in the ocean. As I approached, you splashed me and half-heartedly tried to get away. I managed to grab you and I held you tightly. As we embraced, the surf crashed over us, knocking us over, but we somehow stayed locked in our kiss. Bobbing up from the water laughing, I jumped up and tried to run back toward the black-sanded beach.

You clipped my foot with your arm and I fell to the sand, where you pounced on me. We rolled around in the sand until a new wave washed over us, cleaning us off. Rolling you over onto your back, I pinned your arms down, while my body burrowed in between your legs.

You looked at me with a crooked smile. "Why, darling, are you going to take me right here on the beach in the surf?"

I gave you an evil grin and you opened you legs wider. "Take me, take me now, I want it so badly."

"Oh, you want me badly, do you?" I said as I looked down on your beautiful face and body. Then I rolled over on my back, pulling you over on top of me. "Well, if you want me that badly, you're going to have to take me! I want you to fuck ME!

Straddling my body, your wet pussy just inches from my hard cock, you smiled and said "Like this?" as you lowered you pussy onto my throbbing cock. As you rocked back and forth on top of me, I plunged deeper and deeper into you. Finally, you pushed down hard and held me deep inside you, only making rotating movements with your hips, making my pelvic bone and cock press hard against your clit. Oh my god, you were really "fucking" me!

"Oh, Brandon, it feels so good, so good!" you cried. In a moment you were cumming, and that put me over the edge again. I thrust up into you and erupted, joining you as we came together.

"Oh, I didn't know it could be like this. I didn't know I could want a woman as much as I want you!" I said, pulling you down to kiss you once more, letting another wave wash over us.

We walked back toward the car, my arm around you naked body, basking in the beauty and heat of the tropical paradise. I pulled out the blanket and spread it out on the black sand. You stretched out on the blanket and I began applying lotion to your tanned body. Kneeling beside you I kept thinking that I would wake up and discover that it was all just a dream. I loved the feel of your body under my hands. Leaning down I kissed you again. "How did you get to be so beautiful?" I asked. We spent the next half hour lying there, occasionally kissing, and almost constantly stroking each at you. My hands caressed your breasts and your taut nipples felt so good.

You took your right breast and offered it to me. I eagerly took it and began sucking the erect nipple. As your body turned, your leg touched my flaccid cock and as you undulated slowly, I found myself becoming aroused again.

"My god!" you said. "Your cock is getting hard again already?" Getting up off of me, you taunted me, saying, "Well, if you want me again, you'll have to catch me!" and started walking backwards coyly toward a stand of palm trees, your hands caressing your body teasingly. "You like what you see?" you teased.

I got up slowly and give you a frustrated look. You laughed and stopped near one of the trees, leaning seductively against it, again holding your breasts in a display that only made me want you more. I walked quickly over to you, pulled your body close to mine and kissed you passionately once again.

"Why do I want you so badly?" I asked. "You, you are driving me mad with desire! I think you are probably going to kill me today.".

You answered me by raising one leg up and wrapped it around my leg, while putting your arms around my neck. "You caught me," you cooed. "Now you have to fuck me again."

"No so fast," I said as I pushed you back against the tree and wriggled out from your leg. Dropping to one knee, I let my tongue enter you. You were so wet and the remnants of my cum was still there. The musk from your pussy filled my nostrils as I lapped our juices from you, gently massaging your ass at the same time. It was obvious that this dual attention was exciting you and you reached behind to brace yourself against the trunk of the palm tree.

Holding your ass more tightly, I pushed my tongue deep inside you and then let it glide upward toward your clit. My mouth engulfed your swollen clit and I sucked it harder. Soon you were cumming for me, bathing my mouth and chin with your juices as you writhed before me.

When your body finally went limp, I stood up and kissed you again, letting my hard cock rub against your leg. "Okay, now I'm going to give you that fucking that you wanted to badly."

Pulling up your left leg, I positioned myself so that I could slide my cock into you as you leaned against the tree. You held onto my neck for dear life as I began moving in and out of you and you tossed your head and moaned with each thrust.

Your cries of pleasure only drove me to thrust into you harder and more deeply. When I felt your body tense with yet another orgasm, it was more than I could take. With one more thrust, my rock hard cock exploded in orgasm, my hot cum shooting into you. "Oohh, god!" I cried as I grabbed your waist and pulled myself into you. The wonderful sensation lingered on after I had finished cumming. When I pulled out, we both collapsed on the sand at the base of the tree, looking at each other, almost in disbelief at what we had shared that day. I leaned forward and kissed you sweetly.

We sat there for a long while in each others arms, listening to the surf crash against the beach.

Hawaii was a paradise but it was nothing without you. Never had I felt such desire. Never had I met a woman who desired me as much as I did you.

We eventually got dressed and drove into Hana to get something to eat. You bought a grass skirt that you hinted would come into play back in our room. On the way back from Hana, we stopped and enjoyed some of the sights, the waterfalls, the quaint bridges, touristy kind of things. After all we had the whole week together.

Back at the hotel we bathed and then went out to a romantic candlelight dinner. We didn't make it to desert though, and spent the night and the next day naked in bed. And that is how I discovered how to truly see Hawaii. Hehe..

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