Fun in the Tahitian Sun

Fun in the Tahitian Sun

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


a dream vacation to Tahiti for some time away from home and away from kids. Thanks for reading, I appreciate any feedback. Thank you :)


a dream vacation to Tahiti for some time away from home and away from kids. Thanks for reading, I appreciate any feedback. Thank you :)


Submitted: December 07, 2013

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Submitted: December 07, 2013



~It is late in the afternoon. The day is slowly dying all around you. Long shadows reach out like spindly fingers, reaching out all around you as you lay in the warm white sand of the beach. Palm trees sway silently in the breeze.

Even though the day grows weary, and evening slowly blends with afternoon, the air is still warm. As it always is in Tahiti. Warm and moist. And heavy all around you. You lay on your back in the warm soft sand. It rises up and molds itself all around your body. Filling in every crevice and pushing gently against your skin.

The sand is warm and pure and you let yourself settle down into it. You look across the blue clear water at the sun as it sinks slowly into the distant island. And your heart is at peace with the world. Your fingers play gently in the sand - feeling the texture and the warmth - as you breathe in the fragrance of all the tropical flowers that are blooming all around you. Plumaria and ginger. Tuberose and halaconia. All of their sweet fragrances blend together and fill all the air that surrounds you.

You are alone. Nobody else occupies your world. It is yours and yours alone. You relish the peace. The comfort. The freedom. But still you feel just a hint of excitement as you look at into the vast distance of the empty ocean. It is beautiful. But very vast.

I hear you catch your breath as you look up and see me looking down at you. I was making our dinner arrangements.  Lying there, alone on this deserted beach. I always took some time to watch you when you were laying in the sun.And when I did my heart stopped for just a moment and I had to force myself to begin breathing one more time. My gaze drifted slowly down the length of your body. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Lying here. In front of me.

I don’t mean to stare but I can’t help myself.

 My gaze returns to your.  I search your eyes. They are so lovely.  So beautiful and so strong.

I watch you for just a moment and then I reach forward and move to gently kiss your cheek. But I stop. And move back just a little. I continue to look at you, drinking in all your beauty. Struggling to memorize everything about you. For I know that a moment like this may never come again.

 I reach and take your hand to help you lift up from the sand. Your hand is soft and warm in mine. I hold it strongly and lift you up and soon you are standing close beside me. My heart beats faster as I see you standing. So close to me. I can feel the warmth of your body. I watch your fingers as they brush the clinging sand from your body. My heart jumps with each stroke. Soon you stop and again you look at me. For what seems like several minutes you search my face. Then, without speaking, you move forward and gently kiss my cheek. Your lips are warm and soft. And my heart beats even faster. You tell me that you would love to head back to our bungalow and we walk together, hand in hand, along the sandy path toward our home. The sound of the sand crunching between our toes competes with the sounds of song birds who fill the near by trees.

Soon we walk together through the front door of our Polynesian home. The home is open air. Warm breezes flow among the rooms. The walls are made of rich koa wood, hand hewn from the surrounding forest. Flowers grow in ever corner and their fragrance fills the room. You are standing, looking out the window at the dying sunset when I walk up close behind you.

I wrap my arms around you and draw your back to me. I can feel you catch your breath and I can feel your heart leap. I draw your body close to mine and I can feel your back lightly on my chest. Your butt touches me gently and I can feel the immediate reaction. I move my hands up and down, gently on your arms. Feeling your soft warm skin. Then I lean forward and whisper in your ear. Do you trust me? I ask. You hesitate for just a moment, and then you say you do.

Good, I say. Then I reach down and gather you up into my arms, and carry you across the room. I tell you to close your eyes as I lay you on your back on the grass mat that covers the stone floor.

I leave you alone for just a moment. But then I return. In my hand is a long stem red ginger flower. It beautiful and fragrant blossom firm and long. Little soft spikes poke out all over the head. I take the flower and gently touch your face. I swirl it around. Let it drift slowly and gently across your lips. Move it slowly up and down your cheek. Down your neck and across your earlobe.

Then I move it down and begin to draw large circles on your skin. Moving slowly and gently around your breasts. In a moment I kiss your cheek. Then my fingers replace the flower. They move gently down your cheek, from your temple, along your ears and slide slowly down your cheek. Now the flower is back. Touching you. The circles around your breasts are tightening. In one more moment the tip of the flower slides in under your bikini top. Just for a moment. Very gently it grazes your skin. You can feel the little fingers tips of the flower straining to reach under your top. I move it around gently. They push slowly inside, almost reaching the top of your nipple.

Then I lean down beside you. The flower moves quickly down. It circles around your stomach. Sliding gently on your soft skin. My fingers move beside your breasts. Gently stroking the skin beside them. And with one motion I reach and gently touch your lips with mine. Just as the flower tip moves downward ... and slides inside one leg of your shorts. My lips move on your lips. My fingers graze across your nipple and the firm tips of the flowers reach up and move inside your shorts. Caressing the inside of your thighs, moving slowly upward. Growing closer. My fingers move more firmly and my lips are kissing yours. At last the flower moves up further.

Then I lean down beside you. The flower moves quickly down. It circles around your stomach. Sliding gently on your soft skin. My fingers move beside your breasts. Gently stroking the skin beside them. And with one motion I reach and gently touch your lips with mine. Just as the flower tip moves downward ... and slides inside one leg of your swimming suit. My lips move on your lips. My fingers graze across your nipple and the firm tips of the flowers reach up and move inside your shorts. Caressing the inside of your thighs, moving slowly upward. Growing closer. My fingers move more firmly and my lips are kissing yours. I kiss you deeper and deeper. The tip of my tongue glides across your lips as the flower moves further up your leg. You can feel the pedal as it caresses the skin just below your entrance. My lips press against yours. Harder. Then softer. Then quickly kissing you light but fast. Over and over. Then I kiss you once, very deeply, and my fingers move over the fabric of your top. And then I slide down so that my mouth is at the top of your suit bottom.

The flower moves quickly inside your suit. Grazing back and forth. My fingers play with your nipples through the cloth. Then with one movement I unhook your top and let the separate pieces slide apart. Revealing the cleavage between your breasts. And with my teeth I grab your suit bottom and slide it down your legs. My hands move toward your breasts as I push the cloth away. I brush my fingers lightly on the outside of each breast. Just an inch below the nipple. I feel your chest trust up as you strain to feel my fingers on your breasts. You want it. You want to feel your breasts stretching out. You want to feel my fingers rolling your nipples.

But I refuse. I touch the sides. Rubbing my fingers slowly along the sides as move my tongue toward your legs. With the tip of my stiff tongue I trace little lines along the inside of your leg. As the flower moves again along the inside of the left leg. First along the inside of the calf. Back and forth and up and down along your leg. Long silky strokes. As my fingers move a whisper closer to your nipples.

I am at the inside of your knee. As my tongue touches the skin of your thigh just above your knee I feel your hips buck up. As they do I move my fingers to graze across your nipples. Touching each very lightly. Just for a moment. Your chest heaves up and you thrust your breasts upward. And hold them high. Begging to feel a warm wet mouth sucking them. Taking them. I can feel your heart beating faster. And I can hear a moan slowly coming from your body. And your body shutters as my hard tongue slides along the inside of your thigh.

Your skin is so hot and so silky. I love the feel of my hot wet tongue as it slides along it. I move my hands from your breasts and move them quickly along the sides of your stomach. Then I slide them slowly under your butt and lift you up to me. My tongue moves closer. Drawing circles along the inside of your thigh. The circles grow tighter. And faster. All my fingers now. Like a spider sliding its legs along your skin. Both hands. One on each leg. Moving quickly across your skin as my tongue probes ever closer to the entrance.

Again my hands slip beneath your butt and I push your hips up into the air. The night is warm and the sound of the distant waves echo in the room. I can hear your body moaning. Wanting. Wanting to feel the waves of pleasure. I thrust your hips up move your legs apart. Revealing the slit between your pussy lips. My tongue slides along your thigh toward them. Just an inch away now. I move your legs apart so that your lips open about an inch. Then I move my hard tongue to the outside of one lip. I flick it slowly. Just with the tip of my tongue.

You moan and almost scream as you feel my hard tongue move along the outside of the lip. Moving down and toward the center. You want it. You want to feel it slip inside you. You want to feel the fire as it slides deep inside you. But just as I reach the base, with my tongue hard and hot and wet, and centered between your shaved pussy lips I stop. Waiting. If you want it you have to take it. I can feel your muscles tighten as you begin to move your hips.

You slide them slowly upward. The tip of my tongue just passes into your pussy. You begin to thrust further and my tongue slips into you for maybe an inch. Then suddenly I pull back out and I stand up.

You scream at me like I have lost my mind. Your hips are bucking up and your own fingers move to enter your pussy. But I grab them and hold them away. Then I twist around into a 69 position. Except that I am standing on my hands and knees - like a cat above you. In a moment you can feel the warmth of a thick liquid flowing over your body. I am slowly pouring thick sweet fragrant coconut syrup across your body. Along your lips and down your neck. Just below your ears. And around each breast. Down your stomach and along your thighs. And down along your little temple.

Then I move back. Still in the beginning of a 69, but my face is at your face. I lick the syrup off your face. Quickly. My lips move along yours. My tongue slides slowly between your lips and you taste the sweetness of the syrup on my tongue. My tongue plays with yours. Then I probe it deeply into your mouth. I lick slowly along your cheek. My tongue slides along your cheek to the base of your neck. I play with your earlobes as I suck slowly on your neck. Then I move down even further.

My hands are on your breasts. I take your whole breasts in my hands. I slide the syrup around coating your whole breast as I begin to pull them. Gently at first. Then harder. I push and pull and push again. Move around. I can feel the nipples harden in the palm of my hands. The syrup is warm and thick and wet. I pull hard now. Pull hard on your tits. Stretch them out and pull them to the sides. My mouth moves down your neck. Across the top of your chest.

My tongue makes ever tightening circles around your tits. Finally the hard tip grazes across the nipple. Then I grab it. Your chest thrusts up as you strain to drive your tit up into my mouth. I suck it in. Taking every inch. My tongue moves around the hard nipple. Sucking. Pulling. Stretching.

You are moaning wildly now. I can feel your heart racing. Your hips thrust up into the\\ air. Your cunt wanting to be filled. I release your tit and begin to move slowly down your stomach. Licking away the syrup. Move my tongue down your hard stomach. Stopping for a moment at your belly button. Playing with it. Then moving downward.

As I move downward my hard thick cock moves toward your face. I feel your hands reach out and grab it. Your slippery fingers move along the hard shaft. Covering it with syrup. Playing with the head. The head is throbbing and deep purple. I can feel my cock thrusting into your hand. I thrust faster and faster and the feel of your hand on my cock is like heaven. For a moment I almost lose control and I begin thrusting faster and faster. I have lost all sense of you. My only sense is my own passion. My own desires. I thrust into your hand and hold it. You move your hand around the shaft and I can feel the skin stretching tight. I can feel the hot cum building up inside. But in a moment I pull away. And my senses return to you.

You direct the head of my cock toward your open mouth. But at the last moment I turn it aside. Instead I move up and the hard shaft of my cock slides into the hollow between your tits. You hold them closed with your hands and I thrust my hard stiff cock between them. It feels so wonderful. I slide it out and use the hard tip to push against your nipples. I drive my cock head down and push hard against your nipples. Twisting them with my cock as I move closer to your pussy.

You are moaning and bucking wildly. I can barely stay on top of you. My hands grab your tits and I force them up into my cock. I screw fast and deep into your breasts. Stretching them out as I move my hot hard tongue toward your pussy entrance. You open your legs slightly to give me access and I take it. The tip of my tongue slides quickly along your pussy lips. My cock hammers into your tits as I slide my hands beneath your butt. I hold it up. Your pussy slit is slowly opening. Revealing the soft hot pink skin. I slide my tongue just under the inside of each lip.

Then again I pull it out. And wait for you. In a moment I feel you. Your hips drive up with a savage thrust. My hard tongue drives down deep into your pussy. In one motion I slip my cock back toward your mouth and drive my tongue down deep into your pussy. Screwing it all around. Moving it in and out like a jack hammer.

My hard thick cock slips into your mouth. I can feel your tongue playing with the soft spot inside the base of the head. I feel you tongue sliding slowly around my cock. Sucking off the sweetness. My body shutters and I drive my cock down deep into your throat and my tongue down deep into your pussy. I twist them both around. Then I pull up and put my mouth at the opening to your cunt. And I suck. Hard. I want to suck out every drop of your hot pussy juice. My mouth covers the entrance as my tongue probes inside.

In and out. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. Probing every inch. Down deep and twisting inside as my cock slides in and out of your mouth. Then I move my tongue slowly out. And begin a new action. My tongue is all the way out. Then slowly moving inside. Moving about inside you like a snake. Touching one spot and then another.

My cock is out of your mouth and back pressing into your nipples. But my tongue is busy. On a hunt. Seeking what it desires. I want it. I will take it. I will take all of it. Then the tip of my tongue locates the little sheath of skin that surrounds you hardened clit. I can feel the nub inside. I use my hands to pull apart your pussy lips. And I hold them open even as you buck you hips up over and over wildly in the air. It is as if you want me to give up. You can't take the feeling in your pussy. But I drive on. Riding you as you buck. Taking what I want.

I hold your pussy open so my tongue can find its way inside. My two fingers slip inside and I twist your clit between them. I push it and pull it and then hold my fingers still and let you thrust your clit up against them. Over and over. Harder and harder. You are panting and your heart is racing. You strain to find my cock. Because you want it. Your lips find the head as my tongue finally finds your clit. I use my fingers to stretch the skin from around it so it is fully exposed. Then I begin to work quickly with my mouth.

My tongue slides up and down the shaft. Curling around it. Pushing it down and then pulling it up. I can feel you twisting wildly as the pleasure begins to build inside you. You can feel the hot pressure building in your pussy. You moan even louder. My tongue slides up and down again. Then I push my face deep down into your cunt and I grab your clit gently between my teeth. You scream out loudly as I slide my teeth gently back up the shaft and then plunge down again and suck it back into my mouth. Sucking hard on your clit. The pleasure is growing. I taste your sweet hot pussy juices as my cock is throbbing. I suck faster and faster on your clit. Twisting it. Sliding my tongue around it as I suck. Twisting it between my fingers and then sucking hard again.

You are thrusting up harder and harder. Over and over faster and faster. I drive my tongue down hard on your pussy. I suck it with my teeth and twist it all around. I can feel your cunt begin to tighten as you can feel the pleasure cumming.

Then in a moment I turn around and replace my tongue with my cock. My dick is so hard and so thick and so hot. I want you. I will take you. I am going to fill you with my hard cock and pump you full of my hot thick cum. In a moment my cock slips inside you. You scream again as the hard shaft presses against your tender clit. My tongue is in your mouth and my fingers twist savagely on your nipples. Sucking in your whole breast with my fingers. Twisting the nipples as my cock thrusts deep inside you. I time the trusts with the pounding of the waves on the seashore. As every wave crashes I drive deep down inside you. To the bottom of your pussy. I twist my cock wildly around and I pull hard against your breasts. I strain with every inch of my body to drive my cock down deep inside you and I can feel the walls of your pussy tighten against them.

Then I hear your moaning harder and faster. Your heart is throbbing and you are moaning without stopping louder and louder. I hammer into you faster and faster. Pull on your breasts. Drive my tongue into your mouth. And then I feel your pussy tighten like a hand around my cock. Strangling it. Milking it. I can feel your pleasure building inside you. At first you feel it as a pressure. Almost like the need to explode. But as the pressure grows it becomes more and more wonderful.  At first the pleasure is concentrated in your pussy. But then your drive your pussy up onto my cock. Using me to make the pleasure spread. You are screaming now. And I respond.  I am fucking your pussy so hard.  Hard and faster and deeper.  Then I can feel my own pleasure building. I can feel the thick hot white cum building inside my dick. I want to fill you with it. I want to take you. To own you. To make you feel the hot thick cum thrusting down into you.  Both of your bodies in complete convulsions as we explode in and around each other.  Our bodies exhausted collapsing together snuggled up tight to each other.

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