5 Dimes

5 Dimes 5 Dimes

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A night with light domination and submission...Powerless can be a good thing...I appreciate and feedback. Thanks!


A night with light domination and submission...Powerless can be a good thing...I appreciate and feedback. Thanks!


Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



You move to stand opposite me, demonstrating what you want me to do with the dimes, balancing them on the tips of your fingers and pressing the fingers of the other hand firmly against them.  You then raise your hands above your head, palms together, fingers pointing at the ceiling, as if entering the yogic 'tree' pose.

"You will hold this position until I tell you otherwise, or everything stops," you instruct.  You know it is going to be difficult for you to hold your arms above your head for an extended period of time, but I want you to suffer, and I know, as soon as the five coins grace your palm, that this is what you have been wanting. Me in control.”

I watch was you assume the position I have instructed you to take, feet shoulder-width apart, the five dimes pressed between the fingers tented above your head. You do it with a centered grace which indicates to me that your new exercise regimen is paying off, and when you are still you look like some Hindu lingam statue, a dark god awaiting the offerings at his feet.

So that is where I start.

At my feet.

You kneel slowly, dragging your fingernails lightly along my torso and down my legs, ignoring the hungry erection leaping before you.  You further prostrate yourself until your breasts are pressing into your thighs, the long curve of your back presented to my view. Leaning forward, you press your mouth to my instep. Hot and moist kisses are trailed along the top of my foot, up around my ankle, and then back down, to my toes.

When your tongue slips between my toes I suppress a childlike giggle, saying, "Hey! That tickles!"

You feign disapproval and flick me a dark glance that makes me gasp and hold my breath.

You grin inwardly and resume teasing each toe with your tongue, then move over to the other foot, repeating this torment, until it, too, has been bathed, and I am squirming. Squirming, and struggling so hard to remain silent.

"Do you like the way I suck your toes, the way I tease them with my tongue?"



You sit back on your heels and look up at me, your expression stern. One would think that the fact that I am towering over you would change the balance of power in this scenario, but it does not. You are firmly in control, and we both know it.

"I've asked you a question," you say, your voice low and your diction clipped. "Answer me."

"It- is very intense." I hesitate, then continue. "It feels both very good and uncomfortably intense."

"Do you want me to stop?"

For a brief moment my feelings are transparent. You can see on my face that your erotic torment of my feet has gone on long enough for me to worry that I will not be able to control myself for much longer. I take a shuddering breath. "Only if you want to...."

You nod, indicating that my response is sufficient, and resume tormenting me. You slide your hands up along my calves, my sculpted calves, and tease the backs of my knees with your fingertips.  You kiss my knee-caps, running your tongue along the skin in a circle, breathing warm, moist breath on me. My thigh muscles shift, causing my knees to lift and lower as you trace your tongue and lips over my skin, raising my awareness of that area of my body. My breathing becomes heavier, punctuated with gasps and throaty whimpers that raise your own arousal level. It is one of the things you so love about teasing me--the fact that you are so responsive.

You hands milk my thighs, squeezing the muscles of my quadriceps, sliding up to my hips and then backwards, gliding over the high rounded buttocks, fingertips teasing the cleft between them.

I moan and a series of shudders traverses my body, rippling through me.

Upright on your knees, you are eye-to-eye with the head of my cock, the tip of which glistens with a pool of precum. Your mouth waters. You look up at me, and our eyes meet. There is longing there, my eyes are fierce with it.  You can see the naked need on my face.

"Do you want me to touch you there?" you ask unnecessarily, your eyes flicking to my pulsing erection.

"Yesss," hisses out of me, making you smile.

You check my pose, to make sure that my arms are still above my head, hands pressed together, and they are, though my arms are not quite as steady as they were when we first started.  You raise your left hand to my groin, letting your fingers and palm lightly graze my balls before coming to rest in a loose circle around the base of my cock.

My body rocks at the contact, and my breathing becomes shallow and rapid.

You slide your fingers lightly along my soft-skinned shaft, caressing it.  My cock pulses and I groan, arching my back, pushing my hips toward you.  A drop of precum trembles on the ridge of my glans, then starts a slow-motion freefall toward the wood floor.  You dip your head down and take it with the tip of your tongue, your eyes holding mine a moment before you close them, savoring the taste of me.

“Mmmmm.” you love the taste of precum.

You slide your hand forward on me again, a little more firmly, tugging the shaft skin forward, bunching around the tip of my cock. Delicious sounds come from me, more shuddering, and when you move your mouth over me, when you slip your tongue along the head of my cock and swirl it around the ridge, then, ah then, I stop breathing. My thigh goes rigid under your hand and my body tightens like a bow with the string pulled back, vibrating with tension.

You close your mouth, slide that slippery head across your lips, and lean back with a sigh.

Unfolding yourself, you stand before me.

It is my turn to say, "Please, please don't stop," and again, you smile, that secretive woman-smile that always raises my blood-pressure whenever you use it on me.

You move to stand closer to me, close enough that I can feel your breath on my skin, but just far enough away that my cock--my poor, swollen, bobbing cock--does not touch you.  You run your fingernails up my back, quickly, just firmly enough to make me suck in my breath at the pleasure-pain rush.  My eyes close momentarily, but open again. Being male, I am very visual, and I don't want to miss seeing a thing.

Up the back of my neck, then slowly back down, along my shoulders and inward, your fingers tracing my collarbones. There is a light sheen of sweat on my skin, making it glisten. It makes you want to taste my chest, and you do so, your tongue darting into the hollow of my throat, down over my pecs. You scratch at my nipples with your fingernails, making me squirm some more.

I am under strain now. My arms are beginning to tremble, and my face is a patchwork of pleasure and pain. You run your hands caressingly along my arms and down my sides, and I moan, I moan my need so beautifully, it makes you ache. You step away and dip your fingers into your pussy, gasping and jolting as you slide them along your clit, then letting go a long sigh as you slide two fingers into the warm wetness of your pussy.

When you raise your fingers to your mouth and lick them, a rumbling sound comes from deep in your chest. You put your fingers over my lips and when I suck them, you kiss me, your tongue battling with mine over the treasure of your juices.

I groan and you know I want to lower my hands, to scoop you up against me and kiss you hard, to bear you down onto the floor and take you there, but I don't.  I keep my trembling arms above my head, dimes pressed between your fingertips, and suffer through my teasing kiss.

You tangle your fingers in the hair at the back of my head and tug firmly on my scalp. I moan into your mouth and you tug again, even more firmly, pulling my head back. I struggle for a moment and then let go. "Please baby," I say around your fingers as you pull my head back, making my body tremble with the effort of maintaining my balance.

"Spread your legs farther apart," you instruct, ignoring my words.

Again, I struggle to do as you say.

It is difficult for me to hold my arms above my head, which is tilted back, and keep my balance while spreading my legs. You test the height of my cock by thumping it against me. I flinch and moan as it strikes just above your mound.

"Now bend your knees a little."

With a strained sigh, I comply, bending my knees until I am a couple of inches lower and you tell me to stop.

Again, you wag my cock, and this time it strikes you firmly on your clit, making us both gasp.

"Mmmmm. That is good. Very good."

You consider moving behind me and working your way down my back with your mouth and hands, but you have taken such a leisurely amount of time worshipping my front that you decide to take pity on us both.  You step up close to me and loop your right arm around my neck, then guide my cock between your thighs and close them on me, so we are both standing upright, with my erection parallel to the floor and pressing up against you. It pulses, and you feel it slide between your freshly waxed lips, creating a wonderful slippery friction that causes your hips to move in response. You wrap both arms around my neck and arch up into me, moving your hips back and forth with greater urgency. It feels amazing, stimulating you from my clit to perineum.

"Oh god!" I gasp, looking into your eyes, my expression wild and intense.  You look back into the lucent depths and smile at the suffering brimming there.  Such beautiful suffering--for my pleasure, for yours.

"Oh baby, please," I beg as you slide your slit along the length of my cock again. My body sways and my arms convulse. Somehow, I manage to keep my hands pressed together, and not a single dime falls.

"Please what, my love?" you croon as your hips push forward until you can grind your clit against my groin.


"Oh god! Please baby! Please stop, please, I can't hold out much longer!" My eyes squeeze closed and my whole body tenses.

"No," you say sweetly, suggestively. My eyes fly wide-open. Desperation and disbelief clash in my expression.

You raise your thigh, crossing one leg over your hip, pressing your calf into the small of my back. With your hand, you guide my cock along your slit, up and down, tickling your clit and the entrance to your pussy. I moan and shake my head, teeth clenched in a grimace.

"Whose cock is this?" You ask.


"Whose cock is this?" you ask again. You love it when I am stubborn. Your thumb slips across the head of my cock, slowly smearing my precum around it.

"Yours!" I answer with a desperate edge that makes your pulse quicken. "Your cock."

And since it is your, you take your time teasing yourself with it, flicking it against your clit, pinching it between your pussy lips. And all the while I moan and twitch, making you certain I will lose one of the dimes, but somehow I manage to keep my act together.

"What a delicious sensation, my cock sliding along the folds of my pussy... don't you agree?"

I nod my head vigorously, unable to speak with my teeth clenched so tightly together.

You lower your leg and clasp my cock between your thighs again, creating a delightful friction that stimulates your clit.  You watch my face as we do this, enjoying my expressions: the close of my eyes, the sucking of air between my teeth, the way I bite my lips.  As you slide back and forth along the length of me, deep-chested moans are wrung from us both.  Your arms link behind my head as you wriggle your heated body up against mine, wanting, wanting, straining. Mmmm. So good, so good. When you know we are both close to orgasm you slow down and pull farther away. Your knees grow weak and you feel light headed.

With your right hand you tilt your head forward, and you kiss my eyes and my forehead. You run your hands along my shoulders and up my arms, and as you reach my hands you step away, releasing my sex from the slippery warmth. It bounds upward, banging my abdomen.

"Look at me," you command, and I open my eyes. You look into them, and see, behind the conflict and desperation, behind the veil of suffering, that which you desire: a softening of the will.

"You are mine," you say to me, staring into me, into that vulnerable place, speaking to it. "Mine. Even when you plunge your cock into me, even when you think you are taking me, I make you mine. I take you into me. I hold you inside me. And when you cum inside me, when you spill your seed inside me, even then you are mine, because my body absorbs those fluids, making your vital essence a part of me for months to come. And you want this, I know it. You want to merge with me, to become a part of me, even more than you want to possess me, whether you care to admit it or not... So here is your chance, Mr Alpha male, here is your chance. You can prove to us both that you're large and in charge. All you have to do is put those dimes back in the palm of my hand and walk out of the room. Or you can give me my cock, right here, right now. Drop those dimes and shove my cock home, where it belongs: inside me."

Our eyes meet, duel. You can see me ego flaring behind my eyes, that part of me that, like you, can only be conquered, because it will never truly submit. And the best--the only--way to conquer me, you know, is with pleasure. And so you reach your arm down between us and run your fingers teasingly along my balls and the underside of my cock. Slowly. I take a long, shuddering breath and stare fiercely into your eyes. You smile back at me, with your own brand of ferocity.

"Poor baby," you say, leaning forward to tug on my earlobe with your lips. "Your resistance makes me so hot..."

Teasing, denial, pleasure, pain.... these things make you wild with desire and drive you beyond desire... toward Lust. You brush your nipples against my chest and move your hand to cup my balls, thumb pressing into the hollow at the base of my cock.  Your pussy clenches and more juice slides down your thighs. You want me inside you. Inside your aching pussy.

"Slide the gladius into its scabbard..." you moan enticingly into my ear as your fingers torture my poor cock. "Slide it into my nice... hot... slippery... sheath."

Finally, I cannot bear it any longer. With a moan I drop my arms, all five coins ringing on the floor. Music to your ears. I grip your ass in my hands and pull you up against me, lifting you up until you wrap your legs around my waist, and then I lower you at the same time I thrust forward with my hips, burying my cock inside you with one devastating lunge.

We both cry out and freeze, our bodies locked together in that most primal embrace, overwhelmed with pleasure. The anticipation was intense, but the build-up could not match this glorious moment of union.

"There," you mumble. "Yes, there. Hold still!" you command, and squirm on my cock, your muscles clenching and releasing as I adjust to the reality of my girth suddenly rammed into you.  Your ass writhes in my hands as you pump yourself against me, grinding your clit against my belly until you are lightheaded with pleasure. I moan and gasp in time to your movements, my body rigid as I support both our weights.

"Against the wall," you pant. "Fuck me hard up against the wall."

I take four steps and your shoulders hit the cold wall and then I am slamming into you, making you cry out. It feels good, so good, and it hurts, it hurts as I stab upward into you, ramming your cervix over and over again. My big palms cup the cheeks of your ass, my fingers digging into the cleft, lifting and separating, spreading you wide. One of my fingers presses against the little opening there, presses insistently, and you moan as pleasure zings through me.

You brace your palms on my shoulders and stare into my face, watching me. My neck is bent and I am staring downward, down at the place where our bodies are joined, watching my cock plunder your pussy.  You relax into that rhythm, moving your body with mine, relaxing your thighs to give me more room to move. My strokes lengthen. With each hard shove into you you make that 'nnnh' sound and my eyes squeeze closed as our loins thud together.

"Mmmm. Fuck me. Yes, fuck me with that cock of mine, make me feel it. I know you can do better than that---oh!" you cry out as, with one hard shove, I push a finger deep into your ass.

Your breath hisses between your teeth as waves of pain and pleasure collide. My finger wiggles in your ass, pressing hard against the wall between it and your pussy. The pressure is amazing, making you even more aware of my cock sliding in and out of you, and it makes you moan wildly.

"Ohgod, ohyes. Oh yesss like that!"

More thrusting, more cries from you, more grunting from me, and then my hands move and I am forcing your legs from around my waist and you are standing on your own feet, dazed. My hands on your shoulders spin you around, press you up against the wall, and then I am there, behind you, pressing my slippery cock against your asshole. Before you can say or do anything, I make a sharp, short movement that pops the head into you, making you see stars. You moan deep in your chest and you whimper, your body rigid as the pain of my sudden penetration rolls over you.

"There is your cock, babe. Can you feel it now?" I make a short jab into you. "Can you?"

You wince, but refrain from making a pained cry. You are not going to let me turn the tables on you. There is no way you are letting me take control.  So you grit your teeth, concentrate on relaxing, and push back against me, forcing my cock deeper into you.  You take a deep breath and force yourself to speak as steadily as possible.

Yes. And its about fucking time!"

My response is another hard shove.

Your breath catches. As the wedge of my cock drives into you, you focus on opening yourself to the pain and letting it go, letting it drown in the underlying pleasure. Mmm. Yesss. You press your hands against the wall and push your ass toward me again, a steady, firm pressure that forces my cock into you in one long, smooth movement that, tight as you are, probably causes me more pain than it does you.

You wiggle your bottom against me, bucking a little, making me hiss. My cock slides out about an inch, and then back in.  As anal-erotic as you are, it doesn't take much to turn you on, to turn pain to pleasure and light that fire that will only be quenched when I empty into you. Keeping your hands flat against the wall, you straighten your arms and lean back against my chest. It is slick with sweat and rising and falling rapidly. You turn your head and kiss my neck, then run your tongue over my skin.

Mmmmm. Salty. You nip at me, and when your teeth sink into muscles of my neck, I let loose the most delicious moan.

"You dropped the dimes, dear. You are mine. Now... Hold... Still..."

You lean forward again, resting your forehead on your arms, and clench your muscles around the cock buried deep in your ass. You groan, but do not move, and so you re-double your efforts, dancing your ass against my lap, feeling the little ring of muscle tingle as you take your pleasure from me. I do a remarkable job of obeying your order, until the moment you swing your hips toward the wall, sliding my cock out until the head is just inside you.

"Mmmmm. Fuck that feels so good, your shaft sliding in and out of my ass... and you are being such a good boy, holding still for me..."

And with that, you move your hips incrementally forward, until the head of my cock starts to pop out, and with a hiss, I grab your hips and pull you backwards while at the same time arching toward you. In the moment that our bodies collide we both cry out, and I am galvanized into motion.  Normally so considerate, so judicious in my use of your body, I slip into mindless action based on pure sexual need. A place I so rarely go.  A place you so love driving me into.  There is something so... erotic.... about pushing me past the point of self-control. Moaning, panting, my fingers digging into your hipbones, I pound my body against you like waves pounding the shore, reaming your ass for all I am worth. Our bodies engage in that primal dance of the flesh that frees the spirit to soar, and to merge. You feel exalted and glowing, almost transcendent, even as the little ring of muscle between your cheeks stretches and strains. Yes, baby yes. Don't stop. Don't stop. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast. I want you to cum for me, cum in me. I want to feel the flag of your surrender waving inside me. Pussy juice slides down your thighs as your pussy convulses and your clit twitches. So close. So close. You move your hand down to touch yourself, strumming your clit, which causes your pussy and ass to clench, and me to gasp.

I gasp and then I am gone. You can feel my cock twitching in the hot, tight passage of your ass. I bend my neck and sink my teeth into your shoulder, sucking breath in through my nostrils. The sudden pain of my bite pushes you over and you shudder as an anal and clitoral orgasm seizes you. Fuck! It hurts so good, this erotic assault, feels so good. I continue to thrust erratically into you, my hips jabbing, my cock pulsing in response to the clenching of your muscles as you toss on wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

From a distance, you can hear my tortured moans, feel your torso slamming against the cool wall under the violence of my thrusts.  Your knees start to buckle and you press your face into the wall. It is only by the feel of its vibrating against your cheek that you know you are screaming your pleasure, too.  I drop to my knees, pulling you with me. My cock slips out a bit, making you hiss and twitch. My hands rise to cup your breasts, pulling you back against my heaving chest.

"Fucking.... amazing..." I manage to say between breaths.

You rest your head back against my shoulder and relax into my embrace, your body twitching with orgasmic aftershocks that wring small gasps from you. Satisfaction and contentment pervade your being as the endorphins ebb. Your panting subsides and you become more aware of your body, and mine. You feel good, radiating heat. You can feel my heart beating into your back, the convulsive twitching of my arms around you, and the tickle of my hair against your ear as my breath stirs it. You can feel a coin digging into the heel of your hand, another into your knee. You shift your weight forward, pulling away. My arms tighten on you, but still, you pull away. You gasp as my cock slips out of the tight ring of your ass, making you shiver with a wave of gooseflesh.

Crawling around on the floor, you locate the remaining dimes and return to me, slipping your arms around my neck, pressing your mouth to mine in a slow, deep kiss. It is a languid exchange into which we both fall, opening to each other, sharing breath and sensation. We love kissing like this, with sated passion and deep emotion. We feel as though the battering of our bodies against each other has broken through our solitary shells, and something within us has merged, laying quiescent and at peace at last...

Breaking the kiss, you slide one hand down my arm and lift my palm to your mouth. After pressing your lips to it for a long moment, you whisper "your turn" and slip all five coins into my hand. Anticipation shivers through you, rolling over you like the tide against the shore. You've got a week to decide what you are going to do with me and those coins, and you know that whatever it is, it will be exquisitely, deliciously, pleasurable. Mmm....

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