At your mercy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


I reach the porch, frightened, I gently twist the door knob to be as quiet as I can. Step in and saw him sitting on the sofa. For a brief second our eyes met and he gave me a stern look. Not having the courage to look at him after what happened today I immediately down-casted my eyes, swiftly left my purse and keys at the door table, rushed to the sofa and kneel.

Fifteen minutes passed, not sure if I should say something, I try to steal a look from the corner of my eye. He is sitting there in the same position, and lost in thoughts. I feel bad to see him like this.

He, my master, the person I loved and trusted the most was upset because of me. I try to say something but I could not. Soon, I feel his hand at my chin and it forces me to look at him..!

My face is lifted up. Though I did not had the courage to make an eye contact, I knew better. I look at him and very meekly I say, I am sorry Sir..

There is complete silence for sometime which felt like forever.


I receive a tight slap on my face..

Trying to maintain my balance, I try to get support of sofa..

Hands behind ur back, he says..

I comply..

His hand is still holding my chin. I am avoiding his eyes..

Look at me, comes a stern voice..

I look up..

Sorry Sir.. I utter once more..

one more slap..

better prepared this time, I do not stumble.. I receive a few more.. My face starts feeling hot.. Blood comes rushing to the skin and I am sure it has turned into a nice shade of red.. Not knowing how to apologise after screwing up so bad I wait for my next instructions. Not knowing if there’d be any..

mostly not.. because master is too angry and he always prefer to have cool down period before punishment sessions when he is angry at me. 

To my surprise, he says strip naked.

I get up, remove all my clothes, fold it and keep it neatly on the sofa.. Master asks me to hold the backrest of sofa with my hands and ass in the air. I take my position as I am told. I hear nothing for a few minutes. suddenly I hear a crack.. and a belt lands on my ass.. It doesn’t hurt but I stumble a bit..

Crack crack crack crack..

There comes a rain of it..! I maintain my position so that its easier for master to punish. It starts stinging bad now.

Again for a few minutes, I hear nothing..


something sharp lands on my ass.. This stings real bad and I cry out in pain.. I knew its the cane..

I dont want to hear a sound, master says..

I immediately regain my posture waiting for the next..

Flick flick flick flick..

I bury my face in sofa out of pain. That will also help me to muff any sound I accidentally make. I do not want to anger master more..

My back, ass and thighs are hurting from the sharp strokes of the cane.. Master shows no mercy.. After a while, I really wish he pauses atleast for a minute so that I can breathe in to ease out my pain a bit. I can always resort to my safe word but I am determined, I would not move an inch and take it all, I deserve this.

After a while, master takes a pause. I have welts all over my back, ass and thighs.. He puts the cane on the side and sits on the sofa holding his head in his hand..! This is all very unusual..! I want to reach out to him and say that you can take it out on me as much as you want. Your girl has made you upset by her behaviour and she would bear every punishment till your anger is gone.

Master gets up and leaves the living room. From the voices I know that he is in his room. I hear no noise after sometime.

I wait for a long time.. I have no clue what to do next.. After a while, I rest my head on the sofa.


Master’s POV


I wake up from my sleep, and suddenly realise I lied down for a bit and fallen asleep without knowing. I look around, not finding her, worried I rush to the living room.. There she is, kneeling on the floor, head on the sofa and sleeping. I feel so bad..! I run to her, and notice all the welts from last night.! Its evident that I have been ultra rough.. Her fragile body has a lot of cuts and bruises. I feel frustrated about what I did.. I look at her face, so innocent and so deep in sleep. I gently hold her in my arms and tuck her in bad on her side to make sure her cuts does not hurt her.

I think about yesterday’s situation. Whatever it was, however angry I am, I should have spoken to her or let myself cool down before using implements on her. 

She my sub, her name is Cheryl, inherently submissive and extremely obedient. We are together since last three years and it has been wonderful. She is not the one who likes punishments. Punishment for her means that she has made me upset and that never goes well with her. She tries to take utmost care not to upset me in any way and when she does, though she takes every punishment very gracefully, the frustration that she has failed me is very much evident in her gestures without a punishment and I sometimes do feel bad about it.


Chery's POV

I wake up and look around, my entire body is aching. I am there in master’s room. I look up and see him standing there with a cup of coffee. I rapidly try to sit seeing him.. Relax C, I can hold the cup for a little long.. master says jokingly and adds be careful, your back is not in position to handle all these swift twists and turns.

I smile and say thank you Sir while taking the cup from his hand.

He sits next to me and gives me a gentle kiss on my forehead. knowing that I am safe and I am allowed to hug him as I please, I bury my face in his chest. Tears starts rolling down my eyes.. I cry profusely.. He lets me cry for a while. His hand is on my head and he is gently trying to calm me down. After a while, I stop crying.. He kisses me on my forehead.

I say I am really sorry Sir, please forgive me.

Sir, Please trust me it was not intentional.. Sir I am really sorry to upset you. I realy am Sir.


Masters POV


I say I know, it wasn’t. I wipe off the tears from her face and hug her again..


I ask her to lie down, clean all her cuts and apply a gel to make her feel better. I ask her if its paining, she says a lot.. My heart goes out to her and I take a pledge not to execute any punishments what so ever when I am angry..! 


Submitted: March 27, 2020

© Copyright 2022 boundbymind. All rights reserved.

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Interesting technique, this back and forth between two points of view. Master is a vicious dominant who sounds more apologetic than he acts. I notice his POV suggests more empathy and concern than his actions. This doesn't go into a great deal of depth about this relationship. The piece serves more as a window with a very short glance into an unusual relationship.

Fri, April 3rd, 2020 4:56am


@DampKitten, Thank you.. I would try to elaborate more about the relationship in next stories..

Sat, April 4th, 2020 8:56am

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