The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas The Night Before Christmas

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



A rewrite of the Christmas classic with some humor and eroticism added for good measure.



A rewrite of the Christmas classic with some humor and eroticism added for good measure.


Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



The Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house,

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Mamma and Papa had all the present left out

For their two sleeping children that never did pout.

And late it was then, when finally, they crashed,

snuggled up on the sofa as  bedtime slipped past.

A large glass of wine, some chocolates, a time to enjoy,

Papa began to reminisce, of when he was a boy.

He remembered the board games, the books and sweet treats

and also new gloves, or  thick socks for cold feet.

And now he commented, how, the latter half of the list had not never changed

and smiled as he said “I imagine I’ll be getting some socks-yet again?”

But he knew not to be ungrateful, and he knew to be true

as he finished by saying “but nothing in this worlds better than you!”

They lay and they chatted as the sandman did creep,

till eventually he fell into the lightest of sleep.

But then gradually he heard her, so softly she spoke,

Papa was unsure if he was dreaming or had he awoke?

The scene it was quiet, a single candle lighting the gloom

held by his wife standing proud in the room.

She wore but a smile, a kind glint in her eye,

a pair of red knickers with hold up stockings-dark on the thigh.

“Merry Christmas Sleepy. It’s well past midnight and I’d like you in bed,

and yes I have unwrapped your present early, but don’t worry. You’re still getting head!”

Dumfounded he blinked back at her, feeling still half asleep

but something of his had awakened and it’s end it did weep.

Now his little brain was still working, although his grey matter did not

and it knew what to do when it saw something so hot

as his wife as she walked forward and dropped to her knees

and freed his glistening manhood before beginning her tease.

Slowly she engulfed him, from the tip to the base,

He watched her come back up again with a smile on her face.

“You like that” she said, “I’ll do it some more,

but please, darling please, don’t make a mess on the floor.

I want to feel you inside me as and when you arrive,

I take pleasure from your pleasure. It makes me alive.”

He slowly nodded and watched as she lubed him in spit,

and pounded her own tonsils as she prepped  him for cleaving  her slit.

Sweat beaded on his forehead, he was thrusting hard back

“No Hubby- Noo! When I said ‘inside me’ ,I meant in my crack.”

Knowing what he was doing, she’d pulled back in a thrice,

“Don’t you want to cum in my pussy? Would that not be nice?”

She mounted him there where he sat on the chair

and eased herself down till her cat met his hair

She threw her head back and twisted and rocked

because she was a girl who enjoyed getting cocked.

He was no stranger, to this particular move

he strained his crotch up to push into her groove.

Faster she went and harder she rode,

until that kitty spasm’ed, and her sweet juices they flowed.

“Now my turn” he snarled “You’ve just got me started!”

He pushed her over onto her knees, and a finger he darted

between those puffed lips it pushed in to her cunny,

then out came the digit all slick with her honey.

He slid that wet finger back up to her anus,

but She was not to be violated-this move was deemed heinous.

“No you don’t-That option won’t open!

Seed in my pussy was what I was hoping”

“Ah well!” he said, “It’s always worth a good try.

You’ve had it before in that tight little eye.

But your kitty is better-it’s strong and it’s tough,

I promise you this, I will fuck you quite rough!”

He pushed her chest down hard on the back of the chair,

Her back it bowed up, knees together, her ass in the air.

He pushed himself in, slowly at first,

then picked up the pace as she relaxed for his girth.

Balls slapped on her thighs as he got into his stride,

For him ‘doggy’ was the best way to go for a ride.

He had control, slow down  and tease or pick up the pace,

but oh how he wished now he could still see her face.

He knew he was hitting her G spot real good,

“Look back at me baby, I like to see you cum if I could.”

She turned her head back, her eyes closed in pure pleasure,

This was an image of her  he’d save like  real treasure.

He slammed deep into her, his own climax climbing,

nuts tightening, his ejaculate pump he was priming.

And then one squirt, two squirts, no three, wait here comes the four,

he braced himself deep within her, before collapsing, back down to the floor.

She turned and lay down beside her lover as he fought to find air,

“I hoped you enjoyed that but I have news to declare.

I have been counting the days since last time I bled,

It’s been 10 days now so I think it’s true if I said,

this Christmas there are two kids presents under our tree,

but if your shot hits it’s target, next year there’ll be three!”

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