Mr. Langdon: Part V

Mr. Langdon: Part V Mr. Langdon: Part V

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I didn’t know what was going to happen with me and my mom now. Maybe we would come down to visit from time to time and see her, who knows. She was obviously making an effort, and I could tell it wasn’t easy. But the only thing I could do for now was focus on bettering myself; trying to get a my degree and build a life with Tate.


I didn’t know what was going to happen with me and my mom now. Maybe we would come down to visit from time to time and see her, who knows. She was obviously making an effort, and I could tell it wasn’t easy. But the only thing I could do for now was focus on bettering myself; trying to get a my degree and build a life with Tate.


Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



I leaned my head against the cool glass and was grateful for the chill it caused to run through my body. Staring out at the swing, I smiled. The porch had quickly become my favorite part of this house. It was now lined with flower pots, barely noticeable in the dark. The sun was just beginning to peek through the trees, allowing the smallest amount of light to cast shadows over the porch.

This was my favorite time of day, light enough to see where you were walking but dark enough to miss any details. My hand had been resting on the handle and now I pushed it down, making sure to be quiet. The door opened easily and I stepped onto the stone, once again grateful for the chills something cool sent through my body. It was a little before the halfway mark of summer, and as soon as the sun rose heat would swallow up the town again. All the more reason to be outside now.

I cracked the door behind me before walking to the edge of the stone. The watering can sat in the grass in front of  me. Before reaching down to grab it, I stepped off the porch, one foot at a time. Once I was standing in the grass I wiggled my toes, grinding them into the cool dirt. There was something about the feeling of Earth beneath my bare feet that always made me smile.

I picked up the watering can and headed for the tap that stuck out of the side of the house a few feet in front of me. Kneeling down, I turned the knob gently and waited for the can fill. Luckily the water pressure here was low, and despite the house seeming so old, turning water on and off didn’t make much noise. This way Tate and I never had to worry about waking one another. The watering can became heavy quickly, so I turned off the tap and rose from my place in the grass to head for the first flower pot in the line around the porch.

I enjoyed my morning routine, and took my time watering each plant before moving to the next. Birds chirped around me and soil shifted beneath my feet as I sang the song that Grandma sang to me in my dreams.

I dreamt of her less and less now, whereas I used to every night. After she died and I was sent to live with my mom, I often went to sleep feeling lonely and afraid. That’s when Grandma would come to me in my dreams and sing, and when she did, somehow I knew everything was going to be alright. I always felt better when I thought she was near, and those dreams were always what got me through the night.

I rarely ever felt scared or lonely now, and this, I guess, is why Grandma didn’t come around too much anymore. Though the thought of letting her go is sad, I find it oddly comforting. I felt like it was her way of letting me know that everything was alright now, that she didn’t need to comfort me any longer because I was exactly where I was supposed to be. And I had Tate to thank for that.




I awoke to darkness, aware that the bed beside me was cold. Even knowing this, a small amount of sadness found it’s way to my chest when I reached out and found only sheets. It would’ve been nice to wake up next to Hayden, especially since this was our last day in the house together. But I knew how much she loved watching the sunrise, getting up “before all the good thoughts were taken,” as her grandma used to put it.

I sat up slowly, stretching my limbs and cracking my neck before swinging my legs over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Shuffling toward the door, I rubbed my eyes and yawned. There was no way the sun was even up yet; why the hell did I have to be?

Geez, the things you’ll do for love.

Though I was sure I knew where she was, I walked to the end of the hall and opened the door to the library. There had been a few times where I’d awaken to find Hayden reading a book on the floor, leaning against the giant bookcase with her legs crossed in front of her, a glass of orange juice atop a pile of books that worked as a makeshift table. She’d just look up at me and smile, and each time my heart would grow a little more fond of her. Even though there were only a handful of books in here now, it was worth a try.

The dark that met my eyes told me no, Hayden wasn’t in here reading, but I was surprised to notice a very small amount of light peeking in through the window. It was just enough to outline the bookcase, loveseat and a few of the larger stacks of books. Okay, so maybe the sun was starting to rise. But it was still ass-o’clock in the morning and we had a long day ahead of ourselves.

I closed the door and stuck out my right arm,  fingers fumbling against the wall until they found the light switch and flicked it on. Luckily the hall light was dim, and my eyes didn’t need to adjust very much before I could safely make my way to and down the stairs.

When I opened the door to the kitchen, I was surprised to notice a slight chill in the air. My brain registered a familiar tune and slowly put two and two together after looking up and seeing one of the back doors slightly ajar.

Hayden was where I figured she’d be, outside watering the plants. This time she’d left one of the doors open and, like always, she was singing.

I’d first heard the tune on her very first day here, when I had walked out to give her sandwiches and found her on the porch swing, head leaned back while she swayed in the breeze and hummed below her breath. I remember thinking she had a beautiful voice, and wondering why she was barefoot.

Both thoughts occurred to me now as I moved around the table, closer to the glass doors. In the three and a half months we’d been together, Hayden never wore shoes unless she had to. When I asked her about this, she had simply said that she appreciated the feel of the ground beneath her.

“I feel sturdier, safer even, to actually be able to feel the ground beneath my feet, rather than just assume it’ll be there when I look back down,” she explained to me. It sounded silly at first, but I understood now as I watched her walk around the patio, paying careful attention to each and every plant.

Surrounded by trees and soft darkness, Hayden sang and smiled, completely at peace. A rough childhood had taught her to appreciate the simpler things in life, and now she never took anything for granted. It was one of the things I admired most about her. I grinned, remembering the night roughly two months ago when she’d finally opened up to me.

Up until that point, all I’d known is that she lived with a mother who didn’t care about her; that’s what had made it so easy for us to be together outside of school. Since this seemed to be a sensitive subject, I’d never really asked about it. That night, though, as we sat on the swing and stared up at the stars, my curiosity got the better of me.

At first when I asked about her childhood, Hayden seemed hesitant. She had been leaning against me and was tracing patterns on the side of my neck, sending chills down my spine. As soon as the question was out, her fingers stopped moving. She looked to the sky and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly. My hand found hers and she smiled, interlocking our fingers but never turning to face me. And then she began to explain.

She told me every detail she could remember. Her words came slowly at first, but once the story began it all came rushing out, obviously having been bottled up for a long time. She described living with her mom at a young age, each memory as equally horrifying as the one before. Then she spoke about her grandma; how she took Hayden in and what happened afterwards. She said living with her grandma made things better, that it finally gave her a chance to have a normal childhood. And for many years she did, until Grandma got sick.

Hayden remembered seeing it all happen, and described to me how it felt to have to stand by and watch someone you love die at just 15. Many times throughout the story I would notice tears against her face, and each time I would wipe them away and kiss her hand. My heart ached to see her like this, but never once did she stop the story.

She told me what moving back in with her mother was like. How it felt to be ignored, or only paid attention to when something was needed from you. How it felt to miss someone so bad you would do anything to be with them again, even if it meant taking your own life.

Hayden was completely honest and open about her feelings, and I admire her greatly for that. I hated her mom for putting her through this; realizing how much pain she’d caused Hayden filled me with more rage than I’ve ever experienced. I continued to listen though, and watching her cry, knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do about it tore me apart inside.

That was the night that I realized I was in love with her.

After she’d finished her story, she broke down and cried. I held her the whole time, and when she was done I kissed away her tears.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever told that to,” she had whispered. I placed a finger beneath her chin and lifted it up until her eyes met mine.

“I love you, Hayden. With every ounce of my soul, I love you. You mean more to me than anything, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make this work. If you let me, I’ll make sure you never have to experience that kind of pain again.”

She’d smiled at me, and another tear ran down her face. This one was of a different nature than the last, and I still remembered how it tasted when she leaned in to kiss me. We made love after that, and my chest tightened at the memory.

It had only taken a month for me to fall completely in love with this woman, and I remembered why as I listened to her sing, obviously at peace with herself and the world around her. Even the simplest of things brought joy to Hayden.

Standing a foot in front of the door now, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of her watering the plants in nothing but shorts and a dress shirt of mine, her long brown waves falling down around her face. At the sound that escaped my chest, Hayden’s singing ceased.



A small noise came from the doorway and instinctively, my head popped up in that direction. At first I saw nothing, but after a couple seconds of staring at the door with a startled look on my face, it swung open and Tate stepped out in his boxers, arms wrapped around his bare chest. I exhaled the air I’d been holding in my lungs and relaxed my shoulders, relief flowing through me.

“Sorry!” He whispered while crinkling his nose. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just woke up and you weren’t there, so I came down to find you and when I did you looked so cute, walking around and singing to yourself, so I just kinda watched from the doorway. . .” I smiled and felt heat fill me cheeks while his voice trailed off and his gaze slid to the ground. “And now I’ve embarrassed myself.” He shifted his weight from the balls of his feet to his heels, and eventually he looked up with raised eyebrows and lips pressed into a thin line, obviously embarrassed.

I smiled, and after admiring the sight of his near-naked body for a few more seconds I started towards him, setting the watering can down on my way. He stayed in the same slightly-bent position and when I was a few feet away from him he closed his eyes and puckered his lips. I laughed loudly and clasped his face between my hands, offering a quick kiss before pulling away again.

Goodmorning,” I smiled and he straightened, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer. Then he laughed, and the sound squeezed my heart.

“Today’s a big day,” he mumbled. I nodded and sighed, resting my head against his chest. I couldn’t believe today was our last day in this house. It’d been our own little project for months now, and we practically lived here. We still had to go to Tate’s apartment to shower and what-not, and two or three nights out of the week we’d just sleep there anyway, but for the most part living here was just like living anywhere else. We ate foods that didn’t need to be refrigerated or cooked, and brushed our teeth with bottled water.

“Are the rest of our things packed?” I asked. He nodded and kissed the top of my head.

“Just about. There’s still the little things like toothbrushes and whatever else is in the bathroom, and I figured you’d wanna take a plant . . .”

I smiled. Of course I wanted to take one of the potted plants. We hadn’t spent much money on them or anything, but they were my favorite addition to the house.

“Just one?” I whined.

“Hey, take whatever you want, but you’re dealing with them in the car, and Michigan is more than a few hours away.”

“Fine,” I groaned, “I’ll take two.

Tate laughed and let go of me, grabbing my hand instead.

“Alright. Let’s go eat some breakfast and finish packing; I wanna be on the road soon.”

He lead me into the kitchen and we ate went through the cupboards to try and find some food that wasn’t yet packed away or eaten. All we could find were some crackers, half a jar of Nutella and a banana. I let Tate eat the banana and started smearing Nutella on the crackers.

While we ate, we went over the game plan: finish packing, make sure everything was locked up, and then load the car. Before we officially hit the road, I needed to make a stop. When I told Tate about what I wanted to do he seemed relieved, which I found odd. After I was done there, we were on our way to Michigan, and if everything ran smoothly, we would be semi-settled in to our new apartment by dinner time.

Tomorrow, when we officially lived in Michigan, I would visit my new school and Tate would begin his new job at the library. It was temporary, until he found another teaching position, but he didn’t seem to mind. Since classes didn’t start up until the fall, I would look for a job as well. Anything would do as long as I was making money. Our new apartment was affordable, and even though I had a near full-ride to college through scholarships, I needed something to do all summer, and it never hurt to make a little extra cash.

So, we finished breakfast and went upstairs to get ready for the day before packing up whatever remained. I started in the bathroom and Tate packed up whatever he could find, including our bedding and some books. After half an hour we were standing in the doorway, every bag packed into my Jeep.

“Well, this is it,” I mumbled. The room was completely bare except for the couch in the corner, a sheep draped over it like Tate said it was when he’d first found the place. He exhaled a deep breath and I turned to look at him. He was slumped against the wall, and I noticed a small amount of sadness in his eyes.

“You alright?” I asked. Guild quickly flooded my chest; it killed me to think he was leaving the place he loved because of me.

“Yeah, I’ll be alright.” He offered a weak smile.

“I’m sorry,” I said. At this he moved over to me, a look of confusion on his face.

“For what?” He whispered. His hand was on my cheek now, and I had to concentrate hard to keep my words straight.

“I feel like this is my fault. We’re moving because of me, so that I can go to college. You’ve set up a life here, with an apartment, job you love, even your own hideout. I don’t want to be the reason you abandon all those things. I want you to be happy.”

It was silent for a few moments, and when I couldn’t take it anymore I looked up from the floor. He looked somber for a moment, before his lips slowly curved into a smile. My guilt was quickly replaced with embarrassment.

What?” I chuckled. I hated how my cheeks always gave away my embarrassment.

“You’re cute.” His smile widened and the tips of his fingers traced patterns across my cheek. “Do you really think I’d be happy if you left to go to college and I stayed here? All the hideouts in the world don’t compare to how I feel when I’m with you, Hayden. Please don’t ever think otherwise.”

The tightness in my chest spread and it quickly became hard to bear. I guessed Tate realized this, because he laughed before lowering his head to mine. The kiss was quick, not nearly enough to satisfy the thoughts running through my head. But before I could reach back up to wrap my arms around his neck he was gone. I opened my eyes to find him a few steps away from me, that beautiful half-smile displayed proudly on his face. He knew exactly what he did to me, and was very proud. I would be mad if I could say I didn’t do the same thing to him sometimes.

“Shall we?” He tempted, and I rolled my eyes as I turned to face the door. When I heard it close behind me I looked back to see Tate locking it.

“What should we do with the key?” He asked.

Well, my mom still lived in this town. We could stay here when we came to visit, but realistically, that was never going to happen. I loved this place though, and the thought of letting it go forever saddened me.

“I say keep it,” I decided. “This could still be our hideaway, where we come to get away from our lives for a little while. All we’d have to do is bring sheets and food.”

Tate smiled thoughtfully at his key in the middle of his palm for a moment before shoving it into his pocket.

“I agree.”

Within thirty seconds we were in the car, seated and ready to take off. One stop left, though.

The ride there was only about 10 minutes, and it was silent for the first few. About five minutes in Tate risked a nervous glance at me.

“Any idea what you’re gonna say?”

I thought for a moment, and smiled when I remembered my plan at first for approaching Tate.

“Nada. Sometimes the best plan is not to have one at all.”

He gave me an odd look but continued to drive in silence. Five minutes later we pulled into a crack-filled driveway, and when Tate turned the car off the silence that followed was suffocating. Anxiety found it’s way into my chest and I tried to clear my head.

“Hayden?” Tate said, phrasing my name like a question. I ignored him and started to lose control of my breathing. “Hayden,” he tried again, and the sternness in his voice pulled me from my haze.

“Yes?” I squeaked when our eyes met. His hand was on my shoulder and concern flooded his beautiful features.

“Calm down. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want; we can leave now, head to Michigan and never look back. It’s your call.”

I closed my eyes and focused on his voice. How odd, that the same sound which made my heart feel near to exploding was also the sound that calmed me, brought me back to Earth when I needed it.

“No.” I decided after a minute or so of silence. “I need to have closure.”

I opened my eyes to find blue ones watching me, studying my face carefully.

“Alright,” he let out at last, “I’m glad you’re doing this. I can come with you if you want.”

I shook my head and gave my best attempt at a smile.

“Thank you, but this is something I need to face alone.”

He nodded in response and seemed to relax a bit.

“Alright. Well, I’ll be here.”

I got out of the car and stood, trying to shake off my nerves. Closing the door, I began walking towards the house before turning around to the sound of my name.

“Hayden,” Tate calle from the open window, “Good luck.”

I smiled at him, a real smile this time, and started for the door. Soon enough I was in front of it, and I wiped a sweaty palm on my jeans before lifting a hand to the doorknob and turning it softly. No need to knock.

I stepped into the house quietly, hoping anyone home would be asleep so that I wouldn’t have to go through with this after all.

“Mom?” I called out, making my way toward her bedroom. Strange enough, it was empty. Alright, well let’s try the-

“In here!” I heard a familiar voice call out from down the hall. Damn. So much for wishful thinking.

“Where are you?” I asked as I turned the corner into the kitchen. There she was, standing in front of me in a silk robe and heels, hair and makeup perfect as always.

“Hey!” she greeted. “Is there something I can help you with?” She turned to put a tv dinner into the microwave and pushed a few buttons. It hummed to life, somehow intensifying the awkward.

“No, I just came to say goodbye. I’m leaving for Michigan today, and wanted to say, well . . . bye.”

Mom’s face revealed a flicker of surprise before she realized I was watching her, able to see any emotion displayed.

“Well, this is short notice. Don’t you have to pack up your room first? What about all of your clothes?”

“Most of my stuff is already in Michigan, Mom. I’ve been packing for weeks.”

She didn’t try to hid the confusion now, but if quickly faded and she composed herself.

“Oh.” She said lightly, pulling her robe together in the front. “Well in that case, have fun in college.” She was obviously embarrassed, and didn’t want me to know it. Although her eyes were often guarded, I found something there this time. Something out of place. Something . .  . sad. After another awkward moment I decided to break the silence.

“Okay then. Well, bye, Mom. I’ll see ya . . . around.” I walked toward the hall, not giving her a second glass. It was stupid to come here; what did I think she’d say?

I was walking faster than I’d thought, and soon enough the door was in front of me. As I reached out to open it, I noticed heels clicking behind me before a voice called my name.

“Hayden, wait!” she called out, and in another second she turned to corner to the living room. We stood face to face now, and I started at her until she cracked.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. A wave of shock rolled through me before I could register what she’d said.

“For what?” I asked, not sure how to feel.

“For . . . For everything,” she whispered, as if she realized the meaning behind her words as she said them. “I’m sorry for everything. I know I’ve been a shitty mom and I know there’s nothing I can do to change that now, but I wanted to let you know I was sorry.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. This, coming from the lady who made up for absences from things like birthdays and play recitals with expensive gifts. From the lady who’d never once asked about my grades, interests or anything other really than whether or not I had a boyfriend.

I walked over to the couch and sat down. I still didn’t know how to feel, but I guess Mother felt she needed to fill the silence with more words.

“I know I’m late on all of this, and I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I’m not asking for it. I just wanted to let you know that I regret not being there for you more. You deserve better a better mother than me. So if this is goodbye, I guess I just wanted you to know that.”

I looked over at her. No tears, not even a saddened expression. But I could tell she was being honest, and it was obviously hard for her to say these things. This heartfelt speech was the most I’d ever gotten from this woman, and I knew I had to take it and run before something messed it up. I didn’t know how to feel, only knew I had to leave if I wanted to keep from passing out.

“Alright,” I stood, walking towards the door again. “Thanks for letting me know. Goodbye, Mom.”

I walked out the door then, leaving it open behind me.

“Hayden,” she called out one last time. I turned slightly to find my mom holding onto the door, her face peeking out from behind it.

“Your grandmother would be proud.”

She smiled then, an honest and genuine smile. Tears sprang to my eyes quickly and I smiled back before the first ones could escape.

The car was right in front of me, and I walked around it to the passenger’s side.

“What’s wrong?” Tate asked as soon as he saw me.

I sniffed and did my best to wipe away any tears on my face.

“Nothing,” I said, “Let’s go.”

One more hesitant look, and he started up the car again. As we backed into the street I noticed Mom walking out, coming around to the front of the garage so she could be seen. For the first time in my life, my mother didn’t look 10 years younger than her actual age. Though she held strong where she stood, her face appeared aged, worn out by all hardships life had to offer. She looked tired.

When Tate turned back around to shift gears, he noticed her. I think it was the first time he’d ever seen my mom, and he just smiled and waved. She smiled back, nodding at us. Tate put the car in drive, and I kept my eyes on mother until trees came to block my view.

It was silent while we drove, and eventually Tate moved his hand to my knee and gave a little squeeze. I put my hand over his and leaned back in the seat.

That was when I realized that no matter what happened from here on out, I was going to be okay. After all those years of loneliness and depression, everything was finally working out for me. I was going to college, and starting a life with the man I loved. What more could I ask for?

I didn’t know what was going to happen with me and my mom now. Maybe we would come down to visit from time to time and see her, who knows. She was obviously making an effort, and I could tell it wasn’t easy. But the only thing I could do for now was focus on bettering myself; trying to get a my degree and build a life with Tate. Whatever happens with my mom, happens.

Tate squeezed my knee again before taking my hand in his and bringing them to rest on the console.

Yep, everything was going to be just fine.


Hey! Remember how I haven't posted in over a week?

Sorry about that.

I'm also really sorry about the lack of actual erotica in this story! I know Part III and the little bit in Part I was the only thing that was actually dirty; I promise to fix that in my next story.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to start a novel next. Check out my profile page-thing for more details :)

I can't believe this is the last installment of Mr. Langdon. I'm really pround of this story for being my first, and hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you to everyone who kept up with it, and to everyone who became a fan. It means a lot to me that you guys actually enjoy what I do.

Much love.

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