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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Nora Brown was my everything, she was the first woman I loved, truly loved, she was my obsession and I was under an illusion that that's how she felt too, but my fantasy shattered when she had me locked in a prison cell.
In a cage at first I felt like a trapped animal, but then I used that time to think in how many ways i could hurt her, I was going to make her pay because I knew each one of her weaknesses and I had every plan to use it against her and love every second of it.

Table of Contents


Authors note: I want to state right now that english isn't my first language and I haven't written anything for a long time now so if you see any error, kindly correct me.
Whatever I write is the kind of content I'm interested in, which involves some extreme themes such as kidnap, blackmail and forced sex etc so if it is too much for you then please, no hard feelings, you can stop right now. I only write because it's my hobby and nothing more.
And for my other like-minded fellows, cheers! Keep reading and have fun. Read Chapter


With my eyes trained on the black car, I grab my phone to dial 911. Just then there's a tap on my window and I see whom I fear the mo... Read Chapter


Victor strolls over to the couch and plops down on it, his long legs stretched out infront of him. He sits like he owns the place, dark a... Read Chapter


I don't know how long I sit there, just staring blankly ahead with tears falling down my cheeks out of their own accord. This ordeal ... Read Chapter


At first I thought about attending the rest of my classes but then I turned the car and drove towards my parents place, just to make sure... Read Chapter


The cold shower and Victor's promise to punish me even further was making me shiver like a leaf on a cold windy day. Victor seemed to... Read Chapter


After the steamy passionate session I just kind of passed out, I know it sounds stupid, sleeping with your enemy and everything but my bo... Read Chapter


I don't do author's note mostly but today I'm making an exception because I want to share something extremely unfortunate (at least for me).
So I had this realllllly long chapter I spent my entire day on. Like really really long, I was so proud of myself and then I accidently clicked refresh and it's gone. Imagine how sad. So now I'm not satisfied with what I've got but whatever... Read Chapter


And it happened again! My browser crashes and I lost all my work but thankfully I had it saved elsewhere as well. Whew.
Any thoughts on the story? Read Chapter


"Abigail I'll tell you later. Now is not a good time." "I'm not leaving the car until you do." "Abigail. Everything is fine. Stop... Read Chapter


As I drive, I think back to a time I was lounging around Victor's living room as he prepared dinner, it consisted of vegetable fried rice... Read Chapter


I don't know what to do once he's gone so I clean myself up with the towel and get up from the bed, only to fall back on because my legs ... Read Chapter


Victor throws me on the bed and as he walks away, I try once again to go after him but my feet don't let me and instead, I chuck the smal... Read Chapter


I lost an entire chapter, again. Sigh.
Anyways, I won't be able to write for a few days because I got exams so...just wanted you guys to know. Read Chapter


I follow Victor inside, on my hands and knees and I keep my face down to avoid looking at someone. It's more humiliating than I thought i... Read Chapter


A lot of things change over the next few days. I stop going to the campus for my classes and shift to online platform, well that's Vi... Read Chapter

The end (nineteen)

Before I slip into unconsciousness, I hear a scream but it comes from far away. I feel cold and lifeless, somebody grabs me and calls... Read Chapter